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Tantric Sex: The Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality

Tantric Sex

Use this guide to tantric sex to learn it all and experience the most explosive sexual experience that could awaken your hidden sexual energy.By Jana Snow

Sex is fun, but can you take it to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy and emotional connection?

Tantric sexuality can help you achieve all that, and it’s really not as confusing as most people think.

Ever wondered what tantric sex and tantric sexuality is all about?

When you make love with your partner, the union may perhaps last for a good half an hour or more.

But tantric sex can help you prolong the connection and increase sexual intimacy by a hundred fold if done the right way!

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What is tantric sexuality?

According to ancient Indian scriptures, the energy levels of a human body are controlled by nine chakras (wheels) that pass along a vertical straight line.

By activating and creating a connection with these chakras, you can experience happiness, get rid of pain and emotions, or control and enhance any human emotion that you have ever felt.

Today, science has proved the presence of these energy centers in the body, and is still trying to understand how it works.

Tantric sex is the art of activating these nine chakras during the sexual union of a man and a woman. By doing that, you can experience bliss beyond words and connect on a higher plane that’s beyond the realm of what our mind can understand.

Confusing? Yeah, let’s go straight to the sex then!

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Experiencing bliss through tantric sex

First of all, you need to give yourselves a few hours of free time with no phone calls or distractions. To create an explosive sexual connection, you need to be focused on each other and nothing else.

You can have tantric sex for an hour or prolong it for more than a day! It’s really up to you and your partner. To start off, indulge in tantric sex for an hour or two. You’d soon realize that two hours of sex is just too short once you’ve created a connection between each other in a realm that’s beyond the physical plane.

Understanding tantric sex

Tantric sex isn’t a dirty fetish or a little sex game of exhibitionism [Read: The beginner’s guide to exhibitionism and getting aroused by flashing]. It’s pure, clean and more delightful than falling in love for the first time. Tantric sexuality is an art that has to be learnt and mastered. It’s the meditation and awakening of the mind while indulging in sex. It’s pure LSD of the sexual kind. Here, we’ll just tell you how to go about it the first time. Explore and create your own connections, because passionate sex, just like our own minds, is as unique as a fingerprint.

Tantric sex – The beginning

Follow these steps, and take a break whenever you feel like it, whether it’s a cigarette break or to take a piss.

Setting the space

Set things in a manner that would please all your senses. Use fragrances like musk or sandalwood to stimulate your senses. Light candles and use a playlist of very soft ethnic music. Dress in loose clothing that can come off easily, like a sarong or a robe. Red is the color of fertility, and would be preferred over other colors. Choose aphrodisiacs like strawberries, oysters, or chocolates to feed each other while having tantric sex. [Read: 6 sexy ways to dress for sex and turn your partner on]

Choose a drink like a mild red wine so you can get drunk more on each other than on the drink.

Tantric sensuality and the awakening

Sit down cross legged or on your knees in front of each other. Relax and feel comfortable in the surrounding, once you’re past all the giggling and blushing.

Gaze into each other’s eyes in the soft candlelight, and prepare your partner by lightly moving your palm or fingertips all over your partner’s body to tingle and awaken the nerves. Tease your partner with long strokes throughout the length of the body, brushing close to the points of heightened sensation like the privates and the breast, without touching it. [Read: How to arrange your bedroom to turn it into an erotic sex bedroom]

Preparing yourself for tantric sex – The nine chakras

Once you’ve stroked each other for at least a few minutes, your nerve endings would have a heightened sense of touch. Now it’s time to activate the chakras in your body.

Face each other and sit very close, but don’t touch each other. Place your fingers on your own nipples and massage yourself in a spiraling motion while gazing at each other’s eyes (or the hands if you think staring is rude!). Massage yourself for nine deep, long breaths.

It’s the nine chakras we’re talking about, so the massaging should be done in multiples of nine as you move your hands downward. Move your fingers down to your ribs, and repeat the spiraling massage for 18 breaths, two times nine. Move your fingers down to the end of your ribs and repeat the motion and breathe slowly for 27 breaths, three times nine. Now move midway between the ribs and the navel, and repeat this for 36 breaths, four times nine. Now bring both the hands together just below the navel, and circulate the skin as you breathe for 45 slow breaths. Then massage midway between the navel and the pubic bone for 54 breaths. Then do the same just above the pubic bone for 63 breaths. Massage your privates for 72 breaths. Finally, massage just behind the genitals for 81 breaths. Now lie down beside each other, but don’t touch each other. [Read: How to arouse any girl and make her wet just by sitting next to her]

If you’re confused about where you have to massage yourself, don’t worry about it as long as you have nine points between your nipples and your last point of massage.

Awakening the kundalini

The kundalini is a sexual energy that rests within all of us like a coiled serpent. When you massage yourself and think of nothing but your carnal desires, your sexual energy would start to grow along with your desires.

To awaken your partner’s sexual energy, the woman should sit behind the man, closely in such a manner that the breast and the back touch each other. Repeat the massage in multiples of nine, but this time the woman does all the massaging first, followed by the man who sits behind the woman.

You can pause between steps to have a sip of wine or an aphrodisiac. Once you’re done massaging each other, lie down next to each other with the sides touching. [Read: How a man’s size matters to his woman according to the Kamasutra]

Heightening the arousal

Sit down with your backs touching each other and feel your buttocks touching each other’s. Place one hand on your heart, and the other on your privates and gently sway back and forth slowly, while taking deep, long breaths. Close your eyes and visualize the colors and think of nothing but your sexual desires.

