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15 Ways Public Display of Affection Can Save Your Relationship

I know it sounds crazy but your public display of affection toward your significant other can actually save your failing relationship. Here’s how.

public display of affection

Everybody wants to be loved and appreciated. It’s a human instinct that has affected us forever. That’s why we bond so closely with certain people and why we spend so long trying to find someone who makes us feel special. Which is why your public display of affection toward your partner can actually save your relationship.

If you’re going through a tough time together, as all couples do, you need to remember to give your partner some loving. No matter how you feel about them in that moment, showing them you still appreciate them, even when you’re upset, is super important for maintaining a healthy relationship.

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Relationships are work and you always need to be putting forth effort

You can’t just start dating someone and then let the relationship run its course. They require active effort every single day. That might sound a little scary and like a lot of work and that’s because relationships do take a lot of work.

However, you don’t have to make it as extensive as that. Something as small as telling someone you love them during the day can be enough. Regardless, you always have to try to maintain a happy relationship. It doesn’t just happen. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

How a simple public display of affection can save your entire relationship

I know how hard it can be to go through difficult times in a relationship. You’re angry with them, upset at the situation, and the last thing you want to do is pull them in close while you’re out in public.

But that might actually be what they need. Here’s how showing your partner a public display of affection can make your relationship a lot better.

#1 It shows your commitment. Couples who are actively showing signs of affection out in the open are usually way more confident in their relationship. Why? Because it shows your commitment. You’re showing the entire world you want to be with that person and that person only.

You’re not afraid who sees. That’s important for your partner to know and feel if you want to make our relationship better. [Read: How to get through the most common commitment issues]

#2 It makes them feel appreciated. A lack of feeling appreciated is one of the main reasons couples end up breaking up. They don’t feel like their efforts are acknowledge and that sucks. They work so hard just to get nothing in return.

Public display of affection is a great way to remedy that. By actively showing the person you love and care about them in front of tons of other people, you’re showing them you appreciate what they do for you.

#3 Being cared for publically just feels better sometimes. Sometimes it means more to be cared about in public than in private. There’s something more meaningful about a partner who doesn’t care if the world sees how much they love you. It can have a bigger impact and therefore, can save our relationship if it’s in trouble. [Read: Public display of affection etiquette you need to follow]

#4 If you have kids, it’s good for them to see. Showing your kids how great it is to appreciate and care for your partner can be great for them. When they see how good you are to each other, it sets their own standards for a partner early on.

They’ll require more love and appreciation later in life and this will help them find a great significant other of their own. And when you do right by your kids, you feel better as a team.

#5 It establishes a connection, even in rough times. You could be very upset with each other about something at home but when you get out in public and still hold hands, it shows the connection you truly have. It tells the world that, no matter what, you’re partners. You’re a team. That mindset can be super beneficial to the both of you in keeping your relationship happy and healthy. [Read: 8 ways to build a stronger emotional connection]

How to use PDA effectively to help maintain a happy relationship

Just like with anything else, too much can be a bad thing. You never want your public display of affection to go overboard and make other people uncomfortable. Here are small things you can do to show your partner how much you love them in public. [Read: Should couples share PDA on social media?]

#1 Hold your partner’s hand. This is a fairly innocent way of showing the world that the other person is yours and that you like it that way. Just grab their hand as you’re strolling down the street.

#2 Rub their back. This is not only appropriate, it’s really cute, too. Everyone knows just how great and relaxing a back rub is. Sitting behind your significant other and giving them one is a fantastic way to show your affection for them.

#3 Whisper something sweet in their ear. You’ll get major bonus points for saying something genuinely adorable and it looks really cute from afar too. It’s also pretty innocent, especially since people can’t hear what you say. [Read: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your lover]

#4 Kiss their cheek. This is a very kind gesture that’s also very romantic. Plus, it’s not gross and it won’t make other people uncomfortable at all.

#5 Caress their face. If you’re feeling especially mushy and romantic, caress your partner’s face and tell them how much they mean to you. Not only will they feel like the center of your universe, it’ll feel that way, too.

#6 Wrap your arms around them from behind. This is the classic, adorable thing people do when they’re feeling especially affectionate toward their partner. Just grab their waist and give them a big hug. They’ll feel the love and everyone else will be able to feel it, too. [Read: Putting your arms around her and 50 cute things guys do that girls love]

#7 A small kiss on the lips. You really have to be careful about kissing in public because, for some reason, people find it to be inappropriate. However, a simple peck on the lips is usually tolerated by others and it’s a cute way of showing how you feel about your significant other.

#8 Put your arm around them. While you’re sitting together, just drape an arm over them. This is another thing that shows you two are an item that’s not overkill. [Read: Cutest couple traits – 21 unlikely but really cute traits of couples]

#9 Slap their butt playfully. You can really only do this if you keep it pretty low key. Many people do this as their partner is getting up while they’re still sitting. It’s basically a simple way of saying, “Hey babe, you look sexy,” without actually using those words.

#10 Comb a hand through their hair. If they have hair, run a hand through it or even play with it if it’s long. Not only does this usually feel very good for them, it’s a sign of affection that people can’t really get mad at you for doing.

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Showing your partner you still love and care about them even when you’re going through a rough patch is super important. A little public display of affection now and then reestablishes your commitment and shows your appreciation.

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