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How to Look Cute: 25 Ways to Exude Cuteness & Melt Any Guy’s Heart

Want to be a cute chick who can make a guy go weak in his knees? Read these sweet, flirty ways on how to look cute and melt a guy’s heart instantly.

how to look cute

Want to know how to look cute and make any guy melt? Before we go any further, you should know that “cute” doesn’t work for all the girls. It’s all about the persona you create.

Trying to look cute works almost effortlessly for shy girls. If you aren’t a shy girl, well, you can still try to be one when you’re trying to play cute and demure. On the other hand, maybe trying to look sexy would be easier for you too. 

Try this guide on how to look sexy, be sexy and feel sexy without trying too hard if you’d like to hone the art of sexiness and attract guys with oomph, instead of focusing on your cuteness!

Why do many girls hate girls who act cute?

Let’s be honest, when we’re going to talk about making Bambi eyes at a guy to win him over, of course, everything here is going to sound sexist. And many women are going to find a few things here offensive.

You want to rouse a guy’s protective streak and bring out the protective man from within to win him over with cuteness. But playing to your strength, is that ever a bad thing?

If you’re a confident woman and are repulsed by the idea of anything cute, you’re not going to like the fact that some girls can use their so-called “weaknesses” and convert it into their strengths. All I can say is, don’t reject something just because it doesn’t work for you. [Read: What does it really men when a guy calls you cute?]

Play to your strengths. If you want to exude sexiness and confidence, and make guys whimper into submission by your sheer awesomeness and sexuality, yay, good for you! But if you want the take the path of cuteness and learn how to look cute, so you can attract a guy and charm every guy to do your bidding, own it! And enjoy it!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using what many other girls could call weaknesses – like your shy behavior – to your advantage. If you’re a girl who’s perceived as cute by others, consider yourself lucky, not unlucky, just because someone else says so. 

It’s like smart people hating attractive people and calling them “airheads” or “bimbos” because somehow, being smart is good, but being beautiful is bad, right? Who makes these rules up anyways? Maybe people who are less attractive make these rules up to feel better about themselves. Ah, never mind, we’re digressing! [Read: Girly stuff stereotypes – 15 typical things not all girls like]

What’s the difference between cute and sexy?

Many girls think they’re all the same. But nope, they’re literally two opposite ends of the spectrum on a scale of attractiveness. Now, this doesn’t mean a cute girl can’t be sexy, or that a sexy girl can’t be cute. Of course, they can.

But when you exude cuteness towards a guy, you’re bringing out his protective streak. He wants to hug you, he wants to squeeze you in his manly arms, and he wants to take care of you and love you. Being around a cute girl makes a guy want to protect her and “sacrifice his life” to ensure she doesn’t come to harm!

On the other hand, when a guy thinks you’re sexy, he wants to have his way with you, he wants to undress you with his eyes and his hands, and have sex with you in every way imaginable. Sexiness brings out a man’s carnal desire to procreate and sow his wild oats.

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What makes guys fall hard for cute girls?

When a guy compliments a girl and tells her she’s cute, he doesn’t usually mean she’s childlike or too innocent. He probably means he finds you attractive, and whatever it is you’re doing right at that moment, he finds it sweet and attractive.

When a girl does anything that makes her look beautiful, but doesn’t appear like she’s trying to seek attention from other people, it usually comes off as cute instead of sexy. Cuteness is best defined as behavior or traits that project a girl’s genuineness. You can dress up in high heels and a sexy dress, and look sexy. But to look cute, it’s more about revealing your quirks to the world, without trying too hard to draw attention to it.

So the next time a guy calls you cute, know that he thinks you’re very attractive, and take it as a compliment, because it really is!

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How to look cute and sweet and catch any guy’s eye

If you want to learn how to look cute and make a guy’s heart melt and go awww… when he sees you, use these tips and work them around your own personality.

It’ll work wonders in no time, and you’ll be more approachable and loved just as soon as you try a few of these tips.

1. Don’t force yourself to look sexy

Just don’t bother with that. Play to your strengths. Don’t behave in a sexy manner if you want to look cute. Cute is fragile and nervous. Sexy is confidence and oomph. They don’t mix too well.

