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What are You Passionate About? How to Find and Own Your Desires

Unfortunately, people go their whole lives without finding what they’re truly passionate about. It’s a pity. So what are you passionate about?

what are you passionate about

Passion is a tricky thing to talk about because everyone has a different one. Sure, two people can both be passionate about drawing but in very different ways. Finding this passion, however, can change your whole life. So what are you passionate about? Have you found your truest desire yet?

If you’re not sure, don’t panic. There are plenty of people who have no idea what they’re passionate about. It takes time to discover the one thing that really makes you happier than all else. But there are ways you can find that one thing a little faster.

Does everyone need a passion?

Technically, no. You don’t need something to be passionate about in order to live a full, happy life. However, having that passion can make your life a little better.

Usually, people find their passion by mistake or stumble across it after not having done that thing for a very long time.

It’s usually accidental and if you’re someone who doesn’t experience much, it might be harder for you to find. But you won’t have a miserable life if you’re not passionate about something. [Read: 10 reasons passionate love can be the strongest of all]

What are you passionate about?

If you shrugged in response to this question, you may be wondering how to find your true passion. There are a number of different ways you can figure out what your passion is and all it takes is a little effort. Just remember not to force yourself into something and pretend it’s a real desire.

1. Try new things

Honestly, you’ll never find your passion if you don’t actually try new things. How are you ever going to discover what you like when you never do anything? You’ll need to try new things and do so often.

You never know what new activity could be your life-long passion. Maybe you’ll fall in love with bowling. You could also really end up loving to watercolor paint or do another form of art you’ve never really tried. So get out there and see what you like. [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life]

2. Talk to passionate people

If you know someone who always raves about how passionate they are about something, talk to them. Figure out how they stumbled upon their passion and how their tips can help you find yours.

Then, when people ask you, “What are you passionate about?” you’ll have a solid answer.

3. What do you always go to in your free time?

Think about the second you have any free time. What do you do first? I mean, aside from check your phone. Do you run to go write some fiction? Are you itching to open that sketchpad and get to work?

The one thing you’re always yearning to do is probably your passion. Whenever you have some free time and you find yourself doing one thing in particular, it’s usually because you love it an awful lot.

Think about it. Is that thing your true desire in life? If you could make a career out of it, would you be endlessly happy clocking in for work? If so, that’s your passion. [Read: Having more free time and 12 other reasons to love being single]

4. Expand upon things you enjoy

If you really love playing hockey with your friends, ask yourself what more you can do with that. Could you help coach? Maybe you can join a small league and actually play for real.

The idea here is to find what you love and see what more you can do with it. This is a great way to try new things that you’ll likely enjoy. Open yourself up to new things within your range of interest and you might just find something you’re very passionate about.

5. Take some risks

You really can’t get much out of life if you don’t take some risks. And that can also be true for finding your real passion. You might never find it if you’re stuck inside or playing it safe. Who knows? You may be drawn to something that’s more daring and risky.

Perhaps your real passion lies in skydiving, though you’ve never tried it before. It’s a risk to jump out of a plane but it pays off if you find that you’re particularly passionate about it. So take some risks and you might just find your passion. [Read: 30 really fun ways to spend time with friends]

6. Go beyond your comfort level

Your passion might not be within your own comfort level. Truthfully, it could be somewhere far beyond. You’ll never know if you stick with what you’re comfortable with.

You need to get out there and open yourself up to new experiences even though you don’t think you’ll like them. Many things might surprise you in the best way.

7. Think about what you loved as a child

I know it may seem silly to think about the things you enjoyed as a child because they were silly and you’ve grown out of them. But have you? I remember always loving writing time in school. Every time we got to tell a story I always got excited.

Now I write for a living and am penning my first novel. It’s something that started as a child and never fully went away.

So revisit some of your childhood hobbies and see if you still love them. Maybe you’ll find your passion in something long since forgotten. [Read: 13 fun challenges to do with friends to bring you have to childhood]

8. Listen to your curiosity

Many will say curiosity killed the cat but I’m going to say curiosity might very well keep the cat alive with joy. If you’re interested in something, pursue it. Research it. Figure out if it’s something you want to learn more about and try.

Go where your interests lead you. Don’t hold yourself back because something doesn’t seem up your alley even though you’re interested in it. Just go for it.

9. Keep your mind open

You definitely need to have an open mind if you want to discover your true passion. Closing your mind off to things will ultimately shield you from something you could really love and enjoy. Don’t write of an activity or hobby just because you don’t think it’ll be fun. Try it first.

10. You may have already found your passion

But you might not even know it. Is there something you always love doing and want to do whenever you get the chance? Whatever just came to mind, that could very well be your passion.

[Read: 13 secrets to help you find your passion]

A passion doesn’t need to be profitable or even have a career option. You just need to love it more than almost anything else. So what are you passionate about? Do you have that answer now?

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