10 Creepy Guy Types You Need to Avoid Talking To

creepy guy

Creepy guys are all around us. But what makes a creepy guy so creepy and what are the types of creepy men you need to avoid? Find out here.

Many guys can be creepy for a lot of reasons.

Some guys are creepy because they smile like Brad Pitt but look nothing like him.

Some guys are creepy because they laugh like they’ve been living in a horror flick.

Some guys are creepy because they smell like bad sex.

And other creepy guys are creepy for a lot of other creepy reasons.

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What makes a guy creepy?

Sometimes, even the nicest of guys can turn out to be creepy guys.

After all, creepy is subjective and what may seem desirable to one girl can seem creepy to another.

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But we’ve all been there.

You’re walking on a street and bump into an annoying guy or are introduced to a guy you just can’t shake off. And they’re all creepy in their own ways.

But what makes a guy creepy really?

Almost all the time, it’s an unexplainable feeling of discomfort and awkwardness. You can’t really explain it, but you feel miserable spending time with this person.

But what’s the easiest way to define a creepy guy? Well, a creepy guy is anyone who shows interest in a girl when the girl doesn’t fancy him back at all.

It’s not fair to most guys, but if a guy can’t take a hint that you don’t like him, you have a right to brand him as your personal creepy guy. [Read: How to be just friends when he wants more]

10 creepy guys you definitely need to avoid

There are some mildly creepy guys, and then we have the scary creepy guys. If you’re attracting the attention of a guy you don’t like, and he exhibits any of these 10 creepy guy signs, it’s time for you to back away and keep him away from you.

#1 The boob staring creepy guy. This is the guy who can’t help staring down your cleavage all the time. He thinks he’s too smart to get caught staring down your tee, but he gets caught anyway. And no matter how many times you catch him, nothing stops him from trying to stare at your breasts.

He’s a creepy guy with lust on his mind. If an unfanciable guy constantly stares you up and down like he wants to eat you, he’s definitely a creepy guy you need to avoid. [Read: Why do guys like breasts like crazy?]

#2 The touchy feely creepy guy. This is the creepy guy that can gross you out. He’s extremely touchy even when you don’t reciprocate his moves. He uses any excuse to touch you or, gasp, hug you! He holds your hand for no reason and runs his hand along your back until you bend your back like a contortionist and duck away from his side.

He’s the guy who may eventually reach his hands out to the front of your shirt in the heat of the moment. If a guy touches you and the hair on your hands start to stand, he’s definitely the touchy feely creepy guy.

#3 The personal space creepy guy. Do you have a friend or a colleague who just doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space? If you know a guy who stands so close to you that you can smell yesterday’s breakfast on his breath, he’s definitely a creepy guy that needs to be avoided.

He doesn’t understand social etiquette and he’s definitely getting close to you for a reason. Better push him away before he thinks you enjoy the intermingling of both your personal spaces. [Read: The 7 stages of love for men]

#4 The dirty talking creepy guy. Do you know a guy who thinks he’s a smooth dirty talker when he’s definitely not? If a guy talks about your visible bra strap or how sexy your ass looks today even when you tell him off, he’s a creepy guy you need to avoid.

He may assume that both of you are actually exchanging fun, sexy conversations with each other. What’s next, he may want to have sex with you!

#5 The rich boastful creepy guy. Well, what do you say about this one? He’s rich, but he’s completely obnoxious. He boasts and brags, and think all women must strip down and bow before him and his riches. If a braggart of a rich guy hits on you, and you don’t like him back, walk away from him before he starts wooing you and embarrassing you all the time. [Read: Are insecure guys ever worth dating?]

#6 The creepy fetish guy. Have you ever dated a guy who seems to have a lot of crazy fetishes? Unless you share his interests or are deeply in love with him already, end any relationships with crazy fetish guys who go overboard with their fetishes.

#7 The creepy stalker guy. Has a guy professed his undying love for you recently? Does he now spend all his time following you around town no matter where you are? The creepy stalker guy is the guy who thinks he’s being cool and persuasive by trailing you everywhere. Avoid him, don’t give him any attention and try to give him the slip.

#8 The older creepy guy. Does your dad’s friend hit on you? Old creepy guys are the weirdest of the lot! They’re socially cuckoo and desperate for attention from young perky people. They assume younger girls are easier to get, because they can’t ever get a date with women their own age. If you have an older friend who tries to behave like a touchy feely creepy guy, he’s surely an older creepy guy you need to get away from.

#9 The staring creepy guy. Do you exchange glances with interesting guys at a coffee shop? Then you’ve definitely meet Mr. Staring Creepy Guy. He’s the guy who drops everything else and stares at you with a vengeance. He stares hard, with an eye watering lingering gaze that stretches into an eerie smile each time you look at him. [Read: What kind of men stare at women?]

#10 The loving creepy guy. He’s obsessed with you, and no matter what you say, he just thinks you’re playing hard to get. This is romantic nightmare, and he’d do anything to try and win your attention and your love. There’s not much you can do to get him off your back because he just won’t believe you don’t love him back. The only thing you can do with this creepy guy is play nice. [Read: How to reject a guy you don’t like by being nice]

What’s your worst kind of creepy guy? What is your worst creepy guy experience? As much as creepy guys scare us, they’re still funny to hear about!

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Sophia Strutt
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126 thoughts on “10 Creepy Guy Types You Need to Avoid Talking To”

  1. JBarros says:

    Lol funny article I have to agree with you on this.

    It’s all about a guy balancing and being congruent else he looks like a creep. I guess the problem is now in days a guy will read some article saying that women likes when a guy does this or that but then they don’t know how to balance it. Besides sure there is always those who are naturally pervs haha.

  2. tiff says:

    can’t forget the socially awkward oversensitive creepy guy. i’ve gotten those before. i guess he’d be a mixture of the Stalker or the Loving type but just won’t admit it. Everytime he’d see me even socializing with a male colleague on a professional level, he’d get jealous and try to interrupt the conversation or i’d see him standing a few yards away with tears welling up in his eyes.

  3. Stephyk94 says:

    I have a friend who is the creepiest guy I wish my best friend had never introduced me to him. He is extremely clingy and just way to creepy. He is obsessed with the Hostel horror films and he is extremely jealous of my boyfriend. He thinks that me and my best friend are ‘his’ girls and thinks that we have to be with him all the time. Ever since I got together with my boyfriend he has become even more clingy and it has gotten so bad that he is trying to touch my best friend in places and it angers me so much that he is doing this. I just wish he was never in my life anymore.

  4. mrjjackyt says:

    I think this whole article is an injustice. I’m a guy here and girls need to know that 99% of the time that a guy acts creepy, it ISN’T intentional. Another thing is that a lot of girls just assume that the guy knows he’s being a creep. Again, 99% of the time he doesn’t. Just this past spring I had an experience with creeping a girl out and I had absolutely no idea that I was doing this until her friend sent me a nasty message on Facebook saying that I had better back off. I messaged the actual girl back saying that I wasn’t doing it on purpose and that she should have said something sooner so that I could have stopped sooner. I never had any good way to talk to her in class and I had to do it at the most awkward times. She caught my eye on the first day of school with her fun loving personality, and ALL I wanted to do is to get to know her better. Now I’ve been feeling terrible ever since. Just recently I found out that she has told a large amount of people in my school that I am a “HUGE creep and a stalker”. I may have creeped her out, and I accept that, but she has absolutely NO right to try and destroy my reputation with an honest mistake that I made. With this message, I’m not saying that girls are wrong about being so defensive over guys being creepy, far from it, but sometimes there’s more to the story than what meets the eye. There’s no doubt that there are some messed up guys out there who creep girls out on purpose, but they should not have to ruin it for the rest of us.

  5. Holly says:

    I’ve been bugged by most of these types of creepers. The worst thing is that I’m asexual, so that seems to make me extra desirable.

  6. Vicki says:

    In Kindergarten there was a socially awkward boy in my class that I tried to avoid and I did my best to make it clear I didn’t like him without being mean. When I was student of the week and everyone was saying nice things about me to be written on the board his comment was “I love Vicki” when everyone knew I didn’t like him (everyone, including myself, knew he was going to say it too). One day when the teacher left the room for a few minutes he cornered me against the wall and was about to kiss me. Luckily, one of the boys I was friendly with saved me and went to fetch the teacher.

    Actually, that probably explains a lot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of this Article? I understand that it’s an opinion article but whats the point of it? Are you trying to inform the readers about universally creepy guys. Hate to break it to ya.. But most of it is no brainers..
    Are the readers like “Oh so I shouldn’t be talking to that guy who is trying to grab my boobs?” Or “Oh I shouldn’t be talking to that guy who is staring at me like hes going to murder me?” Seriously do you really think women are that brain dead?


