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44 Warm Ways to Say “I Appreciate You” & Show Appreciation without Words

How can you show your appreciation to someone without having to say “I appreciate you?” Turns out, there are lots of ways to do just that! 

how to show your appreciation and say I appreciate you

Think back to the last time you actually did something to show your appreciation to someone special. Now think about the last time you had to say “I appreciate you.” Our guess is that both of those were so long ago that you can’t actually remember the time or the person.

Too many of us go through life not showing those we care about that we appreciate the things that they do for us on a regular basis. Sure, we might think, “Wow, I appreciate that they did that,” but we hardly ever make a point to say it, much less actually do something in return. [Read: Are you taking him for granted? The checklist to know for sure]

Actions speak louder than words

Just as the old saying goes, actions make a much bigger impact on a person than just muttering a few words that could actually mean nothing.

What you should be doing is actually using your actions to say that you appreciate what they did.

This can seem like a difficult thing to do, but in all actuality, it’s pretty simple. There are different things you can do to show your appreciation for them without having to utter a single phrase.

If you’re having trouble trying to come up with your own way to show them, here are several ways to say “I appreciate you” without using words.

1. Make them their favorite home-cooked meal

A great way to show your appreciation is to make their favorite home-cooked meal. Not only does it show that you remember that they love it, but the fact that you went through the effort to make it yourself can mean so much. [Read: The most romantic songs to play during a dinner date]

2. Say it with flowers

No matter who you want to wordlessly say “I appreciate you” to, flowers are a great way to do it. They’re beautiful and they always put a smile on someone’s face.

3. Surprise them with tickets to their favorite show

They’ll definitely feel appreciated when you come home from work and hand them tickets to see their favorite band.

This is a rather obvious gesture that shows that you appreciate them, and they’ll likely get it right away. [Read: 67 sweet yet small romantic gestures that show love in the biggest way]

4. Plan a picnic

Picnics aren’t hard to put together, but they do require planning, effort, and a meal prepared by you. You’ll make them feel important and special by planning such a nice day with them. It’s one of the nicest ways to show your appreciation.

5. Warm up the shower for them in the morning

If you live with your significant other or are staying there, nothing says “I appreciate you” more than starting the shower for them in the morning.

It’s not a huge gesture of your appreciation, but it definitely gives them the right idea. [Read: Shower sex – 18 sexy bathroom secrets to get wet, make love, and not slip]

6. Bring them coffee without being asked

If you know your partner likes coffee in the morning, get up a few minutes early, start a fresh pot, and take a cup to bed. When they wake up it’ll be piping hot and ready for them.

7. Create something handmade

Anything homemade speaks way louder than words regarding your appreciation for a person. So knit them something, make them a chair if you’re handy with wood, or even just make a cute origami flower, anything is good enough. [Read: 20 romantic secrets and examples to write a love letter and melt their heart]

8. Wear their favorite scent

Your partner will feel special when you wear their favorite cologne/perfume that they ALWAYS tell you smells amazing.

You know it’s their favorite, so if you wear it around them, they’ll feel important because you’ve taken notice.

9. Dress up in an outfit you know they love

Just as the perfume/cologne trick works, so does wearing a certain color or shirt that you know they like on you. [Read: 18 secrets to feel sexy and be seductive without really trying]

10. Take care of all their chores

This is especially powerful on a day when you know they’re busy. Take the initiative to get all their chores done—do the dishes, vacuum the apartment, and even do their laundry.

11. Scrape the snow off their windshield in the morning

This one is HUGE! It might not seem like a big deal, but to those who despise the winter like it’s the black plague, it means a lot.

12. Start their car for them in the morning when it’s cold

Those of us who hate the cold want our cars to be warm, but who wants to go out into the cold to start them before work? So if you do that for your special person, they’ll absolutely feel how much you appreciate them. [Read: 23 real ways to love someone and make them feel true love from you]

13. Send a hot lunch to their workplace

Having the same cold lunch every day at the office is boring. Send them a hot lunch to their work from their favorite restaurant. Not only will they be surprised, but they’ll feel really appreciated too.

14. Tell them to pick a date night and say it’s on you

Have them plan the evening and tell them that whatever they want to do is 100% on you! They’ll get everything they want and feel so happy that you wanted to provide it for them.

