Warning! How to be Careful When Sending Dirty Snapchats

Sending your lover a snap sext is awfully fun, but it’s also slightly risky. Be careful of these things when sending those dirty snapchats.

dirty snapchats

I’m no stranger to sending some racy snapchats to my new beau. In fact, I think it’s a fantastic idea in order to maintain some spark in your sex life. However, there are some dangers that come along with sending vulnerable pictures of yourself to someone via your cell phone.

I know you’re all probably annoyed with people telling you to never send nudes to anyone because they could use them against you or show someone else. But I’m not here to lecture you on what you should do with your body or your cell phone.

What in the hell is a snapchat?

I’m sure you all know what a snapchat is by now. But if you’re unfamiliar, I’ll give you the quick lowdown.
Basically, a snapchat is a picture you send via an app called Snapchat where you can choose the duration in which the other person views the picture. Once the photo has been viewed, they get one reply and it’s gone forever – unless they screenshot it.

Benefits of sending dirty snapchats

I think sending dirty snapchats can be really beneficial to any relationship. There’s something really sexy about giving your lover a sneak peek at what they get to see in person later. It’s great foreplay and can really heighten the anticipation of a fantastic romp in the sheets later. [Read: Sexy and sweet Snapchat ideas you HAVE to try]

Everything you should be careful of when sending snap sexts

Although it can be very beneficial, there are also some risks to sending sexy snapchats to your lover, just as there’s a risk to sending any naughty pictures to anyone via any method. You always have to make sure that the person you’re sending them to have the purest of intentions.

Many of you have probably sent tons of dirty snapchats already. But before you send any other ones, you should be aware of all these things in order to keep yourself safe and your pride intact. Here are all the things to be careful of when sending naughty snap sexts. [Read: 40 naughty, playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

#1 Be sure that it’s going to the right person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally sent a snap to the wrong person. Thankfully, it has never been a dirty snapchat that gets sent to the wrong person. That’s probably my worst fear when sending naughty snap sexts.

You always want to make sure that you have the correct person selected before hitting that send button because you can’t undo sending a snapchat. Once it’s sent, it’s there for good and the other person WILL see it. [Read: What you need to do when you send a sexy text to the wrong person]

#2 Make sure the person who gets them doesn’t screenshot them. Taking a screen shot of a snap is extremely easy for anyone who has the type of phone who can do it. Although Snapchat does send you a notification if someone does this, you can’t control what they do with that picture once it’s saved to their phone.

So make sure the other person isn’t the type who would take a screen shot if you’re not comfortable with them keeping it on their phone. Even if they say they’ll only use it for themselves, there’s never a way to know for sure. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a naughty conversation]

#3 Be wary of any replays they might do. Snapchat has recently made it so a person can have unlimited replays. This means they can reopen as many of your snaps as they want within minutes of looking at it the first time.

Sometimes they could use this to take screen shots, and other times they might be doing this to show their friends who are standing nearby. You really have no way of knowing for sure, so be careful if a person frequently replays them.

#4 Make sure you can live with the consequences. Everyone who sends a sexy snapchat should be 100% sure they can handle any consequences that may arise from sending a nude or dirty snap. They could send the picture out for the world to see, and you have to be sure you can handle living with that. If you can’t, then don’t send them. [Read: How to send sexy nude selfies and not get into trouble]

#5 Be careful with the other person’s reputation. I know quite a few guys who have a reputation for getting snap sexts sent to them and then showing a lot of people. Everyone knows about it, and yet somehow girls still send them nudes.

My point is that you should always be careful of a person’s reputation. Even if nobody has said anything about what they do with dirty snapchats, still be cautious if they have a reputation of being mean to their exes. [Read: How to damage control when your nudes get leaked]

#6 Be careful not to send a dirty snap before they see you in person. I think that you should never send a naughty snapchat without the other person having seen you in that same form in person. Why would you send a naked picture when they’ve never seen the real thing?

You also don’t want to give them the impression that you’re easy. Sending really dirty snapchats too early on in a new relationship can give them the idea that you only want something physical, and they will respond with wanting the same. [Read: 18 things you do that’ll make guys think you’re an easy lay]

#7 Be careful not to show your face. As a precautionary measure, I almost NEVER show my face whenever I send naughty snapchats to my boyfriend. Even if I’ve been with him for a couple months and trust him dearly, you just never know what can happen.

If you never show your face but only send some sexy body parts, they can never use your picture against you since there’s no way to prove that it is you. For this reason, I also suggest leaving out any tattoos that may indicate that it’s you, if you can. [Read: 6 things to know before you go stripping in front of the webcam]

#8 Be careful not to send something unflattering. This is just for your own sake. Pictures seem to resonate in a person’s mind much longer than seeing a glimpse of something unflattering in person. I suggest sticking to sending pictures that aren’t close up and detailed, because a zoomed shot of your nipple isn’t going to be cute.

#9 Be careful not to save them to your phone! Snapchat gives you the option of saving pictures to your phone if you so desire. And I would tell you to be REALLY careful that you don’t do this. Whether you hit the save button on purpose or on accident, someone might go through your camera one day and you’ll be embarrassed to see an ass picture just sitting on your phone.

#10 Make sure you don’t do it when you’re intoxicated. Drunken snap sexting is a huge mistake no matter who you’re sending it to. There’s an increased risk of sending it to the wrong person, sending an unflattering picture, and not remembering if they take a screenshot or replay it. Just like you should never drunk text, don’t drunk snap sext.

#11 Be careful of your own insecurities. I know that sending a hot picture of yourself to a potential lover can increase your self-esteem, but it can also have adverse effects on it.

If you’re someone who suffers from a lot of insecurities, you may want to avoid sending dirty snapchats all together, because doing that could only give you more. You’ll sit and wonder if they liked it, if you looked okay, and it’ll ultimately bring you down.

#12 Make sure you trust the other person fully. Trust is a huge part of sending naughty snap sexts. You have to be able to trust the other person 100% so you know the risks are limited with them. If you trust them, and you know they’ll never do anything to hurt you with the pictures you’re sending, it can give you a lot more peace of mind and freedom to send some even racier snapchats.

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Sending dirty snapchats is definitely something most couples do nowadays. However, you should be cautious when sending naughty snap sexts to anyone because you can never be sure they’ll respect you with them.

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