  8. Ed says:

    It boils down to if a guy looks at you, stands too close to you, talks to you, touches you or shows any sexual interest in you it’s creepy and doubly creepy if he’s older than you?

  9. Phoenix says:

    Well … I love the fact that no matter what, guys will always inherit the ‘creepy’ title when they’re interested in a girl and doing the stupidest sh*t just toget her attention. But girls are never labeled as creepy.

    Girls are generally attracted to, and pursue the guys who are already taken. They flirt with husbands/boyfriends and can’t help but fall in love with them. And then passively take their numbers like they’re just ‘good friends’ when theres definitely intentions of more.

    The moment I acquire a girlfriend, my female friends want to know more about it. They want to hang out more, and go as far as saying that they loved me and miss me and want me back. If that’s not f**king creepy then I don’t know what is. Girls are stupid homewreckers.

  10. Alex says:

    I’ve never done any of the shit on here and I’ve been called creepy just for being ugly and minding my own business.

  11. Rohit says:

    I got labelled for creepy for being quiet and minding my own business at work. At work I don’t tend to socialize much because I believe the more you talk with people at work the more they use everything you say against you to get their promotion.

  12. Jane says:

    Seriously, just reading this gives me goosebumps. I’ve been plagued with creepy people. They don’t even listen to what you say, they’re always outside your door. My solution was change location. Because it really scared me.

  13. Anna says:

    The guys commenting to complain about how this article is unfair to men who are judged as creepy need to realize that it happens to women too. I’m a woman, and I get called creepy just for being quiet and ugly and minding my on business, like some other people have said.

    I think a lot of people do get labeled as creepy unfairly, but most of this list is spot-on. It’s not cool to label a person as creepy just because they’re a bit socially awkward, or because they just give you an uneasy feeling for some reason. But if a dude is up in your personal space or staring at you like a killer, yeah, that is creepy.

  14. Misha says:

    Most of this is creepy, but two things here are pretty stupid
    #1 – Staring at a coffee shop. People do this all the time, if some cute dude or chick stares at you, they probably like you but are too nervous to come up to you. I know many women who consider this endearing.

    #2 – Fetishes. C’mon, what kind of article is this? A “how to be a good anglo protestant girl” article? Trust me, there are PLENTY of women fetishists out there who love to indulge, and the fetish community tends to laugh at how squeamish you vanilla folk get at the thought of people enjoying fetishes. Women should be allowed to indulge in fetishes without being labeled slutty, and this article seems to imply that nice girls simply don’t like anything but 1-1 normal sex :P.

  15. jerk says:

    Well, how about women stop looking for guys to give them a constant supply of positive emotions? Women, just mind your own damn buissness and all of the above problems will somehow magically be solved… but wait, that would mean to become, like, a mature person

  16. ge says:

    so its catch 22 for mr average, so its the lady that chooses via her prerogative, problem being most have the same decision , and wonder why he is cheating.
    the joke is on you.

  17. sally says:

    A lot of articles give bad advice for what to do with a creepy guy. This advice seems ok, but in general, if something feels wrong for any reason, it’s best to avoid the situation of person who makes you feel that way. And if a guy is stalking a girl, it’s hard for her to ignore him. It’s best to be clear to him in a message that he should not contact her but then never reply to him or try to do anything about it beyond that. It’s too bad, how many creepy guys are out there.

  18. Alex says:

    I’ve never done any of those things yet have been called an ugly creepy faggot stalker just because how I look. Why?

  19. alex also says:

    if he is cute, none of that is creepy. they are only creepy when the woman is not interested

    women are superficial, more so than men. at least we do not hide the fact that we like em young and perky

  20. chivo says:

    well look im a guy. Im good looking. one time I was called creepy for telling a girl she has pretty feet. why get a pedicure and show your feet in public then? but that was the only time I was called a creep that I know of but at the end of the day a real man should not be shy about his attraction toward the opposite sex therefore if I come off as a creep not only do I NOT care but I will NOT apologize. I love women and appreciate beauty and im not afraid of it… thank you my name is Anthony if you have questions, comments, or concerns heres my number 3476409914

  21. Kathy says:

    Last weekend I met up with a guy who seemed to be the nicest guy on the planet ONLINE, but when we met, I just felt lie, my skin was crawling the whole time. I don’t even know specifically what it was , just a feeling. Oh, and the long fingernails and weird speech pattern.

    Blech, honestly long fingernails on men freak me out! So horrible, and any guy with long fingernails on every finger, well you know they can’t possibly have had much intimate experience with women

  22. Roger says:

    I’ve never done any of the things listed in this article yet people still look at me and say “creep”.

  23. Rosalyn says:

    I met 7, 8 and 10 combined on a trip to france

  24. Gonzalo says:

    Please, don’t recommend avoiding creepy guys. As a socially awkward and introverted guy I can assure you that almost all “creepy guys” are just inexperienced, insecure or have a wrong idea of what most girls like and how they think. It took me a while to not look like a creep when meeting girls, but I have always been the same guy.
    I remember one time a girl told me that she has loved me since the first time she saw me (Yes, she used that word. And we haven’t talked even ONE time before that). I thought it was cute and I reluctanly did the best thing for her and gently refused her love (She had built her own image of who I was) I’ve been called a hearthless asshole for doing that even though I explained to her why I did it. But I remember having said the exact same thing to a girl when I was even younger than what she was, and she inmediately became a victim of my ruthless and evil creepiness and practically killed my image around the school. Think about it for a minute.

  25. Fit girl says:

    The creepy guy in my life was a 45 year old man with no kids but obssessed with coaching 12 and 13 year old girls in volleyball. I have no problem with coaching per say however he seemed to have an unusual way of fixating on these girls. It made me uncomfortable and I felt awkward every time he spoke of these girls and coaching. He went so far as to say if I ever made him chose between me or coaching I would lose. Fortunately I have walked away for I find him creepy with a host of issues.

  26. creepedout says:

    I stared feeling creepy around a Guy recently. He drives a van I get ride from for a total of 1 1/2-2 hours every weekday. On the first few days, several others rode as well. When they no longer needed rides from him, or after they’ve been dropped off, it has been just him and me. The first creepy ride was through a subdivision at about 15-20 miles an hour in total silence. (he has, before and since, taken the same subdivision, with additional riders, at about 30 miles an hour.)

    I said something to someone (that I felt like I needed to be on my guard around him) who has worked around him for awhile and they told me that he is harmless, that he is protective of women and loves his mother.

    I have noticed that he talks loudly, is impatient and raises his voice toward other drivers, and when we have conversed, has emphasized how correct his opinions
    are as opposed to mine or others’.

    He reminds me very much of my abusive ex-husband, very angry, impatient, and controlling (in addition to the subdivision experience). I have just about decided to drive myself from now on, he has creeped me out so much! It’s taken me many years to finally see these habits as aggressive and destructive instead of as strength. I believe I probably should honor my perception instead of dismissing them as I have in the past, to my own detriment!

  27. Phil says:

    Hi, well I hate to admit it, but I think this article is very correct. Because, I am a creepy guy. I am getting older now, mid-40’s, and have never had a lasting relationship. The woman always dumps me. I do not stalk them, or chase them. I just creep them out somehow I guess. I attract them easily with decent looks, but once the relationship starts, it only lasts a few months because I am doing something wrong, probably something creepy as listed in the article. I do enjoy staring at the woman and her breast area, quite a lot. Also, I am a pretty good actor, so there is no way I am letting anyone really get to know me, because that is personal. I think that women pick up on these odd behaviors I have, and then dump me. I want a family and a wife, and children, but socially, I have to put on an act in order to be accepted. Of course, I can not keep up this acting job forever, and eventually they figure out that I am just plain weird.
    When things are going well in a relationship with a woman, I figure it’s ok to tell them what I think about life, and other people. They want honesty, so I become what they want. But they don’t like the stories I tell them about what I think about life, and people in general; because I would already know in advance what her motives are, due to my gifts. They don’t understand, and that is probably why they allow me to live. It could be a curiosity to those college educated government snobs. Perhaps. But of course I have no proof.

