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34 Must-Know Funny Emojis for Couples + the Best Flirty, Naughty Combos!

Is the eggplant emoji getting old? And there are only so many kitties you can send! Spice up your sexting with these fun emojis for couples.

Funny Emojis for Couples

Everyone knows that the best way to communicate with someone is by being open and honest. But fat chance of that happening if you’re planning on texting someone! That’s why we use emojis. When we use emojis through text, we get a clearer picture of what a person is trying to say. Emojis for couples are even more important.

Emojis are also a fun and easy way to add a little bit of personality to your text messages. They can be used to express emotions that are difficult to put into words.

Or, emotions that are better left unsaid! For couples, emojis are vital to flirt, tease, and show affection. It’s much more sexy to hint at something than to say it outright.

So, which are the best emojis for couples to get a laugh, or even get hot under the collar? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of hilarious and sexy couples’ emojis to teach you to sext… ahem, TEXT like a pro.

There are single emojis, pairs, and even groups to get across exactly what you want to say. Let’s get started!

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Why people use emojis

Rather than torture people by making them work out the nuances of the text messages you send, why not use an emoji to clarify your intent?

With a smile, you can say “Hey, I am happy to talk to you.” Or, if you’re not so happy, a smile can simply deflect any negative assumptions about your text.

It’s the most polite way of saying, “I’m not in the mood to go out—and definitely not with you!”

Using emojis allows you to express yourself clearly, if not honestly. It can also be a way for you to make someone feel good or a way to tell someone that you’re feeling bad.

Of course, you can just describe how you’re feeling with words. But wouldn’t using emojis be the more efficient way to go about it? Unless you’re an avid fan of prose.

Still, there are other benefits to using emojis, and a lot of them have to do with couples. And isn’t that what you’re really here for? [Read: 20 cute, flirty emojis to tease in your texts and leave them thinking of you]

Classic emojis for couples and why you should try them

Aside from making the world a better and smiley-filled place, emojis have actually improved the relationship status of many couples.

Here are a few emojis to achieve that goal. Plus, a few emojis couples have loved since those little yellow faces first appeared on our phones.

1. 🍆 + 🐱

A survey conducted by Match.com found that people who used emojis while texting had more sex than those who did not use any.

It’s possible that expressing affection, even through text, makes couples more in tune with their sexuality. Being affectionate in person is a big marker for people who have a healthy amount of sex. Who knew texting could offer the same benefits?

2. 💑 + 🍕

Time for a pizza date! Aside from having more sex, couples who used emojis also went out on more dates.

It is possible that the growing affection caused by using emojis urged couples to spend more time together personally. And it might be because it’s a bit classier to seduce your date in person, rather than sending them an eggplant and cat emoji!

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3. 💍 + 👰

Emoji users are also twice as likely to get married than their cold, emoji-less counterparts. Increased affection=increased possibility of a lifelong commitment.

According to the same Match.com survey, 62% of users wanted to get married someday, compared to the 30% who never typed a smiley face.

If these stats don’t convince you to use emojis more, we don’t know what will. Maybe finding an emoji-happy date may change your mind, especially if that person turns out to be the love of your life!

4. 🍌+ 🍩

This is one of the most classic emoji pairings and is perfect for those times when you just have to get your point across.

The banana emoji and donut emoji alone both look delicious. But when you put them together… it turns seriously sexy! Bust this one out next time you’re getting hot and heavy over text, and watch how fast things get even hotter.

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5. 👅 + 🍑 + 🤯

If you were to ask for “mind-blowing oral” in words, it would sound pretty lame. However, putting it in emojis adds a fun, sexy twist—almost like a little riddle or guessing game.

If your partner can work out what each symbol stands for, they’re in for some serious fun. Whether it’s a good old BJ, or some more novel oral action you’ve got planned, your partner is sure to know something’s coming from these emojis.

6. 💩 + 😱

Have you ever seen something seriously shitty happen? Something so bad words can’t even do it justice? That’s where this emoji pairing comes in.

