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The Perfect Romantic Kiss: How to Leave Anyone Weak in the Knees

Giving a romantic kiss is more than just puckering up, it’s about the mood! Here are the essentials for creating the perfect romantic kiss.

Romantic Kiss

Kisses are funny things. Not ha-ha funny, but awe-inspiringly funny when done right. How is it that a kiss can leave you feeling absolutely nothing, while a romantic kiss can leave you breathless, overwhelmed, and absolutely thrilled all in one smooch?

There are plenty of reasons to master the art of puckering up. Kissing a partner creates sexual tension, builds an emotional connection, and some say it can even make sex feel better. With that logic, who wouldn’t want to master the art?

If you haven’t yet experienced the perfect romantic kiss, then you’re obviously not sending the right signals. Here are some much-needed tips for how to give the perfect movie-worthy romantic kiss.

Movies scenes to inspire the perfect romantic kiss

Looking for a little inspiration for how to give a romantic kiss? We’ve compiled the four most iconic kiss scenes from movies for you to watch and learn from. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

#1 The Notebook. The Notebook is a new age classic love story. Long-ago lovers Noah and Allie row across a river and get stuck in a massive rainstorm. When docking, they begin arguing over why they’d broken up as teenagers.

Allie demands to know why he never wrote her, and the whole scene finishes off with Noah yelling, “It wasn’t over… it still isn’t over!” and dramatically kissing her in the rain. The passion between these characters makes this romantic kiss a must-mimic.

#2 Titanic. The “I’m Flying” scene from Titanic is probably one of the most iconic romantic kiss scenes of all time. Rose meets Jack on the bow of the Titanic where they share their first kiss. What makes it romantic? The sprawling pink sunset in the background mixed with the way he holds her waist and their arms fold into one another as they kiss. This scene is movie-mush heaven.

#3 Ghost. In this scene, Demi Moore is working her pottery in the best way possible. Patrick Swayze comes in to lend a helping hand. He comes up behind her and the two of them have a somewhat sexual clay session together. Their fingers intertwine and suddenly they’re enveloped in a very sexy, very romantic kiss. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

#4 Spiderman (2002). Ah, the upside down kiss. This scene follows Spiderman as he rescues Mary Jane from a gang of men. After the rescue, Spiderman dangles upside down from a building, and his heroine approaches. She unfolds the bottom of his mask and kisses his upside down mouth as rain pours over both of them. This kiss is both romantic and sexy.

Movies about teenage lovers reunited, a sinking ship, a ghost, and a superhero don’t seem to have much in common. So what makes these movies stand out? Their romantic kisses. The stories may be different, but these movie kiss scenes have one thing in common: passion. Each of these characters are wildly passionate about each other, and you can feel it when they kiss.

Tips to make you a smooching pro

If you want to give a romantic kiss, then you’re going to need some pointers. Here’s what you need to know for giving the best kiss ever. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and turn him on]

#1 Eye contact. If you usually kiss with your eyes closed, you’re going to love the alternative. Keeping eye contact during a kiss or in-between little kisses creates a vulnerability shared between the two of you that creates a rush of excitement.

#2 Take it slowly. Nerves have a way of ruining things that should be fun and sexy – like kissing, for example. When you get nervous, you may want to rush through the kiss and end up more wet and sloppy than cool and sexy. Don’t rush your kiss. Going in slowly will help you get your bearings, relax, and create a sensual moment for your partner.

#3 Set the scene. Two of the four iconic movie kisses were set in the rain. Another was during pottery, and another was on a giant ship with a beautiful sunset in the background. The key? Surroundings can make a moment, so pay attention to them!

It may be a smidge cold, but kissing in the rain is one of the most romantic settings you can have. Other great settings include on a woodsy hike, in a garden, after you say “I love you,” under the stars, or in front of a big glowing fire. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing]

#4 Tease your partner. Teasing your partner while you kiss can make things very romantic. Tease your lover between kisses by biting their lips, ghosting your breath across their mouth, and flicking your tongue across their teeth.

#5 Not too much tongue. “He practically choked me with his big cow tongue,” said a friend of mine after the guy she was crushing on finally gave her a much sought-after kiss. Let’s face it, too much of a good thing equals… well, a terrible thing.

You’re not 16 anymore. There is no need to swirl your tongues around one another like little tornadoes wondering what the hell you’re doing. Unless you’re giving gentle flicks of the tongue against theirs, keep it in your mouth. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

#6 Stray from the mouth. A truly romantic kiss isn’t going to stay put on the lips. Stimulate other erogenous zones, and amplify your session by allowing your mouth to wander to your partner’s neck, ears, and collarbone. This will help your partner feel secure and enveloped by your passion.

#7 Good breath. If you know you’re going to be romancing your partner later, stay away from foods that repeat on you. Onions, garlic… we’re lookin’ at you. That onion-filled shawarma was great for lunch, but that doesn’t mean your partner wants to taste it later. Good breath is essential for romantic kissing. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss more memorable]

If the mood allows, freshen your breath before you go in for the kiss. That means brushing your teeth. If the moment is too spontaneous for brushing, keep fresh breath strips in your pocket, and dissolve one on your tongue beforehand.

#8 Stimulate the senses. Make your moment a romantic one by letting out a moan of pleasure as you kiss. Let your breaths sound out and allow your hands to wander. Cup your lover’s face in your hands while you kiss or whisper sweet nothings in between pecks to really amplify the moment.

[Read: 15 sexy moves to tongue kiss and arouse your date in seconds]

Sure, every kiss doesn’t have to involve fireworks and romance, but why not spoil your lover every once in a while? Creating the perfect romantic kiss is going to mean the world to your mate, and it helps build sexual chemistry. So what are you waiting for? Pucker up!

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