Prude & Proud of It: 20 Signs You’re Prudish & Awkward About Sex

If talk of all things sexual, nakedness, and PDA are all like your kryptonite then you just might be a prude. It is okay, embrace your prudish side!

Prude prudish

Okay, so I still remember when I was in middle school *yep, that long ago* there was a word that was almost a curse word. Prude. So maybe it wasn’t as bad for girls as it was for boys. Being a prude meant you saved yourself for someone or that you were above it all. I used to think prudishness was something that was derogatory. Now I get it.

Being prudish means you hold onto your modesty and think it should be saved for someone who deserves it. So, guess what, being a prude doesn’t make you uncool or silly. It makes you thoughtful and worthy of more than the average person. So, congratulations to all you prudes out there, the joke is on everyone else.

20 signs you are a prude *and should be proud of it*

A prude is someone who doesn’t feel comfortable talking about sex, discussing crude or explicit things, and has a serious sense of modesty. Not a choice, there are just some people who don’t feel comfortable talking about things that you should be doing behind closed doors or in the privacy of your own home.

#1 You blush when you talk about anything sexually related. Someone who is a prude doesn’t want to hear your TMI. They really don’t even want to think about what they did the night before, less what you did.

A major sign you are a prude is when someone tells you about their sexual escapades, it is a scene you can’t get out of your head, and that is the worst thing ever. [Read: How being sexualized can make or break you]

#2 It makes you uncomfortable to talk about bodily functions. Being a prude isn’t just about sexual things, it involves all bodily things. If the mere talk about anything related to your bodily fluids, functions, or biology in general, makes you cringe, that might mean you are a prude.

#3 Nakedness is not your thing. It isn’t just that you don’t want to pose for Playboy, you don’t want to be naked when you are with someone or alone. Nakedness might be your birthday suit, but it isn’t something you ever want to show off to anyone, birthday or not. [Read: Shy getting naked? How to confidentially take it all off]

#4 You don’t want to hear about who sleeps with who, not your business. If you live your life under the guise of what happens in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom, then you are probably prudish.

But, the reality is that no one really wants to hear what you have to describe unless they are into that sort of thing. Being too self-disclosed makes ALMOST everyone uncomfortable.

#5 Talk of periods, masturbation, ejaculation, sloppy sex, and puberty makes you cringe. Again, there is no reason to talk about what we all go through. Been there, done that. My experience is mine, and I need not hear yours. We all go through the same growing pains. You keep it to yourself. I will keep mine to myself.

#6 In sex ed, you wanted to shrink and blow away. There was that one guy in the corner who had their hand up asking questions, because “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and then there was you.

Sex class likely traumatized you beyond repair. After twenty years, you still remember the embarrassment of wanting to shrink away.

#7 PDA is an acronym for please don’t act. “Hey get a room.” Yep, not only do public displays of affection make you uncomfortable, it makes you want to be nasty and tell them that there is a time and a place. And now is not the time or the place for what they are doing. [Read: Couples and PDA – Just how much is too much?]

#8 You think “bathroom humor” is a thing. If you leave a funny movie talking about how there was too much “bathroom humor,” that might make you a prude. Bathroom humor means bodily functions, and to you, there is nothing funny about it.

#9 You hate every Adam Sandler movie ever made. Well, that doesn’t just make you prudish, that makes you smart and not a man… Sorry guys, his movies are infantile and stupid, but that is why a prude isn’t interested.

#10 Clothes aren’t meant to be tight, too short, or too low cut. If clothes were meant to be the same as nakedness, then they might as well be made of plastic wrap. Clothes are supposed to make nakedness a surprise, not let the cat out of the bag.

#11 You aren’t a third date person, more like a ten-date person. If you think that someone should save intimate moments for people they know, and modesty is the best policy when it comes to sex. It not only makes you prudish, it makes you right.

If you want to build a relationship that lasts past the first couple of months, then you should save yourself at least until the third date and maybe even much longer. [Read: Third date rule – What it is and 10 reasons why it works so well]

#12 Touchy feely is just not attractive to you. You aren’t the person walking through the mall with your hand in your partner’s pocket and theirs in yours. Being touchy feely feels more like an octopus attack than anything enjoyable. Keep your hands to yourself unless I tell you I want them on me.

#13 You think the new generation is too sexual, even though you are a part of it. The old definition of prude still applies, it is just that you fight a bigger tide. Selfies, sending naked pictures, and nudity all go without thought.

If you feel people go too far with social media, you’re probably right.

#14 You totally judge people by what they wear and say. You totally can judge a book by its cover. Whoever made that up was completely negating the fact that what you put on your body does define you and what type of person you are. Sorry, it is just a fact, not discriminatory. [Read: Do some women deserve the label of a THOT?]

#15 You always choose the nonexplicit version. Why anyone would want to hear all those swear words is totally beyond you. The nonexplicit version is just as catchy without all the nasty language that ruins it all.

#16 You think R-rated is more like X. You think twice about going to PG13, R is outrageous, and X… well, that is totally unacceptable. PG13 is the new R, but society has changed, and the movie industry keeps pushing the proverbial prude envelope.

#17 If someone asks you about something too personal you don’t have a problem not answering. You have no problem letting someone know they are invading your personal space, your personal comfort zone, or being too inquisitive about things that aren’t their business. No means no.

#18 When things get a little too “open” you are out the door. Whether you are at a party or just at someone’s house, if things get a little too much and open, you are the first out the door on your way home. If it makes you feel uneasy, you look for the exit sign.

#19 When someone moves too fast, it turns you off. You think someone is totally hot until they are too pushy and then they are totally not. But, someone who is after you only for that portion of what you have, isn’t going to make for a long-term mate. [Read: How to keep from moving too fast in a new relationship]

#20 You hate even the sound of sexual terms. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, if it just sounds like it has the potential to be, then you don’t want to hear it.

[Read: 5 hateful words we should stop using]

Being a prude is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a lost art and something to embrace, not something that can always be taught. But if you are prudish, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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