15. Pamper them for no reason

Set up a makeshift spa day in your home for them after a tough week at work. Find some scented oils and get ready to lather them up and give them the best nonprofessional massage they’ll ever have. [Read: 67 sensual erotic massage techniques and tips to arouse and give an orgasm]

16. Choose their favorite movie on date night

Even if it’s up to you to decide the movie that night, choose their favorite and watch their face light up. It shows that you’re thinking about them only, and it’s a great way to show your appreciation.

17. Treat them to something they can’t stop talking about

If they haven’t stopped talking about this one thing they want for what seems like forever, why not treat them to it as a surprise? As long as it’s not too expensive, of course.

It’s a lovely gesture and shows that you want them to be happy and that you’re listening! [Read: Signs you’re not being heard and 7 ways to fix it]

18. Do the dishes after they’ve cooked

This is not only polite, but it also makes them feel appreciated for having cooked you a meal. It shows that you want them to relax now their hard work is done.

19. Pay attention when they talk about their day

Asking about someone’s day can get routine, and you might start to tune out. Instead, pay attention to them when they talk about that annoying coworker. It’ll make their day. [Read: 19 ways to be a much better listener in a relationship and read their mind]

20. Remember the important days

Their birthday, your anniversary, a presentation day at work that could potentially lead to a promotion, you get the idea. Any days that are important for them should be on your calendar so you can acknowledge them when the time comes.

21. Send a gift basket of their favorite munchies to work

Work is just plain old boring sometimes, so receiving a gift basket from you with all their favorite work munchies will make them feel so appreciated. It’ll also help them get through the day in a much better mood!

22. When they tell you to grab a case of beer, pick their favorite

You may get a call one night to grab some beer, wine, or something from the store. Instead of getting something they’ll expect you to pick up, surprise them with their favorite instead. It’s a great way to show your appreciation. [Read: Super subtle gestures that reveal someone’s really into you]

23. Let them have the window seat on the plane

If you’re traveling by plane, let them have the window seat so they can see all the wonders of the world from high up.

And hey, even if you’re not planning a trip anytime soon, letting them have the window seat at a restaurant can be just as nice too. [Read: 20 types of lovers and relationships you’ll come across in the dating world]

24. Hold the umbrella for them in the rain

This one goes without saying, but holding the umbrella for them in the rain will make them feel special and appreciated.

25. Throw their coat in the dryer for 10 minutes before they go into the cold

This not only fluffs it up and makes it nice and fresh-looking, but it also keeps them warm while they face the frozen tundra that winter brings.

26. Ignore their faults

People mess up. They’re not perfect. Ignoring when they do bad things and forgiving them will show them just how much you appreciate them. [Read: How to forgive and forget – 24 thoughts to decide on the right step]

27. Be a part of their hobbies

Especially the ones you don’t like. Even if you hate tennis, go and watch when they have a match. It shows your appreciation so much when you dislike something but want to be there for them anyway. [Read: 38 small changes to better your love life and improve the relationship ten-fold]

28. Leave hidden sticky notes in their room

Write out 10 things you appreciate about them on sticky notes and hide them all around their home for them to find. With each note, they’ll feel even more appreciated. [Read: How to make a guy feel needed and wanted – 17 secrets to happy love]

29. Have more oral

Let’s be real: it is extremely likely that your partner loves receiving oral. Nothing shows you appreciate them listening, working hard, and supporting you quite like treating them to an evening of self-indulgence.

Remember this is about them, so just this once, don’t expect any reciprocation. [Read: How to give good head – the biggest guide and 50+ blowjob secret tips]

30. Make a heart-shaped breakfast

Make your partner smile in the morning with a surprise breakfast in bed! While your partner is still snoozing their alarm, head into the kitchen and whip up some heart-shaped bacon *easily manipulated with your fingers before cooking* and some heart-shaped pancakes.

Not only is this meal delicious and adorable, but it also takes just a couple of minutes to whip up!

31. Dress up for your partner

Odds are when you were first together, you were always trying to make a great impression on your beau with the right clothes, the sexiest hair, and the perfect body spray.

