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How to Tell if a Shy Girl Likes You: 22 Signs & Ways to Open Her Up

Wondering how to tell if a shy girl likes you? It’s difficult to tell but with careful observation you can read the signs a shy girl likes you for sure!

how to tell if a shy girl likes you signs

Some people are shy. It’s just a fact of life. There’s nothing wrong with being shy and it’s simply a part of a personality. But it can make getting to know that person quite hard, especially from a dating perspective. If you want to know how to tell if a shy girl likes you, the good news is that with a little careful detective work, you can figure the signs out.

A shy girl could have a crazy crush on you and you’d struggle to tell unless you could pick up on the signs. It doesn’t help if she also, unfortunately, suffers from resting bitch face, or RBF as we like to call it. The two together are a pretty lethal mix if you want to know what’s going on inside her head!

But, know that despite her shyness, she really wants to let you know how she feels. [Read: How to be less shy and more comfortable when you meet new people]

Why is shyness?

Shyness is something that anyone can feel occasionally but some people struggle with it a lot of the time. It’s a general awkwardness, discomfort, and anxiety when around other people, be it new people or people they’ve already met.

The problem with shyness is that it can really affect a person’s life because it stops them from saying ‘yes’ to social situations they really want to get involved in.

The same goes for dating. You can’t just click your fingers and say “oh, I’m not going to be shy anymore” and it’s something that takes time to overcome. But if you’re dating a shy girl or you really like one, know that it’s just part of who she is and that you should learn to love it too. It’s pretty cute in some cases.

Shyness has a lot to do with personality type, and it can even be hereditary, meaning it’s not exactly their fault.

Another reason some girls are extremely shy is that they’re insecure and don’t want to put themselves out there. Learning the signs a shy girl likes you will help you to break through the barrier and help her to slowly let down her walls. [Read: Why do guys like shy girls and find them extra-attractive?]

If a shy girl likes you, you’re lucky

Shy girls offer a lot more than you might think. They are great listeners, supportive, loyal, and honest. Shy girls don’t just say anything, so when they do share, you know they have something important to say.

They are in tune with everything around them and are observational. If this girl likes you, you will have a great girl on your hands.

You just have be willing to be a little patient and maybe even a touch dominant. Of course, you have to work out if she likes you or not first. That can be hard because they keep it well hidden but it’s not impossible to tell either. Look for these key signs a shy girl likes you. [Read: How to talk to a shy girl – 21 easy ways to make her comfortable and open up]

How to tell if a shy girl likes you

Lucky for you, you’re not completely at a loss when it comes to telling if a shy girl likes you.

There are certain giveaways that signify her interest, but you have to pay close attention. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she really likes you]

1. You catch her looking at you a lot

Anyone who likes anybody is going to want to look at them a LOT. It’s like we want to memorize their features so we can recall them in our minds later and daydream over them.

That being said, if this shy girl is sneaking peeks at you when she thinks you’re not looking, then she likes you.

2. Her face turns red when you’re near and/or talk to her

Shy girls are usually the type to get nervous and flustered easily, and your presence will certainly do this if she likes you. When she turns red and stutters/gets nervous around you, it’s a sign she likes you. [Read: Do girls like shy guys who don’t make a bold move? Here’s the truth]

3. She smiles at you more than anyone else

Shy girls, just like any other girl who likes someone, won’t be able to hide a smile around the person she likes. You being around just makes her happy.

The best way to tell if a shy girl likes you is to notice how much she smiles around you in comparison to someone else. If it’s significantly more, then she must like you.

4. She “accidentally” touches you

Shy girls aren’t brazen enough to walk up to you and grab your hand. Instead, they “accidentally” run into you in order to initiate some type of contact.

They also use this as an excuse to talk to you without just walking right up and doing it—because that would be mortifying. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction that girls just can’t hide]

5. She talks to other guys, but not you

Believe it or not, this is a huge sign that a shy girl likes you. If she acts shy around you, but can talk to just about every other guy, it’s because you make her so nervous she would rather avoid you and admire you from a distance.

In order to really tell if this is the case, notice when she decides to suddenly talk to all these other guys. Is it right when you arrive? If so, it’s because she wants to be around you because she likes you.

6. She gets fidgety when you’re near

Fidgeting is one of the major signs a shy girl likes you. Nerves cause fidgeting and nerves are caused by liking someone a lot.

When she’s so nervous that she’s constantly adjusting her stance, crossing and uncrossing her legs, or bouncing her knees a lot, it’s because you make her nervous. It’s because of her feelings for you. [Read: 15 very obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

7. She plays with her hair and clothes a lot

This goes right along with the fidgeting except it has more to do with her appearance. She’s nervous about how she looks around you!

If you notice she’s running her fingers through her hair, adjusting her shirt, or just looking down at herself in general to see how she looks, it’s because she likes you.

8. You run into her almost everywhere

This may seem like a coincidence since you’re seeing her EVERYWHERE, but believe us, it’s not. When a shy girl likes you but is way too nervous to walk up and talk to you herself, she wants to give you as many opportunities as possible for you to do the initiating.

So, she’ll show up to all the places you frequent in the hopes that you’ll notice her and start up a conversation about what a “coincidence” it is that you always see her. [Read: How to stop being shy around your crush and get her full attention]

9. She’s the only one laughing at your jokes in a group setting

When you’re in a big group and happen to let a few jokes slide, she’s pretty much the only person laughing. It’s because she likes you.

