What To Wear On A First Date

Wondering what to wear on a date? Knowing what to wear on a first date can make the difference between making a great impression and a lost cause. Find out how you can impress and make your date fall for you on the very first date.

What to Wear on a First Date

What to wear on a first date

Dressing up for a date can be confusing, but knowing what to wear on a date can give you a lot more confidence and help you carry off the date in style.

We all know that playing the dressing up game for a date is easier for men than women.

Men have it easier when it comes to dressing up, and we don’t need more than the Academy Awards to prove that fact.

But rather than be boring and simple, whether you’re a man or a woman, try to be interesting and attractive.

If you want to dress to impress, and make your date sit up and take notice of you the very second you walk in, here’s all you need to do.

What to wear on a date – The do’s

There are a lot of things you can do to look your best on a date. You can add your own personal preferences when you’re deciding what to wear on a first date.

But as a general rule of thumb, use these guidelines while deciding what to wear on a date.

Dress for the occasion

Do you know where you’re going? [Read: Best places to go on a date] Wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. You can look hot in high riding miniskirts or a tux, but really, your date will only feel uncomfortable and awkward to be around you.

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Make an impression

You are dressing up and deciding what to wear on a date because you want to make an impression, right? So focus on making a good impression. [Read: How to choose a romantic restaurant]

Dressing in a regular tee shirt and jeans, or a blouse and skirt can be sweet and comfortable. But it doesn’t reveal much about you. If you really want to make an impression, accessorize your dress with something more personal that reveals something about you. Wear comfy clothing, but add something that defines who you are. Hand crafted jewelry, a cute hair band or clip, great looking shoes, etc. It could be anything as long as it defines you.

What does your date like?

Do you know your date well enough to make a judgment call? Does your date like girls who wear pink, or men who wear turquoise? If you know your date’s preferences, see if you can wear something they may like. It shows that you’re taking an additional interest to be likeable. And everyone likes a date who takes an initiative.

Clothes that make you feel good

All of us have clothes that make us feel good and look good. You have your favorite blouse or jeans too, right? If you can’t make up your mind on what to wear, or if you find yourself feeling huffy while deciding what to wear, then your best bet is to wear something that you already love. And clothes that make you feel good make you look good too!

Show off your assets discreetly

We love ourselves, yeah! But there’s always something about ourselves and our physiques that we’re really proud of. Is it you shapely shoulders, never ending legs, or is it something else? Wear something that will accentuate your assets and you’ll only feel more confident and look a lot prettier! But of course, you should show off discreetly though.

Be prepared

Now not all dates are going to be confusing, but if you’re wondering what to wear on a date that’s a surprise, you need to be prepared. Surprise dates are not really going to be a walk in the park or dinner in a restaurant, so keep a few things handy in your car like a pair of flip flops, jeans, etc. [Read: What to talk about on a first date]

What to wear on a date – Dont’s

When you meet someone for the first time, or when you’re seeing someone you know on a date, you have to know this. You will be judged. It’s not a scary thing though, but meeting a potential lover on a date, both of you will be judging each other to see if there’s a chance of taking things further into the lane of love. Here are a few things you have to avoid while figuring out what to wear on a first date.

Too fashionable or trashy

Now you may be sitting on the front row of every fashion week, but unless you’re dating a fashion designer, skip wearing anything that’s too flashy or fashionable. Wearing a bird on the head may be comfortable in sex and the city, it’s not in real life. And lady gaga doesn’t look pretty in those weird clothes being splashed on all the tabloids, so how much better can you look in real life?

Showing skin

Now we did say you should show off your assets, but that doesn’t mean you should flash skin. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or too fitting, or you may just end up making your date feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. It’s a first date, you have a lot of other dates and nights after dates to reveal skin. So play a clean game.

Overdose of makeup and jewelry

Deciding what to wear on a date isn’t just about clothes, it’s also about your makeup and your jewelry. In your haste to impress, try not to overdo your accessorizing and beautification. Wear a thin layer of makeup and keep the jewelry to a minimum. Over exaggerating style statements will only make your date break into a sweat.

Use these tips on what to wear on a date to help you make a great impression on that cutie. You are what you wear. So while trying to figure what to wear on a first date, remember to keep it comfortable, and keep it classy.

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