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Couples Bucket List: 32 Must-Do Things to Create Experiences Together

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with fun and exciting things to do together when you’re in a relationship. So, here are some couples bucket list ideas.

Couples Bucket List

Every couple, whether you’ve only been dating for a few months, or you’ve been together for years, should have a couples bucket list of fun and exciting things they want to do together.

We’re not talking about boring real-life stuff, saving to buy a house, getting a mortgage, or settling down. We are talking about fun, amazing adventures, silly days where you laugh your socks off, and cozy, imitate evenings where you truly get to know one another.

Couples bucket list – 32 couple things you have to do right away

We think these suggestions should be on every couple’s bucket list, but if you don’t want to do them all, just pick the ones that you know you or your partner will just love, and set aside some time to do them – your relationship will be all the better for it! [Read: 23 real ways to love someone and make them feel true love from you]

1. Tour your favorite city

This could be the city you already live in, or somewhere you have always wanted to go. Be tourists for the day, take in all the sites and talk about what it is you love about those particular places.

2. Turn off your phones and computers and have a tech-free day

Sometimes, it is easy to spend entire evenings staring mindlessly at the TV, playing with your phones, and barely saying a word to one another – get back to the simpler times, where the good conversation was what held a relationship together!

Put your gadgets aside for the day and enjoy each other’s company. [Read: How Facebook ruins relationships – 15 things to remember]

3. Find a place that’s ‘yours’ 

Having a little spot that’s just for the two of you can be so romantic. Pick a favorite cafe, bar, or park bench somewhere and make it a place that you visit regularly to spend some quality time together.

4. Get good double date friends

While spending time with your partner is fantastic, it’s nice to have another couple you can do fun things with, whether that’s heading out for dinner or going on holiday, having a great double date couple that you both love is a good idea. [Read: Double dating ideas and why it’s so good to go on one]

5. Build a pillow fort

There is nothing better than releasing your inner child and getting all snuggly with the person that you love.

When it doesn’t look too appealing outside, get some snacks, build your pillow fort and enjoy having some cozy cuddles together.

6. Have a pillow fight

When you’re done with the fort and you’ve scratched this off your couples bucket list, it’s playtime! Have a good old-fashioned pillow fight for even more silly fun. [Read: Pillow talk and how it can bring you both much closer]

7. Play 20 questions

This is a great way to get to know your partner even better. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to in this fun game. [Read: 30 naughty and sexually deep questions for couples to keep the spark alive]

8. Make up your own game

Having stuff just the two of you share is what makes you feel close and connected. Making up a fun and silly game that the two of you play together is great fun, both to make and to play!

9. Road Trippppp! 

Taking a road trip together has to be done. The more spontaneous you can make it, the better it is for your couples bucket list. Just simply grab a bag of clothes, jump in the car and see where the mood takes you.

If you prefer to plan, then plot an exciting route that sees you stop off at some awesome places on the way. These adventures are the kind of activities that you’ll both remember and cherish forever.

10. Have a weekly date night

Establishing a regular date night is important to keep the romance alive. Making sure you spend some time being romantic and putting some effort in is so important, and so easily lost if you don’t keep it up.

Making a date night and ensuring you stick to it means you’ll always spend quality time together. [Read: 13 naughty date night ideas to add a sexy sizzle to love]

11. Read a book to each other

Being read to is one of life’s simple pleasures – it’s so relaxing and a lovely thing to do for your other half. You could take it in turns to read a book to one another or read a chapter each so you both get to fully enjoy the story.

12. Make the ultimate playlist

Make a huge playlist of songs you both love and that have memories attached to them. This is something that you’ll never get tired of and can add to throughout the years.

13. Go to a place you have never been

Experiencing something new together is wonderful and something everyone has on their couples bucket list.

Find out all the places your partner has been to and then plan a trip – somewhere you are both dying to visit and go make some memories. [Read: 10 changes a sex vacation will instantly bring into your love life]

14. Make a long term plan together

Write down everything that you want to achieve, both in your relationship and as an individual, and then make a plan of how you are going to work together to make all your dreams come true.

You can even make a couple’s vision board. Get a poster board and cut out photos of what you would like to achieve. Then write positive words on it. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the plan you made together.

15. Write to one another

Writing letters is a dying art and there is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love. If you and your partner don’t live together or the next time one of you goes away, why not write and mail letters to one another as a lovely romantic surprise? 

Or simply write the letters and hand them to one another at home – it will still be a lovely thing to do. You can always keep it away in a safe place and read the letter again many years or decades from now! [Read: How to write a heartfelt love letter like a true romantic]

16. Take on a physical challenge together

Be it running a marathon or climbing a mountain, taking on a physical challenge together, and succeeding, is a great way to cement your relationship and this definitely is one of those milestones in your couples bucket list. 

Sharing the struggles and overcoming whatever obstacles you may face together, and the sense of achievement and pride, once it’s over, is a beautiful thing to be able to share.

