Boring Boyfriend? How to Get Him Moving & Excited about Life Again

Your boyfriend has become a couch potato, spending his days playing video games. You’re starting to think that you have a boring boyfriend.

Boring Boyfriend

Just because you have a boring boyfriend right now doesn’t mean that your relationship needs to be over. Before you go to that extreme, try a couple different ways to bring back the spark and energy with him. Once you’ve tried all the options, decide what your next step is going to be.

How to deal with a boring boyfriend

There have been times when I never wanted to leave the house and just wear sweatpants. I would have called this a phase. This could be what your boyfriend is going through as well.

He used to be full of energy and spunk, but for the last little while, he’s been sitting on the couch, playing video games and eating old pizza. [Read: How to cheer someone up and make them feel awesome again]

Now, it could be he’s going through his own personal crisis which you don’t know about or that your relationship has simply slowed down and become a little dull.

And I get it, you’ve been pretty patient with him and aren’t looking to break up with him. But you’re not sure how much longer you can last being around him while he’s like this. Let’s show your boring boyfriend what living is about.

#1 Look at the relationship. Now, has your boyfriend always had a boring personality and you were just too in love to see it? Or, is this a change in his behavior? Take a look at your relationship and him as a person to figure out where this is coming from.

Maybe you’ve been bored for a while and have already tried everything without much success. Time to evaluate the relationship as a whole. [Read: These are 25 reasons to say it’s over with him]

#2 Talk to him. Listen, you can assume every possibility, however, the only way to really find out the truth is if you sit down and talk to him about it. Why beat around the bush? This is your partner, talk to him openly.

Now, don’t start the conversation by saying, “you’ve been boring lately, why?” Instead, tell him how you’ve been feeling around him and see what he says. [Read: How to encourage a selfish boyfriend to change]

#3 Get out of the house. If he’s been sitting on the couch for the past couple of weeks, get him out of the house. He may have simply become lethargic from not moving and needs a reminder of what the great outdoors look like.

Sometimes, we get so used to sitting at home we forget the outside world. Take him for a walk around the neighborhood, for an ice cream, or his favorite bookstore. It doesn’t have to be a long outing.

#4 Do something he’s always wanted to do. Before he got into this slump, he used to talk about how he wanted to go on a road trip or skydive one day. Well, this is the best time to try one of those things out with him. He’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that you want to do something with him like this. It also shows that you care.

#5 Go on a date. But not one that has you ordering take-out and watching movies from the couch. You want your boyfriend to stop being boring, remember? This means your date nights should take place outside in the real world. If possible, reserve your Friday or Saturday nights to go out for dinner, attend a festival, or grab a coffee.

#6 Do you spend too much time together? This could be a reason why your boyfriend appears to be boring. Maybe you spend too much time together and that can become highly repetitive. If you see each other a little bit less, it adds more excitement to your relationship. It gives you things to talk about and share. [Read: The 11 signs you spend way too much time together]

#7 Make a plan. Maybe he’s always wanted to travel somewhere or attend a specific concert. The point is, make a plan to do something in the near future. It’s an exciting process to plan a trip or wait for an upcoming concert as you both have something to look forward too.

#8 Do something you both don’t want to do. I know, it sounds weird, but if you both hate going to rodeos, why not go together? Though you may not like it, maybe going with your partner will help you have a better experience. If not, you’ll both laugh at the fact that you are attending an event neither of you can stand.

#9 Hang out with friends. It could be that he’s alienated himself slightly from his friends, spending most of his time alone. This lack of communication could make him appear boring. So, why not invite his friends over to hang out. Or take him to a BBQ of mutual friends. This will get him out of the house and have him around people he’s comfortable with.

#10 Have sex. Yes, that’s right. The odds are, you aren’t as intimate as you once were. Don’t worry or freak out, this can be changed. So, why not put something a little sexy on and set the mood. If you haven’t had sex for a while, this could be a reason why. [Read: How to spice up a relationship and go from bland to ka-pow]

#11 He may not be bored. That’s right. Listen, if you tried literally everything on this list and nothing changes then maybe you need a break. He could be suffering from something more than just boredom, it could be possible that he’s depressed.

Or, that he just wants to break up with you but doesn’t know how to do it. The point is, figure out which one it is. [Read: How to help someone dealing with depression]

#12 Take a break or break up. Whichever one you deem fit. If he’s not willing to change, why are you still hanging around? He may change once he sees that you’re gone… or not. But that’s not the point. You’re doing everything you can to bring back the excitement and nothing is working for him. So, why stick around?

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If you have a boring boyfriend, it’s time you used these tips to help him live a little. It takes two to be in a relationship.

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