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Girls Wearing Revealing Clothes in Office

Girls Wearing Revealing Clothes in Office

All women wear revealing clothes now and then, in the office or at a mall. But how much is too much, especially when it comes to wearing revealing clothes in office?

Can wearing revealing clothes distract your coworkers or unwittingly ask for unwanted stares from the men and badmouthing from the women at work?

Olivia Noronha shares her experiences with revealing pants and bare minimums.

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Bridget Jones is history. Erin Brockovitch’s blown enough men to chuck all her “This is a nine year old girl’s top” collection. And then, there’s me.

I’m not the one with the see through nets or the crotchless panties. Nor am I the one with the turtleneck and sheets of paper to fan myself in summer.

I’m alive. And I’m somewhere in the middle, and I dress well enough to get frequent appreciative glances at work.

But then, I do have “friends” who dare to bare all the time. I don’t know if they do it on purpose, but they do have the impact.

The distraction of revealing clothes

Just the other day at a meeting, I was sitting in front of an associate from another organization. She was the typical ‘I want to look sweet but I can’t help lookin’ hot!’ type of woman.

Each time I looked at her, I couldn’t help but graze her never ending cleavage.

Of course, they were big! But a six inch cleavage and a shirt-bulge that could pop off her buttons to impale anyone in a bank robbery was scarily crazy. Each time I looked at her face, she smiled at me. She was warm, and appeared to be sweet. But then, I had to look south. [Read: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage without getting caught]

And for crying out loud, I was a woman! Imagine the plight of the sorry men who are torn to shreds in between their professional etiquette and their primal urges when women wear overly revealing clothes!

Sometimes, you can’t help but pity men who stare at a woman’s cleavage too. But on the other hand, everywhere we go, we do have these horny men who just can’t see women in their face. [Read: Kinds of men who stare at women]

I know a guy who knows a guy who’s a friend of a good friend of mine, and the first guy I mentioned in this line lives in my block. Each time we bump into each other, we speak for a couple of minutes tops. The first thirty seconds, he’s got his eyes on mine, and as the seconds tick to forty, he nods away to my cleavage like a sleepwalker on adrenalin, and he continues to do that even if I’m wearing a full woolen sweater.

I find it hilarious and sometimes, I just want to laugh at his face. But I hold the thought and decide to say ciao to him within the next thirty seconds.

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Revealing clothes at its worst!

And I’ve seen something so hilarious and gross at the same time, I wouldn’t know if you’d believe me. I was out shopping at a mall, and I hopped onto the escalator. And there in front of me, stood the woman of the moment. She was wearing horrendous blue sweats and a flimsy Capri, and the weirdest pair of flip-flops anyone could create. As I was standing just a few steps below her, I couldn’t help but notice that her pants could be seen right through, and I could see her underwear.

And then I saw something that horrified me more than Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’. I could see this lady’s sanitary pad through her pants. I nudged my guy friend who was looking all over but there, and he burst out into a laughing fit. That was some serious fashion faux pas. That was actually revealing clothes at its dreadful best.

That wasn’t the first time I saw women go overboard, and definitely that will never be the last. And it just gets worse during work hours. Earlier, a workplace was where men and women go to make money and come back home. Now, it’s mating ground of the frenzied kind. Or so it seems.

Offices as mating grounds

Men skulk in corners and strut in the hallways. Women go clip-clop with their heels and wear strategically spaced revealing clothing. Well, at least a few of them do. And of course, we have women like me who just sit and watch these flashy women and go tut-tut in our heads.

Women like me talk to the flashy women in revealing clothes like we’re best pals, and we go bitch about them behind their back. I do want to tell them not to wear such clothes to office, where there’s more emphasis on what’s inside rather than the outside, but heck, I don’t want to appear like a jealous wannabe-but-can’t-be!

The worst in line are the women who wear sheer white tops and black bras on days that the rains are predicted, and run through the rains to their parked cars, only to fakely remember that they’ve forgotten their car keys in the canteen on the 8th floor. Yeah, the same floor on which the lift doesn’t work, and sweaty men take the stairs all day. [Read: 10 sexy tips to seduce men]

Revealing skirts and the attention

Let’s not even get to talking about revealing skirts. There’s so much women can do with that to grab attention. Keeping a wide berth from skirts and legs, I really do think a flash of skin is good, once in a while.

Now, you may think I’m a filthy hypocrite, but hold on. Did I ever mention that I was against skimp? Never. Because I skimp on clothes too. I just know how to do it tactfully.

Now and then, it’s complimenting to catch a cute guy boobgraze you, especially when he knows that you’ve caught him red, and he’s got that foolish look on his face. But it’s all about knowing when to go skimping on clothes. Flashing at work and wearing revealing clothes just calls for unwanted attention. But then again, how many people on earth would prefer to live an unnoticed life anyway?