2. Pastel shades

Avoid bold colors in your wardrobe unless they’re subtle and blended with other colors. Pastels are softer on the eyes and they make you look soft and cuddly. If you want a guy to wish he could hug you and kiss you forever, pastels is the way to go.

3. Shift your weight

Now we’re getting sneaky here. What do you do when you’re nervous? You shift your weight from one leg to another, don’t you? If you want to look cute, don’t stand firm in one spot when you’re standing and talking to a guy. Shift your weight from one foot to another every minute or so as you playfully sway your hair and laugh when he says something funny. [Read: Male body language and 24 subtle clues to read his mind instantly]

4. Play with your hair while talking to him

Run your fingers through your hair, or twirl your hair with a finger, especially when you’re thinking or deciding on something. You can also tuck a few strands of hair behind your ear when you feel awkward. To look cute, don’t hide your awkwardness. Express it instead, and everything you do will look cute.

5. Minimal makeup

A lot of makeup can make you look sexy or glamorous. You’re not trying to be a seductress, so avoid heavy makeup. Stick with subtle hues and nude shades to enhance your innocence. Of course, no one says cute girls can’t use makeup. Use them all, but try to keep the makeup more natural-looking instead of bold and sexy. [Read: How to look really hot and go from boring to flawless with 18 small tips]

6. Speak softly

Don’t speak in a loud voice when you’re talking to a guy. Instead, speak in a soft, low tone. And smile just a little bit every time you say something to him. It looks coy and is easy to do, but any guy would be falling harder for you with each word you say!

7. Be fun and spontaneous

Always look at the bright side in life. Be happy and you’ll have a cheerful and positive face that draws people to you. Being cute is all about having fun. Are you happy about something? Playing your favorite song? Enjoying your drink? Happy to see someone from across the street? If your heart skips a beat with happiness, express your inner joy without holding it in! [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life and love every minute of it]

8. Smile. A lot

A girl who smiles always seems more warm and approachable than girls who behave like snobs. Smile a lot. And look cute doing it either by scrunching your nose or pouting your lips now and then *watch yourself in a mirror and perfect your cute smile*.

But don’t fake it, people can tell when your smile doesn’t reach your eyes and you’re just faking it. So instead of faking it, genuinely try to be happy in your life and enjoy the little things. When you’re happy, it shows. And it attracts people to you too! [Read: How to make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

9. Don’t hide that blush

Instead of punching a guy in his arm or shrugging your shoulders when you’re awkward, allow yourself to blush coyly when you’re complimented instead of taking it in your stride. If you feel a hint of shyness at any point in time, you don’t have to subdue it. Express it coyly instead. 

10. Don’t dominate the conversation

A cute girl is rather shy. You may be smart and clever, but play along with the conversation and let the guy take the lead in asking you questions or making conversation.

No one expects you to stay quiet or nod along like you’re his slave. All I mean is, allow the guy to work hard to get you to open up. When you’re a shy girl, it’s harder for you to think of ways to keep the conversation going. But instead of faking confidence, just be comfortable with awkward silences and allow the guy to make most of the effort in keeping the conversation going. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

11. Don’t make all the effort

This may work against you at first. A quiet girl may intimidate a guy at first because he wouldn’t know what to talk about with her. But if you smile warmly and just feel comfortable yourself, he’ll feel more confident in the conversation as the minutes tick by. And the more comfortable you make a guy feel, the more he’ll fall for you.

12. You can be shy

You don’t have to pretend to be loud and confident if it’s something you have to fake. Everyone takes their own time to open up to new people and feel comfortable around them. If you’re a naturally shy girl, it would be really easy for you to look cute all the time just by being yourself.

