What Makes a Guy Creepy? 24 Signs & Types of Men Girls Should Avoid

We’ve all met someone like him – the creepy guy. But what makes him this way and what are the signs to look out for? We have all your answers here.

creepy guy signs and types

Many guys can be creepy for a lot of reasons.

Some guys are creepy because they smile like Brad Pitt but look nothing like him.

Some guys are creepy because they laugh like they’ve been living in a horror flick.

Some guys are creepy because they smell like sweaty, bad sex.

And other creepy guys are creepy for a lot of other creepy reasons.

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What Makes a Guy Creepy?

Sometimes, even the nicest of guys can turn out to be creepy guys. After all, creepy is subjective and what may seem desirable to one girl can seem creepy to another. But we’ve all been there.

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You’re walking on a street and bump into an annoying guy or are introduced to a guy you just can’t shake off. And they’re all creepy in their own ways.

But what makes a guy creepy really?

Almost all the time, it’s an unexplainable feeling of discomfort and awkwardness you feel around them. You can’t really explain it, but you feel miserable and icky spending time around this person. [Read: How to be just friends when he wants more]

The Subtle Signs of a Creepy Guy That Make Girls Feel Uncomfortable

But what’s the easiest way to define a creepy guy? Well, there are so many ways to define them, so let’s just start with the signs you need to look out for.

1. He Has No Friends

Okay, this is not an insult to introverts, because most normal introverts have friends.

But if there is someone you know at work, school, or in your apartment complex who just lurks around by himself and never talks to anyone, that is creepy. The reason he has no friends is that people are freaked out by him for some reason.

2. You Get a Bad Vibe From Him

Whenever you lay eyes on him, you just get a bad feeling. It might not be anything specific. He could even look like a completely normal person, but your intuitive guidance is shouting at you that something is wrong with him.

Don’t ignore those vibes because they are usually very real warning signs. [Read: How to listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

3. He Keeps to Himself

Along the lines of having no friends, if he happens to be in a group of people, he will hang back and look like he’s in his own world.

He won’t really talk or join in the conversation at all. He will look more like a zombie who is sitting there… lifeless. He probably hates people and is only tolerating them because he has to.

4. Laughing at Inappropriate Times

A guy doesn’t have to be anti-social to be creepy. In fact, he could be quite outgoing and try to talk to people a lot – maybe too much!

And another sign that is weird is when he laughs at inappropriate things. For example, if someone is telling a sad story, he will start laughing hysterically. And the people around him are weirded out by it.

5. Displays Unwanted Sexual Interest

If a guy is always approaching women and telling them how beautiful they are, and “why don’t you have a boyfriend,” that is a bad sign.

He might even touch them or spank their butts in strange places, like the workplace. If he can’t figure out that these gestures of sexual interest are unwanted, then he is definitely a creepy guy. [Read: 12 surefire way to get a creepy guy to leave you alone]

6. Has Too Much or Too Little Emotion

Similar to laughing at inappropriate times, if he is just way too full of emotion, then that is creepy.

On the flip side, if he doesn’t have any emotion at all, it makes him feel like a serial killer. So, any guy with inappropriate expressions of emotion is very suspect and is not normal.

7. Standing or Sitting Too Close to You

There is a classic TV show called Seinfeld. There is one famous episode where there is a guy they call “close-talker guy.”

He’s a guy who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space and gets way too close to people. So, if you find that someone is violating this social cue, then he is definitely creepy.

8. Talking Too Much About Sex

If the guy is constantly talking about his sexual conquests or pointing out women he’d like to get into bed, that is a big sign he is creepy. Most people like sex, and talking about it is fine too.

But you have to talk to the right people – your friends. So, if he’s doing it with people who should not be hearing such things, then that’s gross. [Read: 25 most common dating deal breakers for women all guys must avoid]

9. Alarm Bells Go Off in Everyone’s Heads

It’s one thing for you to get bad vibes from a guy. Maybe it’s just your own personal preferences that make you not like him.

But, if you find that everyone around you feels the same way about him, then you know that he is a creepy guy. One person could be wrong, but everyone can’t be wrong at the same time.

10. Ignores Social Cues

If you’re riding up somewhere in an elevator, and he’s standing too close to you or just facing you…staring… then that is creepy.

A social cue is an unspoken rule that all of society knows they should follow. So, if he is not following these social rules, then you know he is a creepy guy.

11. He Doesn’t Take “No” for an Answer

If the guy ignores *or doesn’t understand* social cues, then he will probably never take no for an answer. Let’s say he asked you out on a date, and you politely declined. He will take that as a message to try again later.

Even if you tell him you have a boyfriend, he will say something like, “That’s fine. I’ll just ask you out when you break up!” [Read: How to ignore a guy and the best ways to finally get him to leave you alone]

12. Bad Personal Hygiene 

No one likes someone who stinks. Most normal people shower, brush their teeth, and keep themselves relatively clean on a regular basis. But some creepy guys don’t know how to do that.

