Ten Things Girls Should Never Say to Guys Ever!

things girls should never tell guys

There are things guys love to hear, and things that can leave them cold and bitter. Read these ten things girls should never say to guys to know more.

Have you ever seen your guy’s expression change and go from happy eyes to glassy eyes in a flash?

You’ve probably said something you really shouldn’t have.

Usually, guys are pretty accommodating with anything you say to them.

They’re easy going and can put up with a bit of insults and let downs.

But every now and then, there are a few things that may slip out of your mouth and hurt him way harder than you think.

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You may not think much about your statement, but to your boyfriend, it may feel like a death blow to his heart.

Things girls should avoid saying to a guy

When you’re having a conversation with a guy, you really don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.

Guys are less easily offended, unless you make him feel less like a man.

If there’s anything that bothers a guy, it’s realizing that the girl he likes thinks he’s not man enough.

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Toy with him, tease him and fool around with him, but never make him feel emasculated. And if you do hurt his ego in the conversation, chances are, he’ll take offence easily. And he may even speak rudely or ignore you for a while just to feel better about himself or get back at you.

10 things girls should never say to guys

So the next time you’re with your boyfriend or a guy friend, remember to avoid making him feel less like a man.

Read these 10 things to understand what guys really hate hearing from a girl.

#1 Your friend is so charming! Did you meet a new friend of his who looks gorgeous or is so charming you felt your pants slipping down by itself? Just don’t tell your guy anything about it, especially if you haven’t complimented your guy about the same trait earlier. [Read: 20 ways to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

A guy would find it complimenting if you tell him he has really good friends. But if you compliment his friend with any traits that your own man lacks in, he’d feel more insecure and even get angry with you and his friend.

#2 Why don’t you accept that you’ve failed? Guys are pretty competitive when it comes to succeeding, especially when it comes to work or earning more money. If your boyfriend’s trying something new and you see him failing miserably, don’t tell him that straight to his face. [Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman]

Ever heard of the midlife crisis? Well, that’s what happens to men who feel like failures. If you say it out loud that he’s a failure, he may hate you for it or try even harder and frustrate himself more.

#3 My ex did it, why can’t you? Never say the word ‘ex’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence unless you’re complimenting your guy. Guys hate being compared, especially with your exes. Along the same lines, don’t tell him you’ve had sex with many guys or even compare him and his body parts with your past lovers. You’ll end up working him up and making him feel really insecure in bed. [Read: Does your boyfriend speak to his ex all the time?]

#4 Can you introduce me to that guy? This is definitely dangerous grounds. Unless you’re asking your boyfriend to introduce you to a celebrity friend of his, never tell a guy this line. If you seem excited to meet a friend of his, or end up flirting with another guy in front of your boyfriend, there’s a good chance your boyfriend may walk away insulted or infuriated.

#5 What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot? Don’t ever yell at him or put him down in front of his friends or family. Guys can’t take that very well. As much as they want to impress girls, they still like to be portrayed by their best sides in front of family and friends.

If you ever yell at a guy in public or in front of others, you’ll emasculate him and he’ll spend a lot of time away from you, plotting ways to get even with you for humiliating him. You won’t be in a relationship anymore, you’ll be in a war zone.

#6 I’ve dated better guys. This is a low blow of the worst kind. Of all the things girls should never say to guys, this is one that will definitely end up ruining the relationship forever. It’s almost like a one way street to the end of the relationship with no place to turn back.

If you tell him he’s not good in bed or that he doesn’t turn you on, he may end up walking out of your life. After all, he’s humiliated, bitter and he’s going to remember those words every time he gets into bed with you.

#7 No, don’t… I’ll do it myself. Guys like feeling like they control the direction of the relationship. At the same time, they also like offering help or feeling important by advising you or helping you carry those big bags or fixing your window. If you stop him from helping you every time he tries to show off his protective instincts and strength, he’ll subconsciously assume that you don’t think he’s capable of doing anything important. [Read: Why guys love girls who ask for help]

#8 You’re so immature. This single sentence can change a guy from behaving like a spoilt child and transform him into a sober man who’s walking to someone’s grave. And that’s not a good thing either. He’ll hate you for always behaving like a mum and treating him like a brat. And chances are, he may even try to cheat on you just to feel himself again.

