Natasha Ivanovic is an intimacy, dating, and relationship writer, and the creator and author of her short stories on TheLonelySerb. She completed her first degree in Criminology and continued and finished her Masters in Investigative Psychology, but then decided to follow her true passion of writing.

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how to resolve conflict

How to Resolve Conflict: 30 Drama-Free Ways to Keep the Peace

We may love watching drama unfold, but no one wants to be involved in one. Here’s how to resolve conflict if you happen to get yourself in any drama.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
communication techniques

20 Powerful Communication Techniques That Will Transform Your Relationship

It’s not easy getting someone to talk to you. But open communication is vital in relationships. Here are some communication techniques that can help.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame: What Makes It Awkward & 15 Secrets to Own It with Confidence

The walk of shame is every girl’s nightmare of a morning after. Use these tips to make your walk of shame feel more respectable and less insulting.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly: 37 Tips to Be One, Pros & Cons of Being Outgoing and Friendly

Being a social butterfly isn’t a goal everyone has, but maybe it should be. There are many advantages to being the one person everyone talks to.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
signs youre just a hookup

31 Sordid Signs You’re Just a Hookup & Nothing More + Steps to Move Forward

Having FWB is all fun and games… until you realize maybe that’s all you are. Here are all the signs you’re just a hookup.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic

How to be Comfortable in Your Own Skin: How to Not Give a F*ck

Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin can be a long process. But it’s beyond worth it for your happiness. Here’s how to stop giving a fuck.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
how to pick up guys

20 Foolproof Ways on How to Pick Up Guys & Why You Should Start Doing It

We think men are the only ones able to pick someone up. It’s the 21st century, ladies! Don’t think only they hold the power, learn how to pick up guys.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Signs a Man Wants to Be with You

22 Adorable Signs a Man Wants to Be With You & What To Do About It

You’re daydreaming and drooling over him, but don’t you want to know if he’s feeling the same? It’s time you knew the signs a man wants to be with you.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Machiavellianism Traits

Machiavellianism Traits: What Makes One, 19 Signs & How to Not Fall Victim

How can you tell if someone has Machiavellianism traits? If you think someone you know fits this personality type, here’s what you need to know.

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic
Bad Girl Sex Tricks

24 Bad Girl Sex Tricks to Try in Bed & Seduce and Leave a Guy Obsessed!

Want to send your man on a ride he’ll never forget? Here are 10 bad girl sex tricks for oral, hand-jobs, intercourse, and everything in between!

Natasha_Ivanovic by Natasha Ivanovic