How to Send Sexy Nude Selfies and Not Get Into Trouble

how to send nude selfies

With hackers, unsecure servers, and downright prying eyes, sending nude photos involves a lot of risks. Here’s what you can do to minimize them!

Are you thinking about sending your boyfriend a frisky little photo on his phone? Are you sure you want to do that? Sending nude photos to your partner can spice up your relationship, but it does have its drawbacks.

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson – any of those names ring a bell? Along with dozens of other celebrities, these women ended up having their private moments distributed all over the globe without their consent. Before you start planning on putting your own photos out into the web stream, you need to consider a few things first.

Why do people send nude photos to each other?

A relationship encompasses a number of things and one of these includes a couple’s ability to keep things interesting. There are many ways in which two people can express their love for one another, but technological advances have allowed us to make things a bit more interactive.

Communicating in a relationship is not isolated to sending sweet nothings through emails, texts and phone calls. A couple can also choose to send each other sexier messages, and some of those are in the form of nude photos or selfies.

A lot of people find it hard to do this, because they’re afraid that their photos might land in the wrong hands. For those who are brave enough to try it, they do so for a number of reasons:

#1 Keeping things interesting. When two people have exhausted all their efforts in trying to surprise their partner, they will try new things that are a bit riskier, just for the thrill and excitement. [Read: 10 steps to reignite the lost spark in your relationship]

#2 Long distance relationships. When two people in a relationship live far away from each other, they need to find ways in order to keep the sexual part of their relationship alive. Sending nude photos can sate the need for intimacy, when there is no other choice. Some will even engage in those activities while calling each other using their webcams.

#3 Seduction. Even if a couple does not need to spice things up in their relationship, they can still decide to send nude photos to each other, just to leave their partner hot and bothered. [Read: 20 seductive questions to ask a guy you like]

#4 Insecurity. One of the motivations for sending nude photos is a person’s need for validation. Some will send their partners nude photos, just to gain a positive reaction to make themselves feel good.

#5 Memories. Why were photos invented? To treasure your memories, of course. The same goes for nude photos. A person can choose to send it or ask for it, just to keep something sexy to remember a person by.

If any of these reasons apply to you, then it is okay to send a nude photo to a person you care about. But you have to be careful. Giving your sweetheart a sexy photo seems sweet, but you are risking your privacy in the process.

What are the risks when sending nude photos?

No matter how secure you feel about the programs you use to send a photo, it does not mean that it is a fool-proof system. Here are some examples of how your private photos can be compromised:

#1 When the program you are using experiences a malfunction, and the files get leaked.

#2 If someone is good enough with computers, they may be able to infiltrate your storage system if they want to.

#3 When someone else knows your password, they can easily get into your gadgets and transfer the photos.

#4 When you accidentally send the photo to someone else.

#5 When you accidentally post the photo on a public platform.

How can you keep your photos safe from prying eyes?

You can’t forego the advantage of technology, just because you are scared of the risks involved. You can still send your partner private photos, but you have to be careful about it. Here’s how:

#1 Know your phone and computer. You need to know the ins and outs of your own gadget, so you will be able to control the storage of your files. Make sure that your files are not automatically uploaded online without you knowing.

#2 Delete everything immediately. Some people forget to do this, thinking that no one will look at their gadgets anyway. Stop thinking like that. Anything can happen, and that includes someone being able to access your gadgets without you knowing.

#3 Double check if you have deleted everything. Check your online storage accounts and your phone’s backup memory storage as well.

#4 Do not take a picture of your face. If worse comes to worst, you can deny that you are the person in a nude photo, if your face can’t be seen. No matter how similar your body type is, as long as no one else has seen your naked body before, they cannot confirm if you are the owner of said photo. That is, unless you have a unique birthmark or tattoo that’s visible in the photo.

#5 Take the photo against a blank wall. A lot of people can be identified because of the backgrounds of their nude photos. Your friend might recognize your wallpaper and any other object included in the photo. This includes sheets, pillows, toys, etc. Those of you who watch “How to Get Away with Murder” will know this!

#6 Take a photo of your face in front of a different background. To avoid photo comparisons, do not take a photo of your face against the same background you used to take a nude photo.

#7 Avoid taking photos of parts of your body that are recognizable. Someone who knows you can identify your nude photo if they recognize the marks on your body. It can be a mole, a tattoo or even a scar.

#8 Video call instead. This is your safest best. The usual programs don’t usually record video calls. No one can distribute your photos, if the photo does not exist.

#9 Do it the old fashioned way. Use a Polaroid camera. Enjoy the photo while it is in your possession, and then store it in a safe or vault. It seems extreme, but your body is precious. It deserves the utmost security, and should only be seen by other people when you allow it.

