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How to Keep a Guy Interested: 30 Effortlessly Easy and Sexy Ways

How To Keep A Guy Interested In 30 Super Sexy Ways

Want to know how to keep a guy interested in you no matter what? Here are 30 sexy ways to make yourself dreamy and desirable in your man’s eyes.

Many girls may assume that guys are fickle and have a low interest span.

But in reality, guys are no different from girls when it comes to staying happy in a relationship.

Guys, just like girls, love novelty.

And they always want to be with a girl who’s desirable, and one that’s envied by other girls and desired by other guys.

Do you want to be that girl?

How to keep a guy interested

To keep a guy interested in you, you just need to remember a few ways to keep his interest aroused and his desire in you peaked.

Here are 30 sexy ways to do just that!

Use these tips on how to keep a guy interested in you, and you’d see how easy it can be to make him want you all the time.

#1 Be spontaneous. Shock him, awe him, make plans for the evening or plan an entire elaborate date by yourself. Surprise him and never be too predictable.

#2 Don’t change yourself. Stay true to the real person that you are. Don’t change yourself constantly assuming he doesn’t like your personality. Be creative, but stick to your comfort zone.

#3 Take initiatives in bed. Your guy may like taking control in bed, but when you dominate him and show off your confidence, he can’t help but be awed by your confidence and sexiness in bed. [Read: Tips to dress for sex]

#4 Smell great all the time. Always smell great around him but don’t overpower subtle fragrances with sickly sweet perfumes though. Always smell good, and pay special attention to your personal hygiene and body odor.

#5 Awe his friends. Men are competitive. As long as he thinks he has the best girl in his social circle, he’ll always cling to you and want to be with you. Awe his friends and make them think you’re a great girl, and you’ve done a great job.

#6 Learn to seduce him. Seduction doesn’t stop in bed. Be sexy around him and be creative wherever you go. [Read: How to seduce a man]

#7 Show interest in his hobbies. A guy would absolutely love a girl who shows interest in his special hobbies, be it playing on his Xbox or climbing a mountain. Men want to spend their lives with a woman who truly understands them and connects to them.

#8 Don’t be a drama queen. It’s alright to throw a fussy fit now and then if your guy disrespects you. But no matter what, don’t exaggerate a situation or blow it out of proportion just to prove a point. Guys can see through the acts of even the best drama queens.

#9 Be his shoulder to lean on. Give him your strength and support when he’s low on morale. Reassure him and help him confide his problems to you. Be his confidant and his warm pillow when he’s in the dumps and he’ll treat you like a goddess.

#10 Be his arm candy. Look good in his arms when both of you are together. Get a new hairstyle now and then, look fashionable and classy and he’ll never want you to leave his arms.

#11 Be financially secure. Be in control of your finances and have a well settled job. Guys love a girl with a steady head on her shoulders. At the same time, they stay a mile away from careless spendthrifts!

#12 Have intelligent conversations. A guy may want an arm candy when he’s on the streets, but he also wants a lover who can communicate with him and have intelligent conversations at the end of the day. [Read: Things to talk about in a relationship]

#13 Win over his family. Guys are attached to their families and a few guys are even loyal mama’s boys. Make his family and friends think you’re a catch and he’ll definitely love you more.

#14 Help him deal with life. Men may behave like the saviors of the world. But inside, they’re still little boys who need a cuddle and a hug now and then. Help your man deal with the issues life throws at him.

#15 Public display of affection. Your man may shy away from a bit of PDA, but he still loves it when you cling to his arms like a damsel in distress. It makes him feel more powerful and sexy!

#16 Stroke his ego. If you want to keep your guy interested and happy, learn to stroke his ego. Compliment his achievements and give him a pat on his back when he’s proud of something. Make him feel like a man and he’ll stay your man.

#17 Be independent and dependent. Confused? Be dependent when you’re with him. Be independent when you’re by yourself. It’ll make him feel more like a man when you’re around without really feeling like you’re needy when he’s busy doing something else.

#18 Be happy and interesting. Be interesting and creative with your life. See the happy side in everything, even in the most mundane of days. When you’re an optimist, your infectious happiness will definitely rub on to him.

