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How to Hit on Girls: 15 Things Men Need to Know to Be Successful

Picking up a woman and taking her home is no simple task – believe me. But if you know how to hit on girls the right way, it’s made a lot easier.

how to hit on girls

Girls are a lot smarter than most guys want to believe. Many think if they just walk up to a woman, tell her she’s pretty, and drop a cheesy pickup line that she’ll go home with him. But that’s not how to hit on girls if you really want to take one home.

We get how nerve-racking it can be to approach a girl and try to get her to give you the time of day. You fear rejection and looking like an idiot. But there are ways to hit on girls that will make your efforts a lot more successful.

Types of men women will never go home with

There are absolutely certain “types” of men that women avoid. And by avoid, I mean we leave the establishment just because they walk in. Those types are the creeps and the egotistical ass holes.

Women can basically smell a creeper a mile away. If you walk in and immediately start scanning all the women in the room and even start staring at a few, it’s really creepy and yes, we notice. The same goes for the ass holes. When you walk in with your nose in the air and act like you’re above everyone else, women will never go home with you – no matter how many of these tips you use. [Read: 10 creepy guy types all girls avoid]

How to hit on girls successfully

It’s really not rocket science. However, there are many things guys should be doing that they’re just not. You can’t expect every woman to be blown away by a little pickup line and an overused compliment. [Read: How to approach women – 15 tips you absolutely need to know]

These tips on how to hit on girls will definitely be helpful in your efforts to take a pretty lady home. Just remember that every woman is different, so you may have to find what works for the specific lady you have your eye on.

One trick to remember is that it’s less about hitting on the girl and more about opening her up to accept your advances.

#1 Make her feel special. If there’s one thing all girls like, it’s to feel special. We like thinking we’re the one who caught your eye and if you let us know that, it’ll up your chances of bringing us home. That being said, it still has to be honest. So give a girl lots of attention and let her know you’re only captivated by her. [Read: 14 small ways to make a girl feel special]

#2 Buy her a drink. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many guys mess this up. All you have to do is buy her a drink and make sure she knows you got it for her. This is usually enough to make a girl come up to you. If she doesn’t, simply approach her and ask how the drink was. Easy as that.

#3 Find something interesting to talk about right away. A lot of girls would rather talk about things they find interesting than talk about the weather. Therefore, if you approach her and mention the band on her t-shirt or something important going on in the world, she’ll be more likely to listen and respond. [Read: Interesting and easy conversation starters when talking to a girl]

#4 Simply introduce yourself. I can’t tell you enough how much women appreciate an honest approach. If you just walk up to a girl and shake her hand while telling her your name, she’ll feel better about spending time with you. That’s how to hit on girls and be successful. Just give her your name.

#5 Embarrass her – a little. We all remember teasing our crushes back when we were younger, right? Well, take that idea and apply it to adulthood. Embarrass her a little and tease her for something silly. She’ll feel defensive – in a good way. This allows you to scoot in close and strike up a conversation.

#6 Make her laugh. If you can make a girl laugh, you’re already in her good graces. If you’re funny and easy going, she’ll feel more at ease with you. This definitely ups your chances of taking her home. When a woman can laugh freely around you, she’ll trust you easier. [Read: How to make a girl laugh and like you instantly]

#7 Embarrass yourself. Instead of embarrassing her, just embarrass yourself. There are so many ways to do this. You can trip in front of her on purpose or even just spill your drink. Making yourself look bad will not only win her pity, but her nurturing nature will make her want to help you.

#8 Approach her while she’s alone. Knowing how to hit on girls is also knowing when you should leave her the hell alone. Approaching a girl in a large group is always a no-go. Most likely, she’s out with her girlfriends for the purpose of having fun. If you see a woman who’s with fewer friends or even by herself, she’s more likely to be out to find someone. [Read: What’s on her mind when you approach a girl in a club?]

#9 Bring a wingman – just don’t make it obvious. If you and a friend approach a girl, she’ll be more likely to talk to you. Why? Because she won’t feel like you’re trying to take her home because you have a friend with you.

Most women will assume you’re just having random conversation and she’ll open up to you. That’s when your wingman can take action and make you look good. [Read: How to choose the perfect wingman while meeting women]

#10 Show her you’re a good time and invite her to join. Before you even begin to hit on girls, have fun. And make sure they all see you having fun. When you show a woman how much fun you can be and what you have to offer, she’ll want to get in on that fun. Therefore, she may just walk up to you and start hitting on you. If not, she’ll be accepting of your advances on her.

What not to do

As much as I can tell you what you should be doing to pick up a girl, you should also know what not to do. Knowing how to hit on girls also includes knowing what to avoid.

#1 Don’t drop a cheesy pickup line. Some pickup lines work, but most of them don’t. Using a really old and known line on her will most likely result in an eye roll. She’ll turn away and not even give you a second look.

#2 Don’t try too hard. If you get rejected and you keep coming back trying harder and harder, it’s not endearing like you may think. It’s annoying. Don’t try too hard to pick up women. If it doesn’t feel natural to you, you’re doing too much. [Read: Approach anxiety – 16 ways to overcome it in a few days]

#3 Avoid using pet names. Calling a girl “baby” or “sweetheart” before you even know her real name will NOT help you bring her home. It’ll do the opposite. She’ll be creeped out and even repulsed by those names. So just don’t.

#4 DO NOT BOAST ABOUT MONEY. This is in all caps for a reason. Men think women flock to them if they flash a pretty penny. But it’s actually really douchey of you and we’ll ignore it. Actually, we’ll avoid you altogether.

#5 Don’t go from girl to girl in the same place. Girls are very aware of which guys are hitting on everyone. We watch you. So if we see you fail with another girl and then approach us, we’ll walk away before you get there. Why? Because we don’t want to be anyone’s second, third, or even last choice.

[Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

Knowing how to hit on girls is something many men think they know how to do when in reality, they’re clueless. These tips will actually help you successfully pick up a girl and bring her home.

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