#9 You’re so insecure. Your boyfriend may feel insecure often, especially when you’re a sexy girl who gets a lot of attention all the time. But he wouldn’t want to hear that line out loud, especially from you. It makes him feel helpless and weak. And if you ever say this line in the middle of an argument, he’s definitely going to get really annoyed with you and himself. [Read: Are insecure men ever worth dating?]

And to make sure he proves he’s not insecure, he may avoid you and spend more time with other girls. And when you speak of it, he may urge you to speak with other guys too. And what starts off as a little argument could turn into an ego war that’ll hurt both of you.

#10 We need to talk. The fact that you want to talk about something serious with your guy is a good sign for the relationship. But when you walk up to him and say “we need to talk,” he’ll just clam up or go completely on the defensive because he’ll assume you’re going to accuse him of something bad. [Read: 16 ways to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

Instead of starting a relationship conversation with this line, try to ease the blow on him slowly by just talking about what you have in mind in an easy manner that would help him open up instead of shutting himself up.

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So the next time you’re having a fun conversation with a guy, remember these ten things girls should never say to guys and refrain from using it, unless you’re looking to pick a fight!

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39 thoughts on “Ten Things Girls Should Never Say to Guys Ever!”

  1. Graham says:

    Seriously, if any girl were to say these things to me, I guess I’d be annoyed at them, if not furious. Sometimes, it’s easy to say things in the heat of the moment, but these lines, well, they will hit any guy straight in the heart.

    It’s like the time when a girl asks a guy if she’s fat, and he says “no, sweetheart, you’re not fat, you’re just fugly!

    It’s uncalled for, rude and a bad comment that will never be forgotten.

  2. Elise says:

    This is so funny! Lol! Even as I read these things girls should never say to guys, I could recollect a few instances when I’ve used the same lines with my boyfriends.

    I’m so embarrassed right now, i’m actually feeling flustered. I actually assumed a guy would think I’m being cute if I called him immature or insecure. I never assumed that he would actually be annoyed with me.

  3. Luiza says:

    Wow! I would seriously never say any of those things to my boyfriend!

  4. Jayce says:

    This article is pretty spot-on with a lot of these points. Words can really cut someone down, even if they are the patient non confrontational type of person who wont let you know right away. Some things eat away at a guy’s confidence, and your relationship will have a very hard time recovering if you don’t recognize that your words are creating distance.

  5. Nina says:

    I disagree with number 7, the ‘I’ll do it myself’. If a woman wants to do something herself she should go ahead and do it. If a guy is too insecure to deal with the fact that a woman doesn’t need to rely on him for every single thing then it’s his fault.

    ‘We need to talk’ is also not a bad thing. It shows that she needs to seriously talk to him about something and there is no other way to say it.

  6. Zip says:

    Nina: You are so typical of females with limited ability to think beyond their misandrist value system. You automatically go to the “men are insecure” thought process; females are insecure and then they whine like babies when they don’t get what they want. I hope no man is unfortunate enough to be in a relationship or even related to you other than your unfortunate father.

  7. Dan says:

    Depending on the guy some of these lines if spoken enough can and will make him lose all love for a girl, i know. i just came out of a relationship where everyday was a new verbal insult.
    when you got and saw these things to a guy especially someone who is shy or insecure all you have done is injected toxic material into the relationship and it will poison it.

  8. Zach says:

    Zip, you’re an idiot. A man is seriously insecure if he can’t deal with the fact that a woman is a thinking individual able to make her own decisions and do her own thing. “We need to talk” is not nearly as big of a deal as the other things on the list, but it still has some pretty awful connotations. If Nina had picked any other things on the list and chalked them up to “insecurity”, then yeah, I could understand you calling her a misandrist.
    The other things on this list though would probably destroy anyone, man or woman, if they heard them enough.

  9. Rosey says:

    I agree you should try the sweet gentle approach but don’t feel like you can’t be heard just because of your gender. Everybody’s feelings matter. 🙂

  10. Sixstring says:

    @Nina : Did you read the whole text? “If you stop him from helping you every time” clearly implies you don’t have to let him help you with everything. It’s just a turn-off if she never lets us help her.

