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How to Dress for Sex

how to dress for sex

Dressing up is fun, especially if you’re going to take it all off slowly. Want to know how to dress for sex and make a great impression too?

Sex is spontaneous and not always something that’s planned.

But at times, especially when you’ve been doing the bang bang for a while, you need a little variety to bring the sizzle back in bed.

If you’re looking for a quickie or a spontaneous shagathon, it’s hard to plan anything fancy other than who gets the clothes off first.

But if you want to arouse your man and turn him on even before he gets into bed, here’s your guide on how to dress for sex.

The actual act of sex may be the cherry on top, but if you know how to keep your man all high and horny even when you just walk around him, use these tips and see the difference.

How to dress for sex

Understanding how to dress for sex and look good in bed is easy, but to turn on the sexual tension in your man, you need to feel good in your attire.

Men may like a coy woman in bed, but they wouldn’t really appreciate a nervous wreck who feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Here are the best attires that you could wear to bed and warm up his flag pole even before touching him. [Read: How to look sexy without trying]

#1 See through shirts

The art of seduction isn’t about revealing all, but knowing how to cover it all and yet make a man feel like he’s seen it all.

The next time you’re dressing for bed, wear something that’ll reveal all without showing anything. A thin tee or a plain white see-through shirt can be such a turn on for any guy. While some girls like Lindsay Lohan may love wearing them all the time, you can use this when you’re watching a movie with your man or just hanging out with him.

Want to turn him on just a bit more? Let your nipples stick out and enhance your beautiful curves. He wouldn’t be able to contain or explain his wide grin without grabbing you in his arms! [Read: How to sound sexy]

#2 Soft fabrics

One of the things men like most in women is the softness of a woman’s skin. Remember the first time your man touched the skin on your back or on your legs? The soft, supple feel of a woman’s body is an instant turn on for any man.

Remind him of the texture of your skin without really letting his hands get under your shirt. Wear nightwear that’s made of soft fabrics like satin or silk. Every time he touches you, he’d want more, especially if you let him run his hands all over your curves.

#3 Seductive lingerie and laces

Don’t want to play subtle bed games? Well, you can’t get any better than this when it comes to knowing how to dress for sex and letting him know you have something sexy on your mind.

Pick up some really sexy lingerie in bold colors, like red or black. Men can’t take their eyes off a mannequin wearing lingerie, do you really think he’d be able to resist you?

Bold lacy or satiny lingerie is an instant turn on for any man, just as long as you know how to bend and pout when he’s watching you. Va va voom, girl!

#4 Loose fitting and draped clothes

Now almost always, the first synonym that women use with loose fitting clothes is ill fitting clothes. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Loose fitting clothes that can be draped like a kimono or a sari are actually some of the sexiest dresses a woman can wear.

A short soft robe that’s loosely draped around your body is one of the sexiest things to wear to bed. You don’t reveal much unless you bend low or lift your knee. The occasional little sneak peeks will definitely distract your man even if he’s hooked to the television on game night. [Read: Seven types of sex worth having!]

#5 Cute girl clothes

Cute is sexy. And men love cute!

You don’t really need to dress up like an anime doll to sexually draw your man into bed. Of course, if you’d be willing to dress like a sexy barbie or a hentai girl after dark, all points to you. But if you want to arouse your man each time you walk across him, slip on your cutest boy shorts and a little tee shirt and watch your man grow in his shorts.

Men miss their youth and want a little minx who can dress cute and sexy in a tank top and underwear now and then. It’s a huge turn on. After all, they get to make out with a girl who dresses up like one of those sexy girls dancing around in a rap video. And which guy wouldn’t have second glanced at those girls on the telly more than once?

[Read: Biggest sexual fantasies for men]

But a word of caution here, if you feel awkward dressing up in one of those cute little outfits, stay away from them. A woman who feels awkward and unsexy while walking around in a little underwear is more of a turn off than a turn on for any guy.

#6 Role playing costumes

If you want to know how to dress for sex and get your man’s imagination running wild, then this is it. Is your guy into role playing? Or does he like any comic character or character in a show? [Read: How to role play in bed]

If he does, then you’d definitely be able to give him a wild night of passion and orgasms. There’s nothing sexier than playing out a secret fantasy. Dress up like his favorite character and call out from bed. He’s going to fling his clothes and go ‘boing!’ even before you explain what’s on your mind!

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[Read: How to turn a guy on – sexy tips]

Try these six attires in bed and bring the excitement back into bed. And now that you know how to dress for sex, use these tips and add your own accessories that you know your man will love. Hand cuffs or whips, girls?!

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9 thoughts on “How to Dress for Sex”

  1. woman101 says:

    I don’t get it….I dress in lengerie, or wear a silky loose shirt with nothing on….then drink a couple of glasses of wine ,candles lit…then I approach my man and all of a sudden he thinks of something to do that can’t wait. Ok , then when I’m not feeling sexy, havent shaved my legs, am tired and just want to rest…then I get the sex. Why? I don’t get it?

  2. Advisor says:

    Hi woman 101. When ur tired ask him to take you for a walk were there is a good wind flow wear shorts then. return back to your home and then go for a bath with him in hot water with mixed flavoured oils which would turn up ur olfactory sense and hot water will reduce your stress , While u bath make sure you spend time in tub. Embracing shower masturbation and also mutual touches at back, you would be a super turn on for you and him. Ask him to wipe you. You wipe him and then both of you approach the room with towels on. Drop your towels pick some oil and ask him to massage you. Get a ice cream for him and sit on him and kiss him as much u can. If you are teased you need to reach the orgasm in this way u would be fresh… Enjoy sex but use ur mind muscle

  3. lisa says:

    well i want to make the sex i have with my boyfriend more enjoyable and fun, because right now we just have sex for about 30mins roughly and i don’t like that so i was wondering what would i need to do other than dressing sexy.

  4. Stacey says:

    Hi woman 101, I have the same problem with my boyfriend. I spoke to him about it and he said it’s because he feels pressure to perform and please me when I want sex (i.e. dressed up) but when I’m not expecting it /don’t want it, he feels more like the pursuer and like it is a challenge to make me want it and he feels no pressure to perform. He agrees it doesn’t really make sense but at least that explains it.

  5. matt92 says:

    hi there, I like my girlfriend to wear thigh high boots what else could she wear to make it even better? and it is good to have different types of foot wear to keep things lively?

  6. dkn says:

    it could be in the timing. I’m a morning person, I’m dead after 8, lingerie at 6 am, yes! 9 pm, I want sleep!

  7. Phoenix247 says:

    Hey LP, It’s not that hard to figure out. Your more attractive when you are you. You are attracted to a man who is real and he wants a woman who is the same.

    There is nothing wrong. Enjoy.

  8. lovelyromona says:

    i am strongly desiring becoming a crossdresser and find this article stimulating

  9. Socjologia says:

    You need to get upset! Really its a must to take a look past everything and get upset. Now this will let you take the next steps to becoming successful.

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