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Womanly Wiles: How to Exude Femininity & Use It in Your Favor

The days of the weak woman are long gone! It’s time to embrace your femininity and use your womanly wiles for your greater good.

Womanly Wiles

If you have power in your hands, why not use it to get what you want? Provided you’re not hurting anyone in the process, where is the harm in using your womanly wiles?

There is none!

No longer considered the weaker sex

Once upon a time, women were looked down on, considered weak, second class, and men ruled the roost. While there are some parts of the world who still have cultural differences in this respect, most of the western world have opened their eyes to equality and feminine power.

Good times indeed! [Read: The ultimate guide to being more feminine]

The power of being a woman is endless. You can easily use your womanly wiles to manipulate a situation and get what you want, or achieve something which is for the best of everyone concerned.

Ever heard of acting like the damsel in distress? This is a classic way of using your womanly wiles and getting someone else *usually a man* to do something for you… normally, something you don’t want to do for yourself.

Call this karma for all those centuries of female repression if you want. Waking up to the power of your own femininity is something every woman should do. [Read: The damsel in distress and why men find them so irresistible]

What are womanly wiles?

There is nothing underhanded about using your womanly wiles for positive reasons. I’m not suggesting you go around using them for negative reasons, but if you’re trying to achieve something which isn’t going to cause anyone harm, or something which is quite positive all around, go for it!

First things first, what exactly are these womanly wiles I’m talking about?

Womanly wiles are basically ways you use your femininity to get what you want. It can be a look, a smile, a touch, showing a little extra skin in a mysterious way, or a few specific words with the possibility of something more. How you do it is key. In order to use your womanly wiles, you need to embrace your femininity and understand its power. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

To be a woman is truly powerful. Look at what the female body can do. It brings new life into the world. Every single month, it bleeds and survives. It nurtures and feeds a child. The female body is pretty amazing. Can a male body do these things? No!

Using your womanly wiles is a special and wonderful thing, but understand how to do it in the right way. The key is to be coy, aloof, and mysterious. Don’t err on the side of obvious and trashy.

If you push your femininity in someone’s face, you’re not using your womanly wiles in the right way. You create the wrong impression and certainly don’t get what you want.

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How to use your womanly wiles without overdoing it

#1 Be mysterious. One of the biggest ways to use your womanly wiles is to be mysterious. You need to hint at something, but don’t make it obvious. Hold yourself back and make them wonder, create that air of mystery which has everyone wanting more. If you can do this, whatever it is you’re trying to get, is quite likely to come your way. [Read: 25 tips to smoulder and ooze sex appeal all the time]

#2 Dress slightly provocatively *only slightly*. I am in no way suggesting that you use your body to get what you want, but as a woman, you can show the tiniest hint of something to get someone wondering! I’m talking about things like a sweater off one shoulder, one button undone on a blouse, that kind of thing.

Don’t go over the top, and never attempt to show skin, but if you’re trying to get someone’s attention especially, this use of womanly wiles is likely to get them transfixed!

#3 Flirt in a gentle and feminine way. Flirtation in a feminine way is one of the most powerful methods! A little nudge, a wink, a coy smile, these are all ways to flirt without being obvious. And, if it doesn’t work, everything is so subtle that you can easily pretend you were just being friendly! One of the best things about using your womanly wiles is that they’re there to protect you from embarrassment too! [Read: Subtle flirting moves to get them closer with little effort]

#4 Look up, look down. Most women do this without even realizing it, and it’s certainly one of the most powerful ways of using your womanly wiles! Look down, and for a second look back up and make eye contact, accompanying it with a coy smile. This is certainly one of the best ways to get whatever you want and will have everyone stumbling over themselves to help you out!

#5 The lip bite. Ah, another tactic that is super effective! The lip bite is a sensual way to use your femininity, but one which isn’t in anyone’s face or over the top. Use it with eye contact and you can exercise power over everything and everyone. [Read: Lip biting and the scientific explanation behind why it’s so sexy]

#6 Be a contradiction. As a woman, you own the right to be a total contradiction if you want, and your womanly wiles will allow you to do this with ease. You can be a little naughty, but hide it all with a coy smile or a quick touch. This walks on the right side of the line and doesn’t take you over into too obvious territory! [Read: 20 signs of insecurity people can’t hide when they feel insecure]

#7 Pretend to be the damsel in distress. You might not like the idea of asking someone for help. Sometimes we all need it, and hell, why shouldn’t someone else do a few things for us, when we do enough?!

For instance, say you want a tire changed but you really can’t be bothered to get dirty doing it yourself. “Oh my tire needs changing, I can’t do it, can you help me please?” Accompanied with a coy look, this will work wonders! Again, it might not be PC, but hey, it works and that’s what womanly wiles are for!

#8 Be confident at all times. Your womanly wiles can’t be unleashed to their full potential if you’re not showing confidence at all times! Own your femininity. Be proud of who you are, walk with your head held high, and show everyone what you stand for! By doing this, you own who you are, and there is nothing more feminine or powerful than that! [Read: Don’t allow these signs of low self esteem sabotage]

#9 Watch your language. You can swear all you like, but it’s not going to work well with your embraced femininity! Be a little calm and don’t swear like a sailor! This is the single best way to embrace your womanly wiles and use them to get whatever you want, whether that’s in romance, life, work, friendship, or anything else at all! [Read: How to be graceful and elegant effortlessly]

Being a woman isn’t about wearing floral dresses and lacking power, it’s about owning who you are, embracing your power and knowing that you have it! You can easily get whatever you want in life *in moderation* by using your womanly wiles for good. By following these nine methods, you can walk on the right side of your power and not err into territory which betrays your femininity and takes you into trashy!

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By owning your womanly wiles you can use them to positively manipulate any situation for your own gains and for those around you. These vital powers of persuasion will have everyone tripping over themselves, ready to help.

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