  28. Broken Promises says:

    I’ve encountered numbers 4, 5, 6 and 8, ughhhh! Nowadays on FB, I can never have decent conversations without a man bringing up his dirty mind. This guy would start talking dirty to me and out of the blue, asks if I want to see his privates and before I could say no, a picture of his privates popped up along with a question asking if I like it. I responded with “I didn’t need to see that and learn to keep it in your pants!” He asked me the same question again and I just replied with an “I don’t know” and soon it was starting to get annoying when he just keeps asking me to answer his question so without warning, I left at midconversation and when he does message me again, I just ignored him and closed his message. I also happened to chat wih another guy on FB, who seems friendly. He asks me if I was Asian and I replied yes and he told me he has a “soft spot” for Asian women. He starts by complementing me by saying I’m curvy, got nice big hips and that I probably have a big butt for someone petite. I replied with a thank you and towards the middle of the conversation, he starts to creep me out by asking personal questions. It seems he has started to take an interest in me but I, at one point wasn’t interested. I told him I appreciate his interest in me, but I only want to be friends and nothing more beyond that. He keeps telling me he wanted to hug me from behind while making the bed and asked me if I’ll let him do that. I figure this guy is one of those creepy guys with an Asian fetish so again, without warning, I ignored him and left at midconversation. He kept messaging me the entire month. i guess he just doesn’t get the hint that I’m not interested and still sticks around FB every night waiting for me to reply and then he stopped and probably gave up due to my silent treatment. He tried to contact me recently again on FB but I just ignored his message and deleted.

  29. Super Kawaii Robot says:

    Anything a male does that does not meet a woman’s personal criteria of normalcy is deemed creepy. They do not have the intelligence to expand their reasoning and logic beyond themselves. They are selfish beings that do not wish to go beyond a person’s aesthetics and delve deeper into what makes a person “them.”

  30. Mark says:

    I say to hell with all this creepy nonsense. Approach a girl and flirt with her, if she gets creeped out then thats her problem. Most women overanalyze everything too much. Just move on and find a woman that thinks you’re cool. Theres someone for everyone out there its just a matter of finding them. Ive found that the girls that get creeped out easily are very insecure. You don’t want to deal with that in a relationship anyways, trust me!

  31. Betty says:

    The loving creepy guy is the worst BY FAR. It might even be worse than the touchy one. This creep has been obsessed with me for two years and he still thinks one day my rejections will turn to adoration… NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  32. Johann Sebastian-Wilson says:

    This intrigues me, as a Guy reading all this. Guys that behave in a creepy way and creep Females out, resent it when Females call them out on it, and whine about being called creepy, or ‘creep shaming’ as some fellas seem to call it. (Those same whiny, insecure, creepy, lacking confidence, ‘Nice Guys’ don’t mind indulging in slut shaming, and labelling females who won’t date them as bitches or sluts, go figure) Just maybe, Guys resent being called ‘creepy’, because it shines a light on their behavior, they get seen for what they are…………..and they don’t like being told they’re responsible for it…………..and they should do something about…..instead of blaming Females for it

  33. Johann Sebastian-Wilson says:

    Mark mate, maybe some Females feel creeped out by Fellas, because they’re genuinely weird, and that creeps them out. But be a typical ‘Nice Guy’ and blame them for it huh?

  34. Kyne says:

    I’m not gonna lie this is pretty offensive don’t you think? Let me just quote the beginning: “Well, a creepy guy is anyone who shows interest in a girl when the girl doesn

  35. This article sucks says:

    Ha, only in America can women act like they do. Girls who are clearly 3’s or less acting like they are 9’s and 10’s. What an f in joke this article is. American women are f in stupid – PERIOD! If you don’t like someone, keep it to yourself. Labeling a guy as creepy because he is not a model and you are not attracted to him is wrong. America has one of the highest populations of single women in the world for a reason. This is one of them. We won’t count China because there is not enough men to go around over there. Plus women would never act so superficial anywhere else.

  36. Adrian says:

    Well, I pretty much fulfil all of these categories, not wittingly of course, completely innocently, but I mean sometimes you just find a girl interesting or beautiful and you can’t help but look or try at least and speak to her. So that’s me pretty much fucked then!!!! Guess I’ll be single forever…

    But if you think about it, this is really crazy actually. I mean how are you supposed to get a girlfriend if you can’t show the girl interest or attention, which is basically what all the above points boil down to in essence. All of the stuff stated above is attention seeking behaviour. But, I mean you’re not gonna get a girl by showing her no interest either. Guys this is soooo confusing, when is it right and when is it wrong?

  37. Adrian says:

    I don’t think of myself as a creepy guy, but I know I look at women sometimes and I kinda forget that I am. You girls would laugh if you could just experience what it’s like having a guy’s brain for one day! We get easily distracted and forget stuff we were just thinking of a second ago – it’s weird. But I know that it usually starts with looking at a girl, just randomly, for no particular reason. I’ve been single my whole life (I’m 25) and when you’re looking for love you tend to look around a bit more – at least I find it natural and don’t really think about it, but it seems now that this actually upsets women somewhat, and I can only apologize to women that I might have creeped out before.

    I’ve been told already that my face and looks, especially my stare, is evil and intimidating, and some women have even said that I look the type of guy that would kidnap, rape and murder them. I have thick black hair and deep brown eyes and sometimes I even scare myself when looking too long at myself in the mirror! Imagine that! Also, a deep, raspy-husky voice does not improve my chances much, and I know to most women I personify that proverbial monster that scares you senseless. But my looks genuinely betray me, I really care about women and would never do anything to harm a girl. I also just find women so beautiful, older and younger, and to me it’s like looking at an amazing work of art – you just can’t look away. You guys out there must know what I’m talking about. You can’t help it. Women are just so extremely beautiful. So to all the girls out there, I’m sorry if you ever encountered me before and was creeped out, but it was never my intention. I must confess I am a bit of a loving and stalker creepy guy. I did once tell a girl that I loved her very much, but she did not feel the same. However, I did not, under any circumstances take it any further from there. I even deleted her number from my phone and removed all temptations in case I might begin to stalk her. I’ll tell you, that was hard for me, because it’s the hardest when you love someone, but you’re not allowed to. But I knew that I had to do what’s right and break all contact with her. So guys, it’s always hard, but if you think maybe you might be a creepy sort of guy like me, unfortunately you have to do the right thing like I did and just distance yourself from the girl, it’s the best way. The more you scratch at it, the more she resents you and you can end up in really big shit. If you’re looking at a girl’s photo on Facebook, that’s already stalking and you’re already setting yourself up for big shit. I know how hard it is, I was there, but rather suffer than run that risk – jail is no fun!

  38. Jwalker says:

    How is the sharing glances creepy, if they arent staring at your ass then who cares. I usually give more then a glance, into the girls eyes, or they wont even notice my offer of attraction. A glance is the same as accidently looking into someones eyes because you moved your head to look at something else. If all a girl does is glance 1 time im going to have no cue watsoever to initiate conversation. When i over glance im just trying to see if she likes me.

  39. Adrian says:

    @Holly. Why do you say you are asexual? Sorry, I don’t understand. Do you mean religiously, physically? Sorry, I’ve just never met someone who said that before. But, it seems maybe a nice option for me, because I don’t wanna be hurt anymore, so maybe not being sexual in any way is a nice alternative? Does it work? I wanna try it.

  40. C says:

    Unfortunately the creepster in my life happens to be the maintenance man in my apartment building. From the start I got weirded out vibes in reaction to him due to his lingering looks, stares, and often popping up when I left or came back…was just “conveniently” there when I was. I just brushed it all off but recently I’ve noticed an escalation in his attentions…I went in the elevator and he stood in front just staring at me like he was mesmerized until the doors thankfully closed! Then, much to my dismay, a minute or so later I hear a loud knocking on my door and what do you know, it’s that creep, handing a notice about some routine maintenance. The thing is, he could’ve taped it to my door like he did the others on the floor, but he used it as an excuse to see me. Ugh. What weirds me out is either this dude is so out of touch he doesn’t realize what an oddball he comes off as and how his actions indicate a lack of self control (standing n gaping at me in front of the lifts, coming to my door needlessly right after…could he be any more obvious??!), or else he does know and just doesn’t care. Whichever is the case, he is acting like a freak and is delusional if he thinks I’d ever be interested in him, not my type at ALL and even if he was, his eerie behavior is downright repellent!

  41. C says:

    The escalation by the creepy maintenance man has continued to the point where EVERY single time from now on when I leave or return to the building, and when he should knock on my door, I am going to film it with a date/time stamped app for documentation in case things get sinister. This weirdo is getting me alarmed and pissed off as well. Just this morning as I was going down the elevator, to my surprise and dismay, when the doors opened…there he was just standing there, loitering, he didn’t go in so he had no reason to just be hanging around in that spot waiting for the car to open. He looked at me like he was eating me up and said hi, but I’ve had it so I totally ignored him and breezed by. Being nice and courteous with him backfired so from now on it’s the cold, chilly shoulder. It’s gotten me paranoid where I’m thinking he monitors the video feed from the security cameras (which are also in the elevators) so he can better ‘encounter’ me. I’m feeling like an object of sexual desire and hunted animal and it damn well stinks. I shouldn’t feel this way where I live and by a member of staff who is behaving very unprofessionally.

