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15 Signs You Have Shitty Friends and Need to Get Some New Ones

The company you keep is important. Having shitty friends can cause you a lot more unhappiness in life than you want. Here’s how to spot the bad ones.

shitty friends

Having bad friends is really the worst thing to go through. You put your trust in someone else and they just end up being a crappy person who has offered you nothing but hardships. Sometimes realizing you have shitty friends can be worse than losing a lover.

Your friends also shape who you are. If you’re surrounded with bad people, your life will reflect that. You’ll be more insecure and have a lot more negativity present than you probably want. Knowing which friends are the bad ones can help you learn who to cut out.

Why you should never tolerate less than incredible friends

If you want to make your life better and richer, surround yourself with positive people who really care about you. That’s really the basis of it. The better the people are in your life, the better you will be. And the happier you will be.

That’s why you should never tolerate less than the more amazing friends. If they’re not adding anything to your life or not building you up every single day, they’re not worth it. [Read: 10 types of toxic friends you need to ditch immediately]

How to know if you have shitty friends so you can drop them ASAP

If you’re growing a little suspicious of those people you refer to as friends, you may need a few signs to indicate that they’re not actually good friends at all. Here are a few signs you might be keeping shitty friends around way longer than they deserve.

#1 You’re always the first to initiate a hang out. When you’re the only person reaching out and, well, caring, it’s a problem. A friend who never wants to spend time with you probably isn’t a good friend. They only reach out when they need you. That’s a shitty friend. [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on way too strong]

#2 Your texts go unanswered. Basically, whenever you send out texts, you hardly get replies. Then maybe a week later you’ll get a text apologizing, only to realize it’s because they need something from you. These types of people are shitty friends. They don’t truly care about you or they’d respond no matter what.

#3 They get mad at you for stuff they do all the time. AKA, they have so many double standards. They can ignore your texts but if more than a couple hours goes by without you responding, they get pissed. This isn’t a true friendship. This is them practically using you for something. Ditch them. [Read: When to end a bad friendship]

#4 They don’t support your goals. Anyone who doesn’t fully support your goals doesn’t belong in your life. As long as what you want to do is moral and doesn’t harm anyone else or yourself, they should be on your side. They shouldn’t be sitting there making passive aggressive comments about it. Nor should they doubt you. If they are, then you have shitty friends.

#5 They’re talking bad about you behind your back. If other friends are coming to you with news that a couple others are talking shit about you, then you clearly have really bad friends. They’re not friends if they’re being mean to you. Sure, friends can be annoyed with you but actually talking bad about you is a whole other, more harmful thing. [Read: How to handle someone who’s full of shit]

#6 They talk bad about people you care about. On the flip side, they might be talking shit to your face, just about other people you still like and care about. It can be your family members or just other people. If they’re talking bad about others to you, they’re probably talking bad about you to others. Get rid of those shitty friends.

#7 The prevent you from having fun. If they’re just full of negativity, they’re going to prevent you from having a good time. That’s just how those types of friends work. Whenever you go out for a good time, they end up making it horrible and they spoil all the fun. [Read: How to deal with someone’s negative traits and attitude]

#8 Their drama always leaks over into your life. Even if you have nothing to do with their other group of friends and somehow you end up tangled in their drama, they’re probably shitty friends. When a person makes your life worse instead of better and just adds more harmful things to it, they’re not good friends.

#9 You feel like you don’t really have friends. Even though you have people you call “friends,” you don’t feel like you truly have a friendship. If you feel lonely even when you’re surrounded with those people, I hate to break it to you but you have shitty friends. No true friends would ever make you feel this way. [Read: 30 ways to overcome the feelings of loneliness]

#10 You feel judged for your choices. I get the feeling of being judged. You feel afraid to open up to your friends for fear of them judging you too harshly and making you feel bad for things. If that’s the case for you, then you don’t really have good friends. You have shitty ones.

First of all, you should always feel comfortable going to your friends with anything. If they make you feel judged, they’re not the type of people you should be spending your time with.

#11 They don’t make you feel better when you’re upset. One of the best things about having good friends is being able to confide in them. When you can’t do that or you know your friends will only make you feel worse, then they’re not good friends.

In fact, they’re shitty friends. What’s the point of having friends when they don’t do good things for you when you’re upset? If they’ll only make rude comments or tell you how wrong you were, get new friends.

#12 Your problems don’t matter to them. If you’re going through a crisis but your friends don’t give a shit, you don’t have friends. You have people who just call themselves your friends. More than likely, they’re just very selfish people. They don’t care about your problems but the second they have an issue, they expect you to be right there. Ditch these types of “friends” and find better ones. [Read: 15 signs someone really doesn’t care about you]

#13 You’d rather just relax by yourself than be with them. If you’d rather not see your friends and spend your time alone just because of how negative you feel whenever you’re around them, you have shitty friends. You should want to spend time with your friends. You should want to be around them and have fun with them. If you’d rather be by yourself, there’s a problem.

#14 Other friends are pointing out the problem person. If your other friends are continuously telling you that a specific person is an issue, listen to them. They aren’t just telling you that to make you mad. They might just see that those people are shitty friends even if you can’t.

#15 You imagine a life without them, and like it. Daydreaming about a life without a specific person and enjoying it means they shouldn’t be in your life. It basically shows you that your life is better off without them. So listen to that instinct.

[Read: How to get rid of a toxic friend for good]

It’s not that hard to tell if you have shitty friends. Don’t put up with their bullshit any longer than you already have. You should only have room for kind, loyal, supportive people in your life.

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