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12 Underrated Kinds of Foreplay to Bring Some Serious Sizzle to Bed

Different kinds of foreplay are extremely underrated, but it’s one of the most important elements of building intimacy in your relationship.

kinds of foreplay

When it comes to sex, most people focus on penetration. They think it is the peak of their sexual experience. If you think that, it’s time to change your perspective by exploring the different kinds of foreplay.

Sex without foreplay

Have you ever had sex without getting fully aroused? It’s not enjoyable. Sure, there’s penetration, but there’s no genuine connection.

When it’s winter outside and you want to drive your car, you don’t start the engine and hit the gas. You warm up the engine, give it some time until it’s ready to drive. And that’s what foreplay does for a couple, it prepares the body before penetration.

This is why foreplay is crucial in the bedroom. Most women struggle with achieving orgasm from penis-vagina penetration, which is why, whether man or woman, you should incorporate foreplay into your sexual routine.

In other words, get foreplay heavy. Some men find foreplay not “manly” enough, but real men are the ones who allow themselves to enjoy intimacy.

This isn’t a competition, this is your private life, and you might as well enjoy every moment of it.

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The 12 best kinds of foreplay that’ll rock your world

So, if you want more kinds of foreplay in your life, this is what you must do. And, the only thing you’ll want is more of each other.

1. Go down memory lane

Oh, I know you had some spicy sexual encounters in your life, ones that you’ll never forget. And that’s great! Let’s say the first date with your now-partner was extremely passionate. Why not recreate those moments with them?

Go to your first date spot or wear the sexy outfit you wore when you were first intimate. [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and talk about all the right things]

2. Foreplay can last hours

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to start engaging in foreplay fifteen minutes before having sex. You can build up the sexual tension in the morning when you send your partner a naughty photo, followed by flirty texts throughout the day. It’ll keep things hot and heavy until it’s time for you to come home.

3. Watch a naughty movie together

If you’re into watching porn, why not watch it together? If porn isn’t your thing, there are tons of Hollywood movies that are a little dirty, but not full-out porn.

Not only will naughty movies arouse you, but they’ll also give you some ideas that you probably didn’t think of. And when it comes to ideas, well, we can always use more. [Read: Steam up the screen with these steamy romance movies]

4. You don’t need to keep it inside the bedroom

The thing about foreplay is it can happen anywhere. While you’re walking through the mall with your partner, be flirty and give them a cheeky subtle butt squeeze or a tender kiss on the neck.

Foreplay can be built up hours before even stepping one foot in the bedroom. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

5. Talk

I know talking doesn’t sound very sexy, but listen, communication can change everything in the bedroom. Of course, reading your partner’s reactions can help you figure out what they like, but nothing beats communicating.

Having your partner tell you what they like will help you pleasure your partner and vice versa. 

6. Have a good make out session

When you first start dating someone, the make out sessions are intense and passionate. But, as time goes by, those make out sessions fade away and become a distant memory.

Why aren’t you having a make out session with your partner? That’s a form of foreplay, and usually, it hits the spot. So, get on your couch, turn on a movie that you’ll never end up watching, and start making out. [Read: The best tips for a sizzling and steamy make out session]

7. Tease each other

When you’ve been with someone for a period of time, things become routine. But, it’s important to switch things up, especially in the bedroom.

You don’t need to give your partner everything they expect; tease them. Play a little hard to get; grind against them, kiss them, but don’t jump into their pants.

8. Explore your fantasies

Everyone has their own set of fantasies. There’s definitely a fantasy that will make you and your partner have the time of your life.

Talk to your partner and find out what their fantasies are. Maybe you share the same ones. It may be awkward in the beginning, but that’s okay. Give yourselves time. [Read: The most arousing sexual fantasies that are worth trying out in real life]

9. Cuddle naked

Couples cuddle, but usually, they’re in layers of clothes. Take those layers off! Cuddling naked not only feels amazing but helps take down those barriers. It allows you and your partner to simply be together in your most natural state.

Get naked, get in bed, and hold each other. You’re already naked, so after a couple of kisses, those hands will be exploring each other like crazy. [Read: 15 weird, fun and intimate things you HAVE to do as a couple]

10. Get oral

When it comes to foreplay, oral sex is a great help. Many women do not orgasm from vagina-penis penetration but will orgasm from oral stimulation.

Foreplay isn’t just about making out and feeling each other up, it also has to do with stimulating the vagina and penis. Whether you’re a man or woman, oral sex can stimulate both sexes. 

11. Be spontaneous

I know you’ve probably heard to “be spontaneous” thousands of times, and though it can be a lot of work, it’s something to work on.

Relationships aren’t easy and quickly become routine when you’re comfortable with someone. But comfort isn’t always arousing. So, rather than usually having sex at night, switch it up and have it in the morning or have sex in public. [Read: The 15 reasons why you need spontaneous sex]

12. Practice

Foreplay doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Some people really struggle with letting go and being vulnerable in the bedroom. And you know what, that’s okay. But if you want to improve your sex life, overcome it and practice foreplay.

In the beginning, it may feel uncomfortable, but with practice, you’ll learn to allow yourself to enjoy connecting with someone.

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When it comes to the bedroom, there’s more to intimacy than just penetration. The next time you’re getting down and dirty, try these different kinds of foreplay before you jump directly into penetration. You’ll see the real difference it can make to your sex life!

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