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Full Body Orgasm: The Secrets to Experience One & What It Feels Like

Orgasms are sometimes not easy to come by. However, with practice, you could achieve a full body orgasm and wonder what you’ve been missing for so long!

full body orgasm

Orgasm inequality is a real thing. Guys seem to have them all the time and women often struggle. The good news? Not only can you, as a woman, have several different types of orgasm, but you can also work to achieve a full body orgasm.

That’s something that’s worth putting in the effort for! If you’ve never experienced this or never even heard of it, you’re in the right place. We’ve got just what you need in order to achieve this level of pleasure.

However, it’s important that you know one thing – it probably won’t happen straight away. In order to have a full body orgasm and feel that intense pleasure, you need to practice. You also need a partner that’s willing and able to work with you to get there.

If you have those things, and you’re willing to be a little patient, you could be writhing and shivering with pleasure before you know it! [Read: 12 amazing types of female orgasms all girls can experience in bed]

The different types of female orgasms

Many women complain about the fact that it takes them longer to get off than it does for men. But truthfully, women can be considered luckier in some ways! We have multiple different ways we’re able to achieve orgasm. Men only have two ways.

There’s your usual g-spot and clitoral orgasm, but those aren’t the only ways women can get off. We can also orgasm through our nipples, through kissing, anal orgasms, the anterior fornix orgasm, and more. But the one all women should aim to experience is the full body orgasm. [Read: 40 interesting, fun quotes about the female orgasm]

It’s about being able to relax and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Every woman is capable of orgasm, it’s simply that there are a million and one things going on in our minds that distract us from the enjoyment and stop us from being in the moment.

Women often also need to have that emotional connection in order to be able to let go and work towards an orgasm. The good news is that it’s possible, and if you’re someone who’s never had an orgasm before or you rarely achieve one, don’t worry. You’re totally normal.

Countless women are in the same boat as you, but it’s entirely possible to change all of that and start enjoying regular orgasms. [Read: How to give yourself an orgasm – 16 wet steps to enjoy self-pleasure]

How to achieve a full body orgasm that’ll leave your body weak

To get to this level of orgasm, you need to put aside some time and effort. There are certain things you have to master first in order to have a full body orgasm. But believe me, they’re worth it. Here’s how you can reach an orgasmic moment you’ll never forget.

1. Chill out and relax a little

You just can’t have a full body orgasm unless you’re relaxed. You can’t really have any type of orgasm unless you let go of your stress. Without being able to relax your body, your muscles – especially those involved in this type of orgasm – won’t be able to let go.

It is essential that your entire body is loose and relaxed. Do whatever you need to in order to feel fully relaxed and ready to have a full body orgasm.

Get a massage. Go work out. Just do what you need to in order to de-stress. This will be different for every woman but go with whatever helps you to unwind. [Read: 32 hot and slippery ways to make yourself wet and get aroused really fast]

2. You can only do it with someone you are very emotionally close to

If you expect to have a full body orgasm with some random hookup, it won’t work. You can’t fully let go and relax when you’re not connected to someone emotionally.

You have to feel fully comfortable with the person you’re having sex with. Only then will you relax and be able to work with them to make your full body orgasm a reality.

3. Don’t rush! Have slow and steady sex

This type of orgasm is not one that will happen quickly. In fact, it’ll take a long time to get there. You have to have slow, steady sex so it can build up.

That buildup is extremely important if you want a full body orgasm. It’ll take some time to get there, but if you just let go and enjoy the sensations, it’ll happen. [Read: 13 naughty reasons slow sex is simply the best]

4. Aim for deep penetration

A full body orgasm stems from your cervix and less from your clit or g-spot. That’s right, it’s basically a cervical orgasm. And that means the penetration has to be very deep.

The trick with this is having someone that’s big enough to hit that spot. If they’re too small, it won’t work. However, you can also use a long dildo for the same purpose. So long as it’s deep, you’ll get there. [Read: Deep penetration and why it can push a girl way over the edge]

5. Focus on deep breathing

In order to have a full body orgasm, you almost have to be in a meditative state. This means you need to close your mind and practice deep breathing. This will not only get your body in the zone for an orgasm, it’ll also help you relax fully.

