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G-Spot Orgasm: What It Is, 26 Secrets to Find the G-Spot & Make a Girl Squirm

If you want to make your partner crazy with lust, there’s one thing you need to know—what is a g-spot? Learn the magic and she’ll thank you forever!

G-Spot Orgasm - What It Is and how to Find the G-Spot

Finding a woman’s g-spot has been something men have needed help with for a very, very long time. For many men, the question, “What is the g-spot”, is pretty high up on their curiosity list. Sure, they know the general idea of it, but they don’t seem to know how to hit it the right way to bring their partner immense pleasure.

If this sounds like you, have no fear. We’re here to explain just how you can find it so you can please her like no one else has been able to. It won’t be very easy, and you’ll have to communicate with your partner to succeed.

Of course, you’ll have to practice if you want to know how to find the g-spot… A lot. Though we’re sure you have no arguments with that! [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

What is a g-spot?

More formally known as the Grafenberg Spot, the g-spot is a sponge-like and bumpy area that sits inside the vagina.

During sexual arousal, it swells a little and becomes super-sensitive. It has the potential to give a woman a seriously explosive orgasm.

The female g-spot is about an inch inside the opening of the vagina and is on the upper wall. If you aim for the belly button, you’re not going to be too far away. [Read: What does a vagina feel like? 35 pussy facts and descriptions from men]

The female anatomy

While the body parts of a woman seem alike to a man’s, they’re actually not. Sure, they all have the same parts and they’re in the same place, but they don’t all respond to the same stimuli, and that is why men have such a hard time finding the g-spot.

It’s not that they have no idea where it is, it’s that they’re not taking the time to get to know a woman’s body distinctly. Just because you should be hitting the g-spot doesn’t mean you actually are.

Are g-spot orgasms more powerful?

Women are lucky in the sense that they have multiple different ways they can orgasm. But they’re also unlucky because making them finish from any of these ways is difficult. That being said, the two main ways women orgasm are with clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation.

Of course, the g-spot is located inside the vagina and the clitoris is outside of the vagina. Not only are they in completely different places, but they’re also very different in terms of sensation.

Women describe a clitoral orgasm as centralized to that region whereas a g-spot orgasm is more of a full-body feeling. And that’s why so many women want to have a g-spot orgasm. [Read: How to hit her g-spot on the first try]

Does the g-spot trigger female ejaculation?

Yes, it can, but not always. When stimulated correctly and for long enough, the g-spot can result in squirting, also known as female ejaculation.

However, while all women have the capacity to squirt, that doesn’t mean all do. So, don’t just aim for that – if it happens, great. If not, no problem.

Common female g-spot myths

Because the question of “what is the g-spot” is so commonly asked, that means there are countless myths out there.

Let’s check out some of the common ones so you can push them out of your mind and focus on how to find the g-spot and ways to give your lady some serious pleasure! [Read: 40 interesting, fun quotes about the female orgasm]

1. The g-spot doesn’t exist

Yes, it does. This myth probably appeared simply because so many men seem to have a problem finding it. Rather than realizing this just needs them to double down on their efforts, they just shrug and assume it’s not real.

Do better, guys.

2. Only certain women have g-spots

Most women have a g-spot, but everyone experiences pleasure differently and likes to be stimulated differently too.

Again, if you can’t find your woman’s g-spot, it just means you need to practice more, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t got one. [Read: Why do orgasms feel so good? 21 whys and ways to make it better]

3. The g-spot is easy to find

Would we need to write this feature on what is the g-spot if it was easy to find? It’s not easy, and that’s why so many women wish for a g-spot orgasm but don’t actually get one.

The good news is that practice makes perfect!

4. The only way to stimulate the g-spot is with penetration

Not at all! Some positions are better suited to hitting the g-spot *more on that later*, but it’s not the only way. Sex toys can help to reach the g-spot, but you can also use your fingers.

You just need to know where it is and where to aim! [Read: Deep penetration – naughty ways it can push you over the edge]

5. G-spot orgasms are the best type to experience

Not necessarily. Every woman is different and that means every woman likes a specific type of pleasure better than others.

The truth is, the female g-spot has the potential to trigger very intense orgasms, but pleasure is a very personalized thing. Maybe your partner simply prefers clitoral orgasms, and who are you to argue with that?

6. G-spot orgasms are just the same as any other type of orgasm

No, they’re not. G-spot orgasms are described as more full-bodied than other types of orgasms. But again, it really depends on what your partner enjoys and how she experiences pleasure. [Read: Intense orgasm checklist – tiny fixes for a jaw-dropping orgasm]

7. The g-spot is an organ

No, it’s not. The g-spot has no other function than sexual pleasure.

