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How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back

Wondering how you can get your crush to notice you? Use these tips here, and you’ll even be able to get your crush to like you back within a few days!

get your crush to notice you and like you

Crushes and infatuations are a part of life.

All of us experience them all the time.

Sometimes, it’s just a little crush that lasts a few minutes after a fleeting glimpse on the street.

And at other times, it’s a bigger crush that stays in your heart for several months, especially if you work or study together.

Getting a crush on someone or falling for them is the easy part.

But getting their attention and making them fall for you?

Well, that’s definitely tricky.

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How to get a crush to notice you

Just catching a glimpse of your crush could make your day.

And glancing at them or making eye contact with them on a Friday evening can make you float through the entire weekend!

But as high and exciting as getting a crush to notice you can feel, the idea of being neglected by them can feel just as low and painful.

And it’s always better to reveal your feelings for them instead of bottling it up. [Read: The difference between a crush and limerence]

The first step – Getting your crush to notice you

The thought of approaching your crush and revealing you like them may push your heart up to your mouth. But it’s still something you need to do. After all, it’s the only way out of the misery of one sided love.

But then again, don’t just walk up to your crush out of the blue and tell them you like them. That may not always work either!

Most people make the big mistake of pouring their heart out to their crush without really planning it right. Love too, just like life, is all about building the right foundation. If you really want your crush to notice you and like you back, you need to plan your way into their heart first!

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The 5 big mistakes to avoid when your crush is around

If you have a crush on someone right now, make sure you remember these 5 mistakes most people do. And avoid it!

#1 Don’t tell them you like them. If you have a crush on someone and you don’t see this person reciprocating just yet, don’t make it obvious that you’ve fallen for them already. If your crush knows you like them and they don’t even know you, their ego will swell and they’ll take you for granted. And they won’t care about you!

#2 Don’t be too easy. Don’t trail your crush or behave like you’re always around to do their bidding. Instead of being easily available all the time, play hard to get. When you play hard to get and still tease your crush by being mysterious, they’d want your attention badly.

#3 Don’t stalk your crush. The thought of walking behind your crush or watching their every move every single day could seem enticing. But if you do want to date your crush at some point of time, avoid stalking them. And even if you do stalk your crush, don’t make it obvious to them. [Read: A true love story of stalking a crush and the failure it brings]

#4 Don’t keep looking at your crush. It’ll only make your crush take you for granted. Get your crush to look at you instead, and make them believe that they’re the ones initiating eye contact and they’re the ones falling for you!

#5 Don’t be idle around your crush. Don’t appear like you have nothing better to do than drool at your crush when they’re around. If you’re pretending to be the lonely vampire who likes being all alone and mysterious, it may work in your favor. But if you’re just being a normal guy or girl, it’s always better to appear like you have a life.

The three stages of getting a crush to like you

Getting a crush to notice you can seem like a big task. And getting them to fall in love with you? Well, that seems difficult right now, wouldn’t you say?

But the truth is, it’s extremely easy to get a crush to notice you, and even fall hard for you! All you need to learn is the art of playing it cool, while building the chemistry at the same time. Here are three stages you need to keep in mind if you want your crush to like you. [Read: 10 important dating tips to make dating work in your favor!]

#1 Get their attention. The first thing you need to do is get your crush to notice you, and think of you in positive light. If your crush thinks you’re interesting every time they notice you, you’ve won more than half the battle already.

#2 Build the chemistry. Once you’ve caught the fancy of your crush, you need to start working on making them desire you. You don’t need to tell your crush that you like them at any point of time. All you need to do is psychologically convince your crush that they are the one who’s falling for you instead!

#3 Initiate a conversation. If you plan the first two stages right and follow the steps mentioned here to the tee, the last thing you need to do is initiate the conversation. And believe me, that’ll be as simple as snapping your fingers!

STAGE 1 – 8 ways to get your crush’s attention

If you have a crush on someone, the first thing you need to do is win their attention. Make them believe you’re a catch, and the rest will follow.

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#1 The world revolves around you. If you want to get your crush’s attention, let them see that the world revolves around you! Appear popular. Be noisy, laugh out loud, and be the center of attention among your friends when your crush is around. Show your crush that you have a life and you’re living it.

#2 Fleeting glances. Exchange fleeting glances with your crush when you’re busy with your own friends. Don’t stare too hard or try too hard to catch their eye. Make it appear like you just noticed them and stare at them only for a fraction of a second at least the first few times. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work!]

#3 Show off what you’re good at. If you want to get your crush to notice you and like you, you have to find a way to make them feel awed by you. If you have any qualities that are worth showing off or displaying discreetly, make sure you flaunt it. [Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly]

#4 Show off your kind side. Don’t be cocky or arrogant while trying to catch your crush’s attention. Meanness is a trait both genders dislike to see in a prospective mate. If your crush assumes you’re mean, you’d lose a big chance of dating them. Be helpful to people, and be friendly, especially when your crush is around.

