How to Get a Guy to Like You Effortlessly, In No Time!

How to Get a Guy to Like You

Guys always want what they can’t have. And that’s the real secret behind knowing how to get a guy to like you. Try these tips, and you’ll get any guy to like you in no time.

The real secret behind knowing how to get a guy to like you is exceedingly simple. But yet, it’s not easy to follow.

So we know the real secret here, guys always want what they can’t have.

But how are you going to be that?

How can a girl who likes a guy, make that guy think she’s a gorgeous goddess who’s just too hard to get?

Quite tricky, yes, but definitely doable!

How to get a guy to like you

What do you do when you like a guy and want him to like you back? You drop a few hints and bat your eyelid at him. And big chances are, it works most of the time.

Well, it’s all good so far. But at times, it can fail. He may just not like you back. So instead of leaving your love lines to fate and chance, it’s always better to step it up a notch and do something else.

Instead of telling him that you like him very much, why not get the guy to like you and ask you out instead?! [Read: 9 sneaky and fun ways to get a guy to ask you out in no time]

Guys and their mind

Through the ages, men have always taken great risks to take what they want, be it glory, land, food or women, not necessarily in that order.

As much as guys say they like getting things the easy way, they never really appreciate the true value of something that they can get without a fight. It’s the law of nature, and luckily, it’s yours to wield.

Try these tips yourself, and you’ll see that he’s start noticing you a lot more. [Read: Why guys subconsciously love the chase and how to use to in your favor]

Give him your attention

When you’re talking to him, stare back at him as he talks. Do that in a cute way, not in a you’ve-got-something-in-your-teeth way. That would just make him feel uncomfortable. And when he’s doing something with his own friends or sitting by himself working on something, glance at him now and then. And let him see you do that.

Guys like it when a girl gives them attention. By giving him more attention than you’re giving other guys, he’ll wonder if you’re interested in him, or just being friendly.

And that’s exactly what a girl needs to do. You need to get his attention and make him look at you as something more than just a friend. Remember, curiosity kills cats, but it makes guys think funny! [Read: 12 easy ways to appear a lot more desirable in his eyes]

Impress his friends

Whenever you get to meet a good friend of his or bump into his group of friends, stay a while and chat with them. Be warm and sweet, and at times, even border on mild flirting. Floor his friends with your wit and sweetness, and they will fall in love with you.

And when they meet the guy you like, they’re obviously going to tell him what an awesome girl you are. By turning his friends into your evangelists, he’d start to notice how special and coveted you actually are.

Ask about him

When you’re having a conversation with his friends, ask about him. But don’t constantly talk about him, it would make you look too easy to get. Just a passing word asking how he is or where he is should do. If his friends tell him that you asked about him, he would be confused and yet, warm and fuzzy knowing that you’ve given him a thought. [Read: 30 super sexy ways to keep a guy really interested in you]

Flirt with other guys

You may be in love with him, but if you really want to get a guy to like you, you need to stick with a few rules. Never make it look easy. When he’s around, talk to him but don’t ignore the other guys. When he’s around, especially when he’s around, flirt with other guys and don’t save all your flirting for the guy you like.

Remember, you haven’t told him you like him. You’re only making him curious about you. By flirting back with other guys, you’re letting the guy you like know that he needs to try harder to get your attention when there are other guys around. [Read: 25 compliments for guys that’ll leave them thinking of you often]

By doing that, he’d panic and wonder if you really liked him in the first place. And yet, his bruised ego would make him try harder to get your attention. At times, he may also sulk and stand aside silently, to try and get your attention.

Don’t make it so easy for him. Ignore him for a while, and then, go close to him and give him your full attention. By blowing hot and cold now and then, it would confuse him, and make him crave for your attention!

There are three more features that you should definitely read if you want to know how to get a guy to like you. Try these tips, and see the guy you like trail you like a lovestruck puppy!

