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How to Be Good in Bed All the Time

how to be good in bed

Being good in bed isn’t about flexibility or mastering positions. Learning how to be good in bed is easy for anyone if you know what really matters.

All of us want to be good in bed.

You obviously want to make your partner clutch their head in ecstatic orgasms and roll over in bed, gasping for air after you’re done with your deed.

Knowing the art of being good in bed is great, both for your partner and your ego.

But understanding how to be good in bed isn’t just about rehearsing sex positions or bending over backwards to try new moves that you read in a book.

To have a good time in bed, you need to remember that you have a partner who needs to be satisfied, and at the same time, you need to satisfy yourself too.

Good sex isn’t just about the to and fro, it’s also about the sexual aura and the vibes that both of you create around each other. If both of you feel sexy and passionate, the sex is almost always going to be awesome!

How to be good in bed

To have a good time in bed, you need to arouse your partner and yourself every time you’re getting ready to jump the bed. You need to feel comfortable with the act, your partner has to be aroused by you, and you need to be aroused by your partner.

Here are a few things you can do in bed to make your partner climax better and make your ego feel a lot better too! [Read: How to look good in bed]

Look good in bed

Wear your best nightwear when you get into bed. It’s easier to wear an old tee shirt and frayed pants, but that’s never going to create the same impact as sexy negligee, would it? Dress in comfortable lingerie or boxers that enhance your sexiness and make you look good. Arousal starts with the eyes, so work on your magic by looking good for your partner. And always remember this, the better you look when you’re on the verge of having sex, the better the sex will be! [Read: Bedroom arrangement tips for sex]

Feel sexy and attractive

Do you like your own body enough to let your hands linger on yourself now and then? [Read: How to turn yourself on]

When you like the way you look and feel sexy from within, you’d enjoy yourself a lot more when you’re having sex, and so will your partner. Lovemaking involves two people, so when you feel uncomfortable or awkward about your own body, your partner wouldn’t feel excited too. People don’t have bad sex because they can’t get wet or get an erection. They have bad sex when the sexual vibes don’t feel right. If you feel sexy and attractive, you’d enjoy the fact that someone else can get to see the sexy you! [Read: How to look and feel sexy]

Sex is natural and so is your body

Sex is natural and not something you need to feel uncomfortable about. Most of us are constantly reminded throughout our childhood that sex is a bad thing. But now that you’re all grown up, you need to get over all the negativity you have about sex. Sex is a natural and exciting act that’s meant to be enjoyed.

Sex is something that can get better with time, just as long as you’re willing to give it enough time and attention to understand what works and what doesn’t, just like counting calories when it comes to nutritious food. To be good in bed, you need to learn more about sex, your body and the body of the opposite sex. Take time to understand what works and what doesn’t and use it to your benefit. When you’re confident about what you’re doing in bed, you’re definitely going to be great at it too.

Indulge in good foreplay

Women love foreplay, men don’t really care much about it. But that doesn’t mean you or your partner should compromise just to satisfy each other. You should understand that sex isn’t about compromising. It’s about indulging in something that’ll excite both of you. [Read: Don’t want to have sex anymore?]

If you’re the woman, dress up for sex or put on some sexy lingerie. Your man will obviously take his time undressing you, especially when you look so good in what you’re wearing. And as his hands and lips trace your lingerie, he’s going to spend a while teasing your body and running his hands all over.

At other times, play an adult movie that stretches for more than twenty minutes. Slip your clothes off and cuddle up while watching it in bed. Within a few minutes, before either of you realize it, you’ll be indulging in foreplay and watching a great turn on movie at the same time!

He likes it, she likes it, and everybody likes it! Who says foreplay has to be compromised to satisfy a partner. Always look for ways to create happy experiences, instead of settling for a compromise.

Explore your sexual side

If you want to know how to be good in bed, start exploring your sexual side. Each time you feel like the sex is starting to get monotonous, try something new to spice it back up. There are so many things that couples do to keep the excitement up on a high, and each of them are as unique as the couple themselves. Always remember that nothing is ever wrong in bed as long as the people involved enjoy it. And you’ll never really know how good something is unless you try it.

[Read: Fantasies for men and fantasies for women]

Understanding how to be good in bed can be simple, if you remember to create new experiences all the time and focus on your partner’s satisfaction at the same time. Read the rest of the pointers on how to have great sex here.