After a while, you would start to feel a sexual awakening. If one of you try to sway faster in sexual excitement, the other partner should restrict the pace and maintain the same speed. Imagine sex and through your closed eyes, watch the colors form and fill you with sexual energy. [Read: The 5 senses of sex and how to awaken them]

At times, the sexual energy may be so intense, your eyes may start misting up or tearing, but don’t stop the motion. It only means you’ve awakened an intense sexual force you haven’t experienced before.

Now change from the to and fro motion to circular motions and rotate your waists in sync together. This requires practice and it’s better to slow down sooner than later at the initial stages. Lie down again, and rest awhile.

Merging the sexual energy

Face each other and sit down, preferably cross legged or on your knees, with your knees touching each other’s. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your privates and sway back and forth, looking into each other’s eyes.

Lean back on the in-breath and breathe out as you move forward. Do this calmly and slowly. Massage yourselves on the nipples as you begin to sway in harmony. Shift your gaze from your partner’s eyes to their privates, and shift your hand from your nipple to your partner’s shoulder.

As you do this, for the first time, your sexual energies would come in contact with each other. Continue moving to and fro with deep, long breaths as you feel the sexual energy come and go in waves.

Uniting in tantric sex

The woman now moves onto the man’s lap and sits down facing him. As both of you move together through the tantric connection, the man penetrates the woman while she sits on his lap and locks him in her thighs. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it!]

Now the woman puts the man’s right hand on her back between the shoulder blades, and his left hand supports the buttocks. The woman’s left hand goes between his shoulder blades and the right on his sacrum. This completes the path of sexual energy circulation between the man and the woman.

In this position, known as the Maithuna, the energy chakras are aligned, between the navel, the solar plexus, and the heart, and the energy flows through each other in a manner you would not have experienced before.

Gaze into each other’s eyes, and seal your lips together. Breathe into each other as you sway back and forth, and then connect your tongues. This connects your entire body, the mind and the soul. Let this swaying turn to rocking and finally into thrusting. [Read: 10 ways to kiss more passionately and romantically]

Climaxing into sexual bliss

As climax approaches, both of you should close your eyes and move your hands from between the shoulders to the top of the neck. You can pause each time you’re on the verge of orgasming, until you are ready to orgasm. As the waves of the orgasm begin shuddering into the very core of your body, clench your teeth and bring the sensation to your head, to a point near the top of your head, just over the scalp. Let go of your mind and be still as the waves of sexual union overpower you. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas to have a sexier relationship]

Ending the sexual union of tantric sex

Stay in the same position until both of you are back in the mundane world, and your breathing and heart rate comes back to normal. Gaze into each other’s right eye, stroking each other’s face, neck, and shoulders. Slowly, begin a tender disconnection. Lower your hands to the sides and gently, let the woman lift herself off the lap and sit down facing each other. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through in their relationship]

Bidding farewell to the sexual energy

According to Tantric sexual philosophy, physical union of humans is sacred and similar to the union of the force of heaven with the power of the earth. As you sit facing each other, touch each other at the knees. Place your right palms up on each other’s left knee. Feel the connection, and allow it to fade. Gently, let go of the physical connection and draw yourselves apart. Close your eyes and sit in your own space. Open your eyes when both of you are ready and thank each other for what you have shared. [Read: The biggest sexual fantasies for men and the top 10 sexual fantasies for women]

When you’re indulging in tantric sex, while the act itself is important, it’s the moments leading up to it which make it far more pleasurable. Practice tantric sex and tantric sexuality, connect with your partner and you’ll learn to enjoy sex like never before.

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5 thoughts on “Tantric Sex: The Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality”

  1. Rennie says:

    Great post, I wish more people would look into the truth behind tantric sex. This is a great way for people to ease their tension before sex. In my opinion Tantra in its essence is more about loving and sharing and connecting with each other and not just about climaxing!

    Although for some people tantric sex seems to make more sense on paper than it does in practice. I for one love this technique of sex, it

  2. Chas says:

    Tantric sex is by far the most mind blowing sex anyone can have. My wife is into receiving it but doesn’t know how to offer it. So, she sends me off from time to time to visit female tantric massage experts. We live in Asia so unlike the US where we are from, Tantra Massages are much more available to us at very affordable prices.

    The best ones were in India. They live and breath it it seems. Understand the fullness of the entire massage not rushing or missing anything. Singapore would be next but rather pricy it seems but they have had good education on the proper technics. Malaysia is next for us. They do their hardest to be as professional as they can be but at the same time will not enter your anus and only apply pressure from the outside. A Muslim thing. Last for my experiences would be a Tantra massage in Indonesia. A massage but not in the true trantric style. Just a massage. While they do enter your anus for direct prostrate stimulation, that is what you feel. Someone just sticking their finger up your butt and then giving you a handjob. Might as well just get a happy ending massage for half the cost. For the money, Malaysia is tops. India is the best but do charge more then Malaysia. After time in India, Malaysia, and Singapore one feels they have felt the heavens. Sometime I will experience China, Korea, and Japan. Gotta check them all out you know.

  3. Cameron says:

    Hello girlfriend and I want to have even better then we have now. I am massage therapist and have learned the basic of basic when it comes to engry and chakra work.

  4. mike says:

    love this info. how did you learn all this ? MY wife will bennifit from what I learn here

  5. John says:

    Really explanatory! Thank you! But I was a little confused about where exactly is meant by “massage behind the genitals.” Does that mean between the genitals and the anus?

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