Science has proven we actually find those we like to be funnier than they actually are. Good news for your love life, bad news for your comedy career.

10. She always likes your social media updates

Still wondering how to tell if a shy girl likes you? One way shy girls show their interest in you is by liking all of your social media updates.

Whether it’s your pictures or new posts, they’ll like it all in the attempt to get you to realize they like you! Why else would they like that stupid video of a squirrel eating out of a dude’s hand? [Read: 12 very obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]

11. You notice she’s made herself part of your friend group

Sometimes girls that like you will squeeze their way into your friend group just so they can be near you more. If you notice she’s suddenly hanging out with all of your friends, it could be because she likes you.

12. She makes eye contact with you a lot

Eye contact is a huge indication someone is into you, and it also requires very little effort on her part. So if she’s eyeing you up and maintaining that eye contact during conversation, she’s really into you.

It’s almost like she’s trying to tell you how much she likes you via her eyes. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that work really, really well]

13. She never initiates conversation, but she would talk to you for hours if she could

Most shy girls will never start a conversation with their crush, but the second he starts one they will never shut up.

That’s really how it is for many shy girls out there. This is because they really want to talk to you but just can’t summon the courage to start the conversation themselves. Help the girl out and do it for her, it’s worth it!

14. Her friends snicker and nudge her when you walk by

If you’ve noticed, whenever you come into the room where her friends surround her and they start nudging her and giggling, she likes you, and they’re pointing out your presence just to make her nervous. [Read: 12 ways to tell if she’s flirting, or just being friendly]

14. It will totally seem like she doesn’t like you

Have you ever read Pride & Prejudice? Well, she may be acting a bit like Mr. Darcy. She likes you but doesn’t know how to express that so she can come across as cold or even a little snobby.

Certainly, she doesn’t mean to ignore you or come across as rude or aloof, she is just shy and perhaps afraid of rejection. But, she doesn’t want to come on too strong.

15. You think she might be flirting but you’re not sure

She won’t be the best at flirting. At least not in person. When you chat she may come across awkward, but maybe via text and social media she is super flirty and bold. That is a sign a shy girl likes you, it just takes her longer to warm up in person.

It can be a lot easier for someone shy to express themselves through a screen. And who can blame her? [Read: 20 signs she’s flirting with you even if she’s trying to be subtle]

16. She is very polite

Girls who are shy tend to not want to draw attention to themselves. That means if she is feeling something strong she won’t let it out. This is one of the tell-tale signs a shy girl likes you.

For instance, if she sees someone else flirting with you, instead of saying something or making her way into the conversation she’ll either leave or be extra polite. She may even let you talk about another girl and support you because she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers or cause drama.

17. You notice that she’s flustered

Just as she may not be a champ at flirting, she may get flustered easily. So if you give her a simple compliment like “you look nice,” she may blush and giggle instead of saying “thank you.” She may also avoid making eye contact.

It is not that shy girls have low confidence necessarily, they just aren’t used to the attention and don’t know how to react to it. But don’t worry, if she likes you, that compliment means the world to her, so keep them coming. [Read: How to flirt with girls – 25 secrets to help you win her over]

18. She waits for you

By this, we mean she doesn’t start conversations with you. And she won’t come up and talk to you or text you first. She will wait for you to come to her.

This is not about playing hard to get, she actually is hard to get, even if she likes you. Shy girls may be a touch more of an effort to figure out, but they are so worth it. If you notice you have to reach out to her first or invite her to hang out she could just be a shy girl that likes you. [Read: How to make the first move on a girl and subtly impress her]

19. She won’t try

She may try to work up the courage to talk to you or make a move, but she probably won’t do it in an obvious way. Some girls may buy a new outfit, try a new hairstyle, or load on makeup. But shy girls usually want to blend in.

She won’t want people asking her why she changed her look or who she likes. Now there is a chance she will change something to see if you notice, but it will be subtle.

She is not trying to impress you, but rather wants you to notice her for her. [Read: 15 subtle signs a girl wants your attention and really likes you]

20. She will be a great friend to you

Shy girls often fall into the friend zone on accident. She will be helpful, caring, and listen to you. But she won’t necessarily be flirty or sensual in how this comes across.

She may be more than happy to spend time with you. It may be hard for her to actually come out and show that her feelings are more than strictly platonic. [Read: How to show a girl you like her – 19 subtle moves to win her over]

21. She tells you through her body language

Do her feet point towards you? This is something you see body language experts go on and on about. If you’re sitting on a couch, standing around in a big group, or anything like that her feet pointing towards you is a telltale sign she likes you.

She may not even be aware of this as it is almost entirely subconscious, but when you like someone your feet naturally point toward the object of your affection. This may be the most subtle on the list, but it is one of those sure signs a shy girl likes you. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

22. Ask her and she’ll tell you

Although she’s shy, if you straight up ask her if she likes you, she’ll more than likely say yes.

She will almost never take the initiative to tell you so herself, but she’ll jump at the chance to let you know if you take the reigns.

[Read: How to tell if a woman is checking you out and what you need to do if she is]

Learning how to tell if a shy girl likes you is tough if you don’t know what to look for. With these signs, you’ll be able to tell almost right away so you can finally make your move!

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