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How to Tell if a Girl is Interested: 20 Signs She’s Really Into You

how to tell if a girl is interested

Girls aren’t always easy to read, especially when they like you. Here’s how to tell if a girl is interested, other than flat-out asking her.

Girls are fickle creatures. It isn’t as if I am selling out my gender, to be honest, I don’t really understand us sometimes either. When we like someone, there are many different ways that we act. Figuring out how to tell if a girl is interested may sound easy, but at times, it can be anything but.

Girls aren’t like guys. We don’t punch you in the shoulder when we like you on the playground. We hide how we feel sometimes, we play hard to get, and we make you work for it. The good news is that if you stick with it and show that we are worth the long haul, you will win our heart forever.

Here’s how to tell if a girl is interested

If you think that a girl isn’t interested, think again. There are things that may seem like one thing, but may actually mean another. There are signs that say we definitely don’t like you, and then those that say we definitely do. How do you tell the difference? Here is how to tell if a girl is interested in you.

#1 She says she’s busy, but shows up later anyway. It is discouraging that you seem never to be able to get her alone or to come out with you. She says she is busy and then shows up later. Don’t take that as a sign that she doesn’t want to be with you.

Perhaps she really is busy or is trying to play hard to get. The thing that you are missing is that she IS showing up. If she weren’t interested, she wouldn’t show up at all. In fact, she would make sure never to make it out at all.

#2 She answers your text messages. So she takes a whole day to get back to you for a simple “how are you?” Don’t mistake that for a sign that she isn’t interested in you. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t answer you at all.

When a girl wants a guy to give up and go home, they won’t answer. Most likely, she is trying to figure out if she wants to take the next move with you or she is playing hard to get. This is a great thing to look for when learning to figure out how to know if a girl is interested. [Read: What you need to do when she’s playing hard to get]

#3 She always looks banging even after coming from “the gym.” You never get to see her in sweat pants or sweating. You know why that is? She doesn’t want you to. If she is always made up to the “T” even when she says she has been working all day or just came from working out, that is showing her interest. She only wants to see you at her best. She is probably going home to make herself presentable before coming by, which definitely says that she is into you.

#4 She flirts with other guys, but doesn’t leave with them. Just because she is flirting with other guys or accepting drinks when you are out together, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in you. Women like to keep their options open, but more importantly, they want you to know that you aren’t the only fish in the sea or the only one trying to get her on the hook.

If she is flirting with other guys, that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested, just the opposite. If she isn’t hooking up with them and is still with you, then she is probably trying to make you jealous, and herself look more desirable. [Read: 12 signs she wants you to chase her and is just being a tease]

#5 She texts you, a lot. If she wasn’t interested in you, she wouldn’t be texting you. Sure, you are a “good friend,” but how many of those does she have in her life? If she is blowing up your phone on a regular basis, then that is a pretty good sign that she is interested in you. Even if she is a social butterfly, if she wasn’t interested in you, she would be sending someone else text messages.

#6 She keeps showing up in the same places. It isn’t just coincidence that she continues to show up in all the same places as you. If every time you turn around, she is bumping into you accidentally, there is no accident in it. She is seeking you out with reason. That reason is that she digs you.

#7 She does unexpectedly nice things for you. Girls sometimes show their interest in different ways. If she keeps doing nice things for you, keeps showing up on your office desk or front door, that says “I like you.” When a girl is smitten, she thinks about a guy all day long. Those little “things” are telling you that you are on her mind, and it most likely isn’t just a “friend” thing. [Read: 18 telltale signs she’s actually flirting with you]

#8 She gets upset when you talk to other girls. If she seems to get a little honked off when you talk about other co-workers that are female or “girl friends” in your life, then she is into you. She doesn’t want you to know, but the last thing she wants to hear is that you are thinking about another girl, especially when you are talking to or right in front of her. She wants to be the only thing running through your mind.

#9 She is always trying to get a look at your phone. Before she is going to reveal her interest in you, she wants to make sure that you aren’t a player or have ten different girls on the side. If she is constantly checking your text messages when they pop up to get a look, that means that she is interested in who you are talking to, aka, she is into you.

#10 She watches or follows you on social media. She isn’t just nosey *or maybe she is*, but if she wasn’t interested in you, then she wouldn’t be stalking your social media accounts or constantly trying to get a look at what you are up to.

#11 She calls you when she needs help or gets into trouble. Who do we call when we get in trouble? Well, if it isn’t our parents, it is the person we know will be there because they are closest to our heart. If she only calls you when in trouble, that is one thing.

But, if she calls you frequently and you are the first person she calls in an emergency, guess what? You are her “emergency contact,” another word for significant other.

#12 She seems like a never-ending question. You know all those questions that can really get under your skin? She isn’t asking them to be annoying; she is asking because she genuinely wants to get to know you and what you are all about. I know it is irritating, but the good news is that it is probably because she likes you.

#13 She’s constantly finding reasons to call. If your phone is constantly ringing asking you to meet up, because she has tickets to something or because she just has something funny to say, then you aren’t just her friend. She has tons of those; she is trying to form a connection with you.

#14 She brushes up against you “on accident.” Girls are flirtatious on purpose. If she is brushing up against your shoulder, touching you when she talks, or bumping knees when sitting next to you, then those are all signs that she is interested in you. She is completely aware of what she is doing; she has full control of her body. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives you if she likes you]

#15 She seems to be talking about other guys constantly. If you think she is talking about other guys because she is interested in them, she probably isn’t. If she were, she would not be talking about them; she would be talking to them instead of you. If she is talking your ear off about other guys, it is to make you jealous or to throw you off your game.

#16 When she sees you, her face lights up. Even if she is saying one thing, her face can’t lie. If her face lights up when you enter a room or she simply can’t help herself from smiling, then that is the biggest clue that she is giving you that she is definitely interested. [Read: How to ask a girl if she likes you *without really asking*]

#17 She invites you to special occasions as her “platonic date.” If you are her “go-to” date for family weddings or family picnics, there is a reason. She feels comfortable with you, knows you won’t embarrass her, and her family likes you.

Those are all things that say she is interested in you. Although it feels more like you are just friends, you might be for now, but if she weren’t at least considering it, she would start to invite someone else, no?

#18 She sends you nice messages out of the blue. If she is complimentary of you and is always there with a sweet comment or something nice to say, then she is probably not just being a good friend. The truth is that she is probably trying to charm you because she is interested in you. [Read: 8 cues a girl gives if she wants you to make a move]

#19 She finds reasons to get you alone. If she is always trying to find a reason to get you alone, or to be with you at the end of the night, then she is interested in you. Confused herself, she might not be ready to take it to the next step, but don’t confuse her confusion for not liking you. If she didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be the one she wants to be with when the bar lights go on.

#20 She consults you before making major decisions. If she has a promotion at work and it might lead to her moving offices or changing locations, and she talks it over with you, there is a reason. She probably wants you to tell her you want her to stay. Sometimes a girl is interested in you but doesn’t want to put herself out there for rejection. She might just be waiting for you to make the first move.

Women are curious creatures, but that doesn’t mean we don’t typically operate by the same rules. If you are wondering if she is interested in you and can’t seem to tell, then there is only one thing you can do.

No one wants to be rejected, but the fact is that if you continue to wait on the sidelines looking for signs, then you are wasting your time. These are all signs that she is probably interested in you, but you probably already know deep down how she feels.

[Read: How to find out if a girl likes you in 12 ways]

Now that you know how to tell if a girl is interested, stop being afraid and just try to take it to the next level. If it was meant to be, then you will know. Take a chance and ask… life is way too short to wait for some magic sign to tell you what to do.

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