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Flashing in Public – A How-To Guide for the Shy

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Flashing in public is weird and creepy, or that’s what some say. But then again, every single one of us flash in public, given the right circumstances! Don’t think so? Read on…

And if you’ve just strayed in here, click here to read the introduction on how to get naked in public before reading this.

Now flashing in public can seem perverted and twisted, but seriously, we’re never going to promote the weird mentally damaged perverted flashers, nor do we encourage anything that isn’t enjoyed by everyone involved.

So if you want to know more about the shy guy or girl’s guide to flashing in public, read on, and you’ll know how you can have an unbelievable sex life in a flash!

After all, premeditated flashing in public is sexy, and so darn va-va voom!

Sexy flashing in public for the shy

Again, we’re straying away from the actual act of pervy flashers and talking about the peek-a-boo’s and little slips that we all love.

You may be enjoying it already or perhaps you’ve never tried it yet.

Most shy exhibitionists want to show off, but find themselves backing out at the last minute.

Want to see how it feels? The next time you’re getting intimate with your mate, try peeping through the drapes while having sex. That way, you can see the world outside but no one would be able to see you. And yet, the fear of getting caught in the act can make it all the more exciting. [Read: How to take nude pictures of your lover]

Excitement and flashing in public

For a beginner, flashing in public is a different exciting rush passionate sex will not be able to give. Try making out in the rear seats of a movie theatre. It’s all some form of exhibitionism just like kissing in public, and these can leave you with memories that can enhance your sex life.

You may be caught in a rush of sexual adrenalin, but try not to overdo yourself while you’re in the act. Having your windows wide open and closing your eyes may be fun if you’re in a resort or in an isolated beach house, but not in your own home.

You never know if it is your milkman or your mother-in-law who sees you in the act. For starters, don’t show yourself to the world, just a peek outside would give you a good rush. Remember, stupid things can happen when you’re horny. Sometimes, you may just regret what you did. Stay safe, and have fun without going all out.

Places to enjoy a good flash of skin

Any place is a good place, just as long as you use your common sense. Most soft flashers work their magic at parties and discotheques. At every party, you are bound to see a few couples making out wildly showing a bit of skin now and then. It’s exciting to watch them, and fun for the couple who’s doing it.

If you want to know how a good show of public flashing feels like, start off by choosing a good corner in a crowded club and have fun with each other.

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Flashing in public confession

Says Andre, 25, about a time when he was making out with his girl on a crowded dance floor, “We were in this place called the Aqua Bar and it was late in the night. My girl and I were dancing and we finally got to a corner of the dance floor. We started kissing and groping all over each other, oblivious to the rest of the world. A couple of minutes later, I saw this good looking girl standing next to us and just watching. I was unnerved and was wondering what to do. She was just staring intently and I was quite surprised by her boldness. My girlfriend hadn’t noticed her as she still had her eyes closed. A minute later, I thought I could feel another hand crawl up my behind, and I suddenly realized that it was the other girl’s hand. She was brushing my butt! My girlfriend and I stopped kissing after a while and the other girl too stopped brushing me. She just smiled at me, when my girl wasn’t looking and walked away! Boy, I can never forget that.”

Soft exhibitionism doesn’t happen just at parties, it happens in beaches too. But for starters, having sexual fun on the beach is the best option because you’re always surrounded by several people from all sides. A lonely beach can be hot though.

Other than these best two options, that’s the clubs and the beaches, vacation times and hillside getaways, hotel rooms, swimming pools, terraces, penthouse suites and a lot of other equally good places can give you a good spot for exhibitionism and public flashing. The best part about flashing in public is the high it can give you when you’re having sex with your own partner and talking about it. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else with your partner]

Safe flashing and regrets

I wish I could say there was a safe way to have a safe exposé. Unfortunately there isn’t, without killing the adrenalin rush the exhibitionist gets from the fear of discovery. Experiment with the mild, go braless or without underwear for instance, but keep people guessing.

This gives a bigger thrill than taking out Mr. Dicky or Miss. Perky for the entire world to see. You may get a lot bolder when you’re having sex. After all, a lot of things happen to us when we’re having sex. We shed a lot of our inhibitions and we become a lot bolder. We talk dirty, talk about having sex with other people, and fantasize about a lot of other things. [Read: Tips to talk dirty and sexy in bed]

But when you’re having sex, and want to try a bout of soft public flashing, life could move on the wild side without you actually knowing it. Try not showing yourself off completely and obviously unless you’re on a vacation. You don’t want to give a peek-a-boo to your apartment security or maid, only to have them return the compliment to you every now and then!

If you’re not sure about flashing in public, don’t do it. While you’re at a pool, in a beach, or at a party, things like nip-slips and bulges are glanced at and not considered offensive, but doing the same thing at home might just gain you the winning title of ‘horny couple of the neighborhood”.

A couple making out on their lawn looks hot in a condom advertisement, but can be considered cheap and crass in real life. So unless you want to have a few regrettable incidents and stares from neighbors bothering your mind, avoid baring your body for all to see, all the time.

But then again, if you’re only *accidently* showing yourself off in public, or flashing in public in vacation spots, then hey, go for it. You know you’ll love a good flash while you’re driving through a lonely road with your partner.

All said and done, flashing in public can be sexy and fun, as long as you don’t do anything you’ll regret. Have fun, get the sexual excitement of a public flash racing and enjoy a better sex life with your partner.

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9 thoughts on “Flashing in Public – A How-To Guide for the Shy”

  1. Craig says:

    I have loved being an exhibitionist for years. It’s taken many forms, but as a male, it is a very different game I have to play, than if I were a female. I went to a lifestyle friendly clothing optional resort this summer, and loved it. I started out in a thong swimsuit, but soon went full nude for the rest of the day and night. It’s still more fun though, getting naked in any way, in a place/time you’re not supposed to be.

  2. Janet B says:

    I have just started mild flashing after years of wanting to do so, when hubby goes out to golf on a sunny warm day, I put on my blue hot pants from when I was at university, they are very tight and show the contours of my labia and make me feel quite sexy. – I wear a’one-size-too-big’ vest that gapes open at the arms and the scoop neck so that if I bend over forward or reach out with an arm, my bare (small) breasts are exposed.
    I go out onto the front garden and potter about waiting for passing traffic on our quiet road, I deliberately bend over or get in a position that my breasts can be seen, or I bend over with my bottom to the road.
    I have had so many vehicles tooting at me and groups of cyclists whistling or calling me, it has been wonderful and thrilling for me, there aren’t many walkers go by but an elderly dog walker talked to me for about half an hour – watching me work, he must have got quite a lot of looks at my bare breasts which turns me on!
    I love the warmer weather and the chance to flash, but I want to go further, all ideas welcome.
    Jan B. x

  3. peter browne says:

    I’m male. I have a single female nextdoor neighbour. I feel kinda sorry for her cos she doesn’t seem to have many visitors (of either sex) and she’s not particularly attractive. When I see her in her garden I often like to give her the opportunity of a thrill and I pull my underpants down inside my jeans and pull the zip down on them. I then go out into the garden to do something (anything that looks authentic) I say hi to her and get her to look my way.
    I’m not sure if she’s ever noticed but the thought that she might have done gives me a real rush. I hope that she has spotted what lurks in my pants and she goes back to her and gives her pussy a good rub thinking about it 🙂

  4. DD Exhibitionist says:

    Girls if you haven’t tried flashing trying it, such a thrill!

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