It’s the perfect way of saying “oh, shit!” without the curse words. Use this one in scenarios where you think somebody might be looking at your screen. You don’t want to be swearing like a sailor while your in-laws are checking out your holiday snaps!

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7. 📺 + 😎 + ❄️

This emoji combination is the perfect way to invite your crush to Netflix and chill. Less forward than typing the words, these cute emojis are a fun and flirty way to let your lover know you’re interested in “watching a movie” tonight.

Plus, it’s not super easy to understand if you’re not in the know. So you’ve got a lot of plausible deniability if they turn out to reject you!

8. 🏆 + ❤️

Awww… this one’s a cutie. If you can’t find a way to say how you feel, tell your partner that they’ve won your heart with a couple of well-placed emojis.

They’re the best boyfriend or girlfriend you could possibly have. So why not award them with a little digital trophy?

Sometimes, the things we say with emojis aren’t sexy or flirty—they’re heartfelt, meaningful, and honest beyond words.

More emojis for couples you need in your recents

Now that you know how emojis can work for you and your partner, here are some more suggestions to keep the love flowing on your mobile phones.

These may not be all-time classic emojis for couples, but they can still help you communicate much more clearly. Here’s more emoticon fun, all grouped by meaning!

1. For giving out compliments

Giving your partner compliments can significantly improve your connection with each other. In fact, Scientists have found that giving and receiving compliments boosts your individual and overall happiness.

It’s the same biological effect as if your partner just handed you a hundred-dollar bill! However, the best part is that even if you’re broke, you can never run out of compliments.

👩 + 🌞 + ⭐: “My sun and stars.”

👨 + 🌕: “Moon of my life.”

🏆 + 👩/👨: “They should give you an award for Best Girl/Boyfriend.”

👩/👨 + 🍎 + 👁️: “You are the apple of my eye.”

Baby + 👩/👨 + firework: “‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework.”

2. When you want to be cute

It’s good to send random messages that show your partner you’re thinking about them. You can earn a lot more brownie points by scoring high on being cute and affectionate. Remember, the goal is to make them smile. If it doesn’t work, just send them a monkey emoji. Sure, it’s totally random. But it works every time. They’re just too adorable!

🐯+ 😉: “Rawr.”

💊 + 🔥 + 🌿 + 🚬 + 👩/👨: “I’m high on you.”

❤️ + 🦜🦜: “Lovebirds”

🧸 + ❤️: “My teddy bear”

🙈, 🙉, 🙊: No reason. They’re just really cute.

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3. For planning out dates

Do this with caution, because a little misunderstanding can ruin a perfectly good date night. Your partner might be thinking you wanted to go to a nice, French restaurant when what you really said was that you were going to watch the World Cup over chicken wings and a glass of beer.

🍣 + 🍺: Best first date ever

🍕+ 📺 + 😎 + ❄️: Pizza, Netflix and chill

🏋️‍♂️ + 🧘 + 🥗: Healthy lunch and workout date

🧳 + ✈️ + 🌎: “Let’s travel the world together!”

🏖️ + 👙: Beach date

4. For sexting

One of the most common uses for emojis between couples. In the past, we needed lusty hand-written letters to get a distant partner in the mood. But with the stunning invention of the phone, we were able to participate in phone sex. And then email sex. And now emoji sex! [Read: 25 sexy text messages to initiate a dirty conversation with anyone]

👨‍👩‍👦 + 🚫 + 🏠 : “I’m home alone”

📹 + 🍑 + 🍆: Make a home sex tape

 👋 + 🍑 + 😈: “I’m gonna spank you!”

❤️ + 🦴: “I’d love to bone”

👅 + 🌮 + 💦: More mind-blowing oral

Top tips for couples using emojis

Now you know the emoji pairings you can use with your partner, it’s time to start dropping them in the chat.

But before you start shooting off those hearts and eggplants, take the time to learn a couple of top tips for couples using emojis. After all, with great power, comes great responsibility.

