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How to Think Like a Man and Impress your Guy

how to think like a guy

Men complain that women are just too different and difficult to understand. So learn to think like a man and impress your guy just the way he wants!

Do you want to know to think like a man, especially in a relationship?

Ever heard your man grumble that you just don’t understand him?

Or did he whine about how women are just so different?

Now before you try changing yourself for his sake, you should know that men may whine a lot about women and their behavior.

But all said and done, men still want women to behave like women, and leave the “manly” behavior to the men.

There are a few times though, when you behaving like a man can make him exceptionally happy.

So if you want to know how to think like a man, and impress your guy, here are a few starting points.

How to think like a man

Thinking like a man is easy. Girls grow up and become women. Boys get bigger and become men.

If you want to think like a man, all you need to do is bring out your inner tomboy child.

Try these manly behavior traits when you’re with your own man. And big chances are, he’ll bear hug you in happiness or brag about how his girlfriend is the bestest in the whole world to all his friends!

Men don’t beat around the bush

If you want to think like a man, start with this one.

When you’re angry, do you always tell your man straight out about the reason behind your frustration? Most women don’t. They’d rather hold it in and grumble in a corner while the man goes back into a series of flashbacks just to understand what and where he did wrong. And almost always, until he realizes what offended his woman, he pays the price. [Read: Annoying girlfriend habits that men hate]

Men don’t do that. If your man is angry with you, he’d rather just blurt it out to you in a bad way than hold it in and rephrase the crushing annoyance in a manner that would have the maximum impact. If you want to be a man, the next time you’re upset with him for something, say it out straight and don’t beat around the bush. At least then, he’d know what he’s apologizing for!

Men like their space

Ever seen your man sitting by himself and happily building a car scale model or polishing his car? He likes doing that. Men absolutely love their space. He may feel guilty at times and try to spend more time with you to make up for it though.

The best way to deal with this is by keeping yourself occupied with your own hobby once in a while. Go out with your friends now and then, or indulge yourself in a few activities that you enjoy around your own place. By doing this, you’d lift your man’s bag of guilt off his back, and help him appreciate your independence a lot more!

[Read: How to give each other space in a relationship]

Men like sex a lot more than foreplay

All women know this well. Your man may be nice enough to spend a while indulging in foreplay for your satisfaction, so learn to return the favor now and then by excusing him off a few tongue twister moves and cuddles before sex. Take him straight to bed and ask him to get on top as soon as you feel ready down there. He’d probably be surprised, but it’s going to be a happy one! [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

Your man loves his gadgets and games

All men love playing on their game consoles or even spending time with their little remote controlled cars. It may seem immature, but for a man, it gives him a bit of time to get away from the world. Now men know their women would never understand this fascination.

But if you want to know how to think like a man, let him know that you can enjoy a good game too. The next time your man’s out for a while, play with his man toys and try to enjoy a good game. There’s a good chance that you may understand his fascination after a while too.

And when your man does get back home and sees you busy enjoying his game, there’s a big chance his eyes will well up with tears of joy!

Men love getting wasted

Men just love losing control of their senses now and then. Every man has his own reason, all the way from hoping he’d get molested in a drunken stupor by a group of sexy girls, to drinking being his way of dealing with the crap life throws at him.

Plan a Saturday night for him. Stock up your refrigerator with beer and booze and get wasted together. Just make sure the doors are locked and you’re close to the bed and the loo. Remember, the fun starts when both of you start trash talking. The best part is that your man would never forget those happy nights when you both have fun binge drinking together. Dealing with the hangover come Sunday morning, well, that’s a small price for a load of happiness, isn’t it?

Men love porn

Ever caught your man in front of his computer late at night with his hands deep inside his pants? Of course, your man will be embarrassed to get caught in a compromising position.

You may be pissed off or even insulted to see that he actually had to watch another naked woman to get an erection and have a bit of fun when he already has you. It’s natural that you’d feel that way, but men don’t understand that.

For men, porn is porn. And looking at another naked woman or two isn’t cheating, it’s having a good time.

Instead of rebuking him or getting upset and throwing a pillow for him to sleep on the couch, join him and watch the movie together if you want to think like a man. Watching erotica together can be a lot of fun and he’ll feel relieved too.  How many lucky guys get to have sex with their woman while watching a few other women at the same time? And odds are, you’ll love the hot men in the movie too!

[Read: How erotica saved my sexless marriage]

Times when he won’t enjoy your manly behavior

Now that you know how to think like a man, use these tips to impress him and let him know how understanding you can be.

But at the same time, don’t overdo it. It would only upset him or make him wonder what’s going on. Here are a few great examples of woman showing man behavior gone wrong.

# Sex is just sex. Don’t fall asleep immediately after sex like a man does, without even looking at him. If it happens a few times in a row, he’ll probably spoon you and cry himself to sleep.

# Men look at other women even if they’re in love. Don’t do the same. He’d probably pick a fight with the guy you’re staring at, or think you’re a flirty cheat-in-the-box. But use this move if he disrespects you by ogling a lot at other women all the time.

[Read: Men who stare at women]

# Men don’t change their favorite frayed pants or tee shirts unless his woman throws it out. If you wear your old, fading clothes and laze on the couch, he’ll probably think you’re starting to look ugly.