#19 Don’t make him feel insecure. Flirt with others and talk to men, but never at the cost of his insecurity. When he’s around, hug him close and he’ll swell with affection for you.

#20 Don’t be easily available. Spend time with him, but don’t be ready for him at his beck and call. Be there for him, but make him miss you when you aren’t around. [Read: How to make him miss you]

#21 Be smart and sassy. Don’t ask stupid questions. Guys may like a dumb bimbette at first, but they’re not looking for a long term relationship with them.

#22 Don’t be clingy and needy. Guys like a damsel who needs their help. But that stops once the infatuation period is over. Show him that you’re self reliant and he’ll always look for ways to help you and please you.

#23 Be sexually innovative. Know your moves in bed and everywhere else. Have sex in different places, role play with him, wear an apron and nothing else while cooking something special, tie his hands to the bedpost… You get the drift, don’t you? [Read: What really turns a guy on?]

#24 Be a good cook. No matter what people say, the adage, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach still holds good.

#25 Learn to think like a guy. Guys and girls don’t always think along the same lines. Learn to think like him and his eyes will well up with happy tears to have the love of a woman so special. [Read: How to think like a man]

#26 Don’t ever be a pushover. Don’t be the submissive wife. You don’t need to sit at his feet to earn his respect and love. Instead, be opinionated and throw him around when he throws his weight around you.

#27 Whip him when he can’t behave. Treat him like a spoilt child when he doesn’t behave. Ignore his childish behavior or scold him when he behaves like a slob. Be unpredictable and rude when he misbehaves, and he’ll fear you and respect you at the same time.

#28 Make him proud of you. Guys may be shallow at first sight, but they still want a girl they can respect and admire. Be an achiever and a girl he can look up to in awe.

#29 Respect yourself. You’re not a doormat. Let him know that you have the strength to move on if he does something stupid or treats you badly. Always make it look like you’re the biggest prize he’s won. You don’t have to call yourself a prize in front of him, but show it to him by ignoring him or pushing him out of the bedroom when he misbehaves.

#30 Make him dependent on you. As long as he thinks he can’t live without you or if he feels helpless without you, he’ll always stay interested in you.

Pick the traits you can use and you’ll see how easy it can be to keep a guy interested in you. But never let him use you or treat you like a pushover. And don’t think twice about punishing him or putting him in his place when he doesn’t treat you right.

Earn his respect and love. And let him earn yours. Treat him with love and affection, but only if he deserves it. After all, as long as he fears losing a catch like yourself, he’ll never put a toe out of line, would he?

[Read: 10 traits of a perfect girlfriend]

These 30 ways on how to keep a guy interested in you will work perfectly, just as long as you remember that everything in love has to be mutual. Make him treat you right, and show him how special and nice you can be if you choose to!

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45 thoughts on “How to Keep a Guy Interested: 30 Effortlessly Easy and Sexy Ways”

  1. Shanna-kay says:

    I like these tips.

  2. Navee says:

    Being a guy, i 100% agree !!! perfectly described..

  3. rathi says:

    you guys give ideas like my closest childhood
    friend who really cares! love u!

  4. prettysexyandcute says:

    thank you website! I have a super rich and successful lawyer who’s fallen for me as well as a top surgeon at a hospital. They can’t get enough of me and always ask me out to dinners and have been interested in me for a long time, and I have suceeded through this site. Thank you again!

  5. bbbetty says:

    Holy man! This sounds like a full time job! If I have to jump through this many hoops I think I’d rather go to a movie and out to dinner with my girlfriend. Way too much work here and even if you do it at first, it’s just not possible to keep it going forever. I hate to cook and I’m not going to turn into a chef just to find a man. Forget about it.

  6. beebee says:

    Could somebody explain 27 for me, as I think it is so important but I can’t think of specific things that I can do about it!

    #27 Whip him when he can

  7. CDR says:

    This is completely manipulative.

