How to Tell if a Woman Likes You: 21 Subtle Signs Most Men Ignore

I know what you’ll say, women are so hard to read. Blah blah blah, whatever. We’re not complicated, you just don’t know how to tell if a woman likes you.

how to tell if a woman likes you

If you’re a guy reading this, you probably think women are highly complex, indecisive, and crazy. I’m not going to argue; however, we think of men in the same way. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself, fellas. You just need to know the signs and and the little things that matter when it comes to knowing how to tell if a woman likes you.

How to tell if a woman likes you – The little signs most guys ignore

But for reals, we’re not that complicated. I think the thing is, guys aren’t looking at the right things or you’re not paying attention, period. I’ve seen guys zone out in front of me, so, don’t act all innocent now. Now, because you guys weren’t paying attention, there’s a good chance you haven’t figured out how to tell if a woman likes you. But don’t worry, you can still piece it together using the signs below.

#1 Eye contact. Women decide carefully who we share intense eye contact with. We don’t want to get a creeper, so before we dish out the ‘come love me’ gaze, we choose wisely. If you get the gaze, you have been chosen. Accept your fate. [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know – And impress her]

#2 She asks personal questions. We’re trying to figure out if you suit us. What do you do for work, what did you study in school, where are you from? We’re trying to put all the pieces together and see who you are. And trust me, we wouldn’t do that if we weren’t interested.

#3 She lets you into her personal space. Again, we’re not interested in creepers, so if you’ve made it into our personal space without forcing your way in, it’s because we let you. If you forced your way in, well, security is probably on their way as we speak. So, run. We want you close, that’s right, walk into our web.

#4 Has she randomly ran into you? I’m an expert creeper. I know, it sounds hypocritical, but give me his social media accounts, and I’ll figure out where he is. It’s a gift, I know. So, if she ‘pops up’ unknowingly at the same place you’re at after you tweeted… well, that’s not a coincidence.

#5 She touches you. We really aren’t into creeps. So, we ain’t touching you with a ten-foot pole if we aren’t interested. So, if she’s all over you or even just subtly touching your arm, that’s a good sign she’s comfortable around you. I mean, being touched is always a good thing, am I right? [Read: 20 types of physical touch and what each means]

#6 She starts the conversation. Women usually expect men to start the conversations. It’s stupid, I know. I feel bad that you guys are dumped with all the work. However, if she’s the one popping up with conversations, she obviously finds you interesting enough to chat with you.

#7 She’s happy around you. The girl smiles even when you’re just standing beside her. She’s loving it. She’s loving your aura, your energy, and being around you. Is there a better reason to smile? Exactly. So, if you’re wondering how to tell if a woman likes you, remember that smiling is a good thing.

#8 All about the laughs. If she’s pulling out the deep laughs, keep it coming. You’re funny, and she likes it. If you’re making her laugh, that’s a great sign she digs you. We don’t like to provoke men we aren’t interested in, so if it’s just crickets after your jokes… move on. [Read: 20 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#9 Spends her time with you. No girl wastes time with a guy she’s not interested in. Unless, it’s her best guy friends or brother. Other than that, anything else is time wasted. We don’t hang out with guys we are ‘whatever’ about. Come on, you guys are no different.

#10 The hair flip. Ah, yes. The classic hair flip. Though there is a fine line between girls who are constantly touching their hair and girls who do the hair flip. They do it ever so subtly, just so you can take a glimpse of their neck. [Read: How girls flirt: 15 signs she’s being more than nice]

#11 Downplays other guys. She wants you to know that there are other guys interested in her. But she doesn’t want you to think she finds them interesting. So, she may not even bring up other guys, and if she does, she does it to see your reaction.

#12 You’ve met her friends. This is the major test: the friends. This is not just you going for drinks, this is you being analyzed head to toe, every word that comes out of your mouth will be discussed. This is the ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ moment. If she takes you to meet her friends, it’s because she really likes you and wants to show you off to her friends.

#13 Memory like an elephant. Did she remember that when you were a kid you loved to collect action figures? Of course, she did and that’s why she bought you this collector’s item. See, it’s all in the details. People who care remember small things. Why? Because they pay attention.

#14 She gives you the details. No one wants to open up to another person, it’s scary. So, when someone does, it means they trust you and want that emotional bond with you. So, if she’s opening herself up to you, it means she trusts you.

#15 Social media is buzzing. She ‘likes’ your Instagram photos and your Facebook posts. I know, I didn’t think social media was a big deal; however, it really is. If a guy I like doesn’t like my Facebook posts after an awkward first date, I know it’s over. So, if she’s liking everything you post, it’s a big deal. [Read: 14 dos and don’ts of adding your date on Facebook]

#16 Tries to make you jealous. She mentions other guys or flirts with other guys in front of you, just to see what your reaction is. You’re probably thinking, ‘ouch’ but you guys do it too, I’ve seen it! You just need to act cool, and then flirt with her a little to show that you’re interested.

#17 Puts a little more effort in her look. Wondering how to tell if a woman likes you, the very minute you meet her? If you’ve noticed her wearing more makeup or styling her hair when you go out, well, she’s interested. You think we’d put in extra effort if you were just a friend? Ha! You fool. [Read: All the signs a girl gives away if she wants to sleep with you]

#18 She teases you. Teasing is flirting. I mean, you already know this. You’ve probably done this to the women you’re interested in. So, of course, women use the same tactics. She’ll playfully tease you to create some sexual tension.

#19 She suggests doing things together. If she’s the one saying, “Oh, we should totally see that movie,’ it’s because she wants to hang out with you. Don’t be so blind, it’s so obvious and in your face. I mean, why would she want to hang out with you if she wasn’t interested.

#20 She gets angry over small things. Yeah, because she cannot hold in her feelings for you and she’s pissed that you’re not the one bringing up where you stand. I’m sorry, that wasn’t coming from personal experience… not at all… [Read: How to ask a girl if she likes you *without really asking her!*]

#21 She just says it. If you find a woman who just tells you how she feels without you having to dissect her every single move, keep her. Take her in your arms and never let go. You found a keeper, a rare gem.

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Now that you know the secrets behind knowing how to tell if a woman likes you, it’s your job to keep your eyes open. Look at the signs! They’re right in front of you!

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