# Men burp and fart with their friends. But in your endeavor to think like a man, don’t ever do that. He’d think he’s turning gay or you’re turning into a guy. Either ways, it’s not good news for you.

[Read: How to look sexy while sleeping with your guy]

Now that you know how to think like a man, try these moves and impress your guy with ease. Well, just as long as you don’t go overboard with your manly behavior!

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11 thoughts on “How to Think Like a Man and Impress your Guy”

  1. semicharmed22 says:

    I feel the need to applaud the author of this article for having the balls to tell woman everywhere that she should not treat her man exactly like he treats her, for fear of “hurting him”. Oh that poor man (sarcasm) ugh. Its this type of BS that has caused me to lose faith and respect in the male gender. Seriously men, if you want a good relationship where you know your gf isn’t going to cheat and leave, then start using your brains!!!! Treat your woman how YOU wish to be treated. Yes, that does means your going to have to ’empathize’, and even worse, ‘comprimise’. Sound like too much work? Invest in highspeed internet and your dominant hand b/c that’s all you’ll end up with.

    Men used to be symbols of strength and protection. Now, their not even strong enough to battle their own lust. Its a sad sad world after all. SMH.

  2. that wording.... says:

    i have a bit of a bone to pick with this: “He

  3. *facepalm* says:

    In complete agreeance with that wording. That “turning gay/into a man” comment is incredibly inaccurate and offensive, not to mention downright ridiculous. I find it very hard to believe that any man on this earth ever with a burping/farting girlfriend would jump straight to “I’m gay!” or “she must be a man!”. I may not be an expert on the male mind, but even I can near-guarantee this happens a grand total of never.

    Even if its a joke, it doesn’t read like one, and is still very offensive. As mentioned by that wording…what on earth would be wrong with that? Aren’t we past this?

  4. Jasmine says:

    OMG!!! Ummmmm no porn is not just porn, it is distasteful and sorry men but it is a form of cheating. Sorry to also burst your ego, but my man likes me to just be me, not be like him, just be like me. He likes his girl to just be a girl. This article looks like it was written by a man just there to justify his behaviour

  5. yesenia says:

    Its funny how this artical can be so wrong now and days our generation is accepting to everything I mean a woman can actually be herself without the man calling her “FAKE” my man thinks its cute that I burp its natrual or even when I like to watch porn..cuz it gets me in the mood sometimes it helps after a long day at work and tending to children sometimes were to exhausted to get the mood started ourselves theres nothing wrong with that sometimes men do it for that exact reason and thats perfectly fine and im perfectly fine knowing he cheaks out woman we woman cheak out men I do it its only fair that he can do it to its not like hes gona take them home right then and there or even ever he cant help to look at beautifull woman its “NATURAL” unless you have a reason to not trust him I suggest you stop beeing so insecure and let him be cuz if you dont he will run off with the first attractive woman he sees to prove his point to you and that would only hurt you twards the end.

  6. Jbaconnewb says:

    “Porn is just porn. Join him!” WOW. two thumbs DOWN to this article. LADIES: never (and I mean NEVER) lower your standards to please a man(or anyone at that). You are strong and smart and you do NOT need to put up with that shit. I’m not up for a debate for those of you who disagree- I am simply saying: YOURE BETTER THAN THAT. deep down you know it. He’s not worth it if he won’t give something like porn up- not only for you, but for himself and the victims of sex trafficking as well. Fucking piece of shit article. NICE TRY THO.

  7. Myladiesman says:

    Have you ever seen that girl that don’t really dress up and is more comfortable doing guy stuff? Take that as your example. Don’t just prissily and sheepishly do things with your man only to say that you tried it out, take the keys to the 4×4, hot rod; strip them clothes off and jump in the creek; grab that second controller and get in that game to win it; take his shot gun and kill something……..do you get it yet? My wife is my best friend and best friends have fun together; and it’s the best when your friend is someone you want to see naked. So after you’ve impressed him doing activities he enjoys, strip down for some intense sex! No slow, get in the mood BS; squirt some lube on, take charge and just act like you just had to have him in you and you ladies will have an awestruck very satisfied man. Really, is that such a hard thing to do?

    However, I don’t entirely or even mostly agree with this article. The author was crude but then again alot of guys are crude and disrespectful, I work with several. If you have a guy worth having that does respect you, my advice will work for you and give you some happy memories if done every blue moon; don’t ever put yourself in a routine that diminishes your self-respect or takes away your rights as a woman. If your guy don’t respect you, you need to find a new one.

  8. Christine says:

    This article may seem offensive to others but it’s definitely describing a large group of men – the “dudes”. Of course, not all men would see eye to eye with this (maybe half of the points?). After reading a few articles on this site now though, I feel like my boyfriend has written many of them (except for the video game obsession and “getting wasted” parts). But he is a “dude”. We are polar opposites in some ways…..so when I read these articles, I think, yup, he would say this! He would totally prefer me not beating around the bush and having direct details most of the time and he loves that I have no problem giving him space and some of the other points mentioned. To each their own! If you feel like you don’t want to change, then of course, don’t change! Don’t compromise who you are. If you feel like you love this person and want the relationship to work, maybe compromising is in order? I have been compromising because I understand what he likes….and I love him. He has been doing the same thing. These articles aren’t necessarily screaming, ‘You need to change!’ but they may be giving you hints on what a lot of men prefer. If you’re in a long-term relationship, what’s wrong with compromising?

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