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Sweaty Sex: 18 Reasons It’s So Dripping Hot & the Best Times to Have It!

It’s time to burst out of your comfort zone and enjoy sex with a little extra drip. Learn why sweaty sex is the perfect way to get down and dirty!

sweaty sex

Sex can easily become a little boring occasionally, right? When you do it the same way, every time, it’s easy to wonder what all the fuss is about. But, if you switch things up and throw in a little extra pizzazz, you may just find that sex becomes your new favorite pastime! With that in mind, have you tried sweaty sex?

Yes, we know, it doesn’t sound appealing with just the name, but wait a minute. All that extra slip and slide? The animalistic, “got to have you now,” can’t wait another second vibe of it all?

Phew! We’re getting hot just thinking about it!

If you and your partner have never tried a bout of sweaty sex, it’s about time you added it to your sexual bucket list. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have sexiest rough sex ever]

The reasons why sweaty sex feels so hot, raw and passionate!

Sweaty sex is hot in every sense of the word, and if you don’t believe it, just keep reading. Here are the reasons why you should go for it, as quickly as possible!

1. It’s natural

If you don’t like to get perspiration on your bed, or you’re conscious about body odor, then you should dry hump instead. However, even dry humping can result in physical exertion, which can also lead to you and your partner breaking out into a bit of sweat.

So stop worrying about getting all sweaty—it’s only natural. Sex is a physical activity, your heart will race, your blood will pump faster, and all this will turn your body temperature up. [Read: 34 passionate signs he is making love to you & not just having sex]

Add that to the fact that you’re with another warm body, which can really get things steamy. So celebrate sweat, and just get on with it!

2. It’s animalistic

Sweaty sex puts a twist on your routine *unless sweaty sex is really your thing, in which case, “Yay!” to you!* Hot, sweaty sex means two things: you’re both in the moment, and the momentum is building.

Both are definitely good things when you’re in bed because you’re functioning the way you’re made to function – naturally!

It’s primal and animalistic because you’re letting your body and your urges hold the reins. And, there’s nothing sexier than two people all sexy, sweaty, and slick, having crazy and amazing sex. [Read: 34 passionate signs he’s making love to you and not just having sex]

3. You get to peel it off

Sweat means heat. The room’s hot and you just want to take your clothes off faster than you can say “sexy time.”

You want to peel off all your clothes much more urgently and that makes your partner understand that you just can’t wait to have them! Having sweaty sex means you want to get naked and STAY naked.

4. No cold, clammy skin

An absolute no-no. Warm hands on warm body parts is always the way to go. Besides, cold can be a major turn off. It makes you shrink, if you know what we mean.

It’s always better to feel like you’re having sex with a warm, living, breathing, body, right? Besides, being hot *and ergo sweaty*, is like a metaphor for how much you are lusting after each other. It’ll just make you want each other even more. [Read: How to dominate a woman in bed and bring out the animal in you]

5. Your libido rises

Your sexual appetite grows as the mercury rises. We’re guessing that’s why we say someone is “in heat” when they’re getting horny. Whatever the case may be, sweat just ups the level of horny when two people are together.

There’s something sexy about a drop of sweat dripping down your body, following its every curve. And something intimate about the way your perspirations mix and trail along your skin as you grind against each other. [Read: How to prepare for sex – 20 things you MUST do to enjoy it more]

6. Two become one

Nothing is better than naked skin against naked skin. Well, except when you’re both sweaty that your skin melts together as you move as one.

The natural moisture that comes out from the pores of your skin as you go about vigorous sex creates a body suctioning effect that enhances the feeling of being one with each other.

7. It’s fast and hard

It’s easy to go fast and hard when you’re having sweaty sex. Sweat from your body naturally creates less friction, allowing both of you to bump and grind better.

It also allows you to easily slip and slide into different positions because you basically just slither against each other. [Read: 34 sex secrets and moves to last longer during sex without any difficulty]

8. Lots and lots of pheromones!

When sex is getting hot and sweaty, you not only perspire, but you also release more of your body’s natural scents, called pheromones.