  42. R says:

    C –
    I’ve been in a similar situation at work for months with a staring man at work – the stares and ‘conveniently’ popping up at the same time – not too often for me to notice and report to HR immediately rather unpredictable over time so

  43. Dave says:

    I seriously find most girls nowadays to be creepy… therefore, I avoid them like the plague

  44. Jason says:

    Overprivileged people tend to run out of legitimate things to be “scared” of. It’s a First World problem. Gotta have your “bad guys”. So what do they do? They create new imaginary threats to be scared of like “quiet people”. If you want a person with Asperger’s syndrome thrown out of somewhere just pretend that they give you a “bad vibe” and everyone will overreact. “IT’S THE QUIET ONES YOU GOTTA WATCH”. That’s right. Quiet people minding their own business are the new threat. They’re the new boogeymen. Gotta devote all your time to harassing that person sitting in the corner who isn’t saying anything to anyone. Because they’re suspicious or something right? Shy people make the best victims and the best scapegoats because they can’t talk back.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Im a girl and I understand guys get labeled as creeps when the can’t help but stare because they like someone. You can’t go labeling people like that either. Girls do the same thing but they don’t get labeled as creeps. I understand you should arch out for some people but you shouldn’t make this about males, you should list both males and females. I feel if I was stupid enough to listen to this article I wouldn’t talk to any guy. And just because someone is ugly doesn’t mean you have the right to call them a creep! people in this world are so confusing and rude!

  46. Anonymous (girl who wrote the paragraph above) says:

    I have also been told i was going to be a serial killer some day because I am super quiet and socially awkward! I was told by a teacher too… you can’t automatically assume I’m going to become a serial killer because I’m quiet and smart! I have feelings unlike serial killers! I also didn’t have any friends for the first 3 months of the school year and i only made 2 the whole year so that also tied into people thinking I’m a creep so it ruined my reputation terribly. At least I’m not a slut like all the other kids are!

  47. Robin Thomas says:

    The thing about older guys being creepy is just despicable.
    The word itself is used for shaming and guilt tripping and it’s
    downright MEAN.
    The word is overused and the people who use the word are generally aholes.

  48. Sheila says:

    I reject the word “creepy”, and refuse to use it. It really translates into, we women have big egos and think our sh-t don’t stink, and we can dehumanize even good men to make ourselves feel better. Puke

  49. Frosty says:

    Like many guys, I’ve been on the sharp end of some kind of vicious character assassination perpetrated by females.

    There’s a phenomenon in Japan where young guys (aka Herbivores), eschew dating females due to similar reasons given above (by other males). You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Another issue is that older, single guys, are targeted (usually in family-oriented neighbourhoods) by mothers/or female partners. I’ve been called some unfounded, vile names that, in law, constitutes slander. These people poison the minds of others, for what purpose? Nice one – you’ve effectively ‘outed’ a guy and alienated that person. No chance of redemption, he is now an outsider with no stake in society.

    Anyway, I despair and resolve to live a life as a contented misanthrope.

  50. karen says:

    what is really creepy is when your boyfriend of 16 months tells you his mother is obsessed with him, i.e., she’ll always be the other woman. a kind of woman who never wants to see her son happy, controlling and sick. run for your life.

  51. Get Over Yourselves! says:

    If you stare at a girl, you’re a perv, if you don’t look, you’re gay! I can’t believe how self centered some girls can be! How did some you meet your husband or boyfriend? I really wonder how you even get dates! Maybe you need to grow up or take a long look at yourselves before judging guys. If your ego’s allow you to!

  52. Seapickle says:

    I do understand creepiness but also feel that most men are creepy and that most women especially American ones seem to be suffering from some severe emotional problems. Basically in the end the emotionally unstable woman will choose the creepy perv because the shy nice guy will never get the time of day. They will spawn a new breed of neurotic creepy freaks. Here’s to the circle of creeps!

  53. Stalker Blocker says:

    I have had a few run ins with creeper/stalker types. One recent one started the first day I moved into my current apartment. We had probably about half of my stuff moved in and my new next door neighbor knocks on the door. He doesn’t tell me his name but asks to see the layout of the apartment. When he came in he just gave me the creeps and didn’t really say anything. I walked to another part of the apartment and eventually he left. He’s apartment overlooks the parking lot. The next day when I came home from work, I was walking up the hall to my apartment door, which is right next to his and he pops out. Because I’ve dealt with stalkerish people before my instincts told me to duck into the lobby, and check my mail box to dodge him. I waited and waited for him to go out the back door. Finally I went out the front door and walked to the back he came out the back door and I went around front and into my apartment. A few days later, I’m coming home from work pulling into the parking lot, and he has his car parked next to the spot I usually use. He’s camped out by his car, and the hood is up. I drive around the block and park out front. My boyfriend moved in a few months later, and we were checking out at a grocery store. In walks weirdo and his girlfriend. They walk from one side of the store to the other side of the store to walk up the next aisle and said “hello neighbors”. We were checking out they were going in. While driving home I joked that he was going to camped out by our doors when we got home. We parked out front, walk into the hall and I hear his hurried footsteps coming from the back door. He scurrying to catch up and say hi. I thought it was so weird I just said “I told you!” to my boyfriend and we went into the apartment, I usually do laundry every Saturday morning. I was up a 6 am doing a workout and heard weirdo going in and out of his door. I finished my workout, took a shower, and prepped my clothes for the wash. I put one load in the washing machine which takes about 25 minutes. When I assumed it was done, I open my apartment door and see some dude standing right outside the door. I slam the door and wait 10 minutes. I check my peep whole to make sure it’s clear, and proceed down the hall. When I get close to the laundry room I’m accosted by weirdo.. He asks if he can use the laundry machine. I say, I just have a few more loads to go. He says he want’s to be done by 9:30, now mind you it’s 8:45 and he has been up since 6:00 am, why didn’t he start then? I say “knock yourself out” and clear my stuff out of the machine. Neither him or his girlfriend seem to work on a regular basis they are home all the time and can use the machines almost anytime they want. My boyfriend can be very chatty and is more friendly with them. I ask him not to be because you are not supposed to encourage weird stalkerish people. . Usually when he talks to them the next day when we are coming home from somewhere weirdo just happens to pop out the door. In a prior apartment building I had another guy who would always show up when I was in the laundry room, or by the mail boxes. He seemed really nice. This was back when I was more friendly and would smile at people I didn’t know. One night at about 9:30 I heard the floorboards creek outside my kitchen door. My Kitchen door opened to a hallway by a stairwell and their back door was right next to it. I looked in the peephole and see blond hair from his head pressed up against the peephole. I screamed and pushed a chair up against the door. I heard him scamper back into his apartment. He moved out very soon after that and left his room mate with $1200 a month rent to pay on his own. I didn’t report it because the landlord was a creep too. He would say things like “how is your love life” and “You have a nice body, you are all muscle”. I hardly knew this guy who was married with three kids. The landlord did a said a bunch of other shady stuff that I won’t even get into. WTF. It was just creeptastic. Some men are nice normal and treat women normally, others must go to creep class and learn to fixate and generally act like inappropriate weirdos. I think many prior post overgeneralize. Not all men interested in women are creeps, and not all men who don’t look like Brad Pitt are creeps, but men who act like they were raised by wolves(sorry wolves) are creeps.

  54. Thomas McEnery says:

    What an article on creepy women ?
    Women who bully other women ?
    Women who steal other women’s boyfriends , even if they don’t even like him ?
    Women who judge a man’s value as a person on the basis of his wealth or looks ?
    Women who spread lies and rumours about people ?
    Women who claim moral superiority over perfectly decent people , when she herself is selfish , dishonest and unfeeling ?
    Women who act the professional victim , expecting the world to walk on eggshells around them ?
    Women who abuse or neglect their children ?
    Women who take out their bad moods on people around them ?
    Women who are teachers and have sex with underage pupils ?
    Women who only talk and think about themselves ?

  55. Melissa says:

    CHANGE #10 IMMEDIATELY!! If there really is a guy like that, you DEFINITELY don’t wanna play nice! That’s why he won’t believe you don’t love him. He’ll think “but she always smiles at me” or “she waved at me!” and get him all excited for nothing. If you truly notice this behavior with someone, then don’t be afraid to be HONEST or rude if you have to. Let him know he makes you feel uncomfortable. And if he keeps doing it, then it’s considered harassment and u could even get a restraining order. Seriously, be mature about this and DON’T play games. I’ve had a guy play games with me until he humiliated me. I’ve also had a stalker and everytime he’d try to talk to me, I’d say “no”, or “shh” or be on my phone when I felt him staring. I also never said “thank you” or “please” or “bless you” or looked at him. It worked!