8. There are multiple g-spots

No. There are many erogenous zones that feel amazing when stimulated, but there is only one actual g-spot.

9. The g-spot causes squirting/female ejaculation

There’s some truth to this and some confusion. Yes, the g-spot can trigger squirting/female ejaculation when stimulated in a specific way, but not for all women. [Read: How to squirt during sex – a complete guide for curious first-timers]

10. G-shots always work

A g-shot is a type of cosmetic procedure that aims to make the g-spot more sensitive and therefore easier for a woman to achieve a g-spot orgasm. But do they work?

Not for all women, but they can. However, the downside is that the procedure’s effects won’t last long term and another procedure will need to be done to enhance the effects. [Read: How to push the right buttons to achieve multiple orgasms]

How to hit the g-spot and blow her mind

To learn how to hit the g-spot, it takes effort, dedication, and willingness to make your woman feel amazing. You have to want to find the female g-spot for your girl’s sake. And if you really want to know how to drive her wild, you’ll find it.

Eventually, it’ll become easier and easier—both for you to find it and for your woman to finish. With these tips, you’ll be able to find it in no time.

1. Learn the female anatomy

This is a given if you want to learn how to hit the g-spot. If you don’t know where the hell the female g-spot is supposed to be, you’re never going to find it.

For those of you who don’t want to look in an anatomy book, the g-spot is on the inside wall of her lady bits.

AKA, if you go inside her, it will be on the front side of the wall just a few inches in. So, yes, you should be able to hit it. [Read: The most arousing erogenous zones for women all men should know]

2. Use your hands

If you want to find the female g-spot, you’re going to have to go looking for it. Which means you’ll have to use your hands. Now, we’re not saying you should dig in there and poke around. Make it a foreplay moment, and use that time to consciously locate it without her knowing.

Inserting your fingers into her and then making a “come here” motion with them will help you find the spot.

Keep in mind that every girl is different, so you may have to work a little before hitting it. When you do find it, it’ll feel different than the tissue around it. [Read: How to finger a girl – fingering techniques to make her orgasm]

3. Become familiar with your partner

Just play around with her. Spend some extra time on foreplay, and really get to know what she likes and dislikes. She’ll definitely make it known when she feels like you’re hitting the right spot.

4. Communication

Communication is really, really important. You have to talk to your girl about what she likes or what you need to improve on. If you feel like maybe you’re not doing enough to please her, then just ask her what she wants from you!

You can even do this in a sexy way if you’re not up for a serious conversation. Just whisper in her ear during foreplay, “What do you want me to do? Anything, and I’ll do it.” And see what she says.

Chances are, she’ll steer you in the right direction. [Read: Female confessions – the feeling of oral sex for women]

5. Make sure she’s warmed up first

The thing about the female g-spot is that the more stimulated it is, the better it’ll feel for her. Therefore, if she’s not at all in the mood or warmed up in any way, she won’t feel it as much when you actually do hit that magical spot.

Never skip foreplay if you really want to make sure you’re pleasing your woman the best you can. [Read: Foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

6. Don’t be lazy

You really can’t be lazy if you want to make sure your girl finishes.

If you just try to hop on her and get going, you probably won’t actually do much to stimulate her g-spot – especially if you’re not in the right position, or you didn’t even do foreplay. Put in the work! [Read: Sexual foreplay – 26 lusty secrets to do it well and make them hot and horny]

7. Repetitive motions are best

In order for a woman to have a g-spot orgasm from penetration, she has to be stimulated repeatedly. Meaning you have to hit it over and over and over again until she gets there.

This can be difficult because many guys think that variety is key. And while changing speeds can help get her to a place to finish, the speed and motion have to be pretty constant to get the job done.

So, you can’t just keep switching it up every few minutes and expect to please her. [Read: Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

8. Trial and error

Overall, it takes a lot of trial and error to find out what will make your woman feel the best. Try different positions, talk to her, and see what she likes. And then throw in a few new things here and there to see if she likes them better.

9. Make sure she’s relaxed

She can’t have an orgasm if her body isn’t relaxed. That’s just how they work. She needs to be completely relaxed and at ease if a g-spot orgasm is what she wants.