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Using these tips, you can surely know how to get a guy to like you back and even ask you out without ever revealing the truth that you actually liked him in the first place!

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20 thoughts on “How to Get a Guy to Like You Effortlessly, In No Time!”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Nice points, also liked the links within the articles. This website is like a gold mine for all things related to understanding guys and impressing them. Even as I was reading this article, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking all the links I came across because all of them were so interesting. Each new page I open gives me so many new ideas to learn. I especially love the articles where the authors confess about their own love experiences. It helps the reader realize that even authors who know so much about love can still make mistakes and learn from it.

    Lovepanky truly is an awesome website, and its really really helpful! You guys are definitely one of my favorite websites.

  2. riham g says:

    lovepanky sound good to me i like it

  3. JOSEPH says:

    Iam impressed with this article.well i am a boy , i would like to say its true .the staring tricks really works such staring of agirl can influence him more than u know it even if he has a girlfriend i know this b’caz ihad similar experience i am suprised that almost all part of this article was done to me by a girl exept that i didn’t fall for her yet….. Who knows one day i might .she has a beatiful staring which is enough to take my breath away so girls if you just love a guy whoes worthy i suggest you to follow these steps.

  4. Lavvis says:

    The guy i love.. He ask me to give up… After reading all this article i realise i did alot of mistakes… Is there anyway to make him like me again? Or there’s no way?

  5. I have no name says:

    Am i the only person who notices Good Girl Gina?

  6. Kayla says:

    These tips really helped but I think I have a different reason than most of u guys, i needed this bcuz I like my neighbor and were only 2 years apart but he met my friend 1 time and likes her more than me but she’s a slut so I don’t want to be a slut to get him he still likes me but, he rated her 8 out of 10 but he rated me 7 1/2 which isn’t the problem it’s that he’d go out with her and not me…:( I’m really falling for him and I don’t know what to do! HELP!!!!????!!!

  7. megan says:

    Ok so these tips are all good but in my case I made the mistake of sleeping with the guy any ideas how to fix my oops?

  8. A Guy says:

    Note for the ladies. The “Flirt with other guys” portion of this article is somewhat bad advice. Experiment, but be careful with it. The advice is a great way to attract lesser “beta” types. Also, a very intelligent guy will see right through your hot and cold, flirty facade.

  9. ryan says:

    Piss poor advice. As a guy, DONT flirt with other guys in front of him. It wont make him try harder. He will either think youre not interested, shut down because he thought you were but figures youre easy because you give EVERY guy your attention, or he will be smart enough to know youre playing games and het mad and disinterested because you are a manipulative game player.
    Guys want your attention. Guys want to know you are into THEM, not everyone. If you like a guy single him out, put yourself in positions to make it VERY EASY for him to get some time with you. He will know youre interested if youre making time for HIM.

  10. David says:

    Hard to get pisses me off, i dislike it when girls flirt with other guys unless she’s not into me. Things that are written by women, especially topics like this say that guys are more into you if you flirt with other guys, truth is it pushes us away. We prefer up front women or a little hard to get types of women, as long as you show that you like him by flirting with him and only him a little bit should let him know that u like him.

  11. Tim says:

    Always, ask the guy questions about himself. This always lets the guy know that you are interested in him and not just worried about yourself. Every time I speak with a woman who engages me with questions relative to my life, I can tell that she is interested in learning more and for good reason. If the girl looks put together and attractive then she is always worth engaging, I speak more about engaging men here and discuss other tactics for attracting men that most ladies will find beneficial. Attracting men


  12. Ashley says:

    Wow this really helped! Thanx!

  13. Dena Rodriguez says:

    Men want a woman that makes him feel good about himself. Make him feel like a stud and he will come running back for more. This article has quite a few good flirting techniques but these techniques only succeed to the extent that they make a guy feel desirable. Ladies, I see guys leave 10s for 5s who realize the key to a mans heart is through his ego…GL

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