  11. girl says:

    Zip: It is possible to make a point without using “female” as an insult! And yes, some men can be insecure if a woman is too independent. Of course in this case I don’t agree with Nina but only because sometimes it’s good to let others help. I hate it when people offer to help but I accept to avoid conflict and also just so I can learn new methods. What I won’t accept is a condescending tone and being treated like an idiot.

    This should go for men as well… and anyone who calls you immature/insecure/idiot or compares you to their ex or asks you to introduce them to their friends is just lame and mean. Dump him/her.
    I actually expect to hear this from 12 year olds not adults lol

    There’s nothing wrong with “we need to talk” it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be accusing him of something. It can mean a lot of things like wanting to break up. Oh, and men do use the same line 😀

  12. Isobelle says:

    Bearing in mind that this is my own opinion, therefor I’m not telling anyone that their opinion is wrong before I get verbally attacked for it. I think this list is a load of utter sexist (not misogynistic, sexist towards both genders) rubbish.
    You absolutely cannot lump an entire gender together when you’re giving advice on ‘what not to say.’
    The things on this list (while insensitive and yes, likely to insult) are just generalisations and constraints on what someone can and can’t say. If I need to tell my boyfriend that he’s too immature then I will damn well say it because discussing these issues encourages open communication of things that we need to discuss.
    In regards to not telling a man that you’ve had too many sexual partners, where’s his warning not to reveal all? I refuse to lie about these things just to stroke someones ego.
    As to number 7, I am actually insulted at that. I am pretty independant. In most cases I don’t need help. If someone needs help, they will ask for it. It should not be an insult when someone decides that they don’t want help.
    Now, let me reitterate, I am not attacking your opinions, I just want to share my own (strong) opinions.

  13. Joe says:

    Extended conversations about ex’s regardless of gender or topic are a no-no (at least for me). Those past relationships are over for a reason, and there’s no need to embellish on how some guy treated you like crap 10 years ago.

    Women don’t want to hear about how big my ex’s Tits were and how she liked to have sex in the backseat of my car, and I don’t want to hear about how your ex cheated on you 10 years ago.

  14. Alex says:

    Look I was reading some of the comments people made to this woman Nina and I personally think that everyone is out there minds if no body can except that a “woman can be independent”. That very pharse rages people. If your parent didn’t teach you to treat other the way you would be want to be treated then you should lose the right of free speech because you cant act right i can promise you wont talk right.
    To the women realize guys wanna be treated the same way way you would want to.
    To the men realize women can do stuff on their own most of the time and a women who can’t is too clingy brothers.

    And to everyone the main message this is sending is don’t say stuff that would hurt people feeling because if that was said to you it’ll burn.

    😉 please stop hated on each other face it there’s another gender if you don’t like it turn gay.

  15. Cobalt says:

    I definitely agree with the one about the exes. Something I can never understand is why someone would want to bring up a past relationship, especially if it insults your potential mate. Of course, some things need to be discussed, but don’t talk about how much better he was than your current partner. It’s just humiliating. (Unless you mean to do that in which case your a jerk.) And if you have to talk to them about it, try your best to be nice with it okay?

  16. Fuji says:

    Oh man, these are almost all really bad… Pretty much no reason to say any of these except to make a guy feel belittled. And if there’s one thing guys hate, it’s feeling belittled. If any girl said something like, “I’ve dated better guys,” I’d be out of that relationship in the blink of an eye. Not just for what she said, but even the fact that she would say such a thing.

    The one here that I thought really wasn’t obvious was the “don’t worry about it, I’ll do it myself.” It’s true that guys love to help girls out. It makes him feel wanted and important. I don’t know about the whole, “he will think that you don’t think he’s capable,” angle, but repeatedly denying help from a guy gives the impression that you are trying to be distant from him. A guy might expect a stranger to refuse his help, so when it’s someone he’s dating, it’s a little uncomfortable.

  17. thisisidiotic says:

    What is the obsession with stereotyping MEN and WOMEN as if they are a completely different species? Just treat people decently and with respect, end of story. Was this website written by a 14 year old??