#5 Be a happy person. Be cheerful when they’re around. Popular people are always happy and they’re the life of every party and get-together. Laugh a lot, have fun with your friends and always have a smile on your face. [Read: The secret to attracting guys in a way they can’t resist!]

#6 Smell great. You need to leave your fragrance lingering in the air each time you walk past them. Remember, these little details may not seem like much, but they play a big part in subtly attracting your crush. You could even carry a small bottle of perfume in your bag, and discreetly spray it around your shoulders or over your hair if you know you’d be bumping into your crush soon.

#7 Look good around your crush. Well dressed people who groom themselves always stick out of the crowd like a happy sore thumb. And that’s a good thing. Work out, look fit and try to look your attractive best, especially when you know you’d bump into your crush. Every time you get an appreciative glance from your crush, the bigger the odds are that they’ll like you back. [Read: 10 sexy tips to look attractive while trying to get your crush’s attention]

#8 Look approachable. Stressful and awkward situations bring out the worst in us. Do you stiffen up or act aloof when your crush enters the same room, just to pretend like you’re calm and composed? This may happen involuntarily, but don’t stiffen up or go quiet in front of your crush. Smile, be fun and appear approachable. It’ll make your crush want to get to know a fun and happy person like you.

STAGE 2 – 6 ways to build chemistry and get your crush to like you

If you’ve used the tips to get your crush’s attention, your crush would definitely have taken notice of you. And in a good way too!

Now you need to focus on building the chemistry, and psychologically convince them to believe that they’re the one who’s actually getting a crush on you!

#1 Smile to yourself. Stare discreetly at your crush for less than a second and look away as soon as you catch their eye. And just smile to yourself and get busy doing something. Don’t stretch your smile into a big grin, instead smile just a little bit like you had a funny thought.

Smiling too hard makes it seem like you’re really excited to catch your crush’s eye, and that’s never good. You just need to build the chemistry, not make it obvious that you’re head over heels in love!

#2 Gather your information. Get to know your crush better. It’s always exciting and fun to dig information about a crush, so go and do just that. Ask a common friend about your crush without making it obvious that you’ve got something on your mind.

Get the little details that matter, like what your crush likes and dislikes, what they do over the weekend, or whether they like or dislike smokers, etc. It always helps when you know what works and doesn’t work while impressing someone.

#3 Brush your crush up. Walk past your crush when both of you meet paths, and *accidentally* brush your shoulder gently while walking past them. Just make sure you’re not being obvious or you’ll come off as a very creepy person. [Read: 30 not-so-obvious and sexy flirty ways to get your crush to fall for you]

#4 Use your P’s and Q’s. The best way to arouse a crush’s curiosity and make them fall for you is by making yourself seem approachable, and yet walking away before they can do anything about it.

If you’re walking past your crush, squeeze through near them and say “excuse me” and walk past them. And as you cross your crush, look straight into their eyes and smile just a little bit. And after walking past, turn around, say “thank you” and walk away. You’ll drive your crush crazy, and make them want to trail you and talk to you!

#5 Stare at your crush. At this point of time, you need to make eye contact with your crush, and hold the gaze for longer than a second. You’ve built enough sexual chemistry to take this further. Stare at your crush for a second or two, and look away. Do that often as long as your crush is trying to look at you too. If your crush is busy or isn’t reciprocating, don’t try to catch their eye or you’ll just end up losing all the chemistry you’ve built up.

#6 Play a secret game. You want your crush fall hard for you, but your intention isn’t to make them realize you like them like crazy already. Avoid staring at your crush in front of their friends. By staring at your crush when everyone’s watching, you’d be making it obvious to the world that you want to catch your crush’s eye. And once your crush’s friends see you trying to make eye contact, you’ll make the staring game seem one sided.

Always be discreet when you have to make eye contact. The eye contact game has to feel like a secret thing going on between you and your crush, and no one should realize it other than your crush. [Read: The dating girl code all girls need to know]

#7 Spread the word just a little. Talk to a common friend about your crush. Casually tell this friend that you find this guy or girl rather interesting. If this common friend of yours tries to prod you or dig further, tell your friend you notice this person *your crush* stare at you often, and you think they like you!

Your friend would definitely tease your crush about it, and tell your crush that you were interested in knowing more about them.

And by doing this, you’re just turning the whole game around. You can actually make your crush believe that they’re the one who’s falling for you, and not the other way around. And before you know it, you can turn a one-sided crush into an infatuation from both sides!

Use these tips on how to get a crush to notice you, and even before you realize it, your crush would have fallen hard for you and would have started to like you back. Now all you need is the right way to initiate a conversation with your crush. Read this next part on how to talk to your crush and you’d be able to do just that in no time.

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