17. Volunteer together

Doing something good for other people will give you both a sense of great satisfaction. So why not volunteer at a dog rescue center, help in a soup kitchen, or get in touch with community projects that could do with your assistance? 

You’ll not only be doing good for others but will also feel closer by working together to help bring happiness to another person’s life. [Read: 10 simple ways to be a more socially conscious person]

18. Make your own traditions

Create something new with your couples bucket list, be it that you go for a sea swim on the first day of every month, or you have a random gift day once a year where you surprise your partner with something silly, coming up with new traditions that you make up together is a lovely way to enjoy your time together.

19. Take up a new hobby together

Having shared interests is important in a relationship, so why not try to find a hobby that you both love? [Read: 13 happy things you need for a perfectly happy life]

20. Go to IKEA together

It is a well-known fact that a trip to IKEA will determine whether or not your relationship can stand the test of time! So if you are feeling brave enough, head to IKEA together.

If you end up drinking miniature wine, eating meatballs, and spending way too much money, then you have done well. If you find yourself weeping and alone in the bathroom section – perhaps not.

21. Make a scrapbook together

Everything is so digitalized these days, that sometimes it’s difficult to find the photos you want to look at with thousands of them on your phones.

So, why not get old-fashioned? Find your favorite pictures, print them out, and put them in a cute scrapbook. This couples bucket list item can last a lifetime, and it’ll always feel nostalgic every time you take a look at it over the years. [Read: 30 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt with love]

22. Photoshoot

Why not have a couple’s photoshoot? It can be a professional one or a do-it-yourself one. You dress up in glamorous clothes and pretend like you are old Hollywood movie stars.

The sky is the limit for how creative you can get on this. Print out your favorites and hang them up in your home. [Read: 20 game-changing ideas for your pre-nuptial photo shoot]

23. Skinny dipping

If you have never been skinny dipping, now is your chance. If you have a pool in your backyard, that is ideal since it’s private.

You don’t want to get arrested, but if you want to try to get really crazy, you can find an outdoor pond, lake, or ocean. But make sure you are the only ones around.

24. Personal sex tape

Why should you leave all the fun to the celebrities who do this? Make your own porn by setting up your phone while you have sex.

Try different positions, and do something crazy. Then, you can watch the movie back and enjoy your creative little sex capade. [Read: Sexual bucket list – 35 fun sex ideas you HAVE to try]

25. Make a music video

If you don’t want to make a sex tape but want to get creative with video, then you should try making your own music video as a couples bucket list item. It’s corny, but oh boy, will this be memorable!

Take your favorite songs, and shoot some scenes of you singing along with them. If you have editing skills, work together to put some fancy transitions in between the scenes.

26. Paintball

If you’re feeling competitive, then you can find a place to play paintball. If you’re not familiar with it, you dress up, put a mask on, and carry a gun full of paintballs. Pretend like you are in a real war and you are enemies trying to shoot each other.

27. Go to an escape room

Escape rooms are a great chance to try to get your brain functioning at a high level. You will be locked in a room for an hour with clues for how you can “break free.” See how well you work together to make your great escape. [Read: How to not be boring in a relationship and bring the magic back]

28. Open mic night

There are some bars or cafes that have open mic nights. It could be for singing, comedy, or reading poems. Why not try to get on stage in front of people and try to act like a celebrity for the night? 

29. Indoor skydiving

If you are afraid to do real skydiving, then you can find a place that has an indoor version. It takes place inside an enclosed wind tunnel with controlled air blowing upward to mimic the real thing. No jumping out of a plane or free-falling necessary!

30. Create a new recipe together

Make up a new recipe together by trying anything you want. Start with the basics and then add vegetables, sauces, or anything else that you think would taste good.

An alternative to that is creating your own signature cocktail from scratch. [Read: Best friend bucket list – 20 exciting adventures for you and your BFF]

31. Go to a haunted house

Sure, you’ve probably been to a haunted house for Halloween, but have you ever been to a real haunted house?

If you know of one in your area, why not pay it a visit? Or, if you’re near a big city, many of them offer ghost tours.

32. Childhood time machine

Pretend that you have a time machine and jump back into your childhood. You can learn more about how each of you grew up and act like a kid again.

You can bring your partners to the schools you attended, drive by the home that you grew up in, or look at old pictures.

[Read: 15 really important rules to be a good partner in a relationship]

Couples bucket lists are a lifetime of memories

Creating a couples bucket list may seem childish and corny. But as you give these a try and look back at them over the years, you’ll always remember the fun times and memories you had together while creating this bucket list.

Of course, be sure to add more to the list as well as you complete these. The reason why we’ve chosen these for your couples bucket list basics is because it’s way more doable, easy, and require way less planning than something more exotic and time-consuming. B

ut the world is your oyster, as you tick more of them off this list, just add a few more personalized ones, and create the best memories together!

Start with these suggestions because these easy ones should be on every couples bucket list – and get out there and enjoy every single moment together!

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