25 Unique Compliments for Guys They’ll Never Ever Forget!

compliments for guys

Want to compliment a guy with a line that’ll leave him with a wide grin and an instant attraction towards you, just use these 25 compliments for guys.

It’s easy to make a guy fall for you or make him feel more affectionate towards you. All you need to do is compliment him with the appropriate line at the appropriate time. Compliments make girls feel good about themselves. But to a guy, it does more than that. It leaves him thinking of you and your compliment for a long time.

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Compliments for guys and why they work

Compliments make anyone feel happy.

But when you’re a guy, you don’t get complimented too often.

Men may crave for compliments, but that’s not because they’re needy or attention seeking.

It’s because they hardly ever get complimented.

Guy friends don’t usually compliment each other unless they’re playing an aggressive brute game, and women friends only compliment a guy in a flirty way when he’s treating them like he has a crush on them.

So when you say something nice to a guy now and then, be it a friend you like or your new boyfriend, he’ll definitely remember it and feel more appreciated too.

25 compliments for guys that always work

The best way to compliment a guy is by acknowledging his traits or manly behavior. While telling a guy that he looks good can make him feel awkward and yet good about himself, there are many more things that’ll make him feel even better. [Read: What to say to a guy to make him like you]

Here are 25 traits of a man that you could compliment, and he’ll remember you and your compliment with fond adoration.

#1 Advice. Ask a guy for advice and thank him for it. Guys love suggesting solutions when a pretty girl asks for help. A line like “I can always count on you for the best advice” with a cute and flirty wink will make him feel six inches taller!

#2 Charm and speaking abilities. Is your boyfriend a nice conversationalist? Then compliment him about it instead of just watching him in awe. “All my friends love you, they think you’re such a great guy to hang out with” is a line that’ll make him beam with pride. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

#3 Driving skills. Every guy thinks he’s a better driver than those guys on the F1 circuit. The next time he’s driving you around town, use a smooth swerve in the car to compliment him for his classy driving skills.

#4 His physique. Guys spend a lot of time trying to look better for the ladies. Well, at least most guys do. One of the best ways to appreciate a guy sexually without overdoing it is by complimenting his physique. Don’t be vague. Get specific in your compliments, be it his guns or his well rounded shoulders.

#5 When other women check him out. Walking down a street with your man? Don’t hate him or dig your nails into his arm if other women check him out. Instead, point it out. He’ll enjoy your compliment when you say that you feel lucky to be in his arms.

#6 His bar skills. This isn’t about law school, but about his refined taste in liquor. If the guy you’re with knows his drink well or if he suggests drinks or combinations that taste great, compliment him about it.

#7 His dreams and ambitions. Guys make big plans from a very young age. Talk about his dreams with him, and if you find his castles in the sky really fascinating, compliment him about his vision. He’ll feel closer for having shared his dream with you and like you a lot more because you appreciate his dreams. [Read: 20 circumstances when a guy will never like you back]

#8 Sense of humor. Every guy knows that girls dig humor. And so they spend a lot of time trying to get better at being funny. If you’re dating a guy who makes your pee your shorts, make sure you place your hand on his cheek, look at him sideways and compliment him about his sense of humor.

#9 His ability in bed. Is your man great in bed? If he is, don’t stop telling him about it. The more you compliment his sexy abilities in bed, the more adventurous and sexy he’ll become in bed. And that’s good news for both of you.

#10 His chivalry. Did he hold the door open for you? Or did he just step aside so you could enter the elevator first? Flash your cutest smile and compliment him for his chivalry. He’ll love the fact that you noticed his good manners. [Read: 25 ways to look cute and melt a guy’s heart]

#11 Protective instincts. Evolution has trained men to protect women. If you say something like “I always feel safe around you” when you’re walking down a street late at night, his chest will swell and he’ll feel really proud of himself.

#12 His bond with his friends. The male bond between guy friends may be hard for girls to understand. But nevertheless, if he has a great bunch of friends with whom he’s really close, try your best to get along with them. And later, tell your man just how nice his friends were. He’ll love it, especially when he thinks his friends are a reflection of himself.

