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13 Physical Attraction Tips to Look Way Hotter!

physical attraction tips

Wondering how to increase your attractiveness when you meet someone you like? Use these 13 easy physical attraction tips to impress the one you like.

When it comes to impressing someone you like, your personality always trumps over physical attraction.

But that doesn’t mean we should overlook appearances.

Presents always look better gift wrapped, and the odds of someone giving you a second glance also increases when you look better on the outside.

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Physical attraction and sex appeal

Physical attraction is a person’s ability to create a sexual desire in someone else.

If you’re physically attractive, you’d find it easier to attract someone you like, at least for the first conversation.

But by no means does it mean that physically attractive people have better relationships or are better lovers.

Everyone has their own expectations when it comes to physical attraction.

And what you have to remember about physical attraction is that you can’t please everyone or attract everyone no matter how hard you try. [Read: 20 things that turn a guy on sexually when he sees a girl]

To actually win someone over and make them like you, focus on your personality. It’ll give you a much better chance of attracting people over the long term. [Read: 25 things that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise about a guy]

Physical attraction, dates and love

If you consider yourself to be physically attractive, you’d feel more confident about your own ability to attract the opposite sex.

And as much as personality matters in a relationship, your attractiveness plays a bigger part while exchanging stolen glances for the first time.

When you meet someone on a blind date, wouldn’t you make an assumption about the person you’re on the date with even before both of you exchange the first sentence? If that isn’t the effect of physical attraction, then what is? [Read: 14 signs you’re ruining your first date unknowingly]

Physical attraction and your perception

To truly understand how you can improve your physical attractiveness and attract people, you need to understand its role in your life, and how it affects your behavior.

If you were in a room and an attractive person of the same sex as yours walked in, do you feel threatened by their presence?

If you feel uncomfortable or threatened each time someone attractive walks in, you’re putting yourself down through your body language. When you feel convinced that the other person is better looking and more eye catching than you are, you’d feel weaker, more helpless and more annoyed, especially if the one you’re trying to impress appears to be giving this good-looker all their attention.

And when you feel weaker in front of another person you perceive as better looking, you’d lose your confidence and you’d end up ruining the odds of impressing the one you like. Physical attractiveness is a perception, and you’re the only one who can convince you whether you’re attractive or bad looking. It’s all in your head, and how attractive you look starts and ends with your own perception of your physical appearance. [Read: The reason behind why inner beauty makes you more attractive than outer beauty]

Physical attraction and interactions

If you’re physically attractive, you may threaten people more easily. People you interact with for the first time may be wary of you, because they may assume you’re too full of yourself. But the very second you smile or speak warmly to them, they’d open up and get warmer towards you.

Attractive people with a warm personality are always liked and admired by everyone else. If you find someone attractive and are having a conversation with them for the first time, you’d find it harder to lie to them or talk rudely to them. In fact, when a friendly person you find attractive walks up to you, you’d instinctively show off your best side and speak in a flirty manner even if your partner is around! [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

Physical attractiveness can make your world a friendlier place, but it can’t give you love. After all, only the young and the careless fall head over heels in love solely on grounds of physical attraction.

But all said and done, physical attractiveness does matter, whether you’re in love or still looking for love. It gives you the second glance you need to attract someone, and it shows people you respect yourself and take care of yourself.

13 ways to increase physical attraction and look hotter

Now that you understand the part physical attraction plays in impressing the opposite sex and how you can use it to look better and feel better about yourself, here are 13 ways on how to increase physical attraction that can help you jump a few notches in the attraction meter overnight!

#1 Look good. It’s harsh but true, appearances do matter. After all, physical attractiveness relies solely on outward appearances. Run a few miles every day and shed that excess fat. If you love yourself and care about the image you’re portraying to the world, you won’t let yourself go. [Read: 25 different ways to get motivated to work out and stick to it]

Your physique plays a very big part in physical attraction. If you’re oversized, you could still look cute and beautiful. But physical attraction isn’t about being cute. It’s about creating the sexual desire.