  56. Hailey says:

    Wow men saying women are delusional and “you’re a 2 get over yourself!” and “if a guy was cute then he wouldn’t be creepy” are thinking bull crap. There was this guy I thought was cute and caught my attention and I admit, I wanted to catch his. But suddenly after making one small remark to him in class (our first interaction) he sits next to me everyday in class. Then he would wait for me after class or catch up to me and once he even offered me a brownie which I thought was a far-fetched excuse to talk to me. We had nice, intellectual conversations though. One day I confronted him and asked why he always waited for me. He said I was nice to talk to. Then i said “Good, I thought it was something else”. I guess i sorta let him know I wasn’t interested. Then suddenly he just stops waiting for me or talking to me, like, we had developed a friendship already and we didn’t leave off on the wrong foot in our last convos. I guess i was no longer “nice to talk to”. Point being, even cute guys can act like creeps. Real Women know what they want and they’ll let you know with hints, gestures, body language, or plain comments. You’re not creepy just for liking a girl. What makes someone “creepy” is not being ABLE to understand these social signs and keep bugging her, which imply to her that you’re socially awkward. Especially if she knows she hasn’t given you any reasons to like her or hasnt shown you her personality, it makes her feel like you’re shallow and just desire her for her appearance and it makes her feel like an object. You’re being RUDE by not respecting her space, you don’t truly like her, you’re just obsessed. Most women run from that cus insecure guys have something to hide. You’re supposed to grow out of shyness at a certain point and if you don’t (especially those trying to find a mate) it usually means you got some personal issues to work out. Thats why they’re “creeps”. It works both ways actually, if a girl is insecure, shes also creepy. She might wear a lot of make-up, or try to talk in a very high pitched voice, dress really slutty, or cut the skin she doesn’t respect. Most men don’t wanna deal with those basket-case, immature little girls with daddy issues.

  57. David says:

    Labeling anyone with a negative labels stems from a complete lack of understanding of your own psychology (if you’re a woman) and a profound lack of understanding of whats going through the guys head. We’re all human, we’re all just trying to find love…having been someone who has been labeled as creepy, purely by virtue of social isolation and weird toxic parents that i had taught me bad lessons….Calling dudes creepy actually can create creeps!…because dudes get so shit scared of approaching and being “labeled” that it stifles them in, and the resulting behavior is deemed creepy…and then what u have there is a self fulfilling prophecy!…It makes me sad when people don’t reliase the hate they’re throwing out there has become what its trying to condemn…It’s all bred out of insecurity…i wish people could see were all the same…we all just looking for love the best way we’ve been taught (capitalism doesnt help this learning curve)…Next time you think a guy isn’t getting the message tell him clearly but with respect, and without the need to prop up your own self image, that you are not interested…if a guys weird after that then you’re looking at mental illness, which is pretty rare and the guy needs help…not being told hes a creep…

  58. Lex says:

    I know this guy who is all of these! I’m 20 years old and he just turned 44, hes a virgin and has never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl, and he just acts really desperate. He’s touchy feely in the creepiest ways possible, drives past my house at night, and saved pictures of me to his phone that he downloaded from facebook. I tried to be his friend, and I’m trying to be nice, but he is just so gross. Ugh

  59. Anand says:


    Thanks for giving such a classification.

    I think I belongs to 10th and looks like she read it too and this also


    because she had rejected me step by step in your manner only.

    So just want to show another side of coin.

    i don’t know true love kind of stuff but i can not get off my mind from her. i know the truth. she dont like me not all. but my mind just dont take it. Every morning, woke up with tears and sleep after seeing her facebook status ( with fake id , she blocked my real account )….No more I bother her …( in fact I can not)

    looks like your expert.

    any help? ( I really want get over it . i know i have life to live…don’t want to end it here. )

  60. Lolderp says:

    8 Is completely untrue. Women get more desperate with age as their libido climbs to its peak. Its the last shot for them to have kids. Any guy young or old can bag one of them for sex if he wants. I do like the unsubstantiated bullshit claim though. Its cute and pretty funny how ageist women are towards men these days while 30+ year old women still date and fuck 18 year olds and think there’s no problem with it.

  61. Cait says:

    Have had too much experience with 7,8 and 10. Little tip – if a girl doesn’t text you back, don’t track her down on social media and start bothering her there. Also – if you are 23 and a 16 year old stops texting you back after you try to kiss her, don’t try and get back in touch with her after 2 years. I could go on.

  62. BLee says:

    I do not know what the bloody hell is wrong with girls;
    If boys demonstrate sexual desires (including staring at their chest, anus, etc.) then they are deemed “creepy”;
    But if they do not do so then they land up irreversibly into the bloody “friend zone”.

  63. Anon says:

    Ha, what about the creepy guy who tries taking pictures of you and will not stop only after telling him 10 times and threatening to break his phone, and that its illegal. I was being serious, maybe the creep thought i was just kidding..

  64. Anon says:

    Also, blee from the comments
    Blee, you dont need to show your chest and anus(wtf) to show “sexual desire” you have a fucking mouth to speak with. Just dont say things that would come off as scary or creepy, like your comment..
    Also you probably ended up friendzoned cause of your creepy manner.

  65. BLee says:

    I read that some unlucky guy was on the wrong, receiving end of reputation assassination here; so sad.

    To all “creepy” guys (but who actually simply do not know how to demonstrate their feelings or the best methods to approach as well as get to know girls);


    Let’s take matters into out own hands, as well as put these hypocritical female counterparts of ours in their place.


    It’s clear they are never going to realise, repent, as well as rehabilitate.

    So enough of “turning the other cheek”; let’s battle fire with fire.

    C’mon guys let’s be their biggest celebrity stalkers further (as we are already irreversibly in their bad books anyway);
    Let’s scrutinise them, then report them to the related authorities when they, among others, copy in the exams. By no means an exhaustive list!

    If you girls fear catching the eyes of “creepy” guys, then, to back up a previous comment, why make yourselves presentable in public??!!
    You might as well go out in public with your unbearable armpit odour on; without wearing a bra; not shaving your armpits.
    Then no rational-thinking guy would contemplate glancing at you in the 1st place. And if you’re unlucky, when you glance at us guys when you commit the above faux pas I stated moments earlier, you will receive some of your own medicine when you are viewed as “creepy” as well as unqualified for us guys.

    But if you want to spare yourselves such heartache, then I have a less-agonising alternative as well;
    Enroll yourselves in all-girls military schools, or make gay bars your permanent residence;
    this way, you girls can feel at rest, without having to fear “creepy” guys.

    I have encountered girls who talk behind the backs of guys who want to make friends with them (but simply do not know how to properly), but themselves are no social superior as they had to beg for bloody lunchtime company! I thought they are so bloody desirable! If this is not “creepy” of such girls, we do not know what is.

    On a lighter note, on the behalf of all guys, I want to wholeheartedly, earnestly, sincerely thank those few girls who exercise logic in the dating scene, by neglecting these guidelines and looking at the overall bigger picture. Truly.

  66. Tower says:

    What did Elliot Rodger do that’s on this list?

  67. Ian says:

    In life only one thing matters. How you look. If you look a certain way you can literally say and do whatever you want and the majority of people will smile and wink and be like “he so alpha”. If you look another way however everything you do will be “sketchy”, “awkward”, “weird”, “concerning”, and “creepy”.

  68. renee says:

    theres this guy at my school who’s always like,”theres my artist girl.” “keep up the good work.” He put his hand on my head and leaned toward his head then he hugged me. i know maybe he’s being nice but i dont even know him. please comment.

  69. renee says:

    honey i get shivers just thinking about it.