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29 thoughts on “Girls Wearing Revealing Clothes in Office”

  1. john says:

    I like the women’s skirts at work to be a little longer. Otherwise it can be a distraction.

  2. Diana says:

    It depends on the profession – if you are a teacher, having short skirts and open blouses can be not only distarcting but vulgar. What concerns offices, if you want to catch a man from the office, wear revealing clothes. If that’s not your aim, put on something more closed.

  3. Jay says:

    Totally depends on your profession in my opinion, but I strongly suggest that one should be dressed professionally and not skimpishly!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Sounds like you are intimidated by these sexy, beautiful women. Here’s a clue for you: intelligent woman dress sexy, and do it well.

  5. Ross says:

    I think its okay for a woman to flaunt her cleavage in the office if it makes her feel more sexy and beautiful – so what if a few men get horny they should control their sexual urges in the workplace


  6. Ross says:

    have you seen many women dress sexy in the office

  7. Seriouslygirls says:

    If we want intelligence and skill to be the evaluation criteria for women, then we need to stop encouraging young girls to use erotic capital. It’s absurd to think things will change, and that we’ll be evaluated by men, if we continue the myths that women must resort to tanning, hair dye or cosmetic surgery to get ahead in life. Using erotic capital is catering to what men want, not how women want to be seen or how they want to see themselves. We’ll end enslaving ourselves to the ‘MEN KIND” and dig our own graves.

  8. Jay Mahal says:

    You got to be seriously dress like a (mind my language) “slut” to really offend someone at office.. so wear all you want and enjoy whereever you are, be it office, mall or a party!!

  9. KeineLiebe says:

    Don’t be naive, ladies. Dressing like a sex kitten may get you faster service at the grocery store, but it won’t earn the respect of your coworkers, especially in a corporate environment. If you care more about your career than your dating life, make an effort to show that by dressing in professional attire. Others will view your sexy office attire as a desperate plea for male attention, especially if you work in the corporate realm. Some managers like to hire hot receptionists or secretaries. They’re like eye candy that can take messages and schedule meetings. I’d be surprised if the momentary distractions they provide aren’t very much appreciated. However, when the general manager needs someone to run the office for a few days and make business decisions, they want a professional whose judgement they respect. Your attire indicates your motives, and dressing like a sexual object in the workplace reveals more than just cleavage. Show respect for yourself and your employer. Make sure your image reflects your company’s values. If you work for a fashion magazine, go ahead and wear the latest trends, even if they’re sexy. Just keep your company’s corporate culture in mind and make sure your wardrobe aligns with it.

    And for the record, bosses who promote their sexy coworker because they want to sleep with her (or him) usually lose interest quickly, which leads to drama, stress, and lower productivity. Eventually the truth will come out, and they’re both likely to end up unemployed.

  10. Daid says:

    I really enjoy keen office wear on women. Two really big things points. One, make sure what you are wearing fits! One of the only things worse than the woman who bares too much is the woman is trying too hard. I guess the guy equivalent is the guy who still has a 32 inch waist and can fasten the betl to prove it, but the gut is starting to hang over. My other tip to ladies, is pick one. Cleavage on one day and short skirt on a different day, but not both. I enjoy cleavage, I really like short skirts (there is special pace in heaven for the costume designer for Allie McBeal) but kind of like Burlesque, keep something for yourself and use it later…

  11. Ross Campbell says:

    Im a man and I definitely would find it quite distracting in the workplace if my female co workers were wearing tight skimpy and low cut tops, push up bras and short skirts. Ive heard that in the last decade or so its become far more common nowadays for women to dress more revealingly in the workplace or in college- women have more freedom and more choice to dress this way at work and other places and the fashion nowadays is on dressing in a more feminine, chic, stylish way at work- a woman can look a bit sexy even in a modern tailored business suit which tend to flatter rather than cover up her curves.
    In the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in women showing their cleavage in work and in many places – you even have the term now “Office Cleavage” – and as a man I would find cleavage tantalising and a distraction at work. Believe you me I dont resent women who dress revealingly or in a titilating way in the workplace because – and the ladies can correct me on this – apparently they do not realise the true effect it has on men. and also the fashion and clothes in the stores is more sexy nowadays- women have told me that business tops are often low cut and tight and skimpy- is that correct.

  12. oppa says:

    I would agree with you if you didn’t sound so bitter. You’re friendly to these women but trash them behind their backs? How classy. Sound like you want all the attention to yourself. But I guess this won’t be published

  13. Ross says:

    I think its men only who would be distracted by
    the sexy attire of the opposite sex not the other way around- how does one control ones sexual urges – i think its very difficult
    if a man sees a very sexy woman he feels immedialtely sexually aroused.
    Im presently teaching a class of adult students and one of the students in my class Claudia comes into my class wearing very tight
    low cut tops and she is well endowed – now she must realize that thats a distraction for me- yet i dont understand why she has to dress like that in my class – Do women not realize the distraction that this would cause a man? Do they realize that their breasts are very sexually arousing to men. ? Or does Claudia enjoy the attention that shes getting? Your a woman you must know how a woman thinks about these things


  14. tom ado says:

    That picture shown isnt even the worst.I’ve seen numerous women in tank tops and miniskirts at work,even one new temp staff who entered on day one!No one bothers telling them off or enforcing on them that it is unacceptable.yet major irony,men are still not allowed to wear shorts!
    It is definitely distracting.How would women like it if men wore a tank and bike shorts to work?