  18. Nina S says:

    I read this and immediately wondered why there are no versions of this out there for guys…

    Disclaimer: I’ve never been kissed, let alone in a relationship before, but I DO know this much about what guys most likely SHOULDN’T do… :

    I was really attracted to one of my guy friends, a fellow high school classmate a few years ago, and one day, he asked me if he should ask another girl out, which turned out to be my BEST FRIEND!!!! I told her about it, and she was confused b/c she was uninterested and I was LIVED b/c I had been into him A LOT for as long as I could remember…

    I, practically, was head over heels for this guy and then that happened…I hated it, but my advice that I took away from that situation was this:

    NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask a fellow friend of the opposite sex (or if you’re gay, I guess one of your friends who you suspects that may like you a lot) if you should ask out another person, no matter who it is!!!

    Reason: Based on my experience, this should never be done b/c you never know how much a person can be into you. The fact that it was my bestie makes it worse, but hopefully I have voice enough to speak on this, b/c I really do think that this is a faux pas…just sayin’….

  19. Nina S says:

    to comment on this actual article, I’d say that the other Nina has some of the exact same ideas as me about independence, my “habits” w/ not wanting guy’s help w/ simple up to complex thing I KNOW I need help w/ come from bad and negative experiences w/ the “men” in my life…

    nevertheless, I would agree w/ pretty much anyone else in this forum in stating that ANY of these things are detrimental to a person’s self-esteem or image of themselves, b/c NO ONE wants to be told they’re “not sufficient enough for the job” (in this case sex, I’m assuming..)
    or that they’re nothing compared to so-and-so…it’s really really REALLY irritating, and unless you’re trying to create a damn psycho who’s obsessed w/ penis size or whatever, then just don’t say shit like that…simple as that.

    on another irrelevant side note, I’m glad I found this website. at first reading how to get girls wet from texting sexy questions humored me, but I could get some valuable-ass info from this site, so thanks, authors!!!! 😀

  20. dee says:

    calling a guy immature will make him cheat on you? what? sometimes certain guys need a little kick in the pants to man up. i don’t see anything wrong with that. the same goes for some of the girls that act too spoiled or sensitive. maybe it depends on the context.

    the other stuff on this list, aside from ‘we need to talk’ should just be common decency and respect for your boyfriend.

  21. Roberta says:

    Wow… And guys think girls are sensitive.
    1. If a guy can’t handle that comment then he is way too insecure and clearly not good enough for you.
    2. If there’s one thing guys need to get over, it’s their egos. If they’ve failed, then they should definitely accept it, not live in denial, improve the situation and or Move on.
    3. “My x did it, why can’t you?” Is certainly an immature line. However if a girl needs to raise this question she should seriously reevaluate how she’s spending her time. Never settle for less, especially less than your x… He’s your x for a reason. But if indeed a girl does say this to a guy, I nonetheless think he should offer a good explanation.
    4. This line is a little weird. I can see how it would be upsetting if a guy I was seeing said that to me. But if this line is said, it only proves that you need to glow even more. Always be the best, no matter what.
    5. I’ve said this line a number of times to guys I’ve dated, without the curse words. People do stupid things and need to take responsibility, if not be aware at the very least. Sometimes, neither or these work out, so an informative address with concern and display of frustration is completely appropriate. Certainly attempt this in private at first, but public humiliation usually drives the

  22. Roberta says:

    (Cont’d) the point harder. It depends how awful the man’s behavior. Everyone is capable of anything so the worst is certainly possible to deal with.
    6. Is similar to 3… A rude comment, but if a girl feels the instinct to say it, then she should seriously reevaluate her time with that guy. Never settle for less.
    7. What the heck? If I wanna do something myself, I will do it myself! Again, guys and their egos… Get over it. Sometimes girls like to do things on their own, especially when they have way may expertise in a certain field than you. Get over yourself, man.
    8. If he’s acting that way, tell him.
    9. If he’s acting that way, tell him.
    10. Yeah… This line has a negative connotation behind it. Its got the impending doom of potential breakup and puts the speaker in too much power.