  70. maria says:

    The guy that says ” let me rub you” then invites you to his bed because its ” easier” to reach your back then says “take your pants off” so you don’t have anything restricting you ” lol and you look back and he’s in his boxers wtheck uggghh worst ever

  71. Vic says:

    I think i am ‘semi-creep’. I fullfil #2, #6, #7, #9 and #10. However, i don’t get caught often and also, I don’t try to be a creep, I try to make girls like me genuinely. Only a few times, the girl think that i am a creep and when she do, I just leave that girl alone, because she don’t like me and then i shouldn’t like her either (Eye for eye, tooth for tooth), to avoid attention from other people who could report me to the police and last but not least, if someone don’t like you for who you are, they are not worth your attention. If a girl hate you, you should hate her too, if a high school chick talk you behind your back, you should beat her up, if a high school bitch is downright rude to you and say “I hate you!!!”, you should NEVER EVER tolerate it. You should report it to the teacher immediately because it is called vulgar language, and since the use of vulgar language that hurt someone’s feelings is NOT allowed in school, you should report her. Just because she is one of the most sexy girls in high school, it doesn’t mean that she is not a human or that she is a goddess. She is a human and the same rules applies to her. If she is rude to you or a total bitch, you should report her. The teacher will eventually take you and the bitchy girl into a room and talk to you both to solve the problem. The girl that was mean will likely say sorry to you and stop being like that. If she don’t stop, she can be punished for that.
    And to be honest, I don’t know if i am what you can call a “creep”, because even though i follow after girls sometimes, I only do it as long as it is okay. I never push the boundaries, or at least i try my best to not do so. I never follow a girl into her apartment, clothing store or anything. Once the girl go into her apartment, clothing store or toilet, I just leave her alone because i don’t want to appear as a creep. I just like to look at beautiful girls. I hope you girls don’t have any problem with that. I hope you girls understand that not every guy who follow you are creeps. Many of them are genuinely interested in you. If you don’t like them, you should tell them in as sincere and friendly way as possible. By doing so, you will avoid hurting their feelings, or at least that’s how it work for me. If a girl don’t want me, she can just tell me sincerely instead of being rude. In that way, I understand that she might not like me, but i can still be her friend. I won’t keep trying to get her, because i want true love. Trying to make a girl “love you” by harassing her, will in no way help you gain true love from her. But on the other hand, if she is a bitch to me, I won’t hesitate to take action, so here’s the best trick to reject a passionate guy: Tell him in a sincere and friendly way that he may not be “your type”, but you can still be his friend if he accept it. At least, that’s how it works with me.

  72. Petrichor says:

    #2 is just basic human decency. If someone tells you not to touch them or they always avoid you attempts to do so, leave them alone. No one is entitled to physical contact without permission.

  73. Realist says:

    Hey, Guy. You can only speak for yourself. If you are taking all this shit as facts, you are worthless…..

  74. realist says:

    Or you could just be a bitch…..

  75. Realist says:

    If you are constantly labeling males as creeps, guess what? Its you with the problem.

  76. Realist says:

    To me this article just proves that most women are VERY insecure and will usually go after the best creep who knows how to play them and is experienced in that sort of thing….Its very sad but true.
    Most beautiful women are so screwed in the head, they are damaged goods. I don’t have the patience for their insecurity, insanity and superiority complex..

    Good thing I will NEVER NEED someone to be happy….

  77. BLee says:


    Let’s comply with them girls’ request, which is to stop staring at them.

    Besides, what makes them different than us (apart from their chest as well as gender)?

    We have 2 eyes, they have 2 eyes; we have 1 mouth, they have 1 mouth.

    It appears that a research demonstrates that the best method to receive someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.

  78. Incognito Jay says:

    Back in high school I used to be the stalker creepy guy and aspired to be the touchy creepy guy because touch is a primary way to bond. I stopped stalking ( I did semi-real stalking meaning not outside the school and didn’t and don’t engage in social media “stalking”) when I discovered that it’s universal that women hate that as well as neediness from the PUA community. If a girl doesn’t like you she doesn’t like you because of various reasons. Maybe it was my egregious demonstrations of lower value such as being a supplicating beta who stalked. I meant no harm I just wanted to gather information on them so that I wouldn’t creep them out if I talked to them! Talk about irony!

    The problem with staring being considered a problem is that 65% of Americans are significantly overweight and most Americans don’t dress that well, so whenever we see an attractive lady we want to take it all in and enjoy that moment. Even if it wouldn’t be as great as a coffee date with her (and unfortunately American “culture” frames guys who approach women they don’t know as “creepy” though if we only stuck with people we already know cool new people can’t enter our lives.)

    I’d really love to be the rich creepy guy, but the lottery is a fool’s game (odds of winning are astronomically high) while college is too much of a gamble with the problem of potentially wasted time money on a major where supply could outstrip demand in four years, but that’s for another post elsewhere.

  79. Incognito Jay says:

    Simply being male and a stranger is unfortunately enough to get one labeled a “creep” in this society.

  80. Incognito Jay says:

    What? Barely legal is still legal.

  81. Incognito Jay says:

    I know your post is 10 months old at the time of this writing but look on the positive side of being an outsider with no stake in society: it gives you a license to be a not give a damn rude asshole. Chances are the people who feel they’re “owed” courtesy won’t like you and feel like they have a license to be rude to you anyways. It’s like being black in the South decades ago (or even today?) Whites would complain about rude black people, but why not be rude to the dominant social group who morally excludes you and feels entitled to be rude to you? Rosa Parks for example is famous because she stood her ground in the face of a rude white whose rudeness was even “legitimized” by the state to protect whites from getting black people “cooties” or some such bullshit.

    Likewise, as men we’re still considered “creepy” even if we’re being chivalrous. Why bother giving up our seats or holding doors for women when they think we’re creeps anyway?

  82. Tommy Atkins says:

    I’m trying to figure out which type of creepy guy each of the angry boys on the comments is.

  83. Tommy Atkins says:

    Oh no! What an awful notion that someone might mistake you for anything but aggressively heterosexual!

  84. phair2012 says:

    Yep that’s it. And everyone’s creep radar is different. Sorry girls. But it’s more about YOUR feelings and fears then it is about how bad or good the guy is. When you unfairly brush a guy off as a creep it may break his heart terribly. And he will feel like a loser. But the woman might be the bigger loser if the guy was not really a creep. It’s sad really. I want to see more people loving one another, instead of judging, labeling, and tearing down each other. The creepy guy thing is just another way of denigrating humans and making them less than human.

  85. phair2012 says:

    This should be re-titled: Tips to live alone. If you’re that afraid
    of other people, everyone’s a creep. There are women and girls who
    think that everyone is a creep or one step away from a creep. And there
    are those who are not scared even though they may have actually had
    rape and near-rape situations. The truth is this: there are very few
    actual creeps in the world who want to do you harm. And people who are
    not THAT should not be treated that way. You are accusing them of
    criminal intent—just because YOU feel weird around them. Maybe YOU
    are the problem and not them. Ever think of that ? Your feelings are
    your business and you are responsible for them. Just because there is
    some nervousness and awkwardness that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of
    that with some effort. If you don’t want to make any effort then you
    are lazy and ya get what ya pay for. When someone likes you a whole lot
    or even with love at first sight, there WILL be some nervous energy and
    it is a little scarey. That’s life, get over it. But it’s not cancer
    scarey or someone’s shooting a gun in the neighborhood scarey. These
    rules pretend to make women equal to men in relationship power. They
    don’t. They give women ALL of the power. It’s even admitted. If a
    girl likes a guy, almost any behaviour is acceptable. If she doesn’t,
    you’re a creep. What kind of a behavioral standard is that? How can
    anyone know exactly what someone else wants, needs, desires, right away?
    That stuff can usually be worked out over time. Whoever wrote this
    article is a fear based individual who makes their decisions based on
    their personal fear level and will be of no help to anyone else.
    Because everyone’s personal fear is unique to the one person. And they
    show a complete lack of understanding of human development and behavior.
    Men frequently love someone immediately for no logical brain
    reasoning. (That’s pretty sweet for you ladies when someone starts out
    from the very beginning willing to worship you and do anything with you
    and for you. Take advantage of that. AT least enjoy it.) Whereas
    women usually grow to love someone over time. Labels like “creep” don’t
    allow for any time or adjusting by the 2 people involved. You must be
    automatically likeable with no adjusting possible. Pretty rigid way to
    live. But “creep” has a criminal mass-murderer stigma attached to it.
    That’s what “creepy guys” are being compared to. DO any of you really,
    truly believe that? You’re in DANGER because there is some awkwardness
    present? Hasn’t anyone in the last 20 years had the experience of
    melting the ice, calming down the anxiety, working together to get rid
    of the awkwardness, which allows love to bloom? If a woman feels a guy
    is creepy, it doesn’t make it true. Those are just her feelings and
    opinions. They are not fact. Don’t girls sometimes stare at guys for
    too long as they get lost in thought, fantasy, or experience their own
    emotions? Many times when a girl is afraid of a guy it turns out that
    the guy had nothing to do with it. It’s about her not you. She might
    be afraid of her own feelings, her own thoughts, or of feeling love,
    connected, attached, need, desire. She might be afraid of how a
    relationship will alter her life. Who knows? But it isn’t always about
    the guy. If you treat other people with respect and kindness, you allow
    for the possibility of getting to know someone before you make those
    judgements. That is true for BOTH guys and girls. A lot of girls who
    use the creepy word a lot wind up in their mid-forties telling
    themselves that they are just “career girls” and that’s why they don’t
    have a mate or partner. Or they become fake gays. And don’t give me
    the anti-gay speech because no one and I mean NO ONE hates fake gays
    more than real gays. If you are nervous around someone you can cause
    that energy to make them nervous. So who started the nervousness?? The
    creepy guy? Or the fearful girl? Does it really matter? “Oh, HE
    makes me nervous.” “I’m afraid of him”. Is that necessarily the guys
    fault? What if she’s just a nervous, fearful girl? I think one
    response to someone who acts like this could be: “I’m sorry if anything
    I said or did made you nervous or afraid; I didn’t intend to do that.”
    Or: “I’m sorry that YOU are so nervous and fearful, would you feel
    better if blah blah blah….” Or “Is there anything I can do to help?”
    Because after all, even strange, fearful, nervous, creepy girls can be
    adorable and deserve love. But this doesn’t usually happen does it?

