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The Girl’s Guide to Strip Clubs and Female Strippers

Curious about what goes on inside a strip club full of scantily clad females? Want a peek into the fascinating world of half naked pole dancers? Read on.

girls guide to strip clubs

There’s a certain fascination in watching someone dance for you while half-naked on a pole, even when you don’t want to have sex with them. And even though we constantly hear that exotic dancers have a less than savory life on stage, there are still many exceptions who see it as a sustainable way of living.

After all, not all strippers are drug addicts, battered girlfriends or covert prostitutes. Many establishments have proper policies in place that protect their entertainers.

Their job is to entertain, titillate and amaze us lowly viewers with their double-jointed exhibitions and extremely flawless undersides.

And that’s what makes the idea of going to a strip club so fascinating. According to some surveys, guys go to strip clubs – not to pick up the dancers – but just to engage in the fantasy that the dancers present. So, it’s no surprise that even women who aren’t into other women are still willing to go buy a lap dance.

Why would a girl want to go watch female strippers?

Going to a strip club is like going to an erotic and watered down version of Cirque du Soleil. It’s not for people of all ages and backgrounds, but it is generally accepted as a staple in every town and city.

Women choose to go to places like that for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are no different from the guys’ as well.

#1 Just for the fun of it. Strip clubs are great places to hang out in, provided that their security detail is on point. Strip clubs are like the regular clubs you go to, except they have dancing naked women. Say what you will about the objectification of women, but these girls are good dancers and barring the nudity, a lot of them really know how to entertain.

#2 Experimentation. When someone is questioning their sexuality, strip clubs can be like a field trip that gives you an in-depth show-and-tell session. Some girls just want to see how they feel about naked women in order to understand them better. It’s a safer way to go about it than propositioning a stranger online or at a bar. [Read: 9 ways to know for sure if you’re bi-curious]

#3 To spice up their relationships. Strip clubs are an aspect of voyeurism – the good kind. Watching people do pseudo-erotic things on a stage can be a very effective aphrodisiac. Some women will agree to go with their partners just to liven up their sex life. It can be tricky considering you and your partner are getting turned on by sexy strangers, but it works for some people. [Read: Voyeurism and the sexy rush it gives couples]

#4 Living out their fantasies. One of the most popular fantasies men want their partners to do is to strip for them. These days, more and more women are admitting that they find it hot as well. Watching a female stripper dance for you is not a marker for gender preferences. We can all be aroused by the most random things and half-naked women slithering on a pole is one of the most common fantasies. [Read: Top 50 kinky fantasies you’ve got to try at least once in your lifetime]

#5 When their best friend’s a guy. When you’re an open-minded individual and your friend invites you to go to a strip club for a birthday or just to kick back and relax, there’s a huge chance that you’ll say yes. The curiosity will almost always get to you and it’s definitely worth the entrance fee *most female strip clubs charge women and let men in for free, and the same goes for male strip clubs too*.

The only thing you need to consider when reasoning out why it’s a good idea is this: It’s arousing. It’s intense. And it’s something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

How do you prepare for your first trip to the strip club?

The most important thing to note is safety. A strip club is just like any other night-haunt. There is a huge possibility that people will get too drunk and end up doing stupid things. Aside from that, you just have to mentally prepare yourself to see another woman’s vajayjay.

#1 Location, location. Find a club that is in a safe part of town that has lots of policemen lounging about. If those policemen are in protective gear and overalls, find another part of town.

#2 Bring a guy friend. It seems patronizing to women that they’d need a guy with them, but it is still true that most guys can give you a certain amount of protection from a horde of drunk and horny men.

#3 Steel yourself. It’s not easy to see a stranger’s private parts and paying to see them just makes it that much more disconcerting. Just accept the fact that you will see nipples and if the country permits it, maybe even a flash of vaj.

#4 Bring small bills. No coins! That’s the most distasteful joke anyone can do at a strip club. These women are trying to make as much money as they can by collecting yours using their breasts. Don’t make it harder than it already is.

What should you expect?

This is pretty simple enough, but there are some things that need to be considered before going to a strip club, especially when you’re a girl.

#1 Nudity. Duh. Still, some clubs don’t allow their dancers to take their bras and panties off. Some don’t even let the dancers take the costumes off. With this in mind, you’ll have to research a club depending on your preferences. Either way, you will still see more than your fair share of skin.

#2 Sparkles. It’s not mandatory, but it does make the performances pop out. Yes, that is a thing in strip clubs. Like with any means of entertainment, you want to do it bigger and better than your competition. For strip clubs, they’re focused on lighting and aesthetics, as well as anatomical talent.

#3 Men, lots of men. You don’t need a survey to tell you that men outnumber women in strip clubs. They are the audience that those places cater to. Your concern is whether these men are respectable enough to leave you alone. Not all of them are sleazeballs, but you would do well to sit as far as possible from those who are. [Read: 14 tips to get your partner to open up about sex and try new things]

#4 Great service. Like with any restaurant or bar, the waitresses in strip clubs earn their keep by giving the best service. And knowing that men are more inclined to pay for good service from pretty girls, they really amp up the charm and efficiency for the customers at places like these.

#5 Good food. Remember all those jokes about stripper buffets being sketchy? Well, every buffet is pretty sketchy. At clubs like this, you have the option of ordering your food from the kitchen. If it wasn’t clean, the Health Department would have shut it down *unless they squeezed through it! But hey, live a little!*. There’s no actual basis aside from the testimonies of the many people who have been to strip clubs, but the final verdict is this: they’ve got damn good eats.

#6 A welcoming atmosphere. Girl or not, the waitresses and dancers don’t really care about why you went to a strip club full of female dancers. All they care about is that you enjoy the show as much as possible. Women are less likely to give huge tips like men would in places like these, but experiencing the excellent service they offer is a huge help to that.

#7 Guilt. Did you think you were immune to it? You are a woman. Of course, you’re going to feel bad about these girls who are taking their clothes off for a living. Just remember that you shouldn’t judge them, because that’s their occupation. Don’t try to rescue them either, because you never know what could happen if you try to poke your nose in someone else’s business. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else and not feel guilty]

What to do when you go to a strip club

The number one rule at a strip club is to follow the rules. These places usually have signs or employees that warn people about what not to do.

Obviously, you’re not supposed to make any trouble. Aside from that, the most heavily imposed rule at most strip clubs is to not touch the dancers – even if you are a girl.

This also applies during lap dances. Some dancers will allow you to touch them, but only for a little bit. That’s just part of the performance. [Read: You’re not a lesbian – 15 big myths about lesbians most people assume]

You can’t assume that these girls are into you or your male companions. This is all part of the deal and you should always respect boundaries – no matter how tiny and bedazzled those boundaries are.

Do not judge them either. You are not here to question the morality of what they are doing. You are a paying customer who is helping them earn a living.

Just be a good customer and don’t forget to tip generously. These girls and waitresses are stressed enough about the horny men who are trying to grope them. A little appreciation from their fellow female wouldn’t hurt.

Aside from that, you just have to sit down, look up and enjoy the show. If you’ve got a few more bills lying around, try to get a lap dance. It’s going to be a wild and moderately safe experience that you will never forget. [Read: 30 really naughty ways to spice up your sex life]

So girls, are you ready for your first strip club experience? Well, don’t stress and don’t freak out. Just get there, sit back, and enjoy the show, along with a flash of thigh and a lot more.

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