  15. Mbee says:

    I think it’s unfair that women can’t dress exactly how they want to dress at work. We’re constantly forced to “cover it up.” Women should be able to dress how they want, including dressing sexy as it is defined by her. And we need to stop with the sexual harassment lawsuits ladies, and running to HR every time men give geniune and respectful compliments. Why do you think men don’t open doors for us and treat us like beautiful ladies out there in the world as much as we’d like? They’re terrified of lawsuits at work and they carry that into their evenings and weekends with us, sadly.

    “Professional” attire is always code for toned down and more male-looking, and it always just applies to women. We should be able to wear what we want and be, walk, talk, and act like women if we want to. Why do masculine norms get to dictate what “professional” means?

    And we need to pave a path for how we want men to behave in such an environment. Complimentary, but not disrespectful and denigrating. We’ve hated on femininity for too long and associated it with ditziness and lack of capability for too long. A woman with great breasts can be intelligent and capable at the same time. We need to be a culture that believes and recognizes that and lets her have the amount of cleavage she feels she wants to have at work. After all, they’re just breasts.

    I think we all need to grow up as a culture and realize that women need to be able to be women, and men need to be able to be men, even in the workplace. It’s where we spend our entire lives, we shouldn’t have to turn it all off then only be ourselves in stolen hours after 5pm and on weekends. Women have needs that include being noticed and adored, being able to walk, talk, and act femininely without feeling ashamed of it. And men have needs of being the adorer, telling a woman she’s charming or looks pretty. We all thrive when those needs are met. I know it makes things in the workplace heat up and it’s trickier than everybody just acting, dressing and talking like men and getting things done and nothing more. But seriously, what are we gonna do? Wander around like lifeless robots who only care about excel spreadsheets and sounding “professional” on the conference call? Life can and should be better for all of us.

    Can we not find a way through this conundrum that doesn’t involve giant restrictions and negativity and shame on either gender? Or turning women into men? And telling men that can’t say something when a beautiful woman works with them in the office? Millions of years of evolution in keeping the human species alive are working against our new “workplace rules.” We’re all built the ways that we’re built for a reason.

    And we’re all suffering under the current “rules.” We need to evolve. I support ladies who wear what they want to wear at work. We shouldn’t have to give up our sexiness and femininity every day at work as if it’s something to be ashamed of.

  16. Nat says:

    If the gal has what it takes, hell ya show off a little, some short skirts and low cot blouses or some buttons open.
    Us older guy’s have nothing like that at home and these young ladies keep the old heart pumping. My wife dresses like a slob and looks like a beached whale.

  17. Danny says:

    Nothing more sexy than a nicely dressed woman and done correctly will in fact get all the motor’s running which is great. BUT quit being a jack ass when you catch a guy looking. I know where your eyes are and I will enjoy them also but if you’re dressing to accentuate your breasts or legs you KNOW EXACTLY what you’re trying to do then don’t be pissed because we look.

  18. Jason says:

    IMO i dont think it’s entirely appropriate for women to dress too sexy in the office. Have some respect for the men who are trying to get work done and don’t need the distraction… and YES it can be a huge distraction.

    When i’m doing my job which often includes face to face conversations with all sorts of other staff, the last thing I want it to have to be careful to look at her eyes only and not wander down to a pair of huge 75% naked breasts that I know are there and cant forget about them as i can see them in my peripheral vision.

    On the other hand, it can also offend other female staff too as any girl will tell you that girls compete with each other to look the best… it can make other women feel self conscious etc if they are less attractive or just dont want to dress that way..

    Out of the office, it’s comepletely up to the women.. dress half naked if you want but DONT get annoyed when men from all walks stare… If a girl catches an attractive guy staring, she probably will like that and might smile back. But suddenly if it’s an overweight older unattrative male then he has done the wrong thing and is labelled a pervert. That would mean us men have to go around judging our own attractiveness and filtering which girls we let our gaze fall on. DOESNT WORK THAT WAY. Either cover up to a respectable degree or accept all types of men will stare and take it as a compliment. Men are genetically programmed to look, it’s often a subconscious thing. My ex would often get upset with me for staring at a girl walking past or something before i’ve even realised I was doing it! And to my ex, if i look at a girl it DOESNT mean i think shes attractive. I may look at her and only after looking can I decide she is attractive or unattractive!

  19. DD Exhibitionist says:

    If im dressed sexy I want you to look!

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