  86. phair2012 says:

    This is a great take on this topic.

  87. phair2012 says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. For some reason in my life, I have been attracted to women and fall in love with people who are fearful. Sometimes they even act like they like me and want me for 6 weeks, but then when I try to get to know them more, they become afraid. And then somehow that’s MY fault. I feel very sad about it. Sad for myself. But also sad for them too. Even nervous “creepy” (LoL) girls deserve attention and love.

  88. phair2012 says:

    I agree with you. Modern Americans, especially girls have grown up not learning to respect others. They all think they are Madonna (the singer) and deserve a “god” for a mate. If someone loves them that is less than that, they are called creeps.

  89. phair2012 says:

    Don’t feel so bad. BOTH of my high school girlfriends stalked me before they became my girlfriends. One even used to look into open doors and windows of my house when they were sure that it was safe and I would not catch them. I didn’t need restraining orders or police. They were not dangerous. It is human nature to want to know more about someone you really like or love. Normal. So much normal behavior has been criminalized. It’s one thing for the earth’s rulers to dehumanize us. But now we have agreed to do it to each other FOR them. There were also 2 or 3 girls who used to sit on my lawn listening to me sing and practice guitar but wouldn’t knock and ask to come into the house to listen to me. Some people would say that was creepy too.

  90. phair2012 says:

    No thanks. I LOVE to stare at them. If we can’t do that, we might as well be dead. They stare too !!!! Staring is a powerful complement.

  91. phair2012 says:

    Not all women feel the way you do or have the same definitions. But he should have been honest when you asked him. His fear kicked in and so he pretended to not really be after you because he sensed that maybe that would upset you. You have to understand also that it is not the guy’s fault if him liking you bothers you. Those are your thoughts, feelings, fears. You just said you are not creepy for liking a girl and then followed with he’s bugging you. Those are the same thing. In 4th grade he might steal your pencil. He’s bugging you because he likes you. The question is” why do you consider it a bother?? It isn’t always appearance in the general sense of movie star magazine cover beauty. There are shy girls too. There is no rule or law that says you must outgrow shyness. There are successful rock musicians that are still shy. And some girls like that. So it’s not accurate to label that creepy. That’s just your opinion. Sometimes people are attracted to each other on a soul level. You knew and loved the person before you were born here but your brain (or her brain) doesn’t remember that so it causes fear sometimes. But it explains the sudden deep attraction when you (your brain) don’t “know” the other person.

  92. phair2012 says:

    Here we go. Cops. Guys with guns. Do you think he’s going to tie you to a chair in the basement and eat your liver with crackers and a nice jam? Or pin you against the bushes when you get out of your car and rape you? It happens. Especially in a war zone. But under normal conditions do you really expect this frequently from others? Did you ever wonder why someone liking you deeply bothers you? Is he doing something “wrong” (that requires jail) or is it just your feelings and fears? What about when a girl treats you like she likes you for 6 weeks and then suddenly becomes afraid for no apparent reason or explanation and you suddenly overnight become “the stalker” when the day before she liked your attention?? How does one read that situation? Who’s “fault” is it? Sometimes people win each other over after a period of time. There is always nervousness when someone likes you. People don’t want to offend you. People are afraid to hurt you so there is awkwardness. It doesn’t mean you’re in danger. Why not just enjoy the compliments and wait and see if you like the person later. Sometimes people grow on you that you don’t think you will like at first. What about taking the time to get to know someone before judging? Why is being rude and hurtful a good solution instead of just being kind but not committed to yes? How does it harm you if he continues to be “nice” to you on a regular basis? Do you like abusive disrespectful bad boys? Is that more comfortable for some people but they are afraid of “nice”?

  93. phair2012 says:

    By the way…………”cops” are not always the safest people to be around and they get away with a lot of stuff with other people because they are protected from prosecution. And if you call them and you’re wrong, they will start asking YOU questions and searching your house and car to find something on YOU to arrest or fine you. Especially if they think your complaint is stupid. So watch out for that.

  94. Sam Hinskii says:

    This article reads like was written by an immature teenage girl.
    PS: FYI, all girls dig rich obnoxious guys who can buy them nice stuff. Then of course they b!tch about being used by them, while enjoying all the niceties and amenities that come with dating such guys.

  95. Sam Hinskii says:

    ” Why bother giving up our seats or holding doors for women when they think we’re creeps anyway?”

    who gives up their seats for women nowadays? Women nowadays have become feminazis, they have lost all the nice traits that we appreciate in them.
    I’m never giving up my seat or holding a door for a Feminazi, not in my lifetime.

  96. mrrossh says:

    All men should desire the woman, but only those whom she finds attractive are allowed to express this to her.
    Those men whom she is not attracted to are required to go blind and deaf in her presence so that they may never look at or interact with her.
    Because those men she does not desire, are automatically ‘creepy’.

    Welcome to the world of woman’s logic… so glad I was born a man.

  97. Edward Wokhands says:

    The reason I’m reading this today is because I was on a crowded train. I was sitting facing a girl who was on her phone, I happened to be looking around while I waited for a site to load on my phone and as I turned my head our eyes met. She gave me this real disgusted look like I’d done something to her. I didn’t think much of it, then started reading the wikipedia article that had loaded. When I looked back up for a second I noticed that she was either filming me or taking my picture and gave me another “ew” kind of look. I don’t know if she thought I was staring because I was looking around the train? There weren’t many places to look we were all cramped together.

    I don’t know if I was giving her a “creepy vibe” or what but it made me feel really paranoid. I already know that I’m an ugly guy, people don’t exactly make a secret of it. But am I really at the point where I can’t move my eyes PAST someone for a second on a crowded train without them taking pics for their online “creep log” or whatever she was taking pics for?

    I’m constantly paranoid of being labelled a creep just because I’m disgusting to look at. It amazes me that we’re told that men are the shallow ones when articles like this are mainstream. Imagine a “why fat girls need to diet” article. It would be called hate speech.

  98. Anon Snake in the grass says:

    Alot of guys who are intelligent (not necessarily nice, or compassionate, and certainly not honest) will see this kind of reaction from women realize it can e very difficult to build an organic relationship with women, and conversely not even try to make real relationships. That doesn’t mean they just give up tho, They will learn how to lie convincingly and study every thing women and girls want to hear so they can learn how to manipulate and lie through their teeth and false smiles, just to get them to do what they want, because that ends up being easier lol wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  99. Jasmine says:

    A boy at school keeps flirting with me! He’s so creepy, and he already has a girlfriend. What do I do?!

  100. creepy is a gut feeling girls get. it doesn’t mean that the guy is creepy but the chemistry between you and him is not there. i recently had an experience like this where i really liked the guy friendwise and even on our dates, but sexually he “creeped” me out and i didn’t like his style. he is very touchy feely in a way that makes me feel like an object… as if he is just grabbing what he wants. i put a stop to it and feel really bad for letting him know that i’m not into him like that. just because we feel a guy is creepy doesn’t mean we didn’t give it an honest shot or try to accommodate them. sometimes it’s just not meant to be and that’s ok, just know guys that we don’t say these things to be mean or hurt you, we are just expressing our feelings and unfortunately those can’t be changed.

  101. Derek says:

    Then why call a man creepy? It makes no sense to say you’re not trying to mean then call a man creepy because he doesn’t do it for you sexually. That’s a straight up contradiction. You just want to let yourself off the hook for rejecting a guy so you blame him for some imaginary problem to absolve yourself of responsibility. Look, if you don’t like a guy, just say no to him and let him move on. Don’t let him take you on dates and buy you shit knowing you don’t like him, that’s called using people. Sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do.