You can work together to make this happen: a joint bath, hot oil massage, and regular de-stressing are essential to have this kind of orgasm. [Read: How to free your mind and relax during sex for more pleasurable orgasms]

10. Keep other parts of your relationship happy and healthy

Men may not work like this, but women need to be fully satisfied in other parts of their relationships before being able to have a g-spot orgasm. It’s all to do with relaxation and trust.

Her mind needs to be just as stimulated as her genitals, and that means you need to keep things happy. If she’s upset with you even a little bit, it’ll be harder for her to relax and allow you to make her finish. [Read: 25 must-follow rules for a happy relationship]

11. Focus on stimulating the g-spot early

The g-spot needs to be fully stimulated early on if an orgasm is the end goal. Without stimulation, the g-spot is hard to find because it doesn’t feel massively different than the other tissues surrounding it.

However, with some proper stimulation, it’ll become engorged and it’ll feel raised and spongy.

12. Use sex toys

If you’re just not having luck, throw some toys into the mix! There are plenty of toys that are specifically made for g-spot stimulation. These toys are generally curved to hit the spot a lot easier.

Don’t be afraid of or intimidated by toys. If a g-spot orgasm is what you’re after, then toys might be necessary to make that happen. And that’s okay! Getting there with a toy is better than not getting there at all. [Read: Must-have couple’s sex toys for naughty first-timers]

13. Remember to wash your hands

Just because you’re getting down and dirty, doesn’t mean your hands should be. Since many women are prone to UTIs, so do the polite thing and wash your hands before you put your fingers anywhere inside your woman.

Sure, it may ruin the spontaneity, but a UTI will ruin sex for the next week or so, so don’t skip this step. While you’re at it, make sure your nails are properly clipped so you don’t scrape her on your way in. [Read: 18 sex tips to make her crave for more]

14. Know the best positions for g-spot orgasms

If you’re not using your fingers or a sex toy to tingle her g-spot, here are a few suggestions for the best sex positions for g-spot stimulation.

a. Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the absolute best for g-spot stimulation since the penis can go deeper with more friction.

b. Missionary with her legs over your shoulders

When she puts her legs over your shoulders, you’re practically guaranteeing your penis will hit her g-spot. In this position, you’ll be at a prime position to rub up against her front vaginal wall.

This position may feel uncomfortable for her at first, so if it hurts, just go slow and listen to her. [Read: Missionary sex position – what it is and 32 secrets and variations to make it hot]

c. Rocking back and forth, cowgirl style

Girl on top is a great position for a g-spot orgasm, especially if she is rocking back and forth and deciding her own angles and the speed of penetration.

d. Sexy spooning

Spooning and entering her from behind while she’s lying on her side is a great way to create more friction and make sure your penis hits her magical spot.

e. Criss-cross

In this position, you want to have your legs in a scissor shape, so you’re basically entering her as you lie side by side but crossing your legs over each other. It sounds complicated, but it’s a great excuse to experiment! [Read: 30 day sex challenge – 30 sex positions for 30 days]

f. Fusion

In this position, you sit with your legs straight out in front of you and she straddles you and leans back on her arms for support. Then, she grinds against you and finds the angle that suits her best. [Read: Sex God secrets – how to make a girl cum every single time]

15. Remember the come hither motion

Prop her legs up as she would for missionary, or hold her legs up in the air and enter her vagina with two fingers and use a come hither motion. This is said to be the best way for your fingers to stimulate her g-spot if you’re not sure where it is.

16. Don’t leave out her clit

Some women find they can’t orgasm through female g-spot stimulation alone, and clitoral stimulation is still needed. Even if that’s not your partner’s case, just because you’ve found her inner pleasure-zone, doesn’t mean you should leave the clit out of the fun.

Women have a fantastic ability to have what’s called a “blended orgasm,” meaning the more multi-stimulation you add, the better it’s going to feel for her.

While you are stimulating her g-spot with your penis or two fingers, try using your thumb to circle her clit. This should result in an extremely satisfying orgasm. [Read: 15 secrets to mastering the art of making a woman orgasm]

If all else fails, remember this

Some studies show that while the elusive g-spot does exist, it may only exist in women who can have penetrative orgasms. If your partner doesn’t come from just plain old sex, you may be out of luck with her g-spot.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up your quest for pleasing! But remember to have fun in other sexual ways as well, so that she doesn’t feel pressured to achieve a g-spot orgasm just to stroke your ego.

[Read: Looking for something a little more extreme? Here’s a guide for vaginal fisting]

Knowing how to hit the g-spot isn’t always easy. And it’s not going to be the same for every woman. However, these tips can help you find it in order to make her feel amazing every time.

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