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14 thoughts on “How to Be Good in Bed All the Time”

  1. jeff chrisitne says:

    I am interested in exploring a different kind of experience for me in order to fulfill my husbands sexual appetite. we are both bi-curios, I have never actually done anything like this and am really nervous. I am self conscious,
    We love each other very much and have fantasized about doing something like this for years!!!! We live ib Lynnwood, WA and I think I am ready to take this to the next level.
    We love to watch other couples having sex and so far have only done that in the adult video stores. I hope that we can be equally as satisfying to YOU!!
    Hope to be feelin you real soon

    Christine and Jeffery

  2. I'm Jasmine says:

    I’m still a virgin and freshly 18 but I’m pretty good with a lot of this~ retaining my v-card gave me a good amount of practice using the rest of my body to turn my partner on. 🙂 I’m kind of a big girl but I still manage to arouse guys rather easily, so I’m not too nervous~ thank you for the tips!

  3. The Heretic says:

    I am posting this as a public service from a somewhat dissatisfied husband.

    Ladies this is to be considered good love making 101. The basics. If you already do most or all of this chances are you have a happy fella. First off you only need to bring it once in a while. As a man I know it’s my job to seek my partners pleasure to the greatest extent possible. It’s my first second and third goal with my own as a close fourth.

    Rule numero uno: when you decide it’s your night to “bring it”….It is you first second and third job to seek his pleasure as a goal and your own is a close fourth. This IS the most paramount point that a woman has to get right to give him a night he will not forget. Any guy would tell you if he could that it is the absolute best when She takes some initiative. Bring atitude, enthusiasm and the smirk on your face that says you have the goods and know how to use it.

    Rule number 2: see rule 1

    Rule number 3: see rule 1

    Seriously you are 80% there with the first rule. Ok, now I will try not to be too vulgar but all that follows will get you an A++ for effort.

    #4. Show it to us. Seriously it’s sexy. We love it. Show us what you would do with yourself alone. This is ridiculous hot as forplay. Also during. Dont be affraid to lend a hand so to speak either on yourself or on us. Looms great feels great and is super sexy.

    #5. Oral with attitude. Look all oral if given without hurting us is good. It’s great in fact. If you have that down kudos. Still I still can’t get out of my head the times that were exceptional. I can’t give you details but if you want to be all you can be….watch a porno. Look don’t get mad here. Remember this IS your turn to kick it up a notch right. Remember Rule numero uno right? OK well if you have not rage quit my post yet. I am serious. Bring it like a pro a couple of times a year. You blame it on the tequila if you want but the truth is he won’t be able to think about that one ex maybe ever again. He will still be thinking about that night you both got crazy on tequila, you dig?

    #6 Dont ask Do unless…. Remember rule 1. Don’t ask what we want or what you can do just do it. Consider this… despite that girl on the magazine you have one thing every other girl in the world is missing. You are his. That makes you by default the sexiest woman alive. You are in bed with him right now so lose the insecurity and have some fun. OK that’s the pep talk. Here is the UNLESS bit. Unless you mean “what do you want me to do” as in you want him to be the director and you are the actress. Let him tell you what he wants exactly without having to feel like that time he begged for a handjob in the 7th grade. I had an ex do this on all fours after handing me a camera. Sheesh! It still makes me blush.

    Well there it is. If any of this made you offended….if this made you hate me as a pig…I have news for you. You are not that fun in bed. If you read this and thought, wait, what, this is childs play……I have news for you….You are already more fun in bed than about 75% of women. If you read this and thought OK gonna give it the ol college try….welcome to the top 25% of women us men can’t stop thinking about.

    Just being honest ladies.

  4. The Heretic says:

    ATTENTION PLEASE! Sorry. I have an amendment to #5.
    If you did go watch a porno please be advised. I mean the first half of that porn blow job. At some point in many pornos the guy palms the back of her head and proceeds to wage war on her face. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. If you are down with this you are one of the few the proud the freak nasty. The rest of you who are horrified I assure you, this is not what is required for an exceptional BJ. I will detail in acending order what makes a BJ great and not just good.

