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10 Couple Goals We Actually Need in Our Relationships

With all the advice and tips on how to make a relationship last, many stray too far from the truth. Here are the REAL couple goals you should be following.

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There are so many people who have opinions on what a real relationship looks like. They base these opinions off of their religion and culture or purely on what they’ve been told growing up. Either way, it’s hard to know what you should really look for in a life partner. Couple goals have become a thing, but they don’t really show a real couple at work.
The idea of “couple goals” has been all over the Internet as of late. Many different social media accounts cover this topic and basically just show pictures of—probably—models posed for a really cute couple-like picture. The problem is that those aren’t real.
Why we love the “fake” couples
We are SOOOO obsessed with super cute couples who seem to be perfect and amazing and really happy with each other. We ogle at images on the Internet of couples posed to look really intimate and we can’t get enough. But why is that?
Well, it’s because we think that’s reality, and we wish it was ours. We wish we had someone to hold us just like the person in the image is holding their “loved one.” We think we’re able to have that reality and daydream about those specific couple goals.
Couple goals we should all emulate in our relationship
The problem with all of those couple goals pictures taking over social media is that they’re not real. Sometimes, sure, they’re real people, but even then it’s one still frame in their lives. Nobody posts pictures of all the hardships relationships endure.
Not all of those pictures are full of junk, though. Some of them do depict real couple goals to emulate in your relationship. But more often than not, the real couple goals you should have for your relationship aren’t seen. Here is what you should be working towards in a relationship.
#1 Real, and sometimes brutal, honesty. Real couple goals means telling your significant other when they’re acting like a whiny little twit and then proceeding to tell them to fix their attitude. Be honest with your life partner!
No matter if it’s just about something small or coming clean after withholding important information, your goal should be to find someone you can be open and honest with no matter how painful the truth may be. [Read: Enough is enough: How to stop playing relationship games]
#2 Unwavering trust. Without trust you just don’t have much of a relationship at all. If you really want to emulate real couple goals, then you have to be able to trust your partner unconditionally, and they have to be able to trust you too. If you find this kind of love, it’s worth more than anything else.
#3 Open communication. Being able to talk to your significant other about anything is SO important in a relationship. Real couple goals allow you to bring up any topic of discussion, mild or severe, and get through it without issues.
When you keep open communication you’ll get through fights easier, have your needs met, and bond and relate to your partner on a much deeper level. All of which make for a stronger relationship.
#4 Being yourselves. This may be the most important couple goal for you to have walking into a relationship. BOTH of you have to be able to be 100% yourselves around the other, no matter the situation.
If you cry during sad movies, then you better be able to let those tears flow around your significant other. If you’re a total heartless brat when you’re hungry—like me—you have to be with someone who accepts that completely without hesitation. [Read: How to make love last: 19 love commandments]
#5 Caring about each other’s safety. Now, this may be a couple goal you’ve seen plastered on those cutesy couple’s accounts with a screenshot of a text conversation where the guy says, “Drive safe,” or “Let me know when you’ve made it home, okay?”
Those aren’t just cute, they’re actually real couple goals, too. Caring about one another’s safety as if it were your own is the kind of relationship you hope to be in.
#6 Being okay with spending time apart. No couple spends every waking moment together and remains together. Honestly, you may end up killing each other that way. You have to be able to spend your time with friends or even alone.
Everyone needs “me time,” and if you can’t handle being away from your significant other for whatever reason, your relationship crumbles. Have real couple goals and emulate being strong while being apart. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]
#7 Arguing—over the stuff that actually matters—and make up. Yes. Arguing is definitely a couple goal, and one that you may not see or hear about nearly as often. The truth is, it is really healthy for couples to argue about things, if they matter.
You should be able to get through an argument about something you feel strongly about and still come out of it loving your significant other. Your arguments can’t be trivial, and you always have to find a way to get around your obstacles. [Read: 8 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]
#8 Sacrificing certain things for each other. It could be as simple as giving up one night a week to watch them play a sport or giving up a really good job because they got their dream job across the country.
No two people live in a healthy relationship without giving something up that they like as long as it’s not something too serious. Real couple goals involves being able to give up something you care about for the other person’s happiness.
#9 Being able to have meaningful conversations. You’ll never believe how many people say how much they LOVE “just talking” with their significant other but can’t answer the question, “What do you talk about?”
A couple goal to emulate in your relationships is to be able to talk about meaningful stuff with each other. You have to connect with someone in such a way that you can have those deep conversations and come away feeling as though you’ve gained knowledge and insight. [Read: 80 really funny “would you rather” questions to ask your SO]
#10 Being with your best friend in the world. This is a couple goal pretty much everyone says is important, and there are so many pictures out there emulating this. It’s actually very true. In every sense of the word, you should be with your very best friend—that you’re attracted to, obviously.
Your best friend is someone you count on to be there at every wrong turn, someone who never judges you, and someone you spend hours with doing nothing and have a great time. That’s why you should also find those same qualities in someone you spend your life with.
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With all the couple goals you may hear about through social media accounts, these are the real ones you should have. With these couple goals on your list of things to emulate in your next relationship, it would be nearly impossible for it to fail.

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