Signs a Girl is Interested in You: 18 Hints She’ll Drop Your Way

When a guy likes a girl, he probably wants to ask her out on a date right then. But can you recognize the signs a girl is interested?

signs a girl is interested in you

Men know that we carry the burden of making the first move. So that brings the question, how do women make their attraction known?

Since women won’t ask men out directly, they give out signs as a form of an invitation or a “go signal” to let prospective partners know that they would want you to make a move or to bring the courtship to the next level. It now falls on you to be familiar with these nonverbal cues no matter how confusing they can be sometimes, to know that she’s interested in you.

The signs a girl is interested on social media

#1 She stalks you. It would require advanced programming knowledge for you to extract data on how frequent or long she stays on your social pages, but try to ask her in case you end up together and we’re pretty sure that she stalked you online with a passion.

#2 All your social media activities gets an instant approval. A like on Facebook, a heart on Instagram, and comments on whatever you post… even if she’s not really interested in it. You can even post a photo of something so mundane and unremarkable and she will like it. Yep, she likes you alright. [Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you – All their secrets revealed]

#3 She tags you frequently. Had a random conversation? She posts it and tags you. She found a nice cat video? Tagged you again. It may seem annoying, but virtual pestering is still coyer than its real-life counterpart.

The signs a girl is interesed when communicating

#4 She replies quickly to your messages *calls, instant messages, and SMS*. So quickly that it would really seem like she’s been expecting it. This is a little clue that she looks forward to talking with you, and that communicating with you matters for her.

#5 She saves ages-old messages. Especially if she’s the sentimental type and you have a lot of meaningful conversations, she may even have gone to lengths to have a backup of your messages from now-defunct phones from early 2000. [Read: 18 really obvious signs that a girl likes you over text]

#6 She laughs at your jokes. And if she puts out great effort even if you realize that you’re not the funny type, it definitely means something. This is definitely one of the signs a girl is interested in you.

#7 She gives you her full attention when you’re talking alone. Because she wants to remember, and maybe burn the image of you talking to her so closely into her memory.

#8 She doesn’t bring up other men. Be it her exes or even co-workers, she takes care not to mention any other guy because not only its rude to do so, but you might get the idea that you have competition. [Read: How to tell if a girl is flirting with you – 18 telltale signs]

The signs a girl is interested when interacting in person

#9 She dresses up when meeting with you. As a point of reference, try to remember a moment when you randomly meet by chance and when you’re going to meet alone or together with friends. If she’s better dressed when you’re going to be around, chances are that she fancies you.

#10 She makes eye contact and lots of it. You’re maybe familiar with how difficult it is to make direct eye contact directly for a long period of time. If she does this easily to you, and she seems to enjoy doing it, we can conclude that she fancies you. [Read: 12 ways to tell if she’s flirting, or just being friendly]

#11 When you’re with a group of common friends, she immediately comes to you. Because the “hanging out with friends” is a safe way to get closer to you without having to directly ask you out.

#12 Your friendly group hangouts are slowly turning into “dates.” As mentioned, both sexes use the cover of common friends to mask their initial advances just to play and feel safe at the start.

But when you or the girl finds some courage and momentum, the number of friends who hang out start to diminish until it’s just the two of you going out on a date. Also, the locations change. From group-friendly hang-outs, they turn into more intimate solo escapes. [Read: How girls flirt – 15 signs she’s being more than just nice]

#13 She tries to get close to your friends. If you’re the type who always hang out with a big group, she’ll start off by getting the good graces of your friends in order to get close to you. After all, that’s how the Spice Girls song goes.

#14 She notices the little details about you. Another one of the signs a girl is interested in you is that she notices stuff, from tiny mannerisms that she thinks are adorable, to the way you dress, your smell, and your favorite music, food, and movies. She keeps tiny mental notes of this which get revealed from your conversations.

#15 She gives you stuff. From something simple like home cooked goodies that she “accidentally” made a lot of, to tiny souvenirs that she got from her trips. she makes sure that you get a little something from her other than obligatory Christmas presents. [Read: 7 signs a girl gives you if she wants to sleep with you]

#16 She touches you. Touching is a big deal for girls, and any form of touch that might be mistaken for an advance is carefully reserved.

But if a girl likes someone, she touches you a lot more that what she gives an average person. And the places where she touches you also matter. So if she hugs you seconds too long or tickles you in uncomfortable places, get the hint! [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she really likes you]

#17 She lets you touch her in return. As mentioned, girls are quite cautious when it comes to touching. Especially if it comes from the opposite sex. However, if a girl likes you and she trusts you, she’ll let you go further with the touches. Just don’t overdo it, okay?

#18 She lets you into her personal life. If she shares her troubles, her dreams, and goals, you may be more than someone she likes, but someone she trusts and feels comfortable with.

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Yes, the guessing game can be confusing and frustrating at times. But then again, men will have to make the move. So if you see any of these signs a girl is interested, then man up and make your move.

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