18 Serious Warning Signs of a Clingy Guy & How You Can Avoid Them

There’s nothing attractive at all about a clingy guy. So what are the signs of a clingy guy, to help you avoid dating one?

Clingy Guys

There’s not much worse than a clingy guy. At first, they just seem like big sweethearts who actually show an interest in you. But after a while, the initial appeal wears off, as their “interest” deepens and deepens. Then they’re just impossible to get rid of.

That’s why it’s best to avoid getting serious with anyone who appears to be remotely clingy. Clinginess can seem like a form of love or affection, but it’s actually toxic. If you know the signs of a clingy guy, you can easily avoid dating one and save yourself all that trouble.

Check this out if you’re looking for the signs of a clingy boyfriend, or read on if you’re curious about a guy who’s just started to pursue you.

Clingy guys can be dangerous

If girls are clingy, guys don’t have to worry about them being dangerous; the worst they can do is blow up your phone. On the other hand, clingy guys can get scary, because you never know how far they’ll go to get close to you.

They might seem nice and excited to be with you, but that eagerness can get dangerous – even violent – if you don’t reciprocate it in the way they think you should. It’s just another reason to avoid clingy types from the get-go.

Whether it’s in the physical, emotional, or mental sense, a clingy guy can aggressively disrespect your boundaries. When you don’t reciprocate the same energy he wants to see, he could become a threat. So, it’s essential for your sanity, safety and dating life to know the signs of a clingy guy. [Read: The 10 types of guys in the world of dating]

What makes a guy clingy?

There are several reasons why a guy might become clingy. First of all, many clingy guys become the way they are because of their childhood and background.

Guys who grow up without much love, or without the right example of what love really is, tend to be more clingy. Since they were deprived of affection in childhood, they unintentionally become clingy in their dating life.

Another cause is when guys have relationship anxiety, or even just anxiety in general. They have a fear that when their partner doesn’t immediately respond or give back the same energy, it means they don’t love them anymore.

A clingy guy is one of the worst guys you’ll ever date, and you’ll feel just how toxic and draining he becomes. It starts with a fight because of a late response to his text, and it just gets worse from there. [Read: Clingy boyfriend: 16 signs he’s doing too much & how to shut it down]

How to spot a clingy guy – so you can steer clear

It’s not hard to tell if a guy is needy or not. They often give themselves away right when you meet them, or within the first week of texting and talking. If you’re looking for a way to avoid them, watch out for these signs that prove he’s clingy AF.

1. He’s overly curious when you meet

It’s natural for a guy who thinks you’re attractive to be a little pushy. But it’s not normal for a guy to be curious about every single detail of your life. If he seems overly interested, he could be the clingy type.

Watch out for him. If he keeps asking all sorts of questions about your life and is persistent to know more – especially when you’ve only just met – this could be one of the subtle signs of a clingy guy. [Read: 5 ways to handle too many questions on a date]

2. He texts you right when you give him your number

We all want guys to text us when we give them our number, but you can tell he’s clingy if he texts you right away. Basically, if you hand him your number and turn around to a new text from him, he might be the clingy type.

Just be careful if this is the case. Remember, it’s easy to blur the line between clinginess and affection. [Read: Are insecure men worth dating?]

3. He doesn’t stop texting you

Once he gets a reply, he just keeps going and going and going. You have to say goodbye multiple times and even then, he still pops up again moments later. This is a significant sign that guy is clingy, and you want to avoid him at all costs – unless you like being bothered all the time.

If he blows up your phone and you find that most of your notifications are coming from him, he’s a stage-five clinger! This is no longer cute; now it’s suffocating. [Read: Insecurity in a relationship – How to feel more secure & love better]

4. He always reaches out first

Obviously, this means he’s clearly interested in you. But it could also be a sign he’s super clingy. By always being the first to reach out, he’s not giving you time to miss him. That means he’s texting or calling you way too frequently for it to be considered normal behavior.

You can tell a guy is clingy if when you look back, you find there was never a time you sent the first text – it was always him. He’s obviously made it a habit to go first because he’s clingy! [Read: 15 ways guys text when they really like you]

5. He sends multiple unanswered texts

This is the biggest red flag. If he’s sending multiple unanswered texts, he’s desperate for your reply, and that desperation will ruin any relationship you have with him.

Double texts without a response might be considered OK sometimes – *we’ve all been guilty of this!* But multiple texts? Now that’s one of the signs of a clingy guy.

6. He rushes things

Whether it’s the first date or the physical stuff, he’s in a hurry; it’s like he wants to get in relationship mode ASAP. That’s a sign he could be very needy and clingy. Always avoid guys who try to rush things.

This also means he’s skipping over important phases in your relationship, such as getting to know one another. He immediately wants to get to the good part, even if you just met. That’s a big no-no! [Read: How fast is too fast in a relationship? A guide to perfect timings]

7. He tries to talk about your romantic history

This is perfectly fine if you’ve been dating for a while, but it’s not OK if he tries to get the dirty details of your past out in the open right away. It means he wants to know who you’ve been with, and that could be a sign of jealousy.