#2 Stand up straight. A person who walks tall with an erect back catches attention all the time. Good posture will always make you tower above everyone else even if you’re shorter than the people around you, and it’ll definitely make you appear more physically attractive too. [Read: How to graceful and elegant effortlessly]

#3 Clothes that looks good. Dress in clothes that look good on you, and accentuate your assets. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? You probably like it because you feel it makes you look better than your other jeans. This may give you a yardstick to choose other clothes that can help you appear more attractive.

#4 Don’t feel threatened. Just believe in yourself. Do you feel threatened each time someone who looks good walks into the room? If you feel threatened or self-conscious around attractive people, you’ll never feel bigger or better than them.

#5 Stop comparing yourself. We’re all perfect in our own way. You don’t have to be more skinny, more full figured, muscular or leaner, just to look better than someone else. You are who you are, so work around your flaws to be the best you can be. Comparing yourself with someone else constantly will not help you, nor will it make you look any better. [Read: 15 ways to make yourself more sexy and desirable]

#6 Don’t reveal your insecurity. Do you force your partner to avoid looking at someone attractive? Or do you yell at them when their eyes keep scanning the room towards another attractive person? If you do, that just reveals your insecurity. If you show your partner just how insecure you are around another attractive person, your partner too will start believing that you’re not very attractive.

Along the same lines, don’t bitch about an attractive person’s appearance. It only reveals your own insecurities when it comes to appearances.

#7 The art of touching. A subliminal way to appear more physically attractive is by using the power of touch. Lingering touches at the right time will always make you seem more physically attractive. [Read: The art of flirting by touch]

#8 The right fragrance. Your body produces natural fragrances that can increase your physical attractiveness. But to accentuate it, you can also use perfumes that complement your body’s fragrance and make you smell more sexually attractive. [Read: How to pick the right perfume for your body]

#9 A healthy appearance. Get a good night’s rest every night, and avoid surrounding yourself with negative people. When you feel positive about life, you’ll start to feel more positive about yourself. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and your skin will start to glow with a naturally attractive radiance within a few weeks.

#10 Pamper yourself. Have you ever noticed someone on the street with that *rich person glow*? They appear rich, look exceptionally well dressed even if they’re just wearing jeans and a tee. Why is that? Well, for starters, they respect their body and take care of it. Work out, eat well, and irrespective of whether you’re a guy or a girl, pamper yourself with beauty products. The more you take care of your skin and your body, the more attractive you’d appear. [Read: How to look stunning naked using 15 real life tips]

#11 Be mysterious. An air of mysteriousness about you always makes you seem more attractive and sexy. Don’t reveal all too soon when you’re talking to someone for the first time. If you’re too enthusiastic and eager to please when you meet someone, you’d lose the aura of mysteriousness that can make you appear a lot more attractive.

#12 Eye contact. Building eye contact is one of the best ways to increase physical attraction and sexual tension with the person you like. Make strong eye contact and look right into their eyes while speaking with them. A good eye contact makes you appear confident, and that makes you more sexually appealing. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips that always work]

#13 Grooming habits. Physical attraction is all about the details. Dress well, groom yourself and have a shower regularly. Clean, supple hands and a well groomed appearance always make you seem more likeable and attractive.

[Read: 20 signs of physical attraction in the first conversation]

Physical attraction may not be the most important criterion for a happy relationship. But for a first glance that may eventually turn into love, physical attraction definitely plays a part that’s bigger than everything else.

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Natalia Avdeeva
Natalia Avdeeva
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10 thoughts on “13 Physical Attraction Tips to Look Way Hotter!”

  1. Andree says:

    I really needed this advice, I’m not bad looking, in fact, many guys have approached me and even told me I’m pretty. But I always feel like there are so many girls who look better than me and end up feeling insecure about myself. Realizing that physical attraction and good looks depend more on how I feel inside me has definitely motivated me to focus more on me and be more confident on the inside.

  2. kiko says:

    Nice article. You give not only the why’s but also how things come into play. If you’re a single guy, you can actually ask a female to help you out when you go out to shop for clothes and accessories (first see if her friends say she has the know with clothes). Keep in mind that sales people are into sales not so much into how you look like when shopping.