#10 Make sure you trust the person you are sending it to. Although it sounds exciting to send nude photos to someone you like, you need to be sure that you trust this person. If you are not emotionally invested in each other, you cannot predict what will happen to your picture once you send it. [Read: 12 crazy ways an ex can get revenge]

Aside from that, a break-up can cause a person to act out and expose the photo to other people. That is why you need to explicitly trust the person you are sending a nude photo to.

If you think that sending nude photos is a stupid and deplorable thing, think again. It is simply a new way for people to connect with each other on an intimate basis. You should not judge anyone who gets caught doing it. Instead, you should do them the courtesy of not looking at those photos at all. If you were in their place, wouldn’t you want others to do the same for you?

[Read: A guide to taking the perfect naked selfie]

Keep in mind that sending nude photos is a concept not a lot of people understand yet. Most people will judge you for being so callous about your privacy, but always remember that you own your body and you have the right to do anything you want with it.

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3 thoughts on “How to Send Sexy Nude Selfies and Not Get Into Trouble”

  1. masrer says:

    Damn, I always send nude pics of myself to all the guys who want it solely because I am confident in my own skin and what’s wrong with being confident, right? Why should I really care if somebody spreads my nude pictures if it was my decision to send them out in the first place? Of course you will get it spread, it’s because you sent it to a guy you just met who asked for you pictures. He will send it to all his boys to let them jack off to you and they will be jacking off simultaneously with each other and you should treat that as a compliment you sexy beast. It’s inevitable, once you send that naked pic, goodbye private life because most guys would be wanting more of you. They will go crazy over your pictures. It’s only so they can fap to it and there’s nothing bad about that, right? Guys don’t really judge girls, they only want to get laid. You should worry about girls judging you, because they are all insecure and jealous because you can flaunt your body and they don’t have the guts too. If you got it, flaunt it. Am I right? You only live young for a certain amount of time and it just so happens that you are young, sex, and gorgeous. Go spread those butt cheeks to all the male masturbaters around the world! Go spread your awesome pictures, heck, even sell them! Sell them to make money off of your sexy body!

  2. Samantha says:

    I never have problems sending anyone my nude pics. I love sending pictures of myself naked to random strangers. I just love the feeling of getting myself jacked off upon by so many guys. Of course, I’m not free at all. I work online as a model for a webcam show. Yes, you have to pay me to see me do something in the nude. I can get myself off on cam and put amazing objects inside my pussy. I can’t really disclose the site I’m working with but it really pays good money. I mean, 500 bucks in 10 minutes? YES PLEASE! I got my own house in 3 months because of my job. I love it and everyday I can make over 2 thousand dollars. I make my own hours and usually I only work for 3 hours a day everyday. Yes, I even work on sundays because the money is so good! If I feel bored, instead of just lying around and watching movies, I get myself to work and watch a movie while I work. Fun, right? Well, while I watch a movie, I need to rub my clit so that I could get paid for it. I just love it. Boys go crazy over me and I feel that I am someone important to them. Yes, I don’t feel that I am doing anything wrong because I make a lot of money doing this and I even bought my own car now. I used to always borrow a car from my parents, now I’m independent as fuck. I don’t even need a boyfriend because I have a lot of boyfriends jacking off to my nudes and videos. I really charge extra if you want my number and to talk to me in person but that’s just a one time payment of 1 thousand dollars. You don’t know how many 40 something year olds pay me more than 1 thousand dollars just for me to personally send my nude pics and call them in person. I love my job. I get in an internet relationship with all types of men and I can still say that they are all the same.

  3. Buttercup says:

    I’m probably in the super small minority but I love sending nudes. However keep in mind I’ve only sent real full on nudes to boyfriends. I send like teasing sexy glances and a little extra skin to boys I’m dating. Even if I’ve had sex with them, they don’t get full naked nudes. However once you’re my boyfriend? Nudes factory here. I don’t hide my face or anything. I have no shame. My current boyfriend even shows his friends but I agreed to let him show me off. He’s recently slowed down on it because the “new girlfriend” effect has slowed down and I haven’t really taken too many. But I know he keeps the good ones. And if we break up? Honestly he can keep them. My ex probably deleted them because he cheated on me and needed to please his new girlfriend. My other boyfriend probably still has them. Honestly I don’t really care. As long as they are respectful enough to not put them on revenge porn sites it doesn’t bother me. Plus I have their dick pics. My current boyfriend is incredibly handsome to me and he’s played along in the full body face included nudes for me. He even has pictures of us naked together. But we’re probably the minority. Like I said. If we break up he can keep each and every one of them. I trust he won’t upload them anywhere for revenge in any way.

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