15 Subtle Ways to Make a Man Want You More Than Ever

how to make a man want you

Want to attract the man of your dreams, yet afraid of appearing desperate? Subtlety is key! Here are 15 tactics to make him want you in no time!

It’s tough being a girl. Even in modern times, you simply can’t be the one courting the guy. Sure, you can be the one who makes the first move, but it will generally create a dynamic that is simply not sustainable in the long run. One day, you’ll want your guy to actually be the one to chase after you and beg for your affection.

Subtle, tried, and tested ways you can attract a guy

The ideal scenario is that he falls madly in love with you and does everything to win your love. But if that seems impossible right now, don’t feel helpless. There are many ways you can attract the guy you adore, so he’ll pursue you and try to woo you even if you don’t make it overly obvious that you like him already.

#1 Hold eye contact a few seconds longer. This one is the oldest trick in the book. If you hold your stare even just for two seconds longer than usual, you will send a sexy vibe to the person you’re staring at. Holding eye contact will make you appear more confident, and it could give the other person the impression that you’re interested in him, which will make him consider liking you in return. It’s the most obvious non-verbal cue that says, “I think you’re hot.” [Read: The girl’s guide to making eye contact with a guy]

#2 Wear good perfume. Fragrance is really powerful. When someone walks by and their perfume wafts to our nose, our senses awaken just like the Axe commercials suggest. Scent can stimulate parts of the brain directly connected to sexual desire. Put on a few more sprays minutes before you approach the man you’re eyeing, and he might start noticing you in a romantic or sexual manner.

#3 Laugh at his jokes. Men love their egos stroked and there’s no better way to do than by laughing at his jokes. You do not have to force yourself, because if you really like this person, it’s likely to be effortless for you to ride with his sense of humor.

#4 Call him by his name. As they say, your name is the sweetest sound. If you just met a guy and you’re attracted to him, make sure you call him by his name. Instead of saying “hey,” say “Hey, Dylan.” It instantly creates intimacy and he’ll have warm feelings toward you. Don’t overdo it, though, or you’ll sound like a sales agent. [Read: 10 ways to make a guy fall in love with you instantly]

#5 Be mysterious. It’s nice to be with people who are open books, but since everything seems to be given to us, we lose interest in getting to know them better. If you give your love interest the impression that you have a secret world that only special people can enter, he will get curious. You want your guy to be curious about you! Don’t tell him every detail about your life in the first few conversations.

#6 Be yourself. Sure, it’s important to leave some mystery for your man to get curious about you, but make sure the self you’re showing him is the real you. Show your real, vulnerable, awkward self by being honest. There is nothing sexier than honesty. If you don’t like the amuse-bouche, say it. He could be relieved that you said what’s on his mind. Be unapologetically yourself. People will love you for it more than they’ll hate you.

#7 Let him do favors for you. This could be as simple as borrowing his pen. Psychologists found out that if you do small favors for someone, you feel warmth toward them. Men, in particular, will start to feel that they’re needed and that they’re important. They will want this feeling and, therefore, think that they’re attracted to you.

#8 Be friendly to everyone. You don’t have to be Ms. Personality, because that would also make you scary and exhausting to be with. Just make sure you’re courteous to everyone and that you’re not pulling people to the ground. If people like you, he’ll automatically start to like you, too. If, in the end, you find that this trick doesn’t work for the guy you’re eyeing, at least you’ve got friends. [Read: Why men find a damsel in distress irresistibly attractive]

#9 Get closer to him. Go where he goes—without being annoying. Being in close proximity to someone is possibly the most important trick in this list. If there’s a chance for you to sit beside him, do it. If you’re having an office party and everyone is getting rowdy, approach him for a selfie. Physical closeness will spark attraction and could lead him to open up his feelings for you.

#10 Introduce him to something new. It could be a new TV show, a new pub in town, a new food, a new hobby, or a new sport. Activities like this will give him an endorphin rush, which he will associate with you. This “high” feeling will condition him, making him think he’s also falling in love with you. If you’re having so much fun doing all these things, he better be, anyway! [Read: 25 compliments for men they’ll never ever forget]

#11 Act like you don’t need men. We’re not suggesting that you turn into an angry feminist, but avoid being that girl who whines all the time that she’s single. You can talk about your singlehood over beer with your girl friends, but don’t do it with the guy you like. Even if he’s interested in you, if he feels like you need a man to be happy, he’ll hide in his shell or start to behave in an aloof manner because he’ll assume you “need” him anyway. Men want women who feel complete and are 100% okay being alone.

#12 Smile slowly. Yes, it may sound pathetic, but there’s a study that says that smiling slowly, rather than very quickly, makes you appear more genuine. Likewise, if you flash a very quick grin, the recipient might feel like you really don’t mean it. If you want to attract a man, take it nice and slow when you smile.