  8. Jessica says:

    This is all fine and dandy if he is already whooped on you, but if he has a player mentality this won’t work. Also, if some guy isn’t kissing my ass or at least showing me respect, I’m not going to go out of my way to do all of these things he mentioned. Even when I do these things and act like the perfect girl, they still stray. They are helpful hints but they are no guarantee.

  9. Amy says:

    My husband never really had any interest in me from day one. Married 45 years and we’ve lived in the same house but we are like apartment dwellers. He live on the 21st floor and I live on the 4th floor, The above tips are great , but he has to be into you first, if not then every thing else is pointless

  10. Regan Shedd says:

    Very helpful thank you very much! Everything in here is really going to help me and my crush will fall for me in no time… His name is Tyler Shields and I like him/Love him and have ever since elementary school… Gotta step up my game and stuff and I am a cute shy girl and there is an article in here saying about how a lot of guys love shy girly most and I have been shy ever since I was born always get butterflies and my heart skips a lot of beats whenever me and Tyler are around I just wanna cry… 🙂

  11. anna says:

    Most of these points contradict a persons self respect… if youre a lacky once… youre partner will xpct it all the time and sulk/deny you as much as they think they can get away with.. come on
    Your partner whether male or female should have been weaned and able to stand on their own two feet at twelve months… and the umbilical cord was cut at birth…. so why should anyone hastag1to27 without it being reciprocated?

  12. adelaide says:

    The thing is, if a guy genuinely likes you then there should be no issue when it comes to spending time together. You cannot make a guy fall in love with you as this is something that comes later down the line when you get to now each other a lot better. The way I see it is if someone wants to be in your life and be around you, they will make every effort to do this. If they are not that into you then maybe move on and find someone who wants to spend more time with you. dating should be fun without all the worry of ‘why hasn’t he called or text’. if it feels right it feels right, but if there are niggles and constant wandering what he is doing,,, its definitely time to move on. Good luck chaps and chapettes

  13. Emma says:

    What is this word vomit a woman would lose her entire sense of self following these rules

  14. Jane Doe says:

    Ah yes, change everything about yourself to please your man, but don’t forget to be yourself! Be everything he needs and wants, but don’t be a pushover! Cook, clean, endure a painful beauty regime, but don’t forget to smile. Forget about everything else, quit your job, stop eating, stop sleeping, you don’t have time for that anymore, your prime objective is “keeping a guy interested.”

  15. Guizort says:

    learn to sacrifice for him..
    pay attention to him and his presence,
    offer him some gifts even if u have or not.
    But note that the little u give him he will never forget that and that will make him to understand that u are not only running after his money for him can have that in mind if u always RECEIVE but u cannot also give to him..
    sex is not the only thing u should offer to him..
    u can buy him any other minor gift..
    Routine and spontaneity. Remember to make a fun routine out of some of the things you and your boyfriend love to do, but remember to switch it up.

    Show your boyfriend new things everyday, role play and do the unexpected to keep things interesting.
    Give him a long hug every once in a while. Once again, don’t use a timer and don’t pat his back, but try to whisper “I love you” in his ears. If your boyfriend is down in the dumps about something, a warm hug will feel reassuring.
    Give him a long kiss once a day. However, don’t stand there with a timer, but get a feeling for the time by experimenting alone beforehand. Kiss him on different places of his body to signal different moods.

    A kiss on the back of the neck or behind the ear is a very intimate kiss. Get ready to have a moment!
    A kiss on the cheek or the back of the hand is a very nurturing kiss. He’ll be sure to feel warm and looked after.
    A kiss on the mouth is one of the surest ways to communicate your love. Kiss him gently, look into his eyes, and smile.

    most mistake that girls are in to is that ,
    they thing that boys are the only being to spend on them but they got it all wrong.
    such girls can be seen in the eyes of bous as gold-diggers,commoners,prostitutes,cheep horres.

    while in ur relationship try to do things which will always touch the soul of your boyfriend.
    make him know your importance.

    when u are arround him,make sure that u make use of the kitchin with or without his concern.
    Also try to asist him and sharing idears with him based on his carrier and his future plans,that will make him understand that u are not only interested in his present but also his future.

    never behave like a poor person or a rich person just be normal with ur doings and dressings.Never compete with ur friends.

    note that; if u spend $100 on ur boyfriend he will spend $10,000 back on u,because he will not see u as a gold-digger.

    always LOVE and RESPECT him.
    even he hits u never hit him back,nor leaving his presence,remain still just cry and remain in his presence then he will be sorry for his actions and will ask for forgiveness.