If he’s digging about your past too early, that’s a sign of a clingy guy. You should never be forced to open up before you’re ready. Ever. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

8. He starts planning multiple dates when you haven’t even had one

You may have set the first date, but if he’s already talking about stuff he wants to do with you weeks in the future, that means you have a stage-5 clinger on your hands! Avoid this guy because while his eagerness might seem cute now, it’ll get old really fast.

Again, there’s an evident difference between a clinger and a super organised guy. It’s crucial that you know the difference. He might not just be being sweet by planning ahead, but being clingy – *and a little creepy*!

9. He doesn’t have many close friends

There’s a reason some people don’t have many friends. They’re either the independent type, or they’re so clingy and needy that even non-romantic people don’t want to be around them. Ask him questions about his friends to find out if he could be clingy.

He may not have many friends because he suffocates them – and he’s not aware he’s doing it. Basically, other people can’t tolerate his clinginess. [Read: 18 reasons why someone doesn’t have any friends]

10. He hasn’t had many girlfriends

Now, there are amazing guys out there who just don’t get lucky with girls. They end up single long-term, even though they’re perfectly normal. Some men, however, don’t get girlfriends for a reason. Ask if he’s dated a lot and see what he says.

If he’s been out with girls but can never get in a relationship, he might be a clingy guy. For the same reason he doesn’t have many friends, he won’t get any girlfriends.

Other women are so repelled by his clinginess that they drop him before he even gets a chance to make things official. This is one of the signs of a clingy guy you should never ignore.

11. He’s curious about what you’re doing all the time

You’ll realize this one pretty soon after you start talking. He’ll always ask what you’re up to, even if you just told him an hour ago. He might even play it off like he just wants to know about your day – but really, he’s clingy and needs to know your whereabouts.

While this can be typical for some relationships, it’s a red flag if you just met. He shouldn’t be demanding to know where you are 24/7. That’s just controlling. [Read: 14 signs of obsessive behavior you can’t ignore]

12. He hits you up all over social media right away

We’re talking about him adding you on everything, commenting on years-old pictures, and even posting on your profile. If he does this ASAP, he’s definitely the clingy type, and you should steer clear.

He’s already managed to find you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat. He’s literally everywhere and even when you’re apart, he’s all over your socials. Now, that’s just plain annoying – and way too clingy. [Read: How to stop being clingy – 19 ways to gain self-confidence]

13. He friended your friends on social media right away

This one really takes the cake. If he goes so far as to befriend YOUR friends after connecting with you, he’s clingy. That isn’t normal.

Most guys don’t friend their girlfriend’s friends until they’re in a fully committed relationship. And even then, it’s not super common. It’s not him wanting to be closer to your friends, it’s him wanting to cling to you! [Read: How to survive a clingy boyfriend and make him stop]

14. He’s constantly clinging to you *physically*

One of the signs of a clingy guy is when he, well… clings to you. There’s clearly a lack of physical intimacy, but you can’t seem to get even a moment where he’s not touching you.

Again, there’s a thin line between affection and clinginess. It’s not cute when he violates your personal space. [Read: How to not be clingy: 12 rules to avoid ever turning into a clinger]

15. You feel suffocated by his presence, even from far away

You know he’s a clingy guy when you feel suffocated by his presence, even when you’re not physically together. Whether you’re together or apart, you already feel like you can’t breathe.

He makes it impossible for you to have your own personal space. When you’re apart, he’s always flooding your phone with notifications, whether that’s on social media, calls, or texts. [Read: How to love someone without smothering them]

16. His world revolves around you

Ah, yes. One of the definite signs of a clingy guy is when his world revolves around you. When he’s not around you, it’s like he doesn’t have an individual life.

If his routine, his mood, and everything he does is dependent on what you’re doing – that’s clinginess right there. This is also known codependent behavior, and it’s why clingy people are often codependent partners. [Read: How to stop being codependent and have a healthy relationship]

17. He gaslights you

If you open up to him about his clinginess, he’ll play the victim, and make you feel bad about his behavior.

He might even tell you he’s such a great guy, and that many girls would ask for this kind of behavior from their partner. This is one of the signs of a clingy guy. Plus, if he gaslights you, it’s time to think about whether you should walk away or not. [Read: How to spot gaslighting in a relationship & shut it down for good]

18. He’s extra jealous

We all get envious from time to time, even if we don’t want to. But what differentiates a clingy person from a normal one is that they’re jealous all the time, even when their jealousy is irrational.

A clingy guy’s jealousy can quickly turn into possessiveness if you’re not careful. This is why it’s crucial to spot the signs early.

[Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship & learn to overcome it]

So, are you dating a clingy guy?

If you’re with someone clingy, we suggest dropping him as fast as possible. There’s nothing good or healthy about dating a clingy guy. You’ll feel suffocated by his presence, whether you’re together or apart. Not to mention, this kind of guy just isn’t good for your mental health – or your safety.

Clingy guys can be the worst type of guys to deal with. There’s a fine line between clinginess and affection, and it’s time you knew the difference. 

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