    1. Use tongue. If you think all you need is a wet hole you are wrong

    2. Act like you or better yet DO enjoy it.

    3. Make eye contact. If we close our eyes… it’s to imagine you are looking up at us.

    4. Use your hand like a tongue. Your hand is doing part of the work. Think of part one. If your mouth needs a break that’s cool use the hand to keep the intensity going while you take a break.

    5. A little tongue slapping with it is awesome. Not going to get the big payoff but it’s hella hot.

    6. Go deep as you can when you can.

    7. For the big finish…. build up to fast attention to the first half of his member for the big finish. You WILL know when he is close.

    8. If you can take his come like a champ and keep going till he cant take it.
    IF YOU CANT..”TAKE IT” do not despair but DO… use your hand till he does at the last moment possible and continue with mouth just after till he can’t take it any more. Also very hot if he can shoot on chest or face or whatever you are cool with. If you treat his come like it’s a poisonous substance while you turn away it is decidedly unsatisfying.

    I know I got vulgar but consider this Blow Jobs 101. Most girls think they give great BJ’s when the truth is we are happy just to get one. Just consider this…. Unless he saved himself for marriage, he has probably had a BJ like the one I described, on all counts. Those are the ones he remembers. If you don’t tick off most of those points you give the BJ’s we like. If you DO tick off all of those points then you give the BJ’s we will never forget.

  5. Courtney says:

    The Heretic, I love you haha, that was everything I needed to hear.

  6. Erika says:

    The Heretic, loved it! Ladies it is so true, I do all of those things and I am still told by ex’s that it was the best they have ever had! If you don’t enjoy it, they can tell.

  7. BoricuaMami says:

    @The Heretic
    *standing ovation*
    You just gave me a splendid activity to blow my man’s mind. We’ve recently began to enjoy eachother again and reconnect after 5 years of separation. He is even better than before, gives me his all and I’m ready to give him my all. I love the idea of letting him record it. This is going to be so much fun!!! 🙂

  8. SwtnSexxy says:

    Alright Monsieur Heretic; what exactly is toungue slapping?
    I like that your being very honest & candid about what really helps men enjoy it when done right, ; but what about when my boyfriend tells me that no other woman turns him on , and keeps him hard like I do; we are both Virgos; he’s 59 & I am 53, we are both having some difficulties reaching orgasms, not exactly sure why , could be life stresses, and not being able to just relax n be in the moment; we always being rushed when we do get together for one thing,. he’s not what I envisioned for a partner, but is very good to me; kind, generous, compassionate, & talks about wanting more with me. I’m Not a golddigger, far from that, but he is kind, supportive & everything a girl could want; minus looks I spose. we’ve been together for about 7 months now; in truth , only about 2 months; because he works in anoher state, & get together whenever we can. He’s starting to really grow on me, and we talk every morning and a few nights each week as he’s so uber busy. What can I do to get my mind & his in the right mind set to let go & just have an orgasm? I just not sure what to do….

  9. megan sajjadieh says:

    i really enjoyed the article. I really wish there was more talk about anal. I find it very pleasureable and wish there wasnt such a stigma attached to it. i even enjoy a little anal fisting

  10. BeccaBoo22 says:

    Is it wrong to say I’m 19 and I want to explore when it comes to sex? I’ve been on the pill for 5 months and I’ve been with my boyfriend Daniel for three and we’re very well match (Myself being a Capricorn and Daniel being a Scorpio) And I found out that it’s true that we both have high sex drives, which I never knew about myself. and I’m looking for new ways to explore with our sex life. We’ve done it both ways (Normal and Anal) which I’ve enjoyed very much, but the exciting thing in my opinion is my parents and sisters know we’ve had normal sex (Not Anal) but his grandparents and mother don’t. And I guess it’s the dirty lie and the euphoric rush of having to get dressed before getting caught by his grandparents (Who he lives with) that turns me on. This article really interested me and I was wondering, any advice on what we could do? I live in the UK and we have a store chain called “Ann Summers” and some of the “Pleasure products don’t really interest me, but I’m curious as to what they do. I know Scorpios have a sexy side and I want to see that come out of Daniel very much. I’m staying over his place this valentines, but I’m coming the day before (So staying from Sat 13th till Mon 15th Feb 2016) and I have a feeling that his grandparents will let us have the mouse to ourselves on Valentines evening so that gives us time I guess. Any Advice guys? Many thanks.

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