  16. Pauline says:

    This article is insulting to women. How I keep a guy: I’m myself. Deal, or you’re not the right guy. Lord knows we deal with the menfolk.

  17. Jason says:

    I don’t agree with #20

  18. bree says:

    why do women always have to please men.

  19. Sarah Lovell says:

    I absolutely love this article. This is so inspiring. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  20. Kara Record says:

    I like these tips, pretty interesting.

  21. Olivia says:

    I really luv this tips, i knw it wl make a change in my relationship..

  22. starsh says:

    its helful advice, thanks.

  23. Danielle says:

    This is very manipulative. Guys if you want woman who are programmed to be perfect for you all the time, build a factory. We also put up with alot of the gross and annoying things you do but personally, I want a flesh and blood man, not a robot.

  24. Nadine says:

    I think most girls who read the article, and gave bad comments should think again, it doesn’t say you should lose yourself in order to please him, it says if your man deserves this kind of love, maybe consider spending a little time focusing on him and do things for him, you can’t just be selfish expecting him to stay by you if you don’t show a little appreciation from your side…

  25. Chloe Fadden says:

    I absolutely agree with Nadine. You do need to bend in any relationship; it should never be one sided. And yes, even when you’re in a relationship you need to spend some time keeping it as interesting as you did at the beginning. My favorite tip though, is to become as confident as you can be – in bed and out of bed, while being as kind as you know you should be. (Oh, and totally read a book called Jack’s Blowjob Lessons. You can get it online. It’ll change the way you feel about giving. Trust me.)

  26. Guest says:

    This made me so sad ???? Why settle?

  27. Dolly says:

    Be independent and dependent? Terrible advice. Who is writing this bullshit? Do they even have any credentials?

  28. Dolly says:

    I agree. Just be yourself, be kind, and the right person will love you for you. There’s always give and take in any relationship but all articles of this type seem to always be telling the woman to change and bend, and never ever the man. Men get to just do whatever they want while we are doing all the relationship work. It’s maddening. Anyways, I agree, don’t be so manipulative. Be real.

  29. Dolly says:

    You said it, Jane!!! Very well said. Ugh so sad but true. It’s bull how we are socialized to be servants, and how so many accept that fate without question. Makes it harder for the rest of us to fight it.

  30. Dave says:

    this is all an attempt to get him to objectify a woman and it flies in the face of feminism. Besides, women don’t need men and men don’t really need women either.

  31. Amnonomys says:

    True, but this website is very diverse. Some stuff i find redixulous and cant stand but some is advice that competes with some of my closest friends

  32. Em says:

    This article was good up till number 2. I mean, sure if all this comes naturally to you, go ahead and do it. But in my opinion, (see, my opinion so I’m not forcing it on you guys) you should not initiate sex before you’re married. Because if he cheats on you, you just wasted your body. Would you want to have a partner who had sex with another person before you? Plus, you don’t need to stroke his ego if he really IS a man. Not to confuse you, you CAN do these things once in a while to show your appreciation, but if this becomes an obsession where you’re constantly trying to smell good, awe his friends, you’ll honestly never be happy. You should find a man that loves you for who you are. That means no frequent ego stroking. He should not look at your boobs, butt, makeup, for him to be convinced that you’ll be his girlfriend. Really, true beauty comes from the heart. It’s cheesy, but if a guy looks at your heart and loves you for it, you won’t regret it. Whats more, is if this guy really has a heart after God, he will automatically love you back. Not all Christians are great, but not all non-Christians are great either. You should dump the dude who needs you to do all that. Get a real man. A boy will need you to look after him like a baby, but a man will love you. And if you have God, he’ll keep the relationship together.
    If you do not like this comment, please do NOT reply. Ignore it and move on.

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