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How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Over Text & Leave Him Hard and Horny

how to talk dirty to your man over text

It’s the 21st century, so unless you want to talk dirty over pigeon mail, which you don’t, you’re going to learn how to talk dirty to your man over text.

Let’s not overthink things here, ladies, on how to talk dirty to your man over text. You’re going to trip here and there on your first couple of texts. I mean, sometimes it can feel a little weird sending texts, especially when you’re used to telling these intimate things to your man in front of him. But he’s not always going to be in front of you.

Sometimes you just want to remind him that he turns you on and that you want to turn him on. So, this is where the dirty text comes in. I mean, it’s about time you learned how to talk dirty to your man over text. [Read: 14 sexy tips to effortlessly sext like a pro]

How to talk dirty to your man over text

We all want to be able to turn on our men. I mean it’s a huge vote of confidence when you’re able to turn your man on with a simple text message. But it’s not just about him reading some words on his phone. It’s about you. You sending him these words. And these words are intimate, but they’re coming from you which is what’s the true turn on.

But, naturally, it’s nerve-wracking to send your man dirty texts if you haven’t done it before. But listen, it’s going to be okay. Let’s get with technology, ladies. [Read: How to start sexting your lover when you’ve never done it before]

#1 Only do it if you want to. You may be thinking that your man would like you to talk dirty to him which is a high possibility but you don’t have to do it. If you’re not comfortable with it, then you can hold off until you feel like giving it a try. There’s no timeline where you need to start talking dirty to your man. Just go with what feels right to you.

#2 It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. That’s right. We get so focused on what we’re going to say, but it has everything to do with the tone. Now, I know this feature is based on how to dirty talk to your man over text, so you’re probably wondering how can you pass tone through words, but you can. See, “I think you look sexy,” and, “I think you look sexy, baby ;)” gives off a completely different tone. No?

#3 Know what you man likes. If you want to turn him on by dirty texting him, then you need to know what turns him on. Now, if you’ve been intimate with him already, then you know the little things that he likes already.

All you need to do is then bring those little quirks and touches onto paper… or should I say text. If you know what he likes then it won’t be so hard to figure out what to say. [Read: Sexual questions to ask a guy and get to know what he likes in bed]

#4 Be in the mood. If you’re not in the mood to dirty talk to your man, then don’t do it. If you want to turn him on, then you’re going to have to give him the sensation that you want him to be turned on. If not, he’ll feel like it’s just a pity party for him and no one gets turned on by that. Don’t try to force something that isn’t feeling natural. Timing is important.

#5 The dirtiness is in your head. Now, if you want to be dirty, channel your dirty thoughts into a text message. You don’t need to say any four-letter vulgar words in order be dirty. You can say dirty sentences and phrases that you come up with. Talk about things that you want to do to and with them. You have the thoughts all in your head, you just need to pull them out. [Read: 60 dirty and seductive lines that’ll surely turn any guy on]

#6 Keep them short. You want to keep your texts short and to the point. If he’s aroused, then he’s not going to want to read a paragraph. He needs them to be short sentences that get right to the point. If there are too many sentences, he’ll get overwhelmed and won’t bother reading everything. Even though you may have great lines, he won’t see them.

#7 Start ahead of time. When you’re texting him, you should get a head start. You don’t need to talk dirty to him 10 minutes before he comes home. No, no, no. You can start dirty talking with him the minute he leaves home from working, sending him naughty and spicy pictures and texts throughout the day. That way, he can’t wait to run home to you. 

#8 Use all the senses. You have six senses, so you better use them. If you want to get the blood pumping down south then you need to use everything you have available to you. When dirty texting, most people stick to sight and touch. Now, this isn’t bad, however, you’re not expanding on all their sexual senses. Talk about taste, sounds, and smell as well. [Read: 21 steamy sexting tips to arouse your boyfriend while texting him]

#9 Go easy with the profanity. You don’t need to swear every second word in order for him to understand that he should be turned on. For many people, it’s a huge turn off when it comes to dirty talking. You should be more descriptive than that. In addition, don’t use degrading words either, especially if you don’t know what he’s into.

#10 Let him reply. When you’re dirty talking to him via text, you should allow him the time to reply. Okay, you want to turn him on, but it’s a two-way street. He should also reply back to you, working to turn you on as well. That way, you can truly enjoy the experience and not feel like you’re the one who has to do everything. 

#11 Start soft. You don’t need to attack him with an overly sexual line when you’re trying to figure how to talk dirty to your man over text. Instead, start the conversation off softly and flirtatiously, checking his mood. Because it’s over text, you don’t know if he’s having a bad day or not. See how he’s reacting and then proceed with his reactions. Then start to amp up your dirty texts as he gets more into it. [Read: 16 fun emojis to turn any conversation into something naughty]

#12 Make the first move. You don’t need to wait for him to text you something flirtatious in order to dirty talk with him. Be the one who makes the first move. He’ll be pleasantly surprised to see you taking charge when it comes to sex. Plus, it gives you control over your sexual life. Think of it like you have more freedom in your sexual life. [Read: How to be the one to initiate sexting in your relationship]

#13 No one knows what they’re doing. At least the first time they dirty text. So, don’t feel weird when you start to dirty text. Just try it out first and you’ll catch the hang of it. If you’re nervous about trying it out, let him know that you’re not experienced in this so he’ll be able to help you out.

[Read: 25 creatively dirty things to sexy a guy and arouse him]

You now know how to talk dirty to your man over text, so start practicing. You may trip a couple times along the way, but you’ll get the hang of it.

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