How Guys Text Their Crush: How to Think Like a Guy & Read His Mind

These days it’s easier than ever before to communicate with whoever you want. But, do guys do it differently? Let’s explore how guys text their crush. 

How Guys Text Their Crush

Knowing whether that cute guy really is flirting with you virtually, or they’re simply being friendly, is something you must know to avoid an embarrassing show of affection. Of course, you want to be sure that you’re on the same page with how guys text their crush. Nobody wants to basically put themselves out there and say ‘hey I like you’ without first having a little reassurance that they’re not going to be knocked back! 

That’s why it’s so important to think like a guy when it comes to texting. If you can do that, you won’t put yourself in any potentially embarrassing situations and enjoy the flirtation and attention with ease!

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How guys text their crush

Ten years ago, or even further back, if you liked someone, you had no choice but to ask for their number and ask them out. OR, be brave and actually *gulp* approach them in person. It was terrifying! The chances of a knock back were high. These days, we have many different online formats to hide behind, giving us all a false sense of confidence, and the ability to easily slide into the DMs of the one we’re crushing over. 

The problem? It’s super-easy to misinterpret a text, because you don’t have tone of voice or body language to fall back on. Guys are confusing creatures at the best of times. If you’ve ever wondered how guys text their crush, versus someone they’re just randomly chatting with, you might be surprised at a few of the techniques they adopt. 

Forget your doubts, if the guy in question is giving you these signs, he’s crushing hard!

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#1 He mentions what he would be doing if he were there with you. Depending on the type of guy he is, and how confident he’s feeling, he’s bound to mention what the two of you would be doing if he was there with you. Now, this could be sexual or completely innocent. But the idea is that he’s picturing himself with you in that moment and imagining you together.

The sexual innuendo side of this is likely to come in a late night text. It’s the virtual version of a booty call, so certainly be on the lookout for that one. If the texts don’t come at any other time of the day, you might have found yourself a rather desperate player. [Read: Booty call or flirty hello? How to respond to late night texts]

#2 His texts are emoji central. In terms of how guys text their crush, it’s as much about non-verbal signs as verbal ones *or written ones in this case*. If you notice that his texts are filled with flirty emoji signs, you’re in! Look for the winking emoji, the smiling emoji *he’s an innocent soul if you see this one a lot*, the heart eyes, the blown kiss, and if you’re seeing the peach and the aubergine… yeah, he’s not so innocent!

Basically, look for a lot of emojis. It shows he’s trying to add character to his texts, perhaps he’s not sure what to say. If you’re noticing more emojis than words, think about how you’re actually going to have a verbal conversation with this guy – too many emojis are annoying and can look a little immature. [Read: 17 flirty, cute and naughty emojis guys use when they like you]

#3 He’s always texting you first. Isn’t it great when someone texts you first? You don’t have to sit there and wonder whether you should text and whether you’re annoying them, because they’re always in there first!

It’s a great feeling. It also is a sure fire sign that the guy likes you because he won’t keep you waiting. He wants to talk to you. This is probably one of the best parts of having someone crushing on you. And assuming you like them back, it’s the virtual honeymoon period of your possible future relationship. 

Now, the question is, should you reply straight away or should you wait? If he’s putting in the effort to always text you first, think about this in two ways: a) do you really want him to sit in misery, waiting for your reply? And, b) if you are too eager to reply, will he stop with the effort? Oh, guys are confusing! [Read: Why you need to stop texting first if you want to enjoy dating]

#4 You don’t have to wait for replies. One of the best ways to know about how guys text their crush is whether or not he makes you wait for a reply to a text you sent back. If you’re waiting ages, let’s be honest – everyone has their phone with them these days, and he’s unlikely to be that busy. That shows a lack of effort.

Nobody has time for that. On the other hand, if you’re never waiting very long, that’s a great sign that this guy is actually crushing in your direction. [Read: How to know when to stop texting a guy – Dod you text too much?]

#5 He sends good morning and good night texts. If you’re receiving regular good morning and good night texts from a guy, he likes you! Yes, it does mean that he thinks of you when he wakes up and he thinks of you before he goes to bed, and that’s a great thing! Everyone loves to receive these types of texts.

Don’t keep him waiting if you like him back, send him the same in return and you’ll put a smile on his face, or send him to sleep happy. 

#6 He asks a lot of questions. If a guy is sending you a text to ask you questions about your day or how you are, that means he is thinking about you and is desperately trying to think of something to say, so he can reach out and text you. That’s cute, right? In terms of how guys text their crush, this is a great sign to suggest he likes you, because if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t ask! [Read: The right kind of texts to make him think of you, miss you and want to get closer]

#7 He gives you a cute nickname. Have you noticed that he seems to call you by a nickname whenever he texts you? It could be something generic, like babe, or it could be something more imaginative. The more imaginative options are the best ones, because let’s face it, there’s nothing special about ‘babe.’ He could be texting a few other crushes and using the same name! 

Despite what the name is, the fact he is calling you buy a nickname is his way of teasing you and bringing a little intimacy into your text conversations. Remember the old tale of boys pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes at school? If your nickname is there to tease you, that’s exactly what he’s doing! [Read: How to read the signs a guy is into you even if he tries to hide it]

#8 There is no reason for his texts. If he isn’t texting you to give information, or tell you something specific, he is texting you for no reason whatsoever. This means he is just wanting to reach out and speak to you, keep the conversation going, and connect with you. Guys do this a lot when they’re crushing on someone.

I always used to get random ‘what you doing?’ texts from a guy, and there was no reason for him wanting to know, simply that he wanted to talk. It’s cute, talk back!

#9 He pays you random compliments. You can’t figure out that a guy likes you when he’s always paying you compliments, you need a little social help! Guys don’t say nice things for the sake of it. They generally only say them when they mean it, or they want something.

Whatever the situation here, if a guy is texting you and complimenting you regularly, that’s a sure sign that he’s crushing your way. [Read: How to go about decoding the compliments you get for their true meaning]

#10 He talks about his life. This one is a very good sign that a guy likes you, because he’s not going to open up to just anyone! This is how guys text their crush to build a bond with them. While he’s not going to open his heart and tell you all the gritty issues going on in their life, they will talk to you about their day and possibly vent about issues at work. 

As you can see, how guys text their crush is very different to how a woman would text. We’re totally different species! Guys will text for the hell of it and text very random things, but if a guy is doing this, he is genuinely just wanting to speak to you and connect.

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