    Anyway… The whole list you made is very annoying. You can’t censor all these lines. Some of them are valid statements. Not saying them could prove disingenuous and actual worsen a relationship. Or they should be said for the healthy end of a bad relationship.

  23. kal says:

    Oh jeez.. I tell my boyfriend “we need to talk” all the time.. Never meaning anything bad though! It’s usually just the precursor to “where do you want to go for dinner?” or “what should we do for our anniversary?” I never really stopped to think how scary that statement is..

  24. loveman says:

    These bad lines are from woman who have Bordeline or somthing like that. They love the man but, she is that insecure that she is comunicating in a bad manner!! THese kind of woman are very very straight with their words and who are citty-cats (they talk catty).

    They have a high low-selfesteem… this, they will project on their boyfriend who does not have the equal character or qualities like the caty insecure girlfriend. The girl must be the best in eveything. But some of the lines such as 3,4 and 5 woman could say in a positive manner or bad manner. Good manner is they want to TEST if the boyfriend really loves them ( positive nsecurness). Bad manner is using the boyfriend by feeling better of themself (negative insecurness)

    WOman who are depressed or very emotional saying these kind of lines. SOme lines could be correct such as the imature thing and the we need to tlak line, but use the right TONE and WORDS understanding the male/ female.

    I understand some man needs to be man up and not to immature… but again you woman/ girls must using the right TONE and WORDS understanding the man.

    INSECURNES and FEAR is a very very big problem in relationships.

    Example: Girls perception: ‘ You were checking the slut with the BIG booty, you want getting laid with the slut?’ (Insecurness of woman lack of selfesteem and thingking boy will leave her for the booty girl? She is AFFRAID that he will leave her, she got EMOTIONAL and will say: ‘What were you thinking, you idiot!!’) WRONG WORDS!!

    Boy perception: He was only checking something and in his eyes it was a innocent look to a big booty. Cause the TONE girl was talking (yelling) and using bad words, the boy will be AFFRAID and will say bad things also or he is trying relaxing the girl (which is very hardly)

    Using right words and sentences could saf a realtionship!!!

  25. Jake says:

    I’m going to drop this all in one big boiling pot. Nina, you’re an idiot. you clearly are blowing this out of proportion by pretending like the article is saying that women can’t be independent. i am all for independent women, i find them incredibly sexy. however, just cause you CAN do everything on your own doesn’t mean that you have to or that you even should. there’s no reason why you can’t suck your own ego up and let him feel macho once or twice a week. and the “we need to talk” line is not a huge issue in it’s context because sure it doesnt mean anything bad per se. however, how many break-ups start with that? how many bad conversations start with that? if you’re not going to accuse hum of anything and you feel the need for a serious conversation, here’s an idea: why not just say “i’ve been thinking.?” i mean its basically the same damn thing and it avoids the initial discomfort of concern that instinctively strikes when one hears the words “we need to talk”.

    To Isobelle. For someone who is NOT trying to pick a fight you have a way of pun ching in the balls. Sounds to me like your man has to deal with a lot of manipulation.

    to Roberta;

    1. if you don’t care about your guys feelings then you obviously don’t deserve him cause you’re an insensitive bitch face. (pardon my french)

    2. Believe it or not we are perfectly capable of knowing when we fail on our own. The whole point is that you’re twisted self-absorbed self doesn’t need to point it out to him cause he is already beating himself up over it and striving to do better. Seriously woman use your damn brain…

    3. If there’s only one or two ways in which your exe made you happy that your current man doesn’t do, but he still makes you happier then your exe ever did, then get the f**k over yourself. Guys are different. If he doesn’t wanna do it, then suck it up and accept that you have to sacrifice some for him. And based off of how your comments are on each one of these, you clearly need to since he seems to be sacrificing a lot just by being with you. I.e. His dignity.

    4. Speak for yourself half-asser. You have no right to talk about making yourself better when all you’re doing is saying that the guy needs to suck it up and take all of your bull without any regards to his feelings.

    5. Like wow. You are seriously just piling up in scummy attitude here. Here’s an idea, go find a lesbian partner. Otherwise you’re just gonna continue poisoning men and destroying humanities sense of self worth. What I mean is, it’s clear that you’re a moron and a very selfish one at that. Who can possibly claim to love their man when you’re not even TRYING to understand how NOT to hurt him? All you’re doing is thinking of ways to make him feel worse. In short, how f**king immature of you that you’re still stuck in that high school “save myself f**k the rest” phase.

