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The Big List of Must-Know Sexy Pick Up Lines All Guys Should Know

Words play a big part in attraction. If you want to knock her off her feet, you should know the right things to say with these sexy pick up lines.

Sexy Pick Up Lines All Guys Should Know

Sexy pick up lines always get a bad rap for being cheesy and corny. But let’s be honest, almost every first line you hear is a pick up line. Even if it’s just a “hello.”

When we see someone we like, the first thing we think is, wow, they’re amazing. Now, the next step is to try to translate those thoughts into words. You want to break the ice, make your way in so you can ask them out.

In my day, I’ve heard some of the worst pick up lines, ones that even included card and magic tricks. And let’s just say, those never go too well. Unfortunately, they had to learn the hard way.

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16 sexy pick up lines that work

But you don’t need to follow their unsexy path. It’s time you learned the right sexy pick up lines. The ones that will give you actual results. There’s nothing worse than using a bad pick up line—literally nothing worse.

So, I’m here to help you and put you on the right path. These sexy pick up lines will actually do you some justice out in the dating world. It’s not easy being single and trying to find a partner, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here are the 16 pick up lines for you to use that will work. Words matter, know the right ones.

#1 Am I the only one who gets lost in your eyes? She’ll have a good answer for you if she’s into you. Say this line with a smile, and she’ll definitely have a laugh. [Read: How to impress a girl – 15 atypical secrets every guy should know]

#2 I tried not to have feelings for you, but I clearly failed. What can you do? The heart wants what the heart wants. You tried your best, right? Now, the only thing you can do is give in to your emotions.

#3 You are the hottest thing since sunburn. If it’s summer, then you should definitely try out this line. It’s a little cheesy, but it can work well under the right circumstances. You just need to be confident when using it. [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh, and like you instantly]

#4 Your lips are stunning. Would they like to meet mine? If you share chemistry and eye contact all night, this is a great line to use. She may say yes, she may say no. You just need to find out what the answer is.

#5 I was feeling a little off today, but the moment I saw you, I was turned on. This is a sweet line and one you should try out. She may blush, she may laugh sweetly, but the point is you broke the ice.

#6 What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine? Use this line only if you have developed a connection. If you have been exchanging looks all night or dancing together, try it out. If not, I would avoid being that forward. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#7 We haven’t met before because if we did, I would have remembered a face like yours. This is a pretty safe line, and you can use it almost everywhere. Whether it’s on the street, at the bar, or at school, it’s a line you can use wherever you are.

#8 Does it mean we’re married now? I’ve had this line used on me, and I had a pretty good laugh. When you’re using a pick up line, you want the other person to laugh. These lines don’t need to be taken seriously; it’s just a way to break the ice.

#9 I’m no photographer, but I totally picture us together. If you have a phone on you, take it out and take a selfie with her. If she likes you, she’ll give you her contact details so you can send her the picture. You knock two birds with one stone. [Read: How to win a girl over with your charm]

#10 There are no words to even describe how beautiful you are. There are some people you can’t take your eyes off of. If she’s stunning, you don’t need to keep it locked inside of you. Let her know how you feel with this line.

#11 I’d love to find out if you’re a good cuddler. If you have been flirting heavily and she’s hinting to you that she wants something more, try out this line. If she’s into you, expect a witty and positive response back.

#12 Are you busy tonight? Well, is she? If you want to take things to the next level, you need to let her know. You need to use this line properly, if not, you can come off as pushy. But if you master this line, you’ll land yourself a lot of dates. [Read: 19 signs she wants the D and wants you to take her home]

#13 Do you have a name or can I call you mine? Sure, this one can be seen as being a little cheesy, but it’s a cute line that will make most people giggle. And who knows what the answer is going to be.

#14 Let me make you brunch. This is a little more forward, but if you think you can pull it off, use it. Not only are you asking her out, but you’re saying that you want something more.

#15 You’re the reason why men fall in love. If she looks like a heartbreaker, there’s a reason why. This line will definitely have her blushing. Everyone likes to have their ego stroked, and that’s what you’re doing with this line. [Read: How to set yourself apart from the herd and pickup girls]

#16 Falling for you would be a short trip. There are just some people that you fall for in an instance. If she’s someone that you fell for, let her know.

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Drop the cheesy! You need sexy pick up lines that are actually going to work. Try these out the next time you look to woo her.

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