  102. Derek says:

    Tell him you’re not interested and if he keeps it up tell his girlfriend. Pretty simple solution.

  103. Derek says:

    Yup. Women have over extended themselves one too many times. Men have been raised to think women want to be treated like princesses when they constantly go for guys who are sociopathic and abusive as well as edgy. We realize that this is the way to get what we want, so why shouldn’t we turn into the assholes that women are begging to be with?

  104. Derek says:

    If you’re not being called creepy by women, you aren’t trying. I don’t even hear that word anymore because I know how seduction works. Flirting makes women interested, some are going to call you creeps. Tough shit, let them stew in their bullshit. The word doesn’t even register to me anymore.

  105. Cooper says:

    Boohoo!! And men are pussys who let the government tax is and illegal invade our country so….don’t see any Braveheart men Anywhere. Think he had to deal with FEMINISM? FUCK no. We step up, because YOU WONT. Pussy.

  106. Cooper says:

    God you’re an idiot. Men go for Barbie….then comain about makeup and fakeness…so, what’s your point?

  107. wfu14 says:

    I work with a creepy old guy that has a criminal record of sex offenses! He is a creeper I have to work around sometimes and he is the creepy old guy. All my male Co workers have warned me about him after I dated him once. It’s been to years since I went out with him before I knew about him and still get text from him telling me and who ever else he is texting that he is naked. YES, there are creepy guys out there and the ones bitching probably fit into one of these categories!

  108. ann says:

    The article is really good. I feel all of these are creepy. Its better to meet a lady and speak to her as a human with similar interests. Sex comes later

  109. scott england says:

    I can tell you what a creep girl is. a creepy girl is one that determines that guys are creepy for superficial reasons, that then falls in love with mean spirited chauvanists, or falls in love with a man for the status that he may give her and the money that he dotes on her, basicly prostituting herself out.

  110. ephrem goldstein says:

    You forgot the obese creepy guy who works at mcdonalds, the man bun hipster creepy guy, the receding hairline creepy guy, the shops at hollister creepy guy, the creepy professor guy, the creepy balding salesman guy, the creepy internet friendly guy, the creepy guy with mustard on his shirt, the creepy guy who would otherwise be hot, and the creepy short guy who still lives with his parents.

  111. englishman says:

    I’m a creepy guy, I do all of the above 1-10. I never break the law though so I never get seriously punished. Being a creep makes this boring life interesting especially within the monotony of work. Love is also interesting but its a lot more hard work and one creepy thing can break everything and is cemented if I can’t be bothered to apologize in good time. Paranoid women always end up getting the most creep from me. I am too easily led and so are they. I will act like a creep and so she treats me like a creep and so I will act like more of a creep and it just snowballs into me behaving worse and worse but never crossing the line that would get me arrested or formally disciplined at work. Its like a game that helps pass the time more than anything.

    I’m a sick man. Sick in the head. Some men just don’t know or don’t care that women are the weaker sex and these men don’t know or care that all women feel the need to be protected by every man mentally as well as physically. Women apart from the few macho women are pussies and expect to protected by men and when the men do anything other than offer protection, even through the form of just not doing anything creepy at all, then the women will panic and freak out like the little overly emotional princess they can’t help but be. Women need to feel safe all the time and any man who refuses to accept this or do it will creep out a girl. When a girl is freaked out by me sometimes I need to apologize and the rest of the time I need to walk away and let her show an interest before I try to be her friend again.

    I do want to be friends with women and have a laugh with them but everytime it gets good I get the hots for them and I assume they are getting the hots for me too. Its a delusional fantasy which I can shake off if I make the effort to. If I don’t shake it off its like a waking nightmare where in I don’t back off and try to hard to force/trick them into being attracted to me after they have lost interest when in reality simply backing off is the most attractive thing to do in that situation but in my deluded state I don’t realize that.

    It comes down to what would happen in the bedroom and in a proper romantic relationship if one where to happen. In the bedroom girls want to be led but they also want the right to say no. If a girl says no in a conversation and I ignore that request then its like i’m mind raping them and suggesting i would rape them in the bedroom. If a girl offers a hint in a conversation and I ignore it or am unaware of it then its like I don’t care what they would like to do and I just want to do my own thing and if I would do that in a conversation then why would I be any different later on in the relationship. If I am just selfish and not connecting properly with a women if I am not letting her nurture my growth then I will not be a very good boyfriend to her. The start of a relationship should not be underestimated in its effects on how each person will behave later on its imperative to start out as we mean to go on. Girls are pussies.

    I don’t have to be the perfect man to keep a girls interest but I always have to listen and respond and show a willingness evolve into a better man. I don’t want to be a creep anymore that is what brought me to this article. If I work out my body, if I read about what women want from guys, if I read about what women think about creeps, if I learn and evolve, if I keep myself cut, healthy and attractive, if I can hold down my job, if I can be a decent human being then its possible to be friendly towards all women and want to be in-love with only one.

  112. Mr Choopikoopuku poo poo man says:

    That’s because you’re a stinking little booger with your mum’s hand on your willy button. Please lick ice-cream off the poo poo tart and call Priest Phillip in the morning. The priest wants a bite of your willy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  113. Truth Hurts says:

    Hey slut…you suck dick just like your mother did. You still have cum on your face from all the guys that have used you…so please do not think that every guy who smiles at you is thinking of doing the same to you. You are a mess woman – nobody else’s fault ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. Second Realist says:


  115. Daniel Carvalho says:

    Women creates creeps… so after they hate their own creation…

  116. car says:

    HAHA what, are you seven? Now, which one of those 10 guys are you? Damn.

  117. Blake says:

    Tommy, you had me laughing for a good 5 minutes!

  118. Kate says:

    Not all males. Most aren’t like this but let’s say if you met girls of these types, you would be creeped out.

  119. Jacob Robbins says:

    Nah man, I’m not gay. I’d prefer women, anyways.

  120. Uglypolitician says:

    Creepy is another word for ugly. Creepy behavior guy formula: ugly man not conforming to social norms and his perceived social role. An attractive man not conforming to social norms = confident, alpha male, risk taker, etc.

  121. Will Hawkins says:

    So basically, any guy who is good looking (an 8 or above) will almost never be labeled “creepy”, even though he may be doing the EXACT SAME THINGS listed here, that gets an average looking man labeled as “creepy”. (If the definition of “creepy” is just any guy the girl doesn’t like, but he likes her”. If a really good looking guy did the exact same things, she would think he was “cool” or a “rebel” or “flaunting social conventions” or having no fear of authority, or something like that.

  122. Nightflyer says:

    Except that you’re the definition of “creepy.”
    A little jealousy, hmm? After all, your wife walked out on you in disgust, and now you don’t even bother to make child support payments…

  123. Vatten Katten says:

    Stand up for yourself. Don’t give a fuck. Look at them as if they’re your bitches. The phone thing seems a little confusing, but you shouldnt worry, just stare at her with a hard look if that’s where you wanna look, no respect if she has no respect, on the other hand expressing your face as you truly want to is the best thing if you can do it with confidence in your own world for yourself, but sometimes a harder look is necessary. You needn’t worry how you express your face if someone is right in front of you, it’s not like you creep up on a person and stare him in the face, society is a crowded place, you can try to scare the person intentionally and communications-wise one noone really knows if you’re expressions are for you or the one in front of you since you’re just naturally trying to get by comfortably in the seats and positions of the transportation system. If there are more obvious resting positions you can also use those. Every position that favours you first will be instinctivly accepted by the vast majority of people, because it’s obvious that the way you angle your head and look at people, even stare at people, is not really because you want to look at them, it’s because YOU wanna feel more comfortable. You can use this to your benefit of course if you don’t really want to sit in one of the naturally accepted positions but actually wants to look at someone.

  124. louie06291 says:

    Don’t worry about being mean to a guy who’s obviously being a jerk to you. Some women don’t have the nerve to turn down a pushy guy and get all wishy-washy when it’s time to deliver the bad news. But you gotta push past that discomfort and drop it on him.

  125. Jeremy Burrow says:

    Okay, I’m a gay man and somehow I came across this article! I get it ladies, you need to be guarded, but come on now? This list has already pigeon holed most straight men out there’s being creeps but this list is so vague and label them as creeps? c’mon now, Don’t play so innocent. You can smell the yesterday breakfast on girls. Girls can be creepy too! Not an informative article!

  126. sean says:

    I honestly thought the whole article was a complete joke! Yes there is a creepy dude now and then, not as much as the author thinks. Btw its been my personal experience is the girls that label dudes as creepy are usually stuck up, shallow, and usually feels their too good for any man, unless he’s on the Brad Pitt level.
    Usually friendly and down to earth women seldom label men as creepy.

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