    The deal is taking care of all your parts: spiritual, body, heart and the whole person. Always, ask yourself what does that guy have that I don’t have. I am not saying you have to be his twin but emulate his good points by talking to him and see what’s he doing right in life and in whom does he emulate.

    As a guy, we always have a friend or two who is a female magnet. He is polished. He knows how to talk, dress and takes care of himself. In other words, why recreate the wheel when he is in your circle of friends. Before you know it, and, due to the fact, that we are social animals we will tend to copy styles and behavior. Wallah! you have found your golden egg and never forget to keep improving.

    TIP: fragrance shopping as well as shoe shopping are terrific ways to get someone who you like to go on a shopping date with you.

  3. Angelina says:

    How can you have a trustful relationship with a respectful partner who can reflect on his*/her* behaviour and thinking, if it affects/bothers you/others, if you don’t talk about what makes you feel insecure? This can be quite a help to overcome insecurities, if you can trust somebody understands you or just talking about it and get feedback may be a relieve and give you more strengh in the end. Of couse it can be the other way round and the person just reacts disrespectful and caters to your insecurities even more. But if you don’t trust somebody so much, to be able to rely on that he*/she* doesn’t turn your insecurities against you, won’t make fun of you and doesn’t take you serious and you are afraid of rude/defensive answers, then it might not be a good trustworthy person for a good relationship. Or you’re not ready for one because you’re projecting experiences with other people or societal/media standards (which are propagated on this website, too) on one person whose reaction and thoughts or willingness to reflect you don’t know. Relationship shouldn’t be a competition about who has the most power over the other person, who is most sovereign, can hide best behind a mask and protect oneself from the other one. This is exhausting and doesn’t built trust or true friendship. Your insecurities will probably haunt you back, even if you can successfully repress them for a while, when you’re not able to communicate them to a person who’s close to you. If you’re just looking for casual sex with a total stranger (and the other one does know that and doesn’t hope for something “more”!) this might be another thing though…

  4. singh says:

    In life its a bit difficult even if you look amazing and you have a wonderful partner everything is amazing. Than comes someone else in life you really don’t want but is present and is your friend. You know that this is trouble and is going to make you cheat because your so attracted and when your alone it just happens to be but is nothing serious how do you put a stop to it. I guess you have to let go of the friendship because it will end up ruining your own beautiful true respectable relationship.

  5. demi says:

    i wear specs and my hair is styled back because i have this block shaped face and i dont feel beautiful wearing it down especially with and without the glasses. Please help.

  6. la36400 says:

    I like it when individuals come together and share ideas. Great blog, stick with it!

  7. Kieara says:

    Ppl say I look good.. Dre were mny guys after me in schul.. Bt nw I’ve started having dese zits and they never go.. I feel inferior to the girls who hv better skin.. I’ve got everything in my favour except my skin.. And dat makes me under confident.. Plz tell me wat shud I do.?

  8. trans says:

    My life changed completely. Lost 70 lbs and cut a foot of my hair off my sophomore year of college. People started treating, looking, talking and hitting on me differently. I’ve lost and gain friends with my so called “transformation”. Before my “transformation” people treated me like shit. I was that kid who always got picked on and had little to no friends. However, this is not the case anymore. Lost a few friends due to their shallowness towards me after changing. Also gain some friends with more people starting to talk to me. Took me some time to feel comfortable with this change. I now learned to channel my looks for the greater good.

  9. Disk says:

    Decency. Someone that does the right thing without thinking. My brother met his wife by winning prizes at the games at a theme park (he didn’t give a shit about the prizes, he just digs skee ball), and choosing her kids at random to unload an armful of stuffed animals on. Don’t just be nice to the girl you wanna sleep with. Be nice to everyone. Be freaking Genuine. All the time, you have to be real. You have to live your life like it’s your last. That’s how you look more “hotter”. Well, in general, you will be more attractive. I mean. really really attractive.

  10. Mr. Debonair says:

    If one thinks this paltry list of superficial and De minimis
    makeovers is going to win over the hearts and minds of a particular emotionally
    distant, aloof, and dispassionate but attractive female in which you

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