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40 Gross & Disturbing Would You Rather Questions to Make You Squirm

Looking for nasty and gross would you rather questions? It can’t more disturbing than these questions that’ll make anyone want to gag either way!

gross disgusting would you rather questions

There’s nothing funnier than making friends decide between two nasty situations, and these ideas for the most disturbing and gross Would You Rather questions will be a hit.

Truth be told, Would You Rather is an easy favorite to keep a conversation fun. It’s easy, and you get a bunch of people around in one room and make them decide between two seemingly impossible *and gross* decisions.

It makes for an extremely entertaining time. You can also add in some alternatives, like these sexy and dirty would you rather questions, for extra naughty fun and laughs.

How to play Would You Rather

If some of you out there don’t know what this game is, we’ll explain the directions for you quickly. It’s a simple game that only at least two people, but it is most fun with a bunch of friends.

You play by making up two related scenarios and making someone decide which one they would rather do/have happen.

It’s that simple! The only rule is that the person HAS to decide between the two and can never “skip” a certain question they deem too impossible or gross to decide. [Read: 80 really funny “would you rather” questions to ask your SO]

The best disturbing and gross Would You Rather questions you can ever ask

The best part of this game is coming up with the most disgusting and gruesome questions to make your friends turn up their nose at the mere thought of actually having to go through with either of the situations you propose.

Here are some of most disturbing and gross would you rather questions that’ll make anyone want to squirm at the mere thought!

1. Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join in once and make it stop? [Read: 15 really gross sex acts you probably didn’t know existed]

2. Would you rather smell like poop all the time and not be able to smell it yourself or have your significant other smell like poop and have to smell it all the time?

3. Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or a gallon of ketchup?

4. Would you rather lick a homeless man’s toe or chew a piece of gum you found sticking to the underside of a table?

5. Would you rather be super itchy all over forever or be really sticky all over forever? [Read: 25 funny What If questions that’ll make you the life of any party]

6. Would you rather have your farts be super loud and smell like nothing or be silent and smell HORRIBLE?

7. Would you rather pull your own thumbnail off with a fork or put a toothpick under your big toe and kick a wall?

8. Would you rather puke up slimy slugs or have bricks come out every time you pooped?

9. Would you rather eat a cockroach you found in your house or eat a worm that just crawled out of the ground outside?

10. Would you rather take a bite out of a live fish you just caught or take a bite of a live—but non venomous—snake? [Read: 75 fun questions to ask a new friend and feel like BFFs in no time]

11. Would you rather cry out tiny rocks instead of tears or sweat pickle juice?

12. Would you rather poop your pants every time someone said your name or have maggots come out of your nose every time you sneezed?

13. Would you rather eat only insects for the rest of your life and live as you are now or eat normally and have constant diarrhea?

14. Would you rather have diarrhea during your wedding ceremony or have it during your wedding night?

15. Would you rather poop out of your mouth or have someone else poop in your mouth?

16. Would you rather lick someone else’s eye crust or drink your own urine? [Read: 80 really funny would you rather questions to ask your SO]

17. Would you rather eat an entire bag of dead, rotting flies or have live flies come out every time you sneezed for the next 10 years?

18. Would you rather peel off all the scabs a hobo has or suck on socks that are full of feet sweat?

19. Would you rather have a cold sore that never ever goes away or poop your pants once a week for the rest of your life?

20. Would you rather drink up vomit from a dark alley ground or puke in your mouth every time someone said your name?

We’re only halfway through this list of disturbing and gross would you rather questions! And we hope you or your friend have been able to pick one answer every single time. It just gets better now!

21. Would you rather be inside a porta-potty when it falls over or smell like dog poop during a super important interview?

22. Would you rather suck on a used tampon for a minute or make out with a public toilet seat for a minute?

23. Would you rather fart uncontrollably during a first date or eat your date’s earwax? [Read: 20 fun questions to ask on a first date for the best conversation]

24. Would you rather drink a cup of your mom’s period blood or a cup of your dad’s semen?

25. Would you rather go down on your grandpa or have your grandma go down on you?

26. Would you rather eat your own scabs uncontrollably or pee yourself a little every time you stood up?

27. Would you rather have sex with the hottest person you know that’s freshly dead or have sex with the ugliest and smelliest person, but they’re alive? 

28. Would you rather eat a whole raw chicken or drink a coffee cup full of liquefied slugs?

29. Would you rather have sandpaper hands and be forced to pleasure yourself once a week forever or have no genitals at all? [Read: 87 fun This or That questions about life, food and sex]

30. Would you rather have an elephant stick its trunk up your butt or poop out a string of nails?

31. Would you rather cut your own eyelids off with scissors or pull each of your teeth out with a wrench?

32. Would you rather eat a small piece of an animal’s poop or pop a zit on someone’s butt cheek with your mouth?

33. Would you rather drink a gallon of someone else’s armpit sweat or drink a gallon of your own toe sweat?

34. Would you rather drink a cup of spit from someone who was chewing tobacco or make out with someone who has all their teeth rotten? [Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party]

35. Would you rather have every hair on your body plucked off one by one or have all your toenails ripped off?

36. Would you rather swim in a pool of your own bodily pus or run through a field of rotting corpses?

37. Would you rather wear someone else’s poop stained underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush?

38. Would you rather chew on a mouthful of your own toenails or a mouthful of someone else’s hair?

39. Would you rather bite off someone else’s ear or bite off your own pinky toe?

40. Would you rather bite off someone else’s armpit hairs and swallow them or lick the floors in public showers?

[Read: 30 would you rather questions that’ll leave you thinking]

Try these gross and disturbing would you rather questions the next time you’re with your friends, or a special someone. It’ll be the funniest and grossest hour you can imagine!

Just think, if these gross and disturbing Would You Rather questions made you squirm just by reading them, imagine how your friends will feel when they have to decide between them! 

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