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How to be Seductive: 15 Secrets of Seduction to Turn Anyone On

The art of seduction isn’t referred to as an art without reason. But you can master this useful craft, so here’s how to be seductive.

how to be seductive

Wondering how to be seductive without overdoing it or being way too subtle? Well, seduction has been around for far longer than most people realize. Way back when, people used seduction without even knowing it as a means to get what they want. And believe me, it definitely worked back then, and since we now know what it is and how to harness it, it’s gotten even better.

Many people know what seduction is, but they can’t really use it in a way that actually makes it effective. Basically, their form of seduction is awkward and uncomfortable for both parties – which is fine! That’s why we’re here to help.

How does seduction work?

The art of seduction is very different from any other form of turning someone on. Sure, you can turn on a guy by sticking your hand down his pants, but seducing him takes a lot more skill and ability than just that.

Seduction appeals to a person’s most primal instincts. It works in a way that they can be completely oblivious to the fact that you are actually seducing them. It’s sneaky and can give you more power than you think. Seduction works on someone’s subconscious mind, too.

Here’s how to be seductive

Some people are naturally super seductive and have the ability to turn on a group of people without even batting an eyelash. Others need a little extra help in that department. Either way, there is hope, because seducing someone can be learned with a bit of practice. [Read: How to be a seductress – The complete guide to work your magic]

If you just so happen to be one of those folks who can’t even seduce the world’s easiest person, these are all the tips you need. Keep in mind that it’ll take time to learn, and even longer before they become second nature to you.

#1 Prolonged eye contact. If you want to know how to be seductive, eye contact will be your best friend. However, you don’t want to make it into a staring contest and freak them out.

Give just enough eye contact to force them to look back at you, then you can look away and continue with your conversation or seducing techniques. Always hold their eyes for a few seconds before looking away. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#2 Shift your gaze to their lips. There’s nothing that will get someone thinking about your lips like looking down at theirs. The perfect opportunity to do this in order to seduce someone is right after you’ve made eye contact.

Slowly shift your gaze from their eyes to their lips, and then let it linger there for a moment before looking away.

#3 Bite your lips as you look them up and down. Another classic seducing method used mainly by women is to bite your lower lip as you look down from someone’s eyes. This is to ensure they’re looking at you as you bit your lip. For some reason, this drives people wild and has them only thinking about one thing. You. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and overly sexual flirting tips for women]

#4 Ladies, show your collarbone. This is something that has less to do with a specific thing you do and more to do with visual cues that turn men on. When a woman shows her neck and collarbone, she’s showing her vulnerability.

In a man’s mind, this is then processed as her being interested in him, which gives him room to make a move. Now, guys don’t consciously realize this is happening. It’s just something they subconsciously notice. So move your hair and show that collarbone.

#5 Guys, stand with your legs further apart. Guys who are looking to seduce women, you should stand with your feet apart and pointed toward the girl you want. This, much like a collarbone for a woman, is showing your availability. It is also a guy’s way of showing a woman what he has to offer. She’ll subconsciously pick up on this vibe. [Read: I want to have sex with you – 15 ways to seduce without words]

#6 Get close enough for them to smell you. And no, I don’t mean for them to smell your cologne, but that’s technically how close you should be. I mean they should be able to smell your pheromones.

You know, the smell your body releases that you can’t consciously smell. However, a person’s subconscious picks up on it, and their brain chemically processes it and decides whether or not they like it. Give them a chance to decide.

#7 Brush up against them gently. Touching someone is a really great way to subtly seduce them. It can be as much as just brushing past them, but initiating that contact will be sure to make someone start looking at you over and over again. [Read: 15 really obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

#8 Ladies, tilt your chin down and look up. If you’re wondering why there’s so many girls out there who do this and look really shy when talking to a guy, it’s because they’re seducing them.

This is another thing that reaches a guy’s mind on a subconscious level. Men are programmed to think that girls who look young and child-like are attractive because it technically means they’ll be able to bear more children. This works by making your eyes appear larger and your face to look more childish. [Read: How to seduce a man who’s not yet yours]

#9 Let them chase you. By this, I mean let your attention wander from them to someone else. This will kick their competitive nature into overdrive, and they’ll want to get your attention back. So really, you’re seducing them in a way that makes them come to you, not the other way around.

#10 Smile slowly with eye contact. When you finally make eye contact with someone, hold it and slowly let a smile spread across your face. This is showing someone immediately that you’re friendly, approachable, and kind of like you have a secret they’ll be dying to find out. It’s a great tip for how to be seductive.

#11 Use their name – but lower your voice when you do. Using someone’s name is drawing their attention to you and you alone. Haven’t you ever noticed how much you like when someone says your name to you? In order to make this even more effective, lower your voice when you speak their name. That way it’ll be like a secret. [Read: How to attract men in a way they just can’t resist]

#12 Keep your tone low. Your voice should be very low and very slow. Being sultry is key to knowing how to be seductive. However, don’t make it sound like you’re purposely trying to talk in a lower voice, because that will be sure to steer people away.

#13 Subtle compliments. You should definitely compliment someone in order to seduce them. However, the best way this works is by not making those compliments too obvious. Things like, “Your eyes are so sexy,” just doesn’t work the same.

You should compliment really small things that they won’t even realize are compliments at first. Something like, “You’re really interesting,” is all it takes. [Read: 11 moves to seduce a woman and get her in bed with you]

#14 Imitate body language. Something that people subconsciously do when they like someone is to imitate body language. This also helps another person like you more. So it’s perfect if you’re trying to learn how to be seductive. Just make sure it’s subtle so you don’t look like a creep who is copying someone’s every move.

#15 Have confidence. Confidence is key to making ANY form of seduction work. You have to act like you know what you’re doing and you are worth a million bucks. Walking into a room with that attitude alone will be sure to seduce even a few people without any other efforts.

[Read: Fractionation seduction – How men seduce women by playing their emotions]

Seducing someone is no easy task if it just doesn’t come naturally to you. But these tips for how to be seductive are the perfect starting place for those of you who are new to it.

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