Pheromones are a cocktail of chemical compounds produced by our bodies. They are the key to attraction in humans, working even as an aphrodisiac. Basically, you’re going to be crazy for one another. [Read: Pheromones – The scent of sex and the role they play in love]

9. It’s fat burning

You’re also burning more calories because breaking a sweat means that you’re physically exerting yourself. It’s no secret that sex is one of the best exercise routines you can give yourself – especially if you’re going at it on a daily basis.

So when you sweat in bed due to some vigorous, humping and thrusting, you’re doing yourself a favor with some pleasurable cardio. [Read: How to get horny fast – 13 Quick tips for instant horniness]

10. Glistening in all its glory

Ever seen Sports Illustrated models looking all wet and sexy? It’s not because they took a swim or a shower and then posed for the camera. They’re meant to be that way to appeal to our subconscious mind.

There’s just something so much sexier when the naked body is exposed and glistening. So when you’re in bed and you see your partner all shiny and wet with sweat, your partner looks even more sexually attractive to you. [Read: Girl on top sex – 30 secrets to ride a man and look sexy doing it]

11. It’s how sex is supposed to be

It’s not rocket science. When you’re sweating while having sex, it means you’re doing it right. You’re getting your groove on, so to speak.

Sex requires some sort of friction as well as a buildup of momentum, and it is with all that bumping and grinding in a repeated, rhythmic motion that you bring sexual pleasure to each other.

12. The amazing feel of a post-sex shower

Of course, one of the perks of having sweaty sex is the sexy post-sex shower that you’ll have.

After all that hot, wet, and vigorous humping, the best way to cap off that session is with a steamy shower to cool you down *and maybe warm you up for another round of romping—that is, if you aren’t already having sex halfway through your shampoo*. [Read: Naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again]

Things to remember when having sweaty sex

We’ve already established that sweaty sex is nothing short of glorious, but if you want to make it as mind-blowing as possible, you need to know a few extra hints and tips. Here are a few things to remember when the two of you are getting your sweat on.

1. Open the window

It’s all very well getting sweaty and turning up the heat, but you do need to be able to breathe!

Overheating is not a good thing, so make sure you have some ventilation to make things more comfortable. However, do bear in mind that the neighbors might hear you! [Read: How to moan and look & sound even more sexy in bed]

2. Forget your self-consciousness

If this is going to be as amazing as it should be, you really need to forget any hang ups you have and just go for it.

Push aside any self-conscious thoughts that pop into your mind and focus on the sensations that you and your partner are creating.

3. Remember that sweat means slipping

There’s a safety element to remember here! Depending upon the amount of sweat you’re producing and where you’re actually having sex, remember that there may be a chance one of you *or both of you could* could slip and fall!

It’s not the best idea to have sweaty sex standing up; if you want to avoid injury, just lay down!

4. Add some lube for extra slide

Lube is never a bad idea. Add to the slick and sliding feel by using a little lube. You’ll feel even more turned on and then, the feeling of skin on skin will seem even more outrageously sexy to you. It’s the best way to enjoy sweaty sex even more! [Read: How to use lubricants to liven up your sex life instantly]

5. Don’t plan it

Sweaty sex is basically animalistic, spontaneous sex and that kind of enjoyment just can’t be planned.

When you’re feeling the first twinges of horniness, just go for it! Don’t think about it too much, just go where your mind takes you and enjoy the flow of it all.

The best times to have sweaty sex

While you certainly shouldn’t plan animalistic sex like this, there are better times than others to get down to it. Let’s check out some of the best times to enjoy sweaty sex, to give you the ultimate chance at sexual enjoyment off the scale. [Read: 10 Reasons why you should have morning sex more often]

1. After a workout – All those endorphins rushing around your body will lead to explosive sex!

2. After a hot shower; you can have another one afterward!

3. After an argument

4. After a walk in nature [Read: The 20 best and hottest places for outdoor sex]

5. After you’ve had a bad day at work

6. When you’re stressed out or angry about something – Get rid of that stress with some sweaty sex!

7. Whenever you feel like it – There doesn’t have to be any rules to this!

Basically, sweaty sex can be enjoyed at any time, anywhere, but make sure that you’re really feeling the urge to take full advantage of the sexy potential!

[Read: The best places to have sex – 41 hot and naughty places beyond the bed]

Embracing sweaty sex has many benefits for you and your partner. So instead of getting self-conscious next time you’re in bed with your partner, turn up the thermostat and get your sweat on.

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