#13 His work. Is this guy a workaholic? Or is he a slacker who always finds ways to complete his work on time? Hearing you say “I love what you do, it’s so meaningful…” will make him feel as appreciated as a promotion.

#14 His strength. Ask him to open a tight jar. Or ask him to help you carry a big bag up a flight of stairs. And when he’s all glistening with sweat, compliment him about his awesome superman strength.

#15 The way it feels when he’s inside you. “God, you’re so big it’s hurting me” will make him swell even more. Guys like to know they’re making a big impact when they enter a girl. If he’s making just the right kind of impact when he’s going in, make sure you let him know everything you feel. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

#16 His brains. Are you dating a smart guy or a guy who seems to have the perfect answer for anything? Compliment his knowledgeable side and let him know just how awesome he is. A smart guy would love to know that you appreciate him for his brains too. [Read: Should a girl dumb it down to impress a guy?]

#17 A good long stare. Stare at him like you want to eat him up when he walks up to you. Even if you don’t say anything, he’ll know exactly what’s on your mind. And he may even blush or feel happily awkward about it!

#18 His clothes. You may be helping him pick out his wardrobe, but when he comes out to meet you looking like a gorgeous mannequin on the move, go right ahead and compliment him about it. It’ll make him feel really good too. Guys don’t get too many compliments about the way they look. After all, his guy friends just won’t walk up to him and say “hey, you look good today!” So compliment his appearance and he’ll never forget it.

#19 His principles. A man of principles is a great catch. So if you’re dating a guy who holds his moral principles firm and close, say something nice about it. “You know, I’ve never met a guy who’s as just as you. You’re such a man of principles” will definitely make him feel proud.

#20 His tastes and choices. Is your guy a refined gentleman with impeccable taste or preferences? If you like the way his place looks or if you like his movie collection, compliment him about it and make him feel special.

#21 Compare him to a famous celebrity. Now don’t go comparing your guy’s appearance to the best looking celebrity of the year in the world because he’ll assume you’re just trying to flatter him *unless he does look that hot*. Instead, compare his traits or personality with a really good character in a movie or even a celebrity. It’ll seem more believable, and he’ll appreciate it a lot more.

#22 Ask for his help. You need him. You’re so helpless without him. And that’ll make him fall harder for you. Ask him to help you with something that you know he’s good at. If he enjoys it, he would be able to please you and have fun at the same time. You’d feel good about it, and he’ll definitely feel good about it too. [Read: 16 ways to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

#23 Boast about him. Speak highly of him in front of his friends or your family. He may behave like he’s embarrassed about the flattery, but secretly, he’d love the fact that you’re speaking so highly of him.

#24 Compliment his voice. Compliment his voice, especially in bed. Does your man have a deep baritone that gives you happy gooseflesh when he whispers in your ears? Compliment his voice and he’ll remember your words every time he says a word. [Read: 10 sexy steps to seduce a man who’s not yours]

#25 His leisure skills. A guy participates in many leisure activities to feel relaxed and rejuvenate. Some guys like playing on the Xbox while others like indulging in an outdoor sport. It may be a leisure activity, but it’s something all guys take pride in.

When you watch him play, cheer for him and tell him just how awesome he is at the game. He’ll love the fact that you appreciate his games instead of telling him to avoid it and spend time with you.

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If you’re still wondering what to compliment him, just use any of these 25 compliments for guys. As long as it seems believable and you’re genuinely complimenting him, he’ll appreciate you more and always remember your compliment!

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20 thoughts on “25 Unique Compliments for Guys They’ll Never Ever Forget!”

  1. Mr. says:

    Yyyeeeaahhh….guys DO NOT crave compliments. A guy knows his abilities and strengths and doesn’t need someone to tell him what they are. It doesn’t really matter what you say to him or how you say it, you just better be genuine about it. If you just compliment a guy for the sake of it he’ll pick it up in a flash and it will be like putting him down, or he’ll start wondering what he’s said or done that’s made him look insecure (as in – “why does she think I need to hear that?”). You’ll turn him off pretty darn quick too.