So here’s how to harness the power of emojis to make your love more fun!

1. Use emojis that are appropriate for your relationship

When you’re in a new relationship, it’s important to take things slow. This is especially true when it comes to using emojis.

Emojis can be a great way to express your feelings and build intimacy, but they can also be misinterpreted. Some people see emojis as more of an intimate thing, whereas others see them as more playful.

So if you’re not sure how your partner feels about emojis, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Don’t drop a heart before they give the signal! And don’t get too suggestive too soon.

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2. Don’t overuse emojis

Too many emojis can start to look spammy. Using one in every sentence can make you look like you’re trying too hard, like you’re a bot, or, worse, that you’re an immature teenager pestering their crush.

That’s why you should only use emojis in moderation. It’s possible to communicate without them; they’re just there to give you a little helping *yellow* hand when you need it.

Also, too many in one message can start to look overwhelming. They lose their impact, and you might as well not have sent them.

So next time you’re tempted to use an emoji, take a step back and ask yourself if it’s really necessary. If it’s not, save it for another time.

3. Use emojis to express your feelings

Don’t just use emojis for decoration. Use them to let your partner know how you’re feeling. Well-chosen emojis can be used to express a wide range of emotions, from happiness to sadness to love.

What might seem like just a couple of cute little pictures is actually one of the most powerful ways we have to communicate in our digital world.

So always send your emojis from the heart. That way, you’re getting the most out of them, and telling your partner how you truly feel inside. [Read: 72 sweet, cute things to say to your boyfriend and make him really happy]

4. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions

If they seem to be uncomfortable with certain emojis, avoid using them in the future. This is mainly for sexy emojis—if your partner is not comfortable with sexual innuendo, you should avoid using emojis that have a dirty meaning.

Only use emojis that make them feel comfortable, happy, and loved.

However, it’s also important to be aware of your partner’s cultural background too. Some emojis may have different meanings in different cultures, so make sure you do your research before using them.

For example, you might think that the cute little pink hospital emoji would be a great fit to say “get well soon”.

But if your partner’s Japanese, they’ll read it as meaning “love hotel”! Unless you fancy a quick fling, better to keep that one under wraps.

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5. Emojis add context to your messages

Make sure your emojis match the context behind your message, and they’ll get your meaning across more clearly.

For example, if you’re sending a text message to your partner to tell them a joke, stick a laughing face emoji to the end of your message to show you’re intending to make them laugh. Plus, they won’t feel like they’re laughing alone, which always makes a joke much more funny!

However, if you put a crying face on a message that’s meant to be funny, you’re heading for a serious misunderstanding. It might seem like baby stuff.

But remember that a badly-placed emoji can give your partner a totally wrong idea—and cause a serious fight.

6. Have fun with emojis! 

Emojis are supposed to be fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment and use them in creative ways. Don’t be afraid to look silly either—the whole point of a partner is to have somebody you can act the absolute fool with. And they’ll even find it cute!

Also, the ideas we’ve listed aren’t the only sweet, funny, and sexy things you can say with the right emojis, so don’t feel limited to just the ones you’ve seen before.

They’re even releasing new emojis every year, so you’ll always have new material to work with. Who knows what sexy texts we’ll be sending in ten years’ time?

Why you need to use emojis

Emojis are more than just cute little pictures. They’re a powerful way to express your feelings and connect with your partner on a deeper level.

And after all, using emojis is a tried and true art—if it works for more than half of a varied sample size, it could work for you as well. But just remember that emojis may look adorable and cute, but they can also help you send a more meaningful message whenever you’re away from your partner.

So there you have it! Emojis are a great way to add some extra spice to your relationship. So start using them today and see how much fun you can have! Just ease up on the eggplant emojis, though, okay?

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Try using different emoji combinations like the ones we mentioned above, so you and your partner have a lot more to talk about—and think about—when you’re apart! 😉

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