6. Squeeze and relax those Kegels!

You don’t just get to lay back and take it if you want a full body orgasm. The truth is, you need to put in the work, too. So although you’re relaxed, you need to be able to squeeze and relax your Kegels during sex.

If you’ve never done this before, just think about squeezing your vagina from the inside. Then relax it. Do this repeatedly and the clenching of your muscles will help you build up to this type of orgasm. [Read: Why both men and women need to do Kegel exercises]

7. Feel free to make some noise

But only if it feels natural. The fact of the matter is that if you’re making noise, you’re relaxing more. The sounds we make during sex aren’t just for our partner’s validation.

They actually help us get closer and closer to orgasm. So don’t be shy! The higher pitched the sound you make, the closer you’ll get to a full body orgasm! [Read: Sex sounds and how to moan in bed and sound sexy AF while making out]

8. Lose yourself in the moment

While you’re concentrating on squeezing and relaxing your Kegels, you also just have to get lost in the pleasure. Close your eyes and just let go. Relax into the rhythm of your body and the feeling of your partner in you.

Don’t worry about anything else at all. You should be able to just let your body and mind drift to peace. Forget about any chores you need to do. The only thing you should be focusing on is the pleasure.

9. Focus on each sensation that comes your way

And while you’re doing that, you can then bring your mind to each sensation. How does every move feel? Close your eyes and feel everything deeply. Each thrust, every move your partner makes in you, and the feeling of their body against yours.

Every single sensation needs to be felt in order to have a full body orgasm. So focus on actually feeling them instead of trying to orgasm. [Read: How to foreplay – The key for the best sex of your life]

10. Communicate – Tell your partner what you need

If you’re just not feeling the effects at all, you need to speak up. Tell your partner if they’re not doing something right. Point them in the right direction.

The goal here is to make you have a full body orgasm and I’m sure your significant other only wants to help make that happen.

So don’t be shy and don’t hold back. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and in what way. You have to be working in harmony with one another in order to make this happen. [Read: What women really want in bed but are too shy to ask for]

11. Really believe you can do it

A lot of what a full body orgasm is has to do with where your mind is. You need to be thinking that you can actually achieve this pleasure in order to get there.

Thinking positively is your best bet going into sex if you want to orgasm this way.

12. Know that practice makes perfect

Truth be told, you probably won’t achieve a full body orgasm the first time you try. It may take a very long time for you to get into the habit of everything listed above.

But the good news is that you can practice and practice. The more you engage in this type of sex with the mindset of having a full body orgasm, the easier it’ll become. So go hit the sheets and try it out! [Read: A step-by-step guide to make yourself squirt and experience your first squirting orgasm]

What does a full body orgasm actually feel like?

All of the above tips will help you to achieve orgasm but how can you be sure that it’s a full body orgasm you’ve just had, or some other type? A full body orgasm just feels different. It isn’t totally concentrated in your lady parts, it’s across your entire body, as the name suggests. [Read: What does an orgasm feel like?]

It’s almost like a slow and steady build up of pressure and tension, that at the point of release, just lets go and leaves your entire body pulsating.

You build that pressure until you just can’t take it anymore, it’s almost like every single muscle in your body tenses and curls up, before the crescendo.

As you release, you feel like you’re floating on air. It’s a sensation that is hard to describe, and of course, it’s always going to be slightly different for every woman.

However, you can normally tell that it’s a full body orgasm you’ve just had by the fact that it radiates across your entire body and not just your genitals.

Give it a go! You won’t achieve it unless you try and you have to know that it probably won’t come the first, second, or third time you try. However, it’s not exactly a hardship to dedicate time to trying to achieve this type of pleasure, is it?

 [Read: How to edge yourself – What is edging and 15 secrets to explosive orgasms]

Having a full body orgasm isn’t always about feeling it sexually. With this type of intense pleasure, your entire body and mind have to be ready to receive it. Now get out there and make it happen with these tips!

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