13. Be subtly mischievous

If you’re wondering how to look cute, here’s something that will make any guy fall head over heels for you instantly. You can be as demure and shy as you’d like. But every now and then, tease the guy or pull his leg and have a lively laugh out of the blue when you’re talking to him. You’ll look so cute, and totally irresistible! [Read: Girly things – 22 unintentional things girls do that guys absolutely love]

14. Your attire

Wear soft, flimsy fabrics that flow or drape over your body instead of dressing up in crisp, sharp clothes. You want to look cute and huggable, not sexy and glamorous. You can still dress in skimpy clothes or wear short skirts if you’re comfortable with them. Really, wear whatever you like! But all said and done, focus on feminine outfits you feel really comfortable in. That’s all that matters. 

15. The way you sit

Keep your feet together and bring your hands close together near your knees when you’re sitting with a guy and having a conversation. You’ll look cute without even trying.

It makes you look “smaller” and cuter, and makes the guy you’re with feel larger and more manly! Weird thing to say, but evolution works in strange ways! [Read: Lip biting and the scientific reasons why guys find it so sexy]

16. Awkwardness

It’s alright to feel awkward around a guy. In fact, that’ll make you look cuter. Instead of concealing your awkwardness, use it to your advantage.

17. Your gaze

If he says something that embarrasses you or makes you feel awkward, don’t hide your nervousness. Instead, look down at your own feet coyly now and then while you’re talking to him, and he’ll pursue you harder. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

18. Watch your hands

Don’t flail your arms about while talking to a guy. Keep them by your sides, play with something in your fingertips, or even better, interlace your fingers in front of your tummy. That way, you won’t have to worry about what to do with your hands when you’re nervous. And you’ll look really cute too. 

19. Nod more than just your face

Be fluid and flexible in your movements. Slightly move your back along with your facial movements when you nod an affirmative while talking to a guy. It may be a small movement, but it plays a big part in exuding your inner femininity. [Read: 20 small changes to become way more feminine instantly]

20. Eye contact

Don’t fix your eyes onto his when you’re talking to a guy, for more than a few seconds at a time. While confidence may make your intentions clear, playing cute and coy will make him work harder to get you to stare back into his eyes.

He wants your attention, and he wants you to look into his eyes. You’re just being yourself, and without realizing it, you’d be making him work harder and harder for your attention! 

21. Don’t pretend to be stupid

A few girls may assume that guys like silly or dumb girls. Don’t be that girl. While a guy may like someone dull for the first few minutes, he’ll be bored in no time, and he won’t respect that girl either. Stupid is not cute. You’ll become annoying very soon.

Instead, be yourself and if you think he’s wrong about something, say it. You can be nervous and shy, but that doesn’t mean you have to nod along to everything he says. [Read: Should a girl ever dumb down to impress a guy?]

22. Soft hairstyle

Anything delicate makes you look cuter. A hairstyle that accentuates your soft features works wonders, especially if your hair flows softly and delicately. It makes you look naturally sweet and cute. But if you have short hair or hair that doesn’t really fly in the wind, that’s not a problem at all. You can also use scarves or head wraps to add a feminine and delicate touch too. [Read: 15 unexpected things guys love about girls]

23. Don’t be aggressive in your body language

Mute any exaggerated gestures and firm hand movements. Be gentle in your body language and delicate in your movements. You can gesticulate, act childish or even hop, skip and jump! But if you want to know how to look cute, avoid any firm gestures that try to project power and control over the guy you’re talking to. [Read: Why men love a damsel in distress and find them irresistible]

24. Floral perfumes

Wear sweet smelling perfumes that aren’t too overpowering or sensual. Fragrances that smell sweet and fruity add to your cute persona. Of course, you can still use complex, sensual perfumes when you’re feeling sexy, but save them for dinner dates instead of afternoons at a park.

The right kind of perfume that matches your personality would drive any guy crazy. Not only would he think you’re incredibly cute, he’d want your fragrance to linger around him all the time. 

25. Sound cute

This may seem funny, but make cute noises when you bump into something or trip accidentally. A soft ouch or an oww makes you seem so much cuter. You’re not manipulating a guy, you’re just expressing yourself. If you’re generally shy, this is something you’d do anyway. But instead of hiding it, use your quirks to make any guy fall in love with you!

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These tips on how to look cute are all you need to impress a guy in the very first glance and melt his heart. Use these tips and watch his interest in you peak in the very next conversation!

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