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How to Squirt during Sex: A Complete Guide for Curious First-Timers

Learning how to squirt during sex sometimes feels like the proverbial unicorn. But it can happen, and I have a few tips for you to help your girl squirt.

how to squirt during sex

Squirting: it’s wet, hot, messy, and addictive. Those women who are fortunate to have achieved this kind of pleasure would sing you the same praise. But for the other men and women who tried and failed to reach such orgasmic pleasure are often curious about how to squirt during sex and make the metaphorical floodgates open or even suspicious whether you can make it happen at all.

Due to its complicated nature, squirting has been a subject of so much discussion making it some sort of a mythical creature in the realm of female orgasms. However, the fact that some women have been there and back to tell us their experience proves that it is achievable. The only question that remains is how does one achieve it? Let’s take a look.

Squirting orgasms: Can it really happen?

Women are the only creatures gifted with the ability to experience orgasms in different levels. The most familiar of these is the clitoral orgasm. This type of orgasm is easily achievable since the clitoris is located outside the woman’s body and is easily accessible. [Read: All the techniques you need to know to finger a girl and make her orgasm]

Now, the other type of orgasm is more difficult to achieve and is the one tied to squirting. This is the vaginal orgasm. This can be achieved by stimulating the G-spot located along the upper wall of the vagina. It can be stimulated through intercourse by contact with the penis or manually by using the fingers.

Vaginal orgasms are described as more powerful and longer lasting compared to a clitoral orgasm. However, achieving this kind of orgasm requires a great deal of patience and careful application of technique.

The squirting mechanism: How does squirting happen?

#1 It’s all about G-spot is stimulation. When the G-spot is stimulated manually or during intercourse, nerve signals are also sent through an organ known as the Skene’s gland. This organ, or the female prostate, is responsible in secreting ejaculate-life fluids during moments of sexual excitement. Continued stimulation of the G-spot induces the Skene’s gland to secrete fluids which is part of the ejaculate when a woman squirts. [Read: Debunking the myths and shedding light on female ejaculation]

#2 Relaxation of the urethral opening or the “urge to pee.” One of the myths that perpetuate around squirting is that the expelled fluid is “just pee.” This makes women hesitant to achieve a squirting orgasm. While it is true that a part of the fluid expelled is urine, most of the compounds that make up the ejaculate are protein-rich fluids from the female prostate gland.

The reason why traces of pee can be found in the expelled fluid is because both pee and female prostate fluid pass through the same opening allowing them to mix during squiring.

#3 All girls have the ability to squirt, but not in the same way. It is initially believed that few girls can achieve a squirting orgasm. In reality, all girls can but not in the same manner as other girls. There is no single formula when it comes to understanding how to make a woman squirt.

There are a variety of tips and techniques to apply. The trick is exploration of the woman’s body and introducing different types of stimulation until you get the desired effect. In addition, no girl squirts on the first try. Couples need continued practice and exploration. [Read: How to make yourself squirt – 13 tricks to squirt like a pornstar]

How to squirt during sex: Tips for men

#1 Be prepared. We discussed that getting a girl to squirt can be a long, complicated process that requires a lot of patience and manual dexterity. In order to achieve your goal without interruptions, it is best to prepare beforehand before diving right in.

**Have a towel nearby– squirting can be powerful and messy when it happens. Just be prepared when she lets it flow. Place a towel just below her hips to catch the gushing fluids and keep her at ease about messing your bed sheet.

**Prepare lots of lubricant– the process of making her squirt can take some time and her vagina may not be able to lubricate your hand adequately. So in case she dries out, have some back-up lube prepared when this happens.

**Trim your fingernails– your foreplay may end badly in so many ways. One is if you get overly vigorous and scratch her insides with your untrimmed fingernails. Not only is this a mood-killer but may also require a trip to the hospital. Avoid the hassle and trim your fingernails! [Read: Cunnilingus pro – 16 ways to use your tongue and blow her mind]

#2 Make her relaxed and comfortable. If you’re trying to figure out how to squirt during sex, the ideal position when attempting to make a girl squirt is to make her lie down on her back. This position is stable and allows her to relax for the long fight ahead. It also allows you to cuddle up near her for a more intimate and romantic foreplay where you have easy access to her lips, nipples, and torso.

The more relaxed and fuzzy she feels the easier it will be for her to respond to stimulation and squirt.

#3 Get her in the mood with good foreplay. Don’t just stab your fingers in! You need to get her in the proper mood first. Tease her, caress her, and talk dirty to her. Make her beg for your hand inside her. If she’s so wet and horny from good foreplay, it increases the likelihood of getting her to squirt. [Read: 17 foreplay moves to get your girl incredibly horny]

#4 Slide your fingers in gently and look for the G-spot. When you put your fingers in her vagina, don’t make it seem like an inanimate probe that she gets during her OB check-ups. Gently caress her insides and slowly massage the upper wall of her vagina.

Once there you’ll feel a slight bump with ridges similar to the roof of your mouth. That’s the place you’re looking for. Caress it with two fingers doing a “come hither” motion.

#5 Maintain a rhythm and watch how she reacts. You cannot make your girl squirt if you just stick to one kind of hand movement. You need to get a feel for her G-spot and watch her reaction at the same time.

If she squirms out of your fingers, it may be a sign that she’s uncomfortable or what you’re doing isn’t working at all. If this happens, alter your approach. You’ll know that you’re doing it well if she stays still and moans contentedly. [Read: How to tingle her g-spot without using a flashlight]

#6 Look for the signs of the coming orgasm and let her enjoy the experience. There are two ways to know if she’s going to squirt. One is if she arches her back and her insides begin to spasm. The other is if she tells you.

Once near orgasm, you keep your rhythm until she finally lets it flow and once she begins to squirt, stop all finger motions and let the orgasm flow through her body. Enjoy watching her shiver and worry about the mess on your hands later. [Read: 14 signs of female arousal to recognize the horny girl mode]

#7 For girls: Don’t be afraid and let it flow. If a girl keeps worrying she can’t squirt or thinks how disgusting it might be for her partner, the more difficult it is for her to squirt. The trick to achieving that coveted squirting orgasm is to let the sensation flow freely.

[Read: 5 goofproof moves to make a girl squirt like she’s peeing]

Learning how to squirt during sex *especially during orgasm* can be a challenging feat, but it can be achieved. It takes patience and requires technique for both partners.

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