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Get to Know Who You Really Are with These 8 Questions

Finding yourself doesn’t require a month-long sabbatical. Sometimes, all you really need is the right set of questions to ask yourself.

get to know who you are

Who am I?

When the existential crisis hits, this is one of the questions that is sure to keep running through your mind. We learn a lot about ourselves through the way we handle different life experiences. But in lieu of those experiences, we can always turn to a bit of introspection to reacquaint ourselves with who we truly are.

Why do you need to get to know yourself?

No one else will get to know you better than you. You can’t always rely on friends and family to keep reminding you of your identity. Getting to know yourself means you’ll have a point of comparison for times when you feel like you’re losing a grip or you’re starting to change into someone you don’t want to become.

The better you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to handle life crises that arise, because you know your limits and you know your strengths. It helps to build your personality, and allows you some insight into what you can change about yourself to improve the way you live your life. By being in touch with your identity through introspection, you’re keeping yourself grounded in reality, instead of feeling lost about who you really are.

Questions that tell you a lot about yourself

Below are 8 questions that will help you learn more about your identity. Simple as these questions may be, you’ll find that by asking yourself these questions every so often, you’ll learn more about your priorities, your strengths, your weaknesses and what you can do to make your life better.

#1 What do you like most about yourself? We all have one thing, maybe even more than one, that we like about ourselves. It can be something physical, something quirky, something unique or something fairly common. By knowing what you like most about yourself, you’re reinforcing the fact that you are worthy of being liked by others and that you deserve to be treated as someone of value. [Read: 5 steps to help you see yourself in a better light]

#2 What’s your least favorite quality about yourself?
Just like how we all have certain things we really like about ourselves, there are also things we wish we could change. Maybe it’s something about your appearance or your social skills or your motivation to do things. When you know what you don’t like about yourself, you can pinpoint the different ways in which you can improve those qualities. Think of this question as the one that helps you spot your weaknesses, so that you can work on them.

#3 If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do? Some people probably feel strongly that they would donate it to charity, others would put some away in savings for their kid’s future, and some would probably use it to travel the world and never look back.

This seemingly cliché question does two things: One, it shows you where your priorities lie, whether it’s in building a house or investing in a business or saving money for a rainy day. The second thing it does is show you a bit of insight into what you truly want to do if money were no object.

#4 What are you most afraid of? The things you are afraid of are the things that are holding you back. Until you are able to face your fears, you won’t be able to really explore all the things that your life has to offer.

Fear changes people, sometimes for the better and sometimes in the worst ways possible. When you know what you’re afraid of, it becomes easier to see how your fear is holding you back and what it’s holding you back from. And once you know these things, you can either choose to face those fears or just let it remain since it’s not really holding you back from anything significant.

#5 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Setting goals or making plans for your future is important. But you shouldn’t be too worried about planning your life too meticulously. Having a general goal for what you want to accomplish within the next five years opens your eyes to the different paths you can take to accomplish those goals.

#6 How do you deal with a rainy day? Though a lot of people love the rain, very few of us genuinely embrace it when we have to head out for our morning commute to work. By asking yourself how you’d handle a rainy day, you’ll acquaint yourself with the many ways in which you can be optimistic, despite being presented with weather that dampens the spirits.

If, on the other hand, you allow your mood to be completely dampened by a sudden change in weather, you’ll learn that it may be time for you to start looking at the bright side of things, instead of wallowing in misery about the things you can’t change. [Read: 7 reasons why playing the victim only makes your life worse]

#7 What is the one thing you’re most proud of? Where our pride lies is where our priorities often lie. It’s our greatest investment, and it’s the accomplishment we can always keep in mind when the going gets tough.

Are you proud of your degree? Are you proud of your career path? Are you proud that you’ve raised great kids? Are you proud of the fact that you’ve accumulated so many friends throughout all these years? Knowing what you’re proud of reminds you of why life is great and why you should keep going, despite how bad things may seem. [Read: 13 inspiring ways to bring out the best in yourself]

#8 What are you the most thankful for? Celebrities aren’t the only ones who get to give acceptance speeches. What are you the most thankful for in your life, and why? It’s important to have gratitude in life, and it’s equally important to express that gratitude to the people you’re thankful for. Even if you’re thankful for something as simple as a pet rock. You better let that pet rock know!

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Take a minute every once in a while to ask yourself these 8 questions. Get to know yourself better, and allow your mind to explore all the things about your personality that you never really get to think about that often. It’s a great exercise that makes it easier to find oneself amidst all the chaos in the world.

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