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30 All-Around Good Questions to Ask People for a Better Connection

Need good questions to ask people? Whether it’s to get to know someone new or connect with friends on a deeper level, you’ve come to the right place.

good questions to ask people

It is always smart to have good questions to ask people on hand. In a job interview? Meeting your boo’s parents? Or reconnecting with an old friend? All of these situations call for good questions to ask people.

Good question don’t just fill awkward silences, but they connect us with each other. They are what takes us from asking about the weather to discussing our hopes and dreams.

Why do you need good questions to ask people?

Are you always drawing a blank? Do you experience a lot of awkward silences? Or maybe you just want to get to know people a little better, but don’t know how to start.

There are different questions for each of these occasions. Some are more on the surface level and could be appropriate for anyone from your boss to your mail carrier while others are best suited for those you know already but want to get to know better. [Read: These questions will help you spark a conversation with anyone]

Good questions to ask people

From simple to deep to learning someone’s soul, here are several good questions to ask people.

#1 How did you get into that field? Whether you are chatting to your friend’s grandmother about her time selling L’Oreal products or chatting with someone in your doctor’s waiting room asking someone how they got started at their job is a bit better than just asking what their job is. [Read: Get-to-know-you questions that will help you bond with someone]

#2 What is your favorite clothing store? Not only is this a compliment on the style of whoever you’re speaking with, but it can be a good conversation starter too.

#3 Do prefer texting or talking on the phone? Say you just exchanged numbers with someone, whether it is a potential love interest or colleague, asking this question lets you know what to do moving forward. [Read: How to make new friends as an adult]

#4 Do you miss how things were before the internet? Anyone over the age of about 25 will have an answer to this. It is a good question to ask people because it opens your eyes to their priorities and perspectives. It can also open your mind too.

#5 What movie would you recommend to anyone? Not only can a chat about good movies last ages and create a wonderful bonding experience, but you could also get plenty of good movie recommendations out of it.

#6 Have you been anywhere new lately? This is a go-to, a classic if you will. Always go to the same restaurant? Now you’ve heard of someplace new to try out.

#7 What is the best comfort food? Yours might be mac and cheese, but someone else might say mashed potatoes or cereal. 

#8 What is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself? Not only will this help you get to know what you can do for yourself, but it will also remind whoever you’re asking that it may have been a while since then and they deserve some pampering. [Read: 75 fun questions to ask a new friend and feel like BFFs in no time]

#9 Where do you think is the best vacation spot? This is a good question to ask people because it can lead to some pretty great stories about their wild vacation adventures.

#10 What do you think is worth splurging on? This can give you a lot of insight into what is important to someone and what they are interested in. Some would say a car and others would say a handbag or maybe even gifts for others.

#11 Do you like getting older? I always find this to be an interesting one. Some people don’t like getting older for vain reasons, others just feel like time is flying by and they haven’t been able to live enough. Then there are some that love aging.

#12 What is the best show on TV right now? Need a recommendation? Want to debate? This question has got you covered either way. [Read: How to do a Netflix and chill the right way]

#13 What food would you miss the most if it were gone forever? Whether you know someone well or just met, this is a question you will not foresee the answer to.

#14 What is your favorite age? Another weird question, but it is a good question to ask people nonetheless. Will they say the favorite age they have been or their favorite age of others?

#15 What animal thinks the most like a person? A dog lover will say a dog and a cat lover will say a cat, but what will others say? A monkey? Pigs are supposed to be very smart. And what about a shark? Or an elephant?

#16 If you could ask the president one question what would it be? If you don’t want to get political this may not be the best question to ask someone, but if you know things will stay respectful this is going to be different for everyone.

Some will ask about immigration policies, other about climate change, and many about the next election.

#17 What are the best and worst things about social media? A question for millennials for sure. Of course, others can answer, but millennials will likely have the most diverse answers that will lead to a full discussion. [Read: The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media explored]

#18 What do you think everyone has in common? This question can take a turn. Will people say we all need oxygen or water? Or will they talk about our souls and having empathy?

#19 What is your biggest pet peeve? With this question, you will know if you should avoid talking with your mouth full around them or make sure you answer their texts ASAP.

#20 Do you think people are born inherently good? We’re getting into the deeper questions. This is quite a doozy. Are bad people born bad or turned that way by society and other factors? Does everyone have the capability to be good?

#21 Do you think universal healthcare is a good idea? Personally, I hope everyone’s answer is yes, but having a healthy debate is well, healthy.

#22 What do you think are my best and worst qualities? Get to know yourself through the lens of how someone else sees you and answers this good question. Just be prepared. Some friends will be more honest and blunt than others. [Read: How to get to know yourself and reveal your life’s true passions]

#23 What is something about you that no one knows? Sharing secrets is a surefire way to grow your bond and connection. Just be prepared to open yourself up too. Friendship is a two-way street.

#24 What do you think your retirement will be like? This is something not enough of us think about. Will you ever retire? Do you think you’ll always want to work? Will you volunteer or chill out in front of the TV for the rest of your days?

#25 Do you want to have kids? Another question you may only want to ask someone you know a bit but want to know better. Talking about your future opens you up to new ideas and plans. And discussing such sensitive topics with someone close to you can let you see another side to something you may have already decided. [Read: 50 easy questions to test your relationship compatibility]

#26 What do you think about the current state of our country? Not the most cheerful question, but an important one nonetheless. At this time in the world, it is important to surround yourself with likeminded people who share the same beliefs as you.

#27 What is your biggest dream you fear will never come true? Not only can the answer to this question inspire your friend to reignite a passion, but it can let you become a pep talker too.

#28 Do you have any regrets? What are they? Can you change them now? How can you move on? Can you accept that and do better? Regrets are a hard thing to talk about, but once you do you can get a bit of closure and with that, you can move toward a less regretful future.

#29 Is there anything about yourself you wish you could change? This may not be the most confidence-boosting question, but it can become that. If you want to be more bold, more cautious, more knowledgeable, or less close-minded, admitting that can get the ball rolling. [Read: How to learn to love yourself more]

#30 Are you more afraid of failing health or running out of money? Although these tend to go hand in hand for many, expressing these fears that many of us share can be cathartic.  Not to mention, it can get you to think about your choices.

Are you spending too much? Are you eating a ton of junk food? When was the last time you worked out or ate an apple? Are you watching your budget?

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There are millions upon millions of good questions to ask people, but hopefully, these get you off on the right foot with someone new, an old friend, or anyone else you want to get to know better.

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