    6. Ya well less then you deserve is kinda hard to understand when it’s obvious that you deserve to be alone forever. It’s obvious that you only want a man to take care of your personal needs and who cares about his, right?

    7. Once again, get over your OWN ego. Just because you WANT to do something yourself, doesn’t mean you have to or should. Why not throw the guy a bone since he clearly already puts up with enough crap just by being with you in the first place! Ask yourself this question: why do you feel the need to do everything yourself? To prove you can. BAM. Egotistical bitch. Get over it yourself.

    8. I’m going to respond to this one appropriately. You’re an immature selfish bitch.

    9. And again: you’re an immature selfish bitch.

    10. Congratulations. You got one decency point out of ten potential. You are a failure in every way and I imagine you sided with this because some guy used it with you before. How convoluted of you. Now go f**k yourself and stay off this site. Clearly you have no interest in making a better a relationship.


    Listen to yourselves. You say that we aren’t adequately respecting a woman’s strength and independence. And yet, here you are getting all macho and defensive of a woman who clearly thinks she can protect herself. Hypocrisy at it’s f**king finest. Here’s an idea, instead of trying to cut corners women ask yourselves this question. Would he try to improve his behavior for YOU? And if so, then do you truly deserve him if you’re not willing to make some sacrifices yourself or gain some self control? I think there’s way too many women who are being told by their gal friends that no guy deserves them unless they are willing to put up with ALL of their self-absorbed crap. Well here’s a message from a guy who does that: That’s some serious bull shit. It’s gay is what it is. So your friends PRETEND to appreciate every aspect of you. So they remain your friends even through all the horrible twisted shit you do. Here’s the thing: Do you really want to be the bare minimal of who you can be and HOPE that you find a guy who has so little self-respect that they just take it all and shower you back in love that you don’t deserve? Or would you rather be in a perfect relationship where you accept that some of the shit that you do is f**ked up and needs to f**king stop? In short, why should we change for you if you’re not willing to change for us? And that is all.

    Peace out.

  26. Aislynn says:

    This is such an awful article. “Guys like feeling like they control the direction of the relationship.” Okay, well they don’t. Nobody should ‘control’ the relationship and guys need to find a way to feel good about themselves without turning their lady into a useless dependent lump. It will make him feel like she doesn’t think he can do anything? Well apparently, he doesn’t think she can. Everyone needs a bit of independence and needs to be capable. My guy likes that I don’t need him to do every little thing.

  27. nyssa says:

    Jake, your words were filled with so much anger that I could barely decipher what u were driving at.. its her opinion, everyone’s got one.. u took it personal..

  28. Michellegrace99@yahoo.com says:

    Jake- you need help. You attacked people on a self-help article comment section. Seriously get a grip and lay off. I doubt you want anyone replying saying awful things about you. People have opinions, the majority would probably tell you to go f**k yourself after reading your lousy comment.

  29. Stephen says:

    I’m a guy who understands the true meaning behind these phrases. Not all of them are just things you shouldn’t say to men. Some are circumstantial depending on the situation you are in. If a guy is having a good time and you randomly say to him in a serious tone that “we need to talk”, it may unintentionally cause misunderstanding due to timing. And all people are insecure in SOME way, shape, or form. So it is stupid to say those who are are idiotic. And depending on the playfulness and tone, some of these phrases can(alone) determine whether or not it is offensive. I’ve asked to help fix a school project for my girlfriend and she told me no. It wasn’t my fault and I wanted to help anyways. When she said no, I felt helpless and she said (playfully) that I’d probably make it worse. That was a joke that led to some witty banter and some kissing(lol). But if she had said it more seriously it would have played out a lot differently. I would have felt a complete lack of trust because it took her over a week to do and it was due in 2 days(she relented later on, and we finshed it. She got a high B). I believe there is a line we do not EVER cross with people, a line we ONLY cross if the situation requires it, and a line we ONLY cross if we can make it playful so that it is not hurtful. If a guy or girl is doing something that is needing a substantial amount of attention, then straight up telling that guy or girl that they need to devote more of their time to you (in that immediate moment) is a little insensitive unless it is urgent and cannot(under any circumstances) wait. This should all be common knowledge to people and but I’m not blaming anybody or pointing fingers. Not all people are aware of this, unfortunately and it leads to mistrust and jealousy. And if it ends the relationship or friendship it is something we take into all other relations afterward, and it becomes like a curse. If I’ve seemed like a raging ass, or a “know it all” during all this I’m sorry(lol, not my intention).