  2. Teresa says:

    Yes those are good tips and a guy once told me that he liked being complimented…but,it has to be a real compliment and you have to mean it. So, thank you and this site is really helping me.

  3. Joe says:

    Great list overall. I’m a guy and I love when my girl give me any of these compliments. It’s kind of a shame that in our society we constantly forget that guys too need validation.

  4. xxxxx says:

    Hm I must say, my guy is pretty humorous, and so am I for that matter, so it’s hard to give a serious compliment. I think he understands how much I appreciate him just by reading between the lines. Love him for being smart.
    Everyone’s different I guess.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m real smart and my man isn’t the brightest but understands me but I wonder about the whole mens instinct thing to like dominate us kicks in and he doesn’t like me to add to this I’m pretty tall and I got guns for a girl.

    Do I HAVE to act dumb and weak for him?
    And play damsel in distress?

    <3 lovepanky 😉

  6. Jacob says:

    Since I’m readin this I may as well say it. I read a comment that said men don’t like compliments. One question, have you ever been inside a mans head?

  7. Selena says:

    “God, you’re so big it’s hurting me?” What the hell? What guy wants to hear that sex with him is painful instead of pleasurable? Wouldn’t a better compliment be to tell him that it feels good when he fills you up, or you love the feeling of him deep inside you?

  8. female feminist/actor says:

    I never feel men are appreciative or perhaps listen to compliments. Show the men these things by showing it physically or on the side note. not everything here is intended for verbal use. Make sure everything comes out naturally and I only recommend 30% of this stuff. The rest will basically make the guy feel like he just got 3 inches added to his dick.

  9. Natasha says:

    I like that these recommendations have some complexity and are well thought of (seemingly from a mans perspective). These type of compliments are necessary to reassure your partner, rather he hears it from you than a stranger, get in first and impress him.

  10. Sarah says:

    The girl on the picture looks like she just poisoned the dude or something :/

  11. phyllis says:

    Yeah I told my crush that he looks better than boris koejoe and he does he liked it very much hes been put down most of his life and although i’m not ready to say I love you yet I do breathe life into him

  12. Evan says:

    Comming from a guy:
    If the guy is actually smart don’t keep telling him that (don’t say it alot), especially if you’re not even with him. If he is smart he is smart enough to know that he’s and odds are he is only going to want to be in a meaningful relationship with someone who is also smart. If you keep praising over how smart he is, then on top of being aware you’re sucking up to him, you also give off the vibe that you’re not smart yourself. Doing this might result in you never getting him or him just using you because of your looks.
    I know this first hand as I’d say im of above average intelegence and in a relationship (with someone that I’d consider smarter than me) but alot of women still flirt with me and one of my biggest turn offs is when a women (even if she has good looks) goes, “Oh my god Evan why are you so smart?!” or something along those lines. When women do that I swear I’d tell them to stfu if I didn’t have a sense of manners. It gets annoying, really anoying and although I’m smart their are a lot of people who are genius level that I envy and when people tell me how smart I am it just makes me remeber how inferior I am to people of a higher intelect than myself.

  13. Spicegirl says:

    if you were above average intelligence, you would know how to spell ‘intelligence’

  14. Summer says:

    Ever heard of a “typo”? #Eyeroll

  15. Emma says:

    Lol! Totally what I was thinking…

  16. Sara says:

    Not a chance! If you have to pretend to be less capable than you are when you’re around him, he’s a jerk. Yes, a man likes to feel like he’s taking care of his girl, but he should also respect you. Just make a bigger deal out of it when he helps you with things you ACTUALLY can’t do.

  17. Skylar says:

    That’s such a stereotype. Guys can be insecure too, it doesn’t have anything to do with being a “real man” or whatever.

  18. Matt says:

    I wish I could hear just one of these without having to ask the wife for an answer! This lady is spot on!

  19. Matt says:

    Sometimes, that saying days everything. Doesn’t mean pain like a stab or punch. More of a metaphor.

  20. Cechy Metali says:

    Nic w zyciu nie przychodzi nam latwo. Nie wystarczy w cos wierzyc; trzeba miec sile pokonywac przeszkody i walczyc by wygrac. G. Meir

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