Are You Boring Her? 20 Clear Signs that She’s Not Interested

Do you think women are a mystery? They don’t have to be. If you’re wondering if she is into you, well, here are 20 signs that she’s not interested.

signs that she's not interested

So, you think you’re in love! Or at least crushing on a hot girl. Either way, you just don’t seem to know if the feeling is mutual. I know they say that it’s difficult to figure women out, but if you know how to read them, it’s not difficult at all. Not all girls may drop hints or signs that she’s not interested, but if you know how to read them well, you’ll see the right signs in no time!

20 signs that she’s not interested in you

After you read these signs she’s not interested in you, you’ll probably think, “Doh!” In other words, these are pretty obvious signs that she’s not interested. But sometimes we’re blinded by love and we miss these red flags – or even choose to ignore them.

But fear not… here are the ways you can know that she’s not interested.

#1 She doesn’t text you back quickly. So, you send her a text at noon. The hours go by. Suddenly, it’s 5:00… then 6:00… then midnight. Why hasn’t she looked at her phone in the last 12 hours? Trust me, she has. She has just chosen not to text you back right away – on purpose.

#2 When she does reply, it’s just with a word or two. It might even be a day or two until she responds. And when she does, it might just be something like “Lol” or “Sure” or “Yup.” She isn’t interested in having an ongoing long texting conversation, because it’s one of the signs that she’s not interested in you. [Read: 12 telltale signs she’s just not that into you]

#3 She doesn’t get close to you and avoids physical contact. If you guys go out to a sports bar and sit at a table, she will sit across from you, not beside you. And she won’t playfully touch your arm or maybe not even hug you. She doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea.

#4 If you ever hear the word “friend” when she is referring to you. Guys, please hear this! If a girl says, “I think we would be great friends,” or “I think we’re better as friends,” well, this is one of the HUGE signs that she’s not interested. But it’s amazing how many guys don’t think she’s serious, or take it as a sign that she doesn’t really mean it. Trust me… she DOES mean it.

#5 She doesn’t give you firm answers about whether you can get together. If you try to make plans with her, she says vague things like, “Sounds fun!” If she’s not saying things like, “Great! What day and time should we go?” then it’s one of the signs that she’s not interested. [Read: 10 clear signs you need to back off when pursuing a girl]

#6 You haven’t met any of her friends. If she’s into you, then she will want to get all of her friends’ opinions. So, she will introduce you to them. Or even if she does have you meet her friends, maybe it’s because she considers you one of her friends too and wants to include you in her gang. Get my point?

#7 She always “has to check her calendar.” Similar to #5, saying she has to check her calendar is another way of saying, “I really don’t want to, so because I’ll take a long time to check my calendar, and I hope you forget about it in the meantime.”

#8 She never initiates communication. If she’s into you, she will initiate talking to you AT LEAST 50% of the time. But if you’re the only one who always sends the texts first, then you are not on her mind. Even girls who are trying to play hard to get don’t play THAT hard to get. She’s trying to send you one of the signs that she’s not interested. [Read: 10 creepy guys types girls avoid – Don’t be one!]

#9 She never suggests that you hang out. Not only does she not initiate communication with you, she never tries to make any plans with you. Why? Because you are low on her priority list. She has other people she’d rather hang out with.

#10 She only wants to hang out with you in groups. Let’s face it, if the two of you are alone, then there is more of a chance that some romance could happen. Or that you could get the idea that she may want it to happen. So, it’s easier for her if you just hang out in groups. That way, you won’t get the wrong idea.

#11 She never wants to do anything that seems “date-ish.” She probably won’t go to dinner, to a play, or even a movie because well… that sounds like a date. And it feels like a date. So, she’s likely to stay away from any date-like scenarios with you. [Read: 13 naughty ways to get out of the friend zone in no time]

#12 She flirts with other guys… but not you. When you’re out in a group and she’s smiling and flirting with the other guys, but you’re just sitting there feeling left out, well, that’s another one of the huge signs that she’s not interested. When she’s interested, she flirts. Period.

#13 She checks her phone all the time when she’s with you. She doesn’t want to give you her full attention. It could be because there are other people she’d rather be with, or she’s having a better conversation over text. But if she’s only halfway with you, then that’s a red flag.

#14 You notice she always has her phone with her, but takes forever to answer you. Wait. What? She’s constantly checking her phone and texting her other friends back right away, but it takes her 8 hours to reply to you? Ummm, yeah. Not interested. [Read: How to text a girl you like and make her desire you]

#15 She asks you for advice about other guys. No, this is not an attempt to make you jealous. She just doesn’t care if you like her because she’s into other guys. If she was into you, she’d appear available and not talk about other men.

#16 She flakes on you… a lot. You finally got her to commit to plans with you, but then she flakes. “I’m not feeling well,” or “I totally forgot I had this other thingy on my calendar for months,” or “I looked at the wrong day on my calendar” might be some of her excuses. But she probably just got a better offer. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#17 She only wants to hang out in public places. She will avoid any “Netflix and chill” situations like the plague. She never wants to hang out at your place or hers… alone. Why? Because it’s too intimate and cozy. She doesn’t want to cuddle with you on the couch. She doesn’t want to put herself in a situation that sends you the wrong message.

#18 She never wants you to pick her up at her place. Again, because this is too “date-ish.” She doesn’t want you walking her to her door after you hang out. Because then you might be tempted to try to go in for a goodnight kiss. Nope. She just avoids it by meeting you in places. [Read: 12 ways to tell if she’s flirting or just being friendly]

#19 She says she’s “not ready for a serious relationship right now.” Newsflash! If she’s really that interested in someone, she’ll be ready for a relationship any time, any place. But this is just a nice excuse that girls use when they don’t like you. It spares the guy’s feelings.

#20 She tells you that she’s not interested. Okay, this one might sound ludicrous. But if she flat-out tells you directly that she’s not interested, well then, she’s not interested! No, she’s not lying. She’s really just not into you. This is one of the most obvious signs that she’s not interested, but so many guys ignore it!

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Don’t worry. Even if you see some of these signs that she’s not interested, that doesn’t mean other girls won’t be. You just haven’t found the right fit! So cut your losses and find another fish in the sea.

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