Natasha Ivanovic is an intimacy, dating, and relationship writer best known for her writings on Kiiroo, LovePanky, Post Pravda, and more. She's the creator and author of her short stories on TheLonelySerb. She completed her first degree in Criminology and continued and finished her Masters in Investigative Psychology, but then decided to follow her true passion of writing.

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signs she wants a relationship - signs she's serious about you

25 Sure Signs She’s Serious About You & Wants a Real Relationship

Is she ready to commit? If you’re looking for signs she’s serious about you and wants a relationship with you, here are the signs you need to look for.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Date Ideas During Covid

17 Sweet Date Ideas During COVID to Make Love Bloom Amid the Gloom

Covid is here and you’re single. That doesn’t mean you can’t date. You just need to make some adjustments. Here are some perfect date ideas during Covid.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
sexy texts to send him

Sexy Texts to Send Him: 25 Sensuous Phrases to Rock His World

Don’t underestimate the power of your smartphone. If you want to rock his world and keep him coming back for more, try these 25 sexy texts to send him.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
How to Know If He's Texting Someone Else

How to Know If He’s Texting Someone Else: 15 Signs He’s Hiding It

You’re sitting at a café together, enjoying the Saturday morning, but he’s busy texting on his phone. Here’s how to know if he’s texting someone else.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
masculine traits

Masculine Traits: 21 Healthy and Unhealthy Manly Characteristics

Men want to be men, and women want to be with “a man.” But what does this really mean? What are the healthy masculine traits men should have?

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
How to Not Get Attached to a Guy

How to Not Get Attached to a Guy: 15 Moves to Cut Off Feelings

Sometimes you like a guy who doesn’t exactly have the same feelings for you. It can get messy if you don’t learn how to not get attached to a guy.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
when someone ignores you

How to Respond like a Grown-Up When Someone Ignores You On Purpose

One minute they were fine, now it feels like they’re avoiding you. It’s frustrating when someone ignores you, but here’s how to handle it like a grownup.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
How Long Does a Crush Last

How Long Does a Crush Last? The Steps to Get Over a Crush ASAP

You can’t seem to get your crush out of your head, and you’ve liked them for months. Is this normal? How long does a crush last and can you move on faster?

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
how to lose feelings for someone

How to Lose Feelings for Someone & Let Go of the Might Have Beens

You may be in love with someone, but it doesn’t mean they love you back. What are you going to do? You’re going to learn how to lose feelings for someone.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
signs she is hiding her feelings for you

The Signs She’s Hiding Her Feelings for You Though She Likes You

Do you think she’s developing feelings even though she’s denying it? Read these signs she’s hiding her feelings for you, even if she’s falling for you!

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic