15 Serious Warning Signs of Clingy Guys & How You Can Avoid Them

Just like guys don’t like clingy girls, we don’t like clingy guys. Knowing what to look out for can help you avoid an uncomfortable mess in the first place.

Clingy Guys

There’s not much worse than clingy guys. It’s kind of frustrating because at first, they just seem like really big sweethearts who actually show their interest in us. But after a while, the initial appeal wears off as their “interest” deepens and deepens.

Then they’re just really annoying and nearly impossible to get rid of. And that’s why it’s just best to avoid getting serious with anyone who appears to be remotely clingy.

Clingy guys can sometimes be very dangerous

One thing guys don’t really have to worry about with clingy girls is how dangerous they are. Because they very rarely do anything besides blow up their phone. Clingy guys, on the other hand, can get scary because you never know how far they’ll go to get close to you.

They might seem nice and excited to be with you, but that eagerness can often get dangerous and even violent if you don’t reciprocate it in the way they think you should. It’s just another reason to avoid the clingy types from the get-go. [Read: The 10 types of guys in the world of dating]

How to spot the clingy guys so you can steer clear

It’s not very hard to tell if a guy is needy or not. They often give themselves away right when you meet them, or within the first week of texting and talking. If you’re looking for a way to avoid them, watch out for these signs proving he’s clingy AF.

#1 He’s overly curious when you meet. It’s natural for a guy who thinks you’re attractive to be a little pushy. It’s not normal for a guy to be curious about every single thing about your life. If he seems overly interested now, he could be the clingy type. Watch out for him. [Read: 5 ways to handle too many questions on a date]

#2 He texts you right when you give him your number. Basically, if you hand him your number and turn around to a new text from him, he might be the clingy type. This could be cute or he could just be trying to make sure you have his number but it’s also indicative of a clingy guy.

#3 He doesn’t really stop texting you. And once he gets a reply, he just keeps going and going and going. You have to say goodbye multiple times and even then, he still pops up for some reason. This is a major sign that guy is clingy and you want to avoid him at all costs – unless you like being bothered all the time.

#4 He always reaches out first. Obviously, this means he’s clearly interested in you. But it could also be a sign he’s super clingy. By him always being the first to reach out, he’s not giving you time to miss him. He’s not even giving you time to be the first. And that means he’s texting or calling you way too frequently for it to be considered normal behavior. [Read: 15 ways guys text when they really like you]

#5 He sends multiple unanswered texts. This is the biggest red flag. If you meet a guy who starts doing this right off the bat, it’s best to avoid him unless you want the clingiest of guys with you. If he’s sending multiple unanswered texts, he’s desperate for your reply and that desperation will leak into any sort of relationship you have with him.

#6 He rushes things. Whether it’s the date or the physical stuff, he’s in a hurry. It’s like he wants to get to relationship mode ASAP. That’s a sign he could be very needy and clingy up front. Avoid guys who try to rush right through things.

#7 He tries to talk about your romantic history. This is perfectly fine if you’ve been dating for a while and can talk about this, but it’s not okay if he tries to get the dirty details of your past out in the open right away. It means he wants to know who you’ve been with and that could be a sign of clinginess along with jealousy. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

#8 He starts planning multiple dates when you haven’t even had one. You may have set the first date but if he’s already talking about stuff he wants to do with you weeks in the future, you have a stage 5 clinger on your hands. Avoid this type because while his eagerness might seem cute now, it’ll get old really fast.

#9 He doesn’t have too many close friends. There’s a reason some people don’t have too many friends. They’re either the very independent type or they’re so clingy and needy even non-romantic people in their lives don’t want to be in it. Ask him questions about his friends to find out if he could be clingy. [Read: 18 reasons why someone doesn’t have any friends]

#10 He hasn’t had many girlfriends. There’s also a reason for this one. Now, there are amazing guys out there who just don’t get lucky with girls. They end up single for a really long time even though they’re perfectly normal.

Some men, however, don’t get girlfriends for a reason. Ask if he’s dated a lot and see what he says. If he’s been out with girls but can never get in a relationship, he might be a clingy guy.

#11 He’s curious about what you’re doing all the time. You’ll realize this one pretty soon after texting and talking. He’ll always ask what you’re up to, even if you just told him about an hour ago. He might even play it off like he just wants to know about your day but really, he’s clingy and needs to know your whereabouts. [Read: 14 signs of obsessive behavior you can’t ignore]

#12 He hits you up all over social media right away. I’m talking about him adding you on everything, commenting on pictures that are years old, and even posting on your profile. If he does this ASAP, he’s definitely the clingy type and you should steer clear.

#13 He friended your friends on social media right away. And this one really takes the cake. If he goes so far as to befriend YOUR friends after connecting with you, he’s clingy. This isn’t normal. Most guys don’t friend their girlfriend’s friends until they’re in a fully committed relationship. And even then, it’s not super common.

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Clingy guys can be the worst type of guys to deal with. Although their initial attention might feel nice, it’ll get really old, really fast. Believe me, you’ll just want to avoid them.

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