  30. Normal Person says:

    I don’t like dating the kind of guys who worry about being “masculine” or “manly” because it’s a huge turn-off for me. It’s actually fairly easy to find guys who aren’t insecure about this stuff, which is a positive trait to me. Most of these are things nobody should say to anybody, but somebody who gets overcompetitive and angry w/o me even saying, “Why can’t you except that you’ve lost” is a lost cause to me. And if a guy can’t respect that I can do things myself, he’s gone too.

  31. gemma says:

    Go jake! Hey its my opinion

  32. F says:

    Sure all of these lines can be bad in certain situations, but i have used half of them in contexts far from insulting.
    1. My bfs best friend has a crush on my best friend Nd my bf asked how his chances were. I said the friend was really nice and cute and a great match for my friend. It didnt work out between them after all but that aside.

    4. I seriously want to meet all the friends my bf is always talking about enthusiastically. They seem like crazy fun people. By now I have met some and my expectatioms came true. I like his friends and he hangs out with mine.

    5. Joking. A guy who is already offended when you joke about him he must be quite humorless.

    7. I like doing things myself and split the bill and be independent and don’t let my friendships die because of my relationship. A guy has to accept that. A healthy relationship needs trust and balance.

    8&9. Yes, he is very immature and insecure and so am I. Our group of friends at school is the crazy group, with everybody constantly joking and drawing on arms and stealing stuff. Its great. I wouldnt want a boring mature man. And he is insecure about himself, but I guess that is better that some macho guy.

    10. If you say it wkth the right intonation this line has nothing to do with break up. Nevertheless, I usually formulate it as ‘awkward question time!’ Or anything. Not neccesary often, we comunicate pretty well naturally.

    Its all about intemtion anf intonation if you ask me.

  33. Adrian says:

    I don’t know about this. It just sounds like the type of guy that can’t handle criticism. If my girlfriend brought up any of this stuff, I’ll first ask her why she said that and then discuss it or show her that it isn’t the case, it might just seem that way at the moment.

  34. Emma says:

    .. you don’t say this to any partner you have. Girlfriend, boyfriend or something in between.

  35. Jamie says:

    Tl;dr Men are fragile creatures so you should always walk on eggshells when near them. I wouldn’t mind if any of those things were said to me with the exception of #6 because that’s just mean.

  36. mimes says:

    Well I have had all these things said to me by a guy so it goes both ways fellas.

  37. Izzy says:

    1) I think this is an obvious one not to do :s
    2) Ouch! add more salt to the wound why don’t you?
    3) Guilty as charged. I’ve done this when I was mad.
    4) Why? personally I don’t get why anyone would want to be introduced to someone else outside of their relationship
    5) I’ve humiliated him in front of people before…we’ve both done it to each other, but I’ve never called him an idiot.
    6) I wouldn’t be with him for long if I really felt anyone was ever better than him.
    7) Wow! ungrateful much? I love when he helps. It shows that he cares.
    8) I don’t date immature guys. I dated one. Never again.
    9) This one was a little more complex…he did have issues with insecurity. I wasn’t going out of my way to get attention from other men. It took a long time to address this.
    10) Maybe this one could use a little work.

  38. Lola says:

    Great! I’ll be saying all of these to every ugly, egoistic fucker I meet from now on. Thanks for the tips:)

  39. jess says:

    I’d never say any of these things, but quite a few of them have been said to me. My impression is that they have to be unpleasant things said by unpleasant people, and an indication that the person actively dislikes you, which is why they are saying them. They are generally said by men to women, because men don’t particularly like women or feel love for them.

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