While the perks of being in a serious relationship do include getting to lounge around in your jammies during your days together, show your partner you still want to show off for them by dressing up once in a while. [Read: How to look fabulous and appealing when trying to get attention]

32. Greet them when they come home

No matter who comes home first, make sure you greet your partner at the door when they get in. While this is obviously a show of love, your partner will no doubt appreciate seeing your smiling face when they get home.

33. Run them a bubble bath

Show your partner how much you care by running them a relaxing bubble bath, complete with burning candles, and a music playlist ready to go. That’s how you say “I appreciate you!” [Read: How to make your girlfriend happy and feel like the luckiest girl ever]

34. Start the day with a text/video explaining what you love about them

You won’t find it hard to come up with a cute text or video message every morning, telling your lover something you appreciate about them, or something about them that makes you smile. How much more perfect could both your mornings get? [Read: Naughty games for long distance relationships]

35. Turn your phone off!

Have you ever been hanging out with your partner and suddenly you realize you’ve both been glued to your phones for the last hour and a half? Yuck! It’s definitely not romantic, but it happens.

Show your partner you appreciate the time you have with them by putting your phone away and giving them your undivided attention.

36. Never go to bed angry

It’s as simple as that. This is a daily show of appreciation for the love and respect you have for your mate, by never letting differences, big or small, prevent you from kissing, communicating, and making up before bedtime. [Read: How to resolve conflict – the 15 best ways to cut out the drama]

37. Don’t forget your manners

The ultimate display of showing appreciation is actually one you learned when you were still in diapers. It’s true!

Show your appreciation for your mate by never forgetting your manners and always using the terms “please” and “thank you!”

38. Support their goals

They’ve supported you in your dreams. Whether it was the time you wanted to build a car from scratch or build your own bee colony, they were by your side. They never criticized your ideas. Now, it’s time for you to step up and support their goals and dreams.

This not only shows appreciation but your respect for them.

39. Don’t do it because you think you have to

Maybe your partner did something really nice for you. Perhaps they surprised you with breakfast in bed or bought you that shirt you wanted. But this doesn’t mean you reciprocate it back right away.

This doesn’t show appreciation. You’re not doing it because you want to, you’re doing it because you feel you must. Don’t rush into doing anything if you don’t mean it. It’ll show.

40. Do they need help?

Have you asked them? Whether it’s your partner, friend, or family member, ask them if they need help with anything.

Maybe your mom needs help vacuuming or your friend needs help moving, but you’ll never know until you ask them. [Read: What is true love? 58 signs and ways to tell if what you’re feeling is real]

41. Give them a personalized gift

It doesn’t have to be a big gift or something flashy, the point is it’s something personalized just for them. A gift that shows the other person that you were truly thinking about them when you were picking out their gift.

42. Take them on a date

Who doesn’t like to be taken out? They don’t have to be your partner in order for you to take them out on a date. Whoever it is that you want to show appreciation to, take them out on a cute and fun date.

Whether it’s dinner and a movie or something a little more exciting, they’ll love the fact that you’re spending quality time with them.

43. Give compliments

Giving compliments is simple and old school, but that doesn’t mean people ever get tired of receiving genuine compliments.

Now, this doesn’t mean you attack the person with complimenting words. A compliment as simple as “you look beautiful” will brighten up anyone’s day and show that you’re paying attention to them. [Read: 20 funny compliments you can use to flatter and make them laugh]

44. Do something they want to do

Maybe they want to go to the opera or on a wild road trip. Regardless of what, it’s something that they want to do. This shows that it’s not all about you. You’re willing and ready to do things that make them happy. [Read: Are you selfish in the relationship? 19 signs you’re being a user]

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated

Whether it’s your partner, your parents, your friend, or a co-worker, everyone deserves to feel that you appreciate the things they do for you. Of course, you deserve to feel appreciated too!

Sometimes it’s not so easy to come right out and say “I appreciate you,” but doing it without words ticks every box you need it to.

[Read: True friendship – 37 real friend traits and what it takes to be a good one]

Saying you appreciate someone is easy. Showing that you appreciate them is harder. These are some ways your actions will speak louder than words and say, “I appreciate you,” without using any words at all.

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