#13 If someone likes you, make sure he finds out. Drop hints that someone is crazy for you to speed things up. Men like competition, and if the man of your dreams is taking small strides, the best way for him to amp up into a sprint is by informing him that he has competition. One sneaky way to do this is by letting your friends tease you when he’s around or by letting them tell him “accidentally” about the other guy. [Read: 9 super-easy and sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out]

#14 Don’t reply to his texts too quickly. The game is called “Who’s the coolest, most relaxed texter,” and the players are you and him. This even works on your boyfriend or husband! If you text right away, your guy will feel reassured that you like him more than he likes you. He’ll get lazy.

In fact, men sometimes get bored because of that. They text once, and you text thrice. Where’s the challenge in that? I know it shouldn’t be a game, but when you’re flirting with someone, you have no choice but to play *at least initially*. Reply at least an hour after you received his text to keep him on his toes, unless you’re both having a texting conversation.

#15 Turn down his invites once in a while. If you want to take things to the next level, make him feel like your world is not revolving around him. Say no to some of his invites. Not only will this make him wonder if you’re seeing someone, this will also challenge him to do better with whatever it is he’s doing with you, because it might not be working anymore. In other words, he’ll try to find better ways to please you.

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Sure, girls don’t always call the shots when it comes to courting, but if you drop these subtle hints, almost any guy will instantly fall for you. What makes these tricks awesome is that your guy won’t even suspect that you like him in the first place. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, put on a really good perfume, and start seducing your man.

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5 thoughts on “15 Subtle Ways to Make a Man Want You More Than Ever”

  1. Randall says:

    How to make a man want me can be intimidating and I do struggle with rejection in this case. However if I want him then I will do some things to make that happen. I am really not good at playing games but some that require mystery I am all for. I think the delayed text reply I am good at and would be able to word it to peak his interest. Also I think that air of mystery is something I have already and can play off of speaking less and explaining even less. In the past the results have been in my favor.

  2. morethanever says:

    My girl is definitely like this, although, she replies fast. I really like my girlfriend now because she treats me like we were in our own world- Just us two. She always entertains me with the silliest stuff. I just can’t help but laugh at her sill antics. She would really try her best to make me feel my life is worth living. I was living with long-term depression before I met her and ever since she became mine, my depression’s long gone. I’m so lucky to have her in my life and these are really awesome tips to get your man want you more than ever.

  3. Randall says:

    I definitely love a woman in a good perfume, but please ladies: a good perfume means exactly that. I can’t stand the amount of girls who cheap out and wear dollar store fragrances thinking they’ll attract a man. Not only does the scent wear off in half an hour, but the amount of alcohol that goes into those sprays irritates the heck out of my sinuses. The last thing I want to be doing around a girl is sneezing myself stupid because she thinks her buck fifty scent actually does the job. Sorry ladies, but I’ll sooner choose unscented than cheaply scented.

  4. JL says:

    This really needs saying. Men cannot bond without sex. Oxytocin is the bonding chemical that is produced during snuggling and sex. The kicker is that men ONLY get oxytocin from sex. For whatever reason, men don’t get a chemical/emotional response from snuggling. He can snuggle you from now to forever and he can’t produce oxytocin so he can easily walk away from the relationship. It really boils down to meeting his needs. If you meet his needs better than anyone else, then you are the only thing he can see. Sex is probably THE most important thing you can do. But don’t think that this makes you a hole any more than a weekly paycheck makes your man a sugar daddy. Every man is different. Cooking for me is worthless to me. Hey, I appreciate it, but it’s not one of my needs. To many men it is a huge need. Or, coming or going with your man at events he is interested in… most men need this. You have to tailor your list of things you do for your man to his specific needs. For women, cheating is probably the biggest deal breaker. Not that cheating isn’t painful for men, but lack of sex can be far worse. Lack of sex is pain over a life time. Cheating is a one time pain. Overall, most men would suffer a few infidelities if he knew he had the most amazing sex life. Some women are this way too but they don’t want sex, they want security. I know many women who allow their man to cheat because they are taken care of and they don’t want sex. That is messed up, but it shows you that people don’t always value what you think automatically. Meet your mans needs better than any woman and he will worship you. My wife meets none of my needs, not one. I have begged and pleaded, but she refuses and the kicker is sex isn’t her worst infraction. She does really suck at it but she does better at sex than any other need. Men need beauty. Men are 99% visual. You don’t have to be a model, but you do have to do your best to attract your man’s eye. Gaining weight, choosing a fashion he doesn’t like, changing your hair to something that he finds ugly. These are all simple things you can avoid that don’t force you to exercise 4 hours a day and starve yourself. Trust me, if your man is not physically attracted to you, you are done. Call it shallow if you want, but men are so visual that your looks in bed make sex 150% better or 150% worse. Men’s #1 need is sex and if your looks is pretty much ruining sex, then how can you ever expect to meet his need there? He may never say a word but you will wake up one day and he is in love with the checkout girl from the bank. Why? She met his need for attractiveness, sex, admiration and other needs.

  5. Franki says:

    I just suck him dry every single morning. I wake him up by sucking on his shlong. That’s the alarm clock for him. My mouth sucking him dry and making sure that he doesn’t wind up wanting to fuc* with other biatchess!

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