They might go weeks without showering or doing the basic things in life. So, if you find you have to run away from a guy because of his stench, that is an obvious creepy guy sign.

13. Unrealistic Expectations or Entitlement Toward Women

There is an understanding in life that most people date others who are within their own league. In other words, a supermodel would not date an ugly guy.

So, if a guy thinks he can have any woman he wants *and he’s not attractive* then that is creepy. He has a sense of entitlement and thinks he can have anyone he wants – but it’s not true. [Read: 33 signs you are unattractive and all the ugly fixes to get hotter!]

14. TMI

You probably know what TMI stands for, but if not, it’s “Too Much Information.” In other words, if someone gives you details about their sex life or their pooping and masturbation habits, that information makes people go “ewwwwww – gross!”

No one wants to hear that. So, if it’s a “TMI guy” then he’s probably a creepy guy too. [Read: Proper social etiquette – 12 rules that redefine modern manners]

The Creepy Guys You Definitely Need to Avoid

There are some mildly creepy guys, and then we have the scary creepy guys. If you’re attracting the attention of a guy you don’t like, and he exhibits any of these creepy guy signs, it’s time for you to back away and keep him away from you.

1. The Boob Staring Creepy Guy 

This is the guy who can’t help staring down your cleavage all the time. He thinks he’s too smart to get caught staring down your tee, but he gets caught anyway. And no matter how many times you catch him, nothing stops him from trying to stare at your breasts.

He’s a creepy guy with lust on his mind. If a guy you don’t like constantly stares you up and down like he wants to eat you, he’s definitely a creepy guy you need to avoid. [Read: Why do guys like breasts like crazy?]

2. The Touchy-Feely Creepy Guy

This is the creepy guy that can gross you out. He’s extremely touchy even when you don’t reciprocate his moves.

He uses any excuse to touch you or, gasp, hug you! He holds your hand for no reason and runs his hand along your back until you bend your back like a contortionist and duck away from his side.

He’s the guy who may eventually reach his hands out to the front of your shirt in the heat of the moment. If a guy touches you and the hair on your hands start to stand, he’s definitely the touchy-feely creepy guy.

3. The Personal Space Creepy Guy

Do you have a friend or a colleague who just doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space?

If you know a guy who stands so close to you that you can smell yesterday’s breakfast on his breath, he’s definitely a creepy guy that needs to be avoided.

He doesn’t understand social etiquette and he’s definitely getting close to you for a reason. Better push him away before he thinks you enjoy the intermingling of both your personal spaces. [Read: The 7 stages of love for men]

4. The Dirty Talking Creepy Guy

Do you know a guy who thinks he’s a smooth dirty talker when he’s definitely not? If a guy talks about your visible bra strap or how sexy your ass looks today even when you tell him off, he’s a creepy guy you need to avoid.

He may assume that both of you are actually exchanging fun, sexy conversations with each other. What’s next, he may want to have sex with you!

5. The Rich Boastful Creepy Guy

Well, what do you say about this one? He’s rich, but he’s completely obnoxious. He boasts and brags, and thinks all women must strip down and bow before him and his riches. 

If a braggart of a rich guy hits on you, and you don’t like him back, walk away from him before he starts wooing you and embarrassing you all the time. [Read: Are insecure guys ever worth dating?]

6. The Creepy Fetish Guy

Have you ever dated a guy who seems to have a lot of crazy fetishes and he wants to force them upon you? Unless you share his interests or are deeply in love with him already, end any relationships with crazy fetish guys who go overboard with their fetishes.

7. The Creepy Stalker Guy

Has a guy professed his undying love for you recently? Does he now spend all his time following you around town no matter where you are? 

The creepy stalker guy is the guy who thinks he’s being cool and persuasive by trailing you everywhere. Avoid him, don’t give him any attention, and try to give him the slip.

8. The Older Creepy Guy

Does your dad’s friend hit on you? Old creepy guys are the weirdest of the lot! They’re socially cuckoo and desperate for attention from young perky people. 

They assume younger girls are easier to get because they can’t ever get a date with women their own age. If you have an older friend who tries to behave like a touchy-feely creepy guy, he’s surely an older creepy guy you need to get away from.

9. The Staring Creepy Guy

Do you exchange glances with interesting guys at a coffee shop? Then you’ve definitely met Mr. Staring Creepy Guy. 

He’s the guy who drops everything else and stares at you with a vengeance. He stares hard, with an eye-watering lingering gaze that stretches into an eerie smile each time you look at him. [Read: What kind of men stare at women?]

10. The Loving Creepy Guy

He’s obsessed with you, and no matter what you say, he just thinks you’re playing hard to get. This is a romantic nightmare, and he’d do anything to try and win your attention and your love. 

There’s not much you can do to get him off your back because he just won’t believe you don’t love him back. The only thing you can do with this creepy guy is play nice. [Read: How to reject a guy you don’t like by being nice]

What’s your worst kind of creepy guy? Creepy guys are the worst in every way, because they make you uncomfortable and a bit scared as well